Introduction Of The Investment Of Auto Car Finance Essay

Auto-Car was formed in twelvemonth 1983 and is known as the first car fabrication company and they have been runing their investing outside Malaysia excessively. Lotus, the well celebrated auto is under Malayan based company Auto-Car. Their thought of doing autos wholly depends on consumer penchants and demand. They operate in different markets like Australia, Middle East, South East, Western Europe and UK. The input driver of Auto-Car is the strong partnership and regular acquisition of engineering and development. Other aims include making outstanding and fast autos in approaching hereafter with holds on passion of consumers.

Auto-Car is a Malayan based car company functioning Malayan citizen for tonss of old ages. This Auto-Car has made RM 5.6 billion compared to last twelvemonth ‘s fiscal position which was RM 4.9 billion. Their inordinate success has lead to remarkable net incomes all over Malaysia. However, the chief success started by establishing the new merchandise which the autos are provided by Auto-Car in recent old ages which is persona and saga. Auto-Car ‘s committedness to its clients on research and development in last few old ages and uninterrupted research has and will take the house to better their gross net incomes.

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1.3 Introduction of the Investing

Auto-Car is now be aftering to put in Indonesia. The aim of increasing their net incomes merely comes up with the thought of good selling accomplishments. Auto-Car has been doing a batch of money all over Malaysia. This research chiefly concentrates on what are the advantages and disadvantages in regard of puting in Indonesia with some other trade name name. However, it will besides cover the thought of making and administering their autos in some other state with a different construct. It besides helps the Globalization of trading in and out among states. This research will give a item thought of how the investing will be made maintaining in regard the fiscal stableness of both states which includes liquidness, profitableness and efficiency of the house.

1.4 Purpose of Report

The intent of this study is to cipher and do a proper premise on weather the investing made in Indonesia will be profitable or non. However, it is non easy for them to make the accurate figures. There are tonss of political, economical, societal analyses which are to be considered while working on this investing. However, the strength failing, chance analysis is every bit of import in regard with the state the house is anticipating to put.

Choice of the State

The selected state for this investing is Indonesia. This state is selected due to other practical grounds like economic system crisis and political personal businesss. Malaysia has ever been a peaceable state with no political personal businesss with foreign party and hence, Auto-Car is puting in Indonesia an anticipating their cyberspace net incomes to acquire higher as clip base on ballss by which will be no longer than 5 old ages and their motivation is to acquire keep their net incomes for at least 60 % every twelvemonth. However, puting in Indonesia seems to be less hazard than puting in other states like Thailand, Hong Kong, China. The targeted market of this state is manner better than the targeted market of other states. The economic system is non stable and puting in Western states might turn out to be a complete loss.


3.1 Political Analysis

Indonesia ‘s political effectivity is really strong compared to other states and therefore, the investing is a good thought. For case, when the tsunami hit Indonesia the Government called other international states for aid in regard with fiscal, societal and moral aid. Malaysia participated in assisting them. However, the political relationship between these two Government of Malaysia and Indonesia has ever co operated. The trade between two states on the permission of the Government has ever run swimmingly get downing from the skilled applied scientists, IT savvy, business communities, labours, consumers etc. The three chief Torahs are the General Legal System which is followed since Dutch Legal System, Second ; the Muslim system applies on all Muslim and in conclusion, the customary jurisprudence which applies for local differences.

3.2 Economic Analysis

The involvement rates provided by the Bank of Indonesia since 2005 has non truly changed and it has remained the same for old ages. Indonesia has non been increasing their price reduction rate even where they have economical crisis. The thought of non altering the System for rather long has made them keep net incomes yet there is non much in competition when it comes to banking system of Malaysia. Bank Negara of Malaysia change their involvement rate and price reduction rate as per the economical analysis made by the direction or the board of managers. However, altering it twice in one twelvemonth is non a large trade.

3.3 Social Analysis

SI and DAI Environmental Service plans have been working together on different sort of undertakings involved. However, the chief undertaking they work on so that the no gender prejudice or jobs can be created in recent clip is that they supply H2O on regular footing. With the investing of Auto-Car in Indonesia might turn out to be the less hazard and more net incomes because the societal premise of issues in Indonesia in coming old ages seems to be less compared to the other states. Social wise the proficient support of the undertakings foreign investors like to play in Indonesia is less hazardous and really profitable particularly when it comes to societal factors.

3.4 Technological Analysis

Technological factors provide information of the engineering and the telecom development, technological policies and results, spreads in policies, patents and chance sector in Indonesia. However, the motivation of Auto-Car of research and development in recent old ages can be continued with a new start in Indonesia. The disbursals on development with technological factors is little lesser than the 1 in Malaysia. However, the regular research and the passion of Auto-Car of developing at least one auto athleticss auto which can travel truly fast can be conducted with the same motivation between two states. Hence, Globalization stays on its ain credibleness. In approaching hereafter, Auto-Car is anticipating to revise and custom-make Indonesia ‘s engineering in their ain company by engaging the technicians and applied scientists in their state.


