Introduction to Film Theory

Introduction to Film Theory

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Psychoticby Alfred Hitchcock

The movie, Psycho starts out in a instead different manner as its rubric suggests ; a twosome meeting in a secret matter. It takes a different attack by tie ining its supporter with negative properties such as the matter itself and the larceny of the $ 40,000. The genre of the movie is suitably psychological thriller as it involved a batch of emotions within the characters and between the audiences. We get to be involved in the ideas of the character and take portion in parts of the narrative through a first-person point-of-view ( such as peeping through a hole ) .The way of the movie is besides one of its alone traits as the chief character is killed off early in the movie, making a sense of anxiousness and hopelessness amongst the audience. In respects to Hitchcock’s auteur manner, the film manner on its ain speaks for itself as it is of the horror/suspense/thriller genre. In add-on to that, the film is really much accompanied by the thrilling soundtracks which gave accent to the genre. The secret plan itself was filled with suspense and secret plan turns ala Hitchcock manner. Hitchcock is besides well-known for looking as cameos in his films and appeared early in Psycho as he is seen walking past an office window. The full composing of the movie from its carefully directed camera angles to its soundtrack truly makes Psycho a benchmark of movies of its clip.

Red Riverby Howard Hawks, Arthur Rosson

Red River is a typical cowpuncher film set in the 1860s. To sort the movie’s genre, one can insulate the elements utilizing the empiricist quandary by Andrew Tudor and acknowledge its characteristics. The film featured an full dramatis personae of cowpunchers outfitted with ten-gallon chapeaus, waistcoats and gun belts while the slur of the actors’ address in a thick Texas speech pattern. The film featured two adult females who both were likewise portrayed in footings of how they were weak and submissive. This is seen in the beginning and towards the terminal of the film when Dunson’s lover and Tess Millay both stayed back because where the work forces were traveling that were “No topographic point for a woman.” which besides denotes the sense where adult females are delicate and a 2nd category human being while seting work forces in topographic point of power and gives them a sense of maleness. The scene of the film besides took portion entirely in the desert with Equus caballuss and cowss and filmed largely in unfastened countries. These elements all point to a typical western-style film. The secret plan of the film is reasonably predictable and is loyal to the standard cowpuncher movie plot line where the film features a supporter being challenged by an adversary. The characters in the film are besides true to the subject of the film in which the egoist hero, Matthew is a good looking, brave and righteous individual who stands up for the other cowpunchers that were threatened to be killed by his stepfather, Dunson. Matthew besides invokes one of the manners of Northrop Frye as the high mimetic character who possesses unbelievable gunslinging accomplishments. All in all, the film falls well under the archetypical political orientation as it does non run really far from the generic western genre.

Near Darkby Kathryn Bigelow

Near Dark poses as a dark entry and breaks the conventional genre class as a genre merger of Western/Vampire. The merger is saturated with elements from both the genres such as the erosion of ten-gallon chapeaus, the scene of the desert, tumbleweeds and Equus caballus equitation as represented by Western while the Vampire genre is represented by the being of lamias, people turning into lamias through a vampire’s bite, unsusceptibility to bullet lesions, and injury from sunshine. Although the movie is consistent with its genre, an empiricist quandary is present because although there is no reference of the word “vampire” and the lamias have no looking reaction to holy objects as seen in a scene when the lamias where holding a gunplay in the cottage and Jesse’s gun has a cross symbol on it, we instantly presume them to be lamias due to the premise we based off the fact that they have ace strength and are blood feeders. Another construct seen in the movie was new earnestness. Vampire movies of that clip had seen development from its original predecessors such as Dracula as the lamias shown in this movie are modern lamias who do non dress in refined vesture or wear nesss but alternatively act like normal people otherwise. As for the manners the supporter, Caleb falls under interestingly under three manners ; myth, high mimetic and low mimetic. The myth manner of the character is seen when he is turned into a lamia and possesses ace strength and is unharmed by guns. The high mimetic manner is seen as the character can non be exposed to the sunshine while being a lamia and is hence affected by the environment. This is seen in the beginning of the film when he was foremost bitten by Mae and subsequently during the escape scene from the cottage. The low mimetic manner of the character applies when he is still subjected to the jurisprudence when the constabulary pursued him aboard with the other lamias after they killed the people in the saloon. The manners are important to the development of the narrative as its secret plan was strongly reliant on the chief character’s reaction to the environment and besides contributes to the movie rubric. Overall, the movie is really good reflected by its rubric as it shows a contrast in its character as it shows that Caleb about fell to the dark side ( remain a lamia and non acquire cured ) .

