IPod Advertising Analysis

IPod Advertising Analysis

—— Evaluation of the effectivity of Apple ‘s iPod advertizements

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Released by Apple, iPod has led a new coevals of portable music participants for MP3-files. The merchandise has had a profound impact on the market and it presently becomes a sought after artefact to music fans all over the universe. ( Larsson, 2008 )

A Survey by Larsson ( 2008 ) demonstrates that among all the success factors behind its immense popularity, ‘Apple ‘s strong trade name image of creativeness, invention and imaginativeness ‘ ( 2008: 2 ) is efficaciously transferred to the iPod through advertisement. The construct of ‘energy, joy and youth civilization ‘ ( 2008: 4 ) helps the merchandise to get a wider association than simply being an MP3 participant. Furthermore, the tight connexion with a pop-culture tendency makes iPod become an iconic symbol of music ingestion in the modern universe. Notably, iPod ‘s powerful advertizement has enhanced an effectual image which contributes to increase their mark consumers ‘ consciousness every bit good as eliciting their involvement in buying. ( Larsson, 2008 )

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1.2 Theory and Definitions

1.2.1 Market Segmentation

Market cleavage is a widely used division of possible purchasers harmonizing to assorted characteristics such as human ecology and psychological science. With the purpose of planing and advancing needed goods or services, houses utilize market cleavage to run into the specific demands of their mark groups. ( Hall et al. , 2008 )

1.2.2 Market Mix

Market Mix is a selling scheme for run intoing the demands of consumers. It consists of four factors: merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and promote, which are known as the 4Ps. ( Hall et al. , 2008 )

Promotion, one of the 4Ps, is the effort to increase the gross revenues of a merchandise by pulling new markets every bit good as to ‘retain bing ‘ consumers. ( Hall et al. , 2008: 98 ) There are chiefly two types of publicity methods: above and below the line publicity. Above-the-line publicity is besides called advertisement. A immense assortment of advertisement media can be chosen to make their mark audiences and even develop the trade name image. ( Hall et al. , 2008 )

1.2.3 Product Life Cycle

Product life rhythm is the different phases that a merchandise goes through in each clip period. A successful merchandise may see six phases including development, debut, growing, adulthood, impregnation and diminution. ( Hall et al. , 2008 )

In the periods of debut and growing, heavy advertisement is of great indispensable, since new merchandises may be unknown to most of the consumers. Businesss, hence, need to pass a big sum of money on publicity to increase their mark audiences ‘ consciousness. ( Hall et al. , 2008 )

1.3 Purposes

The intent of this study is foremost to look into how the iPod advertisement makes their mark section aware of the merchandise and increases their involvement of buying through advertisement.

The 2nd purpose is to detect how advertizements help iPod to construct its trade name image and do iPod go a modern-day cultural icon.

3. Findingss

3.1 Image

IPod builds its image through advertisement with the thought of utilizing silhouettes, motions and colourss. In the advertizements, dark silhouettes of dancing characters against monochromatic background of diverse bright colourss create an outstanding iPod trade name image. Furthermore, the black dance silhouettes are frequently have oning an iPod with Apple ‘s supplied earpieces which appear in typical white. ( Larsson, 2008 ) Furthermore, in video advertizements, the silhouettes ‘ motions and background colourss change often depending on the background music, ‘fuelling the silhouettes with energy and joy ‘ . ( Larsson, 2008:28 )

3.2 Topographic point

A broad scope of iPod advertizements can be seen everyplace in the mark audiences ‘ day-to-day lives. The current research by Larsson ( 2008 ) states that, the iPod advertizements are invariably shown on the Apple home page, on iPod packaging, on Television, on hoardings and on magazines. Consequently the iPod advertizements have made a great impact on increasing consumers ‘ consciousness.

4. Discussion

4.1 Product Life Cycle

In the clip periods of iPod ‘s debut and growing, Apple advertised to a great extent on iPod to derive its market portion. At the release of iPod, the merchandise foundation consumers were chiefly Macintosh users, nevertheless, Apple still attempted to ‘break new land ‘ ( Larsson, 2008: 25 ) in the young person market. Hence, on the phase of debut, iPod intended to derive its market place through heavy advertisement. As a effect, the heavy advertisement had a important impact on iPod ‘s mark audiences and contributed to iPod ‘s rapid growing in selling on the undermentioned phase.

4.2 Market Segmentation

Both demographic and psychographic cleavages are utilized by Apple to make their consumers. Segmented demographically by age, iPod advertizements aim on what is believed to be the most possible consumers—the young person ( Larsson, 2008 ) , who are at the age of 15 to thirty. ( Shiqing, 2009 ) Furthermore, psychographic cleavage is used in the iPod advertizements to run into immature people ‘s attitudes toward their civilization. For case, the Hip-Hop civilization, which has a trendsetting impact on striplings, was utilized to its bound in the iPod advertizement. The dark silhouettes are listening to Hip-Hop music utilizing a distinguishable white iPod and dance in a random and dynamic manner. As Levies ( 2007 ) suggested, ‘The stark images of the iPod terpsichoreans have truly burned themselves into your encephalon. ‘ As a consequence, iPod image meets the specific psychological demands of their mark, which enable Apple to hold its incursion in the young person market.

4.3 Promotion

With the aims of making immature audiences every bit good as increasing their involvement, iPod utilised diverse types of media in advertisement. Apple is good cognizant that publicity is of equal importance of the design and serviceability of a merchandise and, any competitory virtues which are non ‘well communicated to the populace ‘ ‘virtually do non be ‘ ( Larsson, 2008:27 ) , since publicity allows concern to hold better contact with its consumers every bit good as stating them the alone merchandising point of the merchandise. Therefore, a broad scope of advertisement media, such as telecasting, magazine, hoarding and Internet, were chosen by Apple to elicit their mark consumers ‘ involvement.

4.3.1 Television Ad

Television is one of the publicity media which used by iPod to make its mark sections. The characteristics of telecasting allow iPod advertizements to convey a assortment of messages with traveling silhouettes, energetic background music and dynamic gesture, which are more likely to intensify their mark audiences ‘ feeling of the alone sell point of a merchandise every bit good as increasing their involvement of buying.

4.3.2 Magazine Ad

While telecasting advertizements pull audiences by agencies of bring forthing dramatic ocular effects, the aim of magazine advertisement is more about constructing Apple ‘s trade name image. As is suggested in Allbusiness ( n.d. ) , ‘higher declaration images and better colour options ‘ are available in magazine printing, hence, it may assist Apple to construct its image in a positive manner.

Furthermore, magazine advertisement allows iPod to better make their market section ( Hall et al. , 2008 ) : the young person. Adolescents normally subscribe to peculiar sorts of magazines, such as music magazines and manner magazines. As a consequence, these types of magazines may assist iPod to better make their consumers.

4.4 Cultural Icon

Through advertisement, iPod connected itself tightly with the dad music civilization tendency and became the icon of the music ingestion form in modern universe. The iPod advertizements utilized brilliantly background colour and brainsick motions of the silhouettes to show the alone merchandising point. The significances of its merchandising point about ‘freedom, personalities and manner ‘ ( Larsson, 2008: 28 ) are good created by through iPod ‘s advertizements. As Larsson ( 2008 ) points out, iPod is non merely a portion of the young person civilization, but besides an extraordinary civilization of its ain with particular iPod significances. Most significantly, the civilization connexion of iPod is associated with Apple ‘s trade name and, it is the psychological laterality that genuinely differentiates Apple from other challengers in the market.

5. Decision

As is indicated above in this paper, at the release of iPod, the initial ballyhoo around the merchandise was simply created by Macintosh users ; nevertheless, the community of loyal consumers so expanded through the advertisement. IPod accordingly has become popular music ingestion among immature people and derive its leading in the young person market.

It is the alone trade name image that enables iPod to be a cultural icon among the young person. In the advertizement, all-white iPod stands out in the dark silhouettes as a of course fantastic object. Together with bright background colour and dynamic motions, the construct of energy, joy, manner and immature civilization was strongly connected with iPod every bit good as Apple ‘s trade name image. Consequently, Apple ‘s trade name associations, trade name consciousness and trade name trueness are reinforced. This is how advertising makes the merchandise go an icon of modern-day civilization every bit good as a symbol for the new ingestion form of music in modern society. Most significantly, it is the effectual advertizements that contribute to the alone trade name image of Apple and accordingly increase the involvement of their mark section.

6. Recommendation

Despite utilizing silhouettes, motions and colourss to distinct the characteristic of iPod, there appears to be no motto in the advertizement that entreaty to the mark audience. Based on the demerit above, it is recommended that a motto should be created to pull and retain the iPod consumers every bit good as set uping a alone place in the market. Furthermore, a powerful motto may lend to Apple ‘s trade name image and heighten its competitory advantages.

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8. Appendixs

iPod Ads


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