Job Analysis Is Developing Management Essay

A competence is a accomplishment that can be measured. In the occupation analysis procedure, a competence is a specific and important quality that an person used to execute their duty ( Hearst Communications, 2013 ) . The first measure in the occupation analysis procedure is placing the competences in a peculiar occupation. Both the worker who presently possess the occupation and the person who keep an oculus on the worker within the place work together on a regular basis. This is because they need to determine which competences are necessary to accomplish organisational ends. The grounds of holding a competence model are to clear up type of competences needed for bettering public presentation, carry out preparation and concentrate on what will profit the organisation and concentrated on development schemes.

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Following, occupation analysis is developing the required work force accomplishment to place the undertakings, possible, cognition and qualities needed for peculiar function, and besides placing whether the bing employees will run into these duty ( Workbase Ltd. , 2011 ) . Job analysis besides can assist to develop enlisting, preparation, development, sequence planning, and employee rating ( Workbase Ltd, 2011 ) . Other than that, competences are categorized from most to least of import throughout the occupation analysis procedure. After placing the competences, those executing the occupation analysis will rank each competence. The company will pull strings these rankings to find which competencies the person who maintain the place must possess.

Last, statute law necessitating occupation analysis includes Fair Labor Standards Act – 1938, Equal Pay Act – 1963, Civil Rights Act – 1964, Occupational Safety & A ; Health Act – 1970, and Americans with Disabilities Act – 1990 ( Mondy, 2012 ) . Besides, a competence theoretical account is a model that states the competences required for effectual and successful public presentation in a peculiar occupation, occupation household, organisation, map, or procedure. The intent of this theoretical account is to enable persons in an organisation to place and utilize the competences to labour force public presentation ( Marrelli, Tondora, & A ; Hoge, 2005 ) .



Competences are incontrovertible features of a individual that enable the individual to execute the occupation ( Dessler, 2008 ) . Competencies refer to abilities, attributes or skills that will take to effectual public presentation of a occupation ( HR Strategic Partners Inc, n.d. ) . Competence can use at single, squad or organisation. It is counsel for us to distinguish between the hapless public presentation and good public presentation.

By and large, competences are described in footings of behaviours ( HR Strategic Partners Inc, n.d. ) . For case, person who serves the clients must ever run into or transcend the client ‘s outlooks and run into the altering client demands at the same clip.

Competences emphasize non on what an employee can make but on what an employee can larn. Competences can be developed with attempt and support among the employees which will leads to effectual public presentations. Competencies help people to execute efficaciously and run intoing occupation outlooks.

Competences required for employees may differ from one another. Some illustrations of competences are communicating accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments and leading.

Core competence

Core competences define the behaviours which are the keys for organisation success ( HR Strategic Partners Inc, n.d. ) . Core competences are defined following the chief ends and schemes of the organisation ( HR Strategic Partners Inc, n.d. ) . So, the company ‘s ends, mission, vision and values must be to the full understood first before specifying the chief competences required. All employees must show all the accomplishments and abilities defined in nucleus competences in order to accomplish effectual occupation public presentation every bit good as the organisation ‘s end and aims ( HR Strategic Partners Inc, n.d. ) .

Harmonizing to Jim Riley, nucleus competences are those capablenesss that are really of import for a concern to be competitory in the market ( Riley, 2012 ) . We can cognize what competences are expected to be possessed by the employees from the nucleus competences defined by the organisation. The chief intent of the nucleus competences is to guarantee the employees able to execute different undertakings in different places in the organisation ( Riley, 2012 ) . For case, an comptroller should be expert in making history whereas selling forces should be expert in selling merchandises.

A nucleus competence should enable a company accesses to a wide assortment of markets and provides basic client benefits and it should be difficult for the rivals to imitate ( Riley, 2012 ) . This will guarantee the company continues to turn and last in the market.

Core competences are non fixed and they need to be changed with the alterations in the alterations in organisation ‘s environment ( Riley, 2012 ) . So, nucleus competences have to be altered when the concern grows and adapts to the new state of affairs.

Competency Model

An organisation should construct up a competence theoretical account in order to benefits from competences ( Dargai, 2010 ) . A competence theoretical account is an forming model that states the competences required for effectual public presentation in a peculiar occupation ( Dargai, 2010 ) . The competences can be grouped into many types. Each type of competences has their ain importance at different application degrees.

The first type of competences is behavioural competences ( Georgia ‘s Behavioral Competency Framework, 2008 ) . Behavioral competences refer to the competences which are required in the facets of behaviour in order to execute the occupation successfully ( Georgia ‘s Behavioral Competency Framework, 2008 ) . So, it is more specific to a individual alternatively of a occupation ( Georgia ‘s Behavioral Competency Framework, 2008 ) . For case, for an employee who works in a typing group in an organisation, squad working is the competence required by him. This is because when there is more plants, he might necessitate to assist others in order to acquire the work done within the specified period.

The 2nd type of competences is threshold competences ( Management Study Guide, 2008-2013 ) . Threshold competences refer to the quality needed by an person to transport out a occupation ( Management Study Guide, 2008-2013 ) . It is the minimal making needed to execute a occupation. For case, for a typist, the threshold competence will be the cognition about typewriting.

The 3rd type of competences is functional competences ( Management Study Guide, 2008-2013 ) . Functional competences refer to the competences which are needed for peculiar maps ( Management Study Guide, 2008-2013 ) . The functional competences for different occupations are different. For case, the competences required for an comptroller are different from the competences required for selling forces.

The 4th type of competences is leading competences ( Management Study Guide, 2008-2013 ) . Leadership competences refer to the accomplishments and features of the leaders that we expect ( Deloitte Development LLC, 2013 ) . For case, the leader in an organisation should be capable in pull offing executing.

Competency-based preparation

Competency-based preparation is an attack to larning which focuses on what an employee can make in the workplace as a consequence of preparation ( Commonwealth of Australia, 2012 ) . By and large, competency-based preparation is based on the public presentation criterions which have been set by the company. Employee who has the accomplishments and cognition required to transport out the activities and achieves the occupation public presentation expected in an organisation can be considered as an employee who has successfully achieve competence ( Commonwealth of Australia, 2012 ) .

Competency-based preparation system includes non merely the preparation classs which are related to occupation public presentation but besides designation of degree of competencies required for different occupation degree in an organisation ( Learning Designs Inc, 2011 ) . For case, competency-based preparation system of a company determines the competences needed for the selling director and the competences needed for the secretary.

Employees can seek to better themselves so that they can accomplish the ends by looking at the competences required for different occupation degrees ( Learning Designs Inc, 2011 ) . For case, an employee who wishes to be a director would work harder to accomplish the competences required by a director.

Job accomplishments analysis is required in order to develop competency-based preparation. First, we need to look into every occupation descriptions in an organisation ( Learning Designs Inc, 2011 ) . Following, we need to place the cognition and accomplishments and degree of competency required to execute a occupation ( Learning Designs Inc, 2011 ) . After that, preparation can merely be organized to back up public presentation at different degrees. At the same clip, we can come out with the degree of competency required for the public presentation every bit good ( Learning Designs Inc, 2011 ) . Competency-based preparation system will assist an organisation achieve consequences.

Competency-based occupation analysis

Competency-based occupation analysis means specifying a occupation in footings of mensurable, discernible, behavioural competences that an employee making the occupation must demo to execute the occupation good ( Dessler, 2008 ) . Competency-based occupation analysis emphasizes on what an employee can make alternatively of the responsibilities that he has to transport out. Traditional occupation analysis is occupation focused as it focuses on what is accomplished on responsibilities whereas competency-based occupation analysis is worker focused as it focuses on how an employee accomplishes the work and what an employee must be competent to make ( Dessler, 2008 ) .

The competency-based occupation analysis is used in order to better the morale of employees, actuate them and promote them to travel freely from one occupation to another ( Dessler, 2008 ) . This is different from the traditional occupation analysis which lists down the responsibilities that the employees must transport out. This cause the employees to make merely their work and make non cares approximately others as they think that other occupations are non their occupations.

Besides, depicting the occupation in footings of accomplishments, cognition and competencies the worker needs is more strategic ( Dessler, 2008 ) . If the company focuses on certain facet, employees should develop themselves in that peculiar facet to accomplish the consequences.

Competency-based enlisting and choice

Competency-based enlisting and choice emphasizes on happening the campaigners with the features that will take to superior public presentation in the function that the company wants to make full ( Resilient Persons, Communities and Organisations, 2010 ) .

In order to cognize better whether the campaigner is suited for a peculiar place in an organisation, several mentions should be used alternatively of trusting merely one mention in recruiting and choosing campaigners ( Resilient Persons, Communities and Organisations, 2010 ) . For case, the company recruits and selects the campaigners based on their application signifier, work sample undertakings and verbal comprehension trial ( Resilient Persons, Communities and Organisations, 2010 ) .

By using competency-based enlisting and choice, this will avoid the company from choosing merely the campaigner who has similar background, personality and manner which will do the organisation to lose the advanced campaigners ( Resilient Persons, Communities and Organisations, 2010 ) .

Besides, it is result-oriented ( Dargai, 2010 ) . This will assist the organisation to accomplish the concern consequence. Performance degrees of employees will be higher by utilizing the competency-based enlisting and choice this method as the campaigners recruited and selected will be those who have the competences required to execute the occupations in an organisation. So, competency-based enlisting and choice will be a good manner for the organisation to happen the best suitable employees and therefore accomplish the organisation ‘s ends.

Legal Issues in Job Analysis

The legal issue determined by Thompson and Thompson is occupation analysis must be carried out and it should be in written format ( Gatewood, Field & A ; Barrick, 2010 ) . The processs involved for the occupation analysis should be described in item by the occupation analysts ( Gatewood, Field & A ; Barrick, 2010 ) .

In the occupation analysis, the undertakings, responsibilities and activities should be included ( Gatewood, Field & A ; Barrick, 2010 ) . Besides, the most critical undertakings should be represented in the choice device ( Gatewood, Field & A ; Barrick, 2010 ) . Last but non least, for entry-level occupations, the competence degrees of occupation public presentation should be stated clearly every bit good ( Gatewood, Field & A ; Barrick, 2010 ) .

Case Development

Yeo Hiap Seng ( Malaysia ) Berhad ( Yeo ‘s ) is a fabricating company that involved in production, sale and selling of bevarages and nutrient. Yeo ‘s has created a few trade name names such as “ Yeo ‘s Company ” , “ Cintan ” , “ Soyrich ” , “ Fizzi ” and “ Goodtase ” . The fabrication mills are located throughout the whole Malaysia. Vision of Yeo ‘s is ‘to be the No.1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia ‘ . ( Yeo ‘s )

In occupation analysis, Yeo ‘s focal points on enriching the accomplishments, cognition and competence degree of the employees. The chief intent is to increase its productiveness and net incomes. Therefore, Yeo ‘s focal points on several different affairs in competence on occupation analysis, such as competency-based preparation, competency-based enlisting and choice. Some legal considerations need to be considered in occupation analysis every bit good.

Competence on Job Analysis

In human capital, Yeo ‘s claims that it ever offers preparation and development plans in order to supply a supportive working environment, civilization and norm in the organisation. Yeo ‘s employees participate in many different types of in house and external preparation classs every twelvemonth in order to better their technical-related accomplishments and soft direction accomplishments, such as communicating accomplishment, version accomplishment and leading accomplishment. This will assist the employees to execute better.

Since Yeo ‘s is bring forthing nutrient and drinks, the nucleus competences of Yeo ‘s are behavioural competences, functional competences and leading competences. Behavioral and functional competences are required for employees while leading competence is required for managerial place. Production of nutrient and drinks involve a systematic fabrication procedure. Therefore, all employees particularly those who are from production section demand to hold behavioural competence to work as a squad and besides functional competence to hold high productivenesss.

For illustration, there are several processs and stairss need to be followed for Yeo ‘s to bring forth a soya drink. The first measure is securing natural stuffs. The 2nd measure is de-hulling followed by annuling indigestible, unsmooth grinding and so on. The last measure is boxing and labeling. All the processs must be followed, otherwise the merchandises are unable to be produced. Therefore, all employees for each of the procedures must hold the specific proficient accomplishments and cooperate to hold better public presentation. ( Rank, J )

Furthermore, the employees for each of procedures must hold a really high specific competence degree, ability and cognition about the undertaking, they must cognize what they should make and how to make. For illustration, employees working at packaging phase must guarantee that all the drinks do non leak out of from the bundle and make non expose to the air, otherwise the drinks will botch easy. Besides, they besides need to do certain that the volume of the drinks must be accurate. In order to forestall employees from doing errors, Yeo ‘s provides different types of competency-based preparation plans for the employees, particularly specific technical-typed of preparation. This means that all the employees will be trained as an expert in their peculiar occupation range. For illustration, employees in packaging procedure will go to for boxing developing merely. This is because Yeo ‘s must guarantee that the employees know 100 % of their occupation duties and demands.

Besides, all the managers play an of import function in the work force, section and organisation. The managers with good leading accomplishment, effectual communicating accomplishment, high effectivity and efficiency can act upon or alter the attitude and behaviour of the employees. By this, high working spirit among the employees will automatically go the norm of the organisation. Thus, managers ‘ functions are progressively demanded in Yeo ‘s. The Board of Directors of Yeo ‘s updates and improves themselves with some relevant and of import preparation plans such as negotiations, seminars and workshops. For illustration, all the managers attended an in-house preparation plan named “ Competition Law in Malaysia ” on 27 July 2010. All members of the Board besides attended the Mandatory Accreditation Training Programme ( MAP ) organized by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Directors ‘ name

Training Plans

Tjong Yik Min

Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series, 26 March 2010

Dato ‘ N. Sadasivan a/l N. N. Pillay

Forum on FRS 139 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement – The Challenges of Implementing FRS 139, 6 January 2010

Reclaiming the Commons: Collaborating and Competing in the new Economic Order, 4 October 2010

New Business Frontier: Advanced Human Capital, 12 October 2010

Workshop on GST and Transfer Pricing, 25 October 2010

Boardroom Experience, 26 November 2010

Razman Hafidz bin Abu Zarim

18th World Congress of Accountants 2010, 8 – 11 November 2010

Yap Ng Seng

Compulsory Accreditation Program for Directors of Public Listed Companies, 22 & A ; 23 September 2010

Pearl Fong Lye Fong

PwG Budget Seminar, 26 February 2010

Concept of legal representative in PRC companies, 21 May 2010

Coup d’etat of Listed Companies, 24 September 2010

Round-table Discussion on the Departmental Interpretation Notes for China/Singapore Double Tax Agreement, 12 November 2010

Table 1: Training Programs of Directors in 2010 ( Annual Report 2010 )

Directors ‘ name

Training Plans

Dato ‘ N. Sadasivan a/l N. N. Pillay

Corporate Governance and Boardroom Issues in Challenging Times, 18 February 2011

Sustainability Program for Corporate Malaysia on Trading Services and Industrial Products, 23 March 2011

Razman Hafiz bin Abu Zarim

Government Financial Assistance for SMEs, 6 December 2011

New Corporate Governance Blueprint & A ; Regulatory Updates, 14 December 2011

Ow Tin Nyap

Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series, 18 February 2011, 25 March 2011, 29 June 2011 & amp ; 22 November 2011

FEO Management Workshop 2011: “ Do Good Business ” held in Shanghai, 18 – 22 October 2011

Pearl Fong Lye Fong

Making Deals in Vietnam, 19 January 2011

New Challenges and Priorities for CFOs, 12 October 2011

Global Transfer Pricing Conference 2011-Sustainable Transfer Pricing in an Era of Growth and Business Transformation, 19 – 21 October 2011

Table 2: Training Programs of Directors in 2011 ( Annual Report 2011 )

The stimulation show the preparation plans of managers in 2010 and 2011. Tjong Yik Min, CEO of Yeo ‘s and Ow Tin Nyap attended leading talk to better their leading accomplishment. Dato ‘ N. Sadasivan focuses on advanced, pricing schemes and trading services. Besides being a manager, he is besides the Chairman of the Audit and Investment Committees and a member of the Remuneration Committee. Razman Hafidz attended merely one plan related to accounting in 2010 and two plans in 2011. Yap Ng Seng, Deputy CEO and Pearl Fong Lye Fong, manager who is besides a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree holder besides attended preparation plans during twelvemonth 2010.

Harmonizing to Yeo ‘s Annual Report 2011, the entire comprehensive income for the fiscal twelvemonth has increased by RM 14,214,000 in 2011 which is from RM 9,931,000 in to RM 24,145,000. This is because the employees and managers have attended assorted types of preparation plans during the twelvemonth 2011. Contribution from employees and managers play an of import function every bit in the success of Yeo ‘s. This clearly shows that developing plans has a colossal impact on the profitableness. The competence degree of employees and managers has besides increased significantly.

Another issue that is concerned by occupation analysis is competency-based enlisting and choice. Yeo ‘s listed all the duties and demands for each of the clerical and managerial place before the interview and choice procedure. These demands will filtrate out those who are unqualified and attract those who are competent. Besides, Yeo ‘s applied on-line enlisting by posting the vacancy on web sites such as and its official web site.

