Introduction to Strategic Management Essay

The menaces confronting wellness attention organisations vary in range and nature ( Authenticity Consulting. 2007 ) . It is hence a critical demand that health care organisations adopt strategic programs that are capable of assisting guard against such menaces. To be able to make this. nevertheless. every single organisation has to place the menaces that face it and travel to happen ways of mitigating or pull offing the hazards associated with the menaces. This paper discusses four types of menaces confronting the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ) . These are environmental. economic. governmental. and demographic menaces.

Discussion NAMI is specifically involved in the battle against mental unwellness through different methods. In this enterprise. the organisation is faced with the undermentioned menaces: Environmental Threats As an organisation that deals with mental issues. the chief environmental menace has been the rise in the figure of people who are perpetrating self-destruction because of their mental status. This has been particularly noted among adolescents ( NAMI. 2010 ) . For different grounds. it has been a menace to the continued successful operation of the organisation which seeks to cut down the jobs associated with mental unwellnesss. including decease.

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Harmonizing to the organisation. teenage deceases have been on the rise. endangering to change by reversal the additions so far made. For case. self-destruction committed by adolescents and grownups with mental unwellnesss of different sorts accounted for more deceases in the state compared to the combined causes from malignant neoplastic disease. shot. pneumonia. birth defects. bosom disease. Aids. and lung diseases ( NAMI. 2010 ) . This is a arrow that unless appropriate steps are taken to hold and change by reversal this tendency. so the organisation hazards neglecting to accomplish its aims.

An associated menace is that the cause of the high figure of suicide among people with mental unwellness has non truly been underpinned. This has made it even more hard for intercession to be done efficaciously ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Economic Threats In its enterprise to contend against mental unwellness. NAMI normally employs the usage of increased consciousness through preparation and instruction on mental unwellness ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Do be able to make this the organisation needs a batch of money. As a not-for-profit. NAMI relies on the good will of patrons such as charitable organisations and other sympathizers.

In the recent times. nevertheless. this support has been declining. presenting the menace of drying up. This menace has been more existent during the planetary economic crisis than at any other clip before because the ability of people to pass money has been greatly reduced due to economic adversities all over the universe ( Comerford. 2007 ) . With a worsening economic mentality. the organisation is faced with the menace of holding to cut down its protagonism runs and narrow down on the execution of merely those plans that are deemed really critical. Yet every plan of NAMI is every bit of import.

This deficiency of fiscal support threatens to restrict all the organization’s activities unless it is checked now. Demographic Threats NAMI trades with people from different backgrounds each of which has its ain alone challenges ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Owing to different cultural patterns and beliefs. different people with mental unwellness are treated otherwise by the society. a move that affects their opportunities of taking carry throughing lives. Stigma. for case. is more rampant in certain communities than others. The menace of increased stigma against people with mental unwellness has been at that place for a long clip now.

This is in malice of attempts by NAMI to demystify some of the myths associated with mental unwellness ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Over clip. stigma is likely to go a prima cause of decease among people with mental unwellness. Another demographic menace is rampant rise in the population of the universe which is doing the resources available to people with mental unwellness to be reduced. Finally. the other menace is the high turnover of experts in the mental wellness attention field ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Fewer professionals than are required have remained in the field to take attention of the ever-increasing instances of mental unwellness.

This has been exacerbated by the many professionals who continue go forthing the field for different grounds ( Begun. Kaissi & A ; Sweetland. 2005 ) . Government Threats Government policy has impacted NAMI in many ways. However. the greatest menace posed by authorities is its failure to go through policies that assist the mentally sick to acquire better wellness attention services ( Swayne. 2006 ) . For case. there has ne’er been appropriate support for mental wellness establishments particularly those that are not-for-profit. This is in malice of the applaudable work they do in guaranting that there is appropriate health care for the mentally sick.

That aside. the authorities has ever been coming up with new statute law sing the wellness attention sector from clip to clip without truly caring what impacts such statute law has on the operations of organisations like NAMI ( Begun. Kaissi & A ; Sweetland. 2005 ) . Then there is no appropriate wellness attention insurance for people with mental unwellness because they barely of all time acquire to be among the chief groups that are insured by the authorities or by their employers. As most people with mental unwellness ne’er prosecute in paid activities. they are faced with the menace of being ignored in major authorities programs.

NAMI is besides threatened by policy alterations that might necessitate it to run into certain minimal demands to be eligible for support ( NAMI. 2010 ) . Conclusion Given these menaces confronting NAMI. there is a demand for appropriate schemes to pull off them. As with all other menaces. these peculiar 1s are outside the control of NAMI and name for proper strategic planning to turn to them. Hazard extenuation and alteration direction are some of the attacks that can assist cover with the menaces and minimise their impacts should they really come to go on.


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