When it comes to international concern every house needs entry manner so that they are secured and legal in the eyes of Government and the jurisprudence provided by those states. Although, the per centum of international concern in Indonesia is somewhat lesser than compared to other states but the direct investing made in this research will turn to be wholly profitable because there will be no rivals in this field. At the same clip houses stand foring themselves in foreign state usually have a problem when it comes to Entry Mode of the state they are be aftering to put. Hence, this sort of investing is known as foreign direct investing ( FDI ) .



The strength of Auto-Car is that they are able to sell autos on a really low monetary value compared to other autos in other autos. As we all know that the attempts made by Auto-Car to sell in foreign states like in-between E, Australia and many more yet the monetary value remains the same. However, Auto-Car is the lone one company which is to the full protected by the Government and the Government has its ain involvement in it such as revenue enhancement, route revenue enhancement etc. Other advantage of holding this sort of back up from the Government is that if one twenty-four hours Auto-Car gets in problem due to any proficient ground so the Government can assist them in any agencies. These are the strength which was included when Auto-Car was invented in 1983 and it changes as the economic system gets better and they enjoy more offers and the trust in the Government and the consumers. When invested in foreign state like Indonesia they would anticipate the same return of exchange they had with Malayan Government. However, presuming anything more than that might non turn that profitable for the house.


Auto-Car has the cheapest autos and the consumers can afford to purchase one of them. Hence, the complete demand of Auto-Car autos is failing of Auto-Car which finally is acquiring lower as they are doing their net incomes and efficient supply every month. The thought of converting the client to purchase a merchandise and satisfying does n’t work for every sector. However, Auto-Car has been working difficult to fulfill the demand but they could ne’er fulfill their clients by making effectual, dedicated and efficient merchandise. In recent old ages the research on developing their autos, custom-making them harmonizing to the clients gustatory sensation has been the chief precedence of Auto-Car. This failing might decelerate down the concern when they invest in Indonesia and the lone manner to get the better of it is to engage new and trained employees and maintain the quality and measure demanded every bit of import.


Upcoming rival like other trade names in car industry have caused batch of jobs in regard with the monetary value and the competition has increased so high that the affording autos for consumers have become easy. However, when the gasoline addition Auto-Car creates its ain schemes by making autos which good ingestion of gasoline. As the immature young person comes in emerging new trade names, modified autos have become the new manner. Particularly, for those adolescents and therefore, this can be most attractive and most effectual selling scheme. When invested in Indonesia the company will come with the thought of aiming the market harmonizing to the consumer penchants and the demand. Initially they will hold autos on a really low monetary value but one time Auto-Car is stable in this concern in Indonesia they will increase the monetary value and mark market as interim they will hold thought if the targeted market of Malaysia is the same as the targeted market of Indonesia.


As competition increases we have realized that the ability of bing to come with new merchandises increases excessively. For case, if the motor bicycler in Malaysia is high so they have brought Myvi in this field so that they can diminish the rate of motor rhythm and increase the figure of autos. Either manner Auto-Car does hold a disadvantage. The lone manner to over come this thought is to keep the productiveness of Auto-Car or to increase the demand. The least expected from the consumers will be to carry through their demands so that they can purchase Auto-Car. However, Auto-Car has been establishing their new merchandise in last few old ages like character and saga and this have lead them to increase their net incomes. While puting in Indonesia, Auto-Car has to do certain that the competition is less. If it is non so they would desire to come with new merchandises and come with different proposals.

Industry Analysis

The car industry of Malaysia and Indonesia has non every bit good as compared to European Countries. Foreign Countries most likely invest in China and that ‘s the lone one Asian state which has tonss of International Business all over the universe. Industry Analysis usually consists of research tendency. The growing of car industry in Indonesia is turning steadily. Factors which include such sort of things is that low involvement rate, credibleness and many more. As the whole industry will pitch up in car industry Indonesia is traveling to confront stiff competition in this universe. Other factors include substructure, low revenue enhancement, inducements are blamed for foreign direct investing if it does n’t turn to net incomes. However, at such point Auto-Car might hold some letdown when it comes to puting in Indonesia. But so once more the making occupations over 300,000 and acquiring net incomes of more $ 7 billion is ever the peak highs of Indonesia as the economic system rose to 5.1 % in 2005.


Company Performance

The stock information shows that the current monetary value in RM 4.91. The fiscal twelvemonth of Auto-Car terminals in twelvemonth 2009 December and the gross revenues turnover is 6,486,570,000. At the same clip the financial twelvemonth ends in March 2010. Employees working in this carbon monoxide operation are approximately 9,525 in which bulk are Malaysians unless hired by Auto-Car HR Management from foreign states. The outstanding portions of this cooperation are approximately 549,213,000 at the beginning of the twelvemonth. Whereas, the closed held portions are 322,037,693. One hebdomad Stock public presentation of Auto-Car is 4.2 % , in one month it is 22.8 % , in 13 hebdomads it is 8.9 % and in twelvemonