Islamic Architecture In Spain Cultural Studies Essay

Mean when one talk about the types and manners of architecture in parts of the Earth, comes His head rapidly many images of the chef-d’oeuvres of Muslim architecture in Andalusia They stayed there about eight centuries praise the architectural memorials, which are still.One of the biggest grounds of the illustriousness of their civilisation in the continent of Europe. When the Muslims arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, was full of many of the effects Architecture that belong to different civilisations Romanian, some of these effects.Related stations spiritual and some of the station of defensive palaces and garrisons, including those with the civilian occupation, theatres, Bridgess and so on.

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The dye Muslims open their metropoliss distinctive Islamic character, and that the constitution of mosques, which are The nucleus of the architecture of metropoliss and expand, as the mosque becomes a centre of metropoliss over clip and urban and bosom whipping SQ subdivision roads taking to the big doors City, and so branched out streets and back streets linking the vicinities.


Architecture is a pot of civilisation, which represents the cultural individuality and synthesis, originative and aesthetic degree of human existences.

Able to Islamic architecture to travel from a speculator in the countryside into the huts in the small towns, so to the edifices and wild in the metropoliss, transporting the characteristics of a echt, consistent with the demands of rights and with the traditions and environment, and is characterized by Islamic art that there is a common unit collects so that it can place any piece produced in Under the Islamic civilisation in any state of the Islamic universe.

Muslim architecture are the features of edifice used by Muslims to be the individuality of them, Architecture arise because of Islam and in countries where it arrived as a Sham and the Maghreb, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, etc. In add-on to the countries that had been ruled for long periods, such as al-Andalus ( Spain now ) and India. Affected by the belongingss of Islamic architecture and its features significantly the Islamic faith and scientific Renaissance that followed and differ from one part to another depending on the conditions and the architectural and cultural bequest of the former in the part Equally good as see the development of signifier and map over clip and altering political fortunes and populating conditions and cultural rights of the population.

In this survey we know how Islam has a great affect on architecture in many states as Spain, and see some illustrations of edifices that have effected by Islam, so, we will cognize the reply of our inquiry which is how Islam affect architecture in Spain did?

2. Review of literature:

Muslim architecture is a homogenous architecture:

Harmonizing to ( Sani, Rafooneh,2009 ) Islamic architecture is a homogenous architecture. Architecture as a method and a school of idea preferred to be in harmoniousness with nature and the environment without deduct any of it but on the contrary, with homogenous constituents and complete harmoniousness and balance.

The early architectural thought in worlds is limited in the tradition, particularly from the intensions environing environment or environmental factors, particularly organic 1s, such as simulation of the construction of the structural skeleton, or even simulates the animate beings when they work their places and nests. Aristotle is considered that the ground for the outgrowth of art due to the being of inherent aptitude of the human simulation, which has a societal map which serves the convenience and amusement.

Andalusia impact of different scientific, architectural, artistic, lasting radiation centre of Islamic civilisation since it strengthened the roots of Islamic regulation, in peculiar, in the epoch of place by Prince Abd-Al- Rahman, who devoted his life to constructing an Islamic province in Andalusia. In his architecture began fumbling in spiritual edifices and civil rights. And is still in Spain to this twenty-four hours are graphic reminders of the earnestness of that motion ‘s major edifice and building. The architectural and cosmetic elements make up the first seeds of Andalusian art, so I took a shine ornament in the Levant and Morocco, but besides influenced the ornament of the nearby Christian. There is no uncertainty that the epoch of this architectural discovery recovered from such of the finest illustrations of Islamic architecture in the universe but the in-between Ages.

Architecture is known to be a Great Spirit and represents the narrative of life.