For illustration, Yeo ‘s has posted vacancy for preparation director on web site. The most of import duty is to pull off the overall preparation and development map of Yeo ‘s to accomplish organisational aims. While, the most of import demand for the appliers is to hold minimal 6 old ages working experience in developing country. The working experience required for preparation director is more than other managerial place because preparation director plays an of import function to the internal public presentation of all the employees every bit good as directors. ( Yeo ‘s )

During recruitment procedure, Yeo ‘s will choose the appliers critically based on their competence degree. Yeo ‘s will look at their working experience, academic accomplishment, interpersonal accomplishments, organisational tantrum and the remarks from old company. Choice is the most critical measure during the competency-based enlisting because the productiveness and net income of Yeo ‘s will be affected if incorrect appliers were selected. If this were to go on, Yeo ‘s demands to enroll once more. It is a waste of clip and dearly-won for Yeo ‘s.

Yeo ‘s is making competency-based occupation analysis by using both competency-based preparation and competency-based enlisting and choice. Yeo ‘s described all the occupations in term of making, ability, and knowledge clearly on the web site. Yeo ‘s besides provide competency-based preparation to actuate employees, every bit good as addition the assurance and competence degree. By this, the employees will be more enthusiastic to work and increase the productiveness of Yeo ‘s as a consequence. This will lend straight in accomplishing Yeo ‘s vision which is to be the No.1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia.

Legal Consideration on Job Analysis

Legal issues in occupation analysis stated that occupation analysis must be in written signifier ( Kickul, J. , 2005 ) . Yeo Hiap Seng Berhad ( Yeo ‘s ) applies this jurisprudence by demoing their analysis of occupation in composing. Job duties and demands for every vacancy in Yeo ‘s are shown in written signifier for recruitment intent such as on

Besides, occupation analysis must include undertakings, responsibilities and activities ( Kickul, J. , 2005 ) . Duty is a major subdivision of work that requires an single to execute. Most of the occupation has more than one responsibility. Undertaking is the of import stairss such as methods, techniques and processs needed to execute a responsibility. Yeo ‘s takes this legal demand into consideration by demoing the occupation duties for on-line enlisting. For illustration, Yeo ‘s shows the occupation duties for the occupation vacancy such as for helper trade selling director, and adjunct gross revenues directors.

The occupation duties for adjunct trade selling directors include developing client action programs and consumer or trade plans. Assistant trade selling directors is besides required to seek for new tendencies and chance in the market. Adjunct gross revenues directors are required to supply a list of new merchandises every bit good as manage its pricing. They besides need to concentrate on developing strong relationship with the organisation ‘s cardinal clients. ( Yeo ‘s )

Furthermore, the competence degrees of occupation public presentation should be stated clearly for the entry-level occupations as good. ( Kickul, J. , 2005 ) Yeo ‘s has offered entry-level occupations such as warehouse supervisor on and stated the duties and demands of warehouse supervisor clearly.

The duties of warehouse supervisors are to help directors in pull offing the day-to-day modus operandi plant in natural stuffs warehouse, internal warehouse and managing stuffs transfer. At the same clip, they are required to supervise every bit good as control aging and idle stock trailing. The minimal demands for warehouse supervisors are they must graduate with SPM and have minimum one twelvemonth working experience in pull offing warehouse. Campaigners who possessed forklift drive accomplishment and are able to pass on in English and Malay are more preferred. ( Jobstreet )

Legal issues in occupation analysis besides stated that the organisation should look into the most of import undertakings as the choice device. ( Kickul, J. , 2005 ) Important undertakings such as accomplishments to be possessed must be taken into history for choice intent. Employees with the accomplishments needed for the of import undertakings tend to increase the organisation ‘s productiveness.

Yeo ‘s selects its employees based on the accomplishments and ability needed. For managerial place, Yeo ‘s selects directors who have leading accomplishments and abilities. They must be able to take the employees in order to accomplish the organisation ‘s aims and ends. Yeo ‘s selects employees with proficient accomplishments and abilities to execute day-to-day everyday undertakings. As Yeo ‘s chief activity is to bring forth and sell nutrient and drinks, they will choose boosters who are able to pull clients to buy their merchandises.