Rio Bravoby Howard Hawks

Following the tendency of Western/cowboy movies popular as a trait to the late Howard Hawks, Rio Bravo appears on screen as a typical Western movie. However, the genre of Rio Bravo subdivisions off to a wider array of genre merger with spots of comedy and love affair thrown into the mix. The typical Western scene is decidedly evident as the full film features a cowboy town with a sheriff, barrooms where people gather to imbibe, gun catapulting scenes of cowpunchers hiting one another, and non to advert the being of a vulnerable adult female as the lover of the masculine sheriff. The film takes a goad into a more comedic manner with the debut of the other back uping characters which hails a really improbable choice of work forces including a rummy, a cripple, and a baby-faced gunman who engage in the occasional raffle. The love affair facet of the movie is besides seen between Chance and Feathers as coquettish comments and off-scene deductions of doing love occurred throughout. The movie borrowed some elements of suspense every bit good as seen in the scene where Chance and Dude were prosecuting the adult male who killed Pat Wheeler. The music and sound effects played to each measure the character makes is similar to a suspense thriller. But with the minimum usage of the suspense elements in the beginning, it feels unpluging to the original feel of the movie.

When compared to Red River, a contrast surely exists ; from black-and-white to colour, the proficient competency is seen in both of these movies. Hawks’ way in both movies does non run really far apart from one another as he reuses certain histrions and had similar soundtracks. Not to advert both belong to the same class of genre, the lone difference is in puting as Red River is set largely out-of-doorss while Rio Bravo had a good mix of indoor and out-of-door scenes. The difference in holding colour introduced to movies, Red River’s inclination to be filmed out-of-door likely served a intent in supplying the colour and clip of the twenty-four hours to the film while the newer Rio Bravo had colour to add life to its characters and edifices. One similarity seen is besides the function of the adult female in both movies. Feathers plays an independent adult female who speaks her head but at the same clip shows exposure. This is similar to Tess Millay in Red River where both adult females try to remain out of the manner of a “man’s job” . Other facets such as the Western subject, John Wayne’s basically recycled character of Sheriff Chance and Thomas Dunson, and the plotline which includes a adult male ( Dunson and Dude ) goes through the development to going a better individual all adds to the Hawks’ distinguishable manner of auteurship.

Week 8 – 9

Following the interview session with Michael Chuah, we learn of the patterned advance and growing of the Malaysian movie civilization. We are introduced to the director’s experience in movie-making and larn a small about the challenges posed behind the scenes of the screen. Among these challenges include the undertaking of pre-producing the movie. Chuah gives the audience the penetration of those challenges ; particularly since action/martial art movies are still green in Malaysia. The procedure of the pre-production includes much of the on-scene elements such as the dramatis personae and locations while the off-screen procedure includes much lengthier hunts of patrons, books and manufacturers. The post-production excessively requires months of work as the procedure includes touching up of the scenes, sound technology and redaction. In visible radiation of aesthetic value of the movie procedure, Chuah integrates his womb-to-tomb love of soldierly humanistic disciplines movies with fables such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee into his movie, Fist of Dragon. The movie borrows the vibration of the typical Chinese soldierly art movies and integrates it with a sense of localisation in which it hopes of its audience identify themselves with the environment given. A recognizable characteristic in the movie includes a touch of bantering comedy along with action ; a testimonial to the traditional Jackie Chan movies which normally combine the two combinations good. Chuah besides hopes to make over to neighbouring states such as Singapore and China with his movies and take his movies to the following degree internationally. Chuah has since released another movie, Firefly which is besides an action comedy, doing yet another grade in the movie industry. The similar goes to the movie, “At the End of Daybreak” by Ho Yuhang in which the movie introduces a more foreign construct to Malayan movies with more controversial subjects such as adolescent gestation and consensual underage sex. The movie had featured certain sensitive elements such as animate being inhuman treatment, prenuptial sex, denudation of a cadaver a scene demoing a covered hard-on ; most of which would non hold passed regular censoring Torahs in the state. Its similarities to the Hong Kong movie industry include the dominantly spoken Cantonese linguistic communication although the movie is created in chromaticity of a Malaysian individuality which includes a scope of different and assorted linguistic communication every bit good as scenes that are familiar to Malaysians. The usage of a Hong Kong star besides brings out a different quality to the playing of the Malayan movie industry as it is affecting a seasoned star who has experience in the industry unhampered by the Malayan criterions. In the similar visible radiation of these local movies of the recent twelvemonth, we see an improving and booming potency of the movie industry in Malaysia.

Rear Windowby Alfred Hitchcock

The movie Rear Window revisits a familiar scene and by the late Alfred Hitchcock. As Hitchcock is known for his favouritism towards a more thriller-based genre of movie way the movie Rear Window is composed as a genre merger of enigma and thriller-suspense. The mise en scene manner of the auteur is genuinely expressed in the movie in footings of how intimations of wit can be found throughout the film such as Stella’s rant about cognizing where problem lies, and the sound technology within the film that creates the environment for each scene, every bit good as Hitchcock’s celebrated cameos. The circle in which its genre elements of the empiricist quandary includes the heart-pounding music attach toing the protagonist’s motion in the dark, the worry-inducing minutes where the adversary might detect Jefferies descrying on him, the scene where Lisa and Stella were running across the pace to delve up grounds in Thorwald’s garden. Equally far as the character of the supporter, Jefferies goes, it is interesting as the character is one of the few dry characters out at that place due to his hurts in which he is stuck in the wheelchair, necessitating person else to take attention of him and finally even to catch the slayer in his paths. The other interesting facet of the characters of Jefferies and Lisa is that they can be seen as mirror phases where the audience can associate to Jefferies’ trouble with acquiring Lisa to place with him and his life style as he speaks the voice of logic whereas Lisa is adult female born with a Ag spoon in her oral cavity. The movie focuses on a batch of voyeurism as Lisa is invariably throwing herself onto Jefferies throughout the movie and is seen in one scene dressing provokingly in her nightgown as perceived by the audience of the fiftiess. This follows to the thought that adult females are sex objects and are of the weaker sex as the dependence on work forces is seen here. The same is seen with one of the neighbours, Miss Torso who leaves her blinds unfastened and is frequently seen with small vesture and topless from behind in one peculiar scene in the movie. The aforesaid elements are of the inventiveness of Hitchcocks’ experience as to what an audience seeks in a movie and hence created one of the best movies of all time made in the genre of Mystery.

Jawsby Steven Spielberg

Making its grade as one of the greatest movies of all time made, Jaws was the prototype of a thriller movie of its clip. With the support and distribution of major pudding stone studio, Universal Studios, Jaws was one of the really first blockbusters of the summer of 1975. With a brawny USD 700,000 spent on advertisement attempts by Universal Studios back so, Jaws raked in over USD 470 million in box office. The movie was directed by no other than Steven Spielberg whom lent his manner to the movie through his proficient competency as an auteur as seen in his penchant of researching point-of-views ( POV ) with camerawork by giving the audience the usual POV of the audience towards the characters every bit good as the POV of the shark, heightening the audience esthesis of fright and fear the characters experience whenever the shark emerges from the H2O. The movie is considered one of a “high concept” movie as it a movie composed of a reasonably simple secret plan without much deepness that is straightforward plenty for the audience to grok as it is all about a shark onslaught that leads to the attempt of seeking to capture and kill it ; it besides provides a purchase on the hazards as the secret plan every bit good as the thriller genre has a higher opportunity of being accepted by its audience albeit being an version of a novel under the same rubric by Peter Benchley.

Bicycle Thiefsby Vittorio De Sica

The play movie Bicycle Thieves, is a movie with the accent on the construct of Italian neorealism. As the full movie is set in an unfastened location where the life of the town is unscripted, a different vibration and sense of pragmatism is given to the movie. Each histrion chosen for the movie happens to besides be amateurs in the field and no experient or celebrated histrions were chosen to do the movie happen. Equally far as the secret plan goes, the movie takes its Muse from the post-World War II scenario and the adversities of the people who live in it. The people of the universe within the movie are brought to life by its realistic scenes where the society is shown where its people are despairing for work to last and raise their household as seen in the beginning of the movie where everyone was contending for the occupation place Antonio was given. And even so, it was under the pretence of his ownership of a bike which he went ways to hold it redeemed from being hocked in despair of a occupation. The salvation of the motorcycle involved a scene where Antonio and his married woman were soaking her dowery sheets for money to deliver the bike aboard legion people who were run alonging up by a pawn store to soak their properties. One peculiar scene where a big warehouse-sized shelf held 1000s of sheets pawned by other people particularly shows the state of affairs of the people so. The movie gives its audience the relativity of the ordinary and the agonies of mundane people of the clip ; Antonio was a adult male who takes up a non-glamorous occupation of a posting male child and the belief of the people in visionaries and their powers shows a side of people you find of the ordinary. Another high spot of the movie includes its system of capitalist economy. The poorness and importance of the value of money is seen throughout the movie including the being of the pawn stores for those in debts and for those who have to portion with their properties for a small money. Another scene shows Antonio holding tiffin with Bruno and the comparing of a richer household basking a better and finer repast ; the more money one has, the better their lives and therefore adding to the weight of capitalist economy.

The Idiotsby Lars Von Trier

Independent drama-comedy, The Idiots parades itself as a make bolding statement in a rebellious mode which breaks the regulations of societal and cultural ‘norms’ in which its art way and manner interruptions off from typical Hollywood movies which have decently written books and a narrative discharge that creates development in the narrative ; the movie begun suddenly in the center of a eating house with no debut to character or any farther development and way and ends at the flood tide alternatively of traveling into a falling action foremost. ( Layne & A ; Lewis 2009 ) The locations found in the movie are insistent and frequently took topographic point in the same locations such as the house which was largely used for about every scene. The camerawork is noteworthy every bit good as the rickety quality is obvious and lightings were inconsistent, non to advert the non-lacking of voyeurism and shameless gender throughout the movie. The Dogme motion makes up most of the movie as the manner of shooting includes long Sessionss concentrated on one character at a clip without any breaks particularly in scenes where there are conversations. The composing of the movie is forced under a regulation of merely utilizing the most cardinal and basic of regulations where there is merely a infinite for a simplistic art of cinematography every bit good as the spontaneousness in its events with minimum planning and scripting. With The Idiots interrupting the conventional regulation and populating its ain, a truly alone though begrimed experience can be found watching the movie.


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