Muslim architecture is a originative spirit that changed from coevals to another during the clip depending on the tradition of clip that they live “ So architecture I know to be a Great Spirit. Which from coevals to coevals, from age to age, returns, persists, creates, harmonizing to the nature of adult male, and his fortunes as they change. That is truly architectureaˆ¦ ” ( Lloyd Wright, In Brooks Pfeiffer & A ; Nordland 1988:7 )

Muslim architecture can state us a narrative about life, some of designers use in their design narratives from life, some use narratives of our courier and how he suffered a batch to distribute Islam.

We have developed the first architectural designs inspired by the designs that were prevalent in the land of Islam, which lasted an of import landmark which inspired the creative person in the Islamic epoch. This creative person who became Muslim or stayed the faith, had been transferred traditions of architecture prevalent before Islam to Islamic architecture, and he himself had made before and after Islam, the function of architecture and the conceiver, or is the inheritor direct to the traditions of architecture, as Arabians were non Muslims conquistadores brought with them the foundations for Islamic architecture, it is of Islamic idea which grew and spread among the people after a century ago, was the footing for the construct of a new architectural, walked smartly in the field of creativeness and diverseness, and has accompanied the development of Islamic idea, the outgrowth of thought beauty is in the surveies of Brethren of Safa and al gahz and Twehedy and Ibn Khaldun and others. In the Orient, the Islamic Mongol Shah was the largest and its wake has been involved in back uping the development of idea, aesthetic, architectural creativeness.

Muslim architecture depends on the ocular linguistic communication and cognizing the creative activity.

Harmonizing to ( Gonzalez, Valerie, 2001 ) There was a tradition of architectural most of import traditions of Rumanian and Byzantine Empire, which imposed its individuality at least through the reuse of architectural elements in the temples and installations, from the columns and capitals in the edifice of mosques foremost, such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Mosque of Damascus and the Mosque of Kairouan, Mosque of Cordoba and the Mosque of villagers in Fas.

A But the conditions of the supplication in the mosques were the chief ground to set up the construct of Islamic architecture ; different from the old architecture, the different maps, and different ideological association. Therefore, the minaret emerged to replace the tower bells, and the dome appeared to be traversing the architectural logo for the vault of Eden to the faithful, and has appeared niche home ground for ornaments and creativeness, and covered the walls of mosques and marble mosaics to cover the ancient rock recycled.

Architectural elements in the castles and mosques are in brackets and headers and ornaments Moot, as in the castles Heer Palace bomber and Amra, as in the Qasr al-in all stucco, which was distributed in the castles and mosques.

Architecture is a machine and should be a thoughtful procedure.

Harmonizing to ( Rasdi, Mohamad,2008 ) The 2nd fact of Islamic architecture is the human graduated table, the intent the foundation of the architecture, is to accomplish repose and assurance to those who hold this architecture, whether public or private. The basic rule is the rights, demands and aspirations, and from the concatenation stages without that leave him at any phase of the undertaking, Man needs a topographic point to accomplish comfort, security and felicity within the bounds of efficiency.

First, creates the same room requires windows bask it, oversing the scene of its ain off from the wonder of others, and noise pollution, and he had a interior courtyard environing the suites once more, and this became the pace its where trees and herbs and flowers, where pools of H2O, and had to be a corner shadowed meet the residents place to bask the sight of this Eden fantastic establishing hall, did non hold to be ornament and ornament Notes brackets, doors, ceilings and walls to stress the significance of architecture on the one manus, and in order to retain memories of the beautiful scenes and ornaments that are known carved on the manuscripts and objects.

The nature of Islam and Islamic architecture.

Harmonizing to to ( Rasdi, Mohamad, 2008 ) , When the Muslims arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, was full of many of the effects

Architecture that belong to different civilisations Kaloiperep Romanian, some of these effects

O? Related stations Kalmabid spiritual, and some of the station of defensive palaces and garrisons.

Moslems open their towns distinctive Islamic character, and that the constitution of mosques, which are

The nucleus of the architecture of metropoliss and expand, as the mosque becomes a centre of metropoliss over clip

And urban and bosom whipping SQ subdivision roads taking to the big doors

. City, and so branched out streets and back streets linking the vicinities.