However, there are some reviews on the occupation analysis of Yeo ‘s. There are positive and negative reviews as good. The positive review is that Yeo ‘s non merely gives employees developing but besides gives manager preparation. With competency-based preparations, the managers will be able to execute their undertakings better. Hence, the productiveness and besides profitableness of Yeo ‘s will be improved.

However, the negative review is that the direction of Yeo ‘s did non sort the types of preparations which had been conducted for each section clearly. It may take to some mistakes when the direction attempts to make the agreement of employees for preparation classs. Besides, it will be more clip devouring due to the inconsistent manner of recording.

Furthermore, Yeo ‘s besides applies competency-based enlisting and choice in appropriate mode. For case, Yeo ‘s has posted the occupation vacancy in every bit good as Yeo ‘s official web site with making needed for the peculiar occupation. Those appliers who are non qualified for the occupations will be filter out before interviews are conducted so that the quality of the employees hired can be maintained. Yeo ‘s besides interprets applicant ‘s making before choice is carried out. With these, the productiveness of Yeo ‘s can be improved as employees are one of the most of import resources in an organisation.

Advantages of Competency-Based Training for Yeo ‘s Company

Yeo ‘s applies competency based preparation so that they will be able to hold better human capital in order to better company ‘s public presentation. With the preparations provided for the employees of Yeo ‘s, the technical-related accomplishments, communicating accomplishments of employees can be enhanced. For illustration, the communicating of employer and employees of Yeo ‘s will be improved with the specific preparation provided. In add-on, the leading accomplishment will be enhanced when the managers of Yeo ‘s attend for the preparation. For case, Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series on 26 March 2010 which was attended by Tjong Yik Min. It is good to the direction of Yeo ‘s.

Furthermore, employees of Yeo ‘s will hold a clearer image of their single functions towards the occupation. With this, employees will be able to execute their occupation easier and better. Hence, the satisfaction of occupation will be obtained. When the morale of employees of Yeo ‘s improves, a positive work environment will be created and the public presentation and productivenesss of Yeo ‘s improved later.

Disadvantages of Competency-Based Training for Yeo ‘s Company

Yeo ‘s mainly focal points on developing plan to construct single ‘s competence which shown in Table 1 and Table 2. This cause the employees in Yeo ‘s spends more clip and money in order to travel for the preparations to better their individualised competence designation and appraisal. Other than that, those employees will ever experience that they should seek for their competency-building attempts on an single footing instead than group footing.

Besides, competency-based preparation largely focuses on squad work. When there is a team-based preparation, employees of Yeo ‘s will be given to trust on an premise of homogenous thought among the group members. Some of the employees may decline the group coherence because it will take to group-think. Therefore, it is limited to single to prosecute their competency-building attempts in bureaucratic organisations.

Advantages of Competency-Based Recruitment and Selection for Yeo ‘s Company

The subjectiveness could be reduced when Yeo ‘s applies competency-based enlisting and choice. Competency-based enlisting and choice is more objectivity compared to traditional method of enlisting and choice. This is because competency-based enlisting and choice is more crystalline as the behaviours of employees for executing occupation are communicated decently. This will straight assist Yeo ‘s to better the public presentation of company one time they obtain more employees with good behaviours to execute the occupations.

Disadvantage of competency-based enlisting and choice for Yeo ‘s Company

Many companies make usage of their official web site and internet occupation boards to happen out qualified campaigners for the occupations. Yeo ‘s is one of the companies which use cyberspace as enrolling tool. Although on-line recruiting can make qualified campaigners there are besides disadvantages when on-line enlisting is carried out. There are excessively many campaigners who apply for the occupations offered by Yeo ‘s and it is really hard to restrict the sum of campaigners. Therefore, Yeo ‘s HR director may blow the valuable clip to filtrate out those applications which are non qualified for the places.

Besides, due to the distance between Yeo ‘s and appliers for the occupations, the interviews might be conducted through telephone alternatively of face-to-face. HR director will be given to trust on the sketch or application filled by campaigners merely to find the quality of the appliers. Therefore, the recruiter might non cognize the communicating accomplishments and the degree of assurance the appliers clearly through telephone interview.


In Yeo ‘s, the direction did non sort the types of preparations which had been conducted for each section clearly. It may take to some mistakes when set uping the employees and managers for the preparation plans. One of the illustration is directing a incorrect employee for a preparation plan or directing the same individual for similar preparation plan. In order to work out this job, Yeo ‘s should make a squad specified for preparation plans. The information of the workers of Yeo ‘s such as makings and the demands for go toing developing plan should be recorded down in order to heighten a more systematic work. Besides, it can assist the Yeo ‘s to salvage clip. This is because set uping the preparation plan for employees is clip devouring if the direction did non cognize the makings and demands for employees to go to the preparation plan.

Besides, Yeo ‘s could besides supply a feedback signifier for the employees who had attended the preparation plans. With this, Yeo ‘s will be able to cognize the effects of the preparation plans. From the feedback signifier, Yeo ‘s will be able to cognize whether the preparations provided are utile for the employees. Hence, Yeo ‘s could better the in house preparations or take better external preparations for the employees. Employees who attended preparation plans are besides encouraged to give recommendations or remarks for the preparations so that Yeo ‘s will be able to make accommodations and betterments of the preparation plans.

Furthermore, Yeo ‘s could give free or subsidise certain sum of the payments for the preparation plans and the preparation could be carried out on a suited clip such as the twenty-four hours before vacations or after vacations. It is to cut down the load of staffs with low income as some of them could non afford to go to expensive preparation classs. It can besides avoid from destructing their temper to bask their vacations. Yeo ‘s should implement single and group footing preparation together for the employees to execute their occupation in order to forestall the workers to experience that they pursue their competency-building attempts.

Furthermore, Yeo ‘s should equilibrate their preparations on single and team preparations. They should carry on more squad based-trainings because it is really of import to do their staffs to cognize each other and besides better the communications among the employees. Group communicating is comparatively of import in order to heighten productiveness of Yeo ‘s. For illustration, the determination devising is usually made by top direction after the treatments among the higher degree directors. When the directors are making the treatments, the communications among them are really of import. If they communicate efficaciously, the determinations will be more accurate.

Besides, Yeo ‘s may do the occupation description and making more specific and elaborate every bit possible as they can in order to cut down the irrelevant campaigners. This can forestall inundation of unqualified appliers as many of the appliers did non cognize the existent occupation descriptions and makings in item mode. Yeo ‘s could post their vacancy occupation to niche sites. Niche sites are the web site that caters to a specific profession. For illustration, Yeo ‘s might necessitate to enroll salesman with 3 old ages experiences to better their gross revenues, one time the campaigners click niche sites by typing salesman, it will merely start the vacancy occupation of salesman. This will demo more specific occupation description so that it would non confound the appliers.

Knowing that telephone interview may do communicating jobs, HR section of Yeo ‘s should carry on a face-to-face interview to seek out the makings of those campaigners who apply occupations through online. This can forestall unneeded mistakes when making choice after telephone interview. Face-to-face interview could assist HR directors to find the assurance degree, communicating accomplishments and enthusiasm for the occupations by seeing the response of appliers when interview is conducted. With this, the choice of most appropriate employees can be done.


In decision, through this group assignment, our group has learned the footings of competence, nucleus competence, competence theoretical account, competency-based preparation, competency-based occupation analysis, competency-based enlisting and choice and legal issues in occupation analysis.

First, we have learnt thorough occupation analysis in Yeo ‘s company, which is the intent of bettering the accomplishment, cognition and competence degree of the employees. Yeo ‘s company maximizes the capableness of its organisation with the aid of its employees to accomplish its company ends. Their employees take portion in assorted plans organized by the company in order to heighten different accomplishments. Besides, we besides discover Yeo ‘s company besides provides good working environment, cultivate different imposts and norms in its organisation.

Second, we besides learnt about nucleus competence use in Yeo ‘s company. The company utilize different schemes and methods to accomplish effectual occupation public presentation. Employees are required to work in squad to accomplish high productiveness to maximise the company net incomes. Other than that, employees in Yeo ‘s company able to transport out different undertakings because they are good trained.

Furthermore, our group besides finds out the procedure used by Yeo ‘s company to bring forth their merchandise. The procedure used is really systematic and they can bring forth big sum of merchandise in a short clip. Every employee besides has their ain proficient accomplishments to bring forth the best merchandise for the company. This can increase their company net incomes every bit good and is able to market their merchandise in Malaysia and Singapore.

Last, we besides knew that competence occupation analysis theoretical account apply in Yeo ‘s company easiness in company direction activities. This is because Yeo ‘s company is make fulling the right employee in a right occupation vacancy to accommodate the accomplishments they have. With occupation analysis, Yeo ‘s company will understand what sort of employee will be suited to transport out a specific occupation expeditiously and efficaciously.


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