. And around the courtyard of the mosque built markets and bathrooms, hotels, Qayshrb. And inside

Mosque keep political meetings, and distributed ground forces brigades, taught scientific discipline

. Religious and general scientific disciplines. Therefore we find that the mosque had a positive impact on the lives of

Community, political, economic and societal development. The phenomenon was followed in the

O? Many of the metropoliss that would be opened or Echttha Muslims in assorted parts of the Earth,

This is the instance of Damascus, Alexandria, Cordoba, Seville, Toledo and others.

It was Andalusia Bmatherha assorted scientific and architectural, artistic,

Radiation centre of Islamic civilisation sustainable since strengthened the roots of Islamic regulation

Where, peculiarly in the epoch of place by Prince Abdul Rahman, who devoted his life to edifice

. An Muslim province in Andalusia. Fbahdh architecture began fumbling in

Religious edifices and civil rights. And is still in Andalusia to this twenty-four hours are graphic reminders of

the earnestness of that motion ‘s major edifice and building.

The architectural and cosmetic elements make up the first seeds of Andalusian art, even

Took ornament radiate in the Levant and Morocco, but affected the ornament of Christianity

.Neighbors. There is no uncertainty that the epoch of this discovery architecture recovered from such of the finest

Examples of Islamic architecture, but the universe in the in-between Ages.

After that period any clip the emirate, and its extremum – an epoch of Prince inside – followed by a series

Covenants on Andalusia, and all were paying close attending to art and visual aspects

Architecture assorted civic, spiritual and defence. And still the list since those U‡ Covenants graphic grounds of architectural differentiation between Prince and elsewhere, and despite the deficiency of this

Evidence known to the integrated building in contemporary Cordoba mosque, and ruddy

O? Granada, Seville, and the Lighthouse Tower and the gold, but there are a batch of effects

Andalusian scattered in metropoliss and small towns of Spain. But do non overstate if we say that

Spanish architecture in most states of cardinal, western and southern Iberian Peninsula is

Andalusian character readily recognizable through some of the architectural elements and cosmetic Related

Islamic beginning who are destined to germinate in Spain.

3. Methodology:


The research attack adopted here is influenced by some illustrations for Islamic edifices that found in Spain that effected by old and modern Islamic architecture.

Tools of Data aggregation:

The chief instruments of probe in this survey were by reading paperss, academic diaries and by taking some history lessons and we can utilize cardinal informant coaction.


Analyzing some illustrations of Islamic edifices in Spain such as:

The Grand Mosque in Cordoba, Spain

One of the most exciting established Muslims architectural plants, and there are in Cordoba in Andalusia ( Spain ) , This mosque is situated near the Guadalquivir River, and surrounded by, and all four sides of narrow back streets, which is recognized by historiographers of European architecture acme extremums of architecture the universe over the ages, The unequivocal usher to Alomwen accomplishment in the art of technology and architecture. Has now shifted to the church.

Shot of inside

The Rusafa castle in Cordoba, Spain

It is a park, beautiful replacements Almarwanyen, Aptnah “ Abd-AL-Rahman interior ” at the pes of Mount Cordoba, to entertain himself, he termed the “ Rusafa ” after the analogy of “ Rsafa ” gramps in Damascus was built to vie with its defects Eastern Manifa. This was the castle forum authors and the Forum poets.

Rusafa castle in Cordoba


The information collected found that Islam has a great consequence on edifices in Spain and many states. Found that many designers use Muslim humanistic disciplines in their designing edifices.


In that research paper we have found that much of the literature on Islamic architecture in Spain and its relation to the consequences were found take high topographic point, and that Islams have many symbols and mark that found in edifices as Islamic architecture depend on visions


Some troubles were faced in this paper such as deficiency of information about Islamic architecture in Spain as edifice were decreased their, so, other research worker should establish more illustrations and information in that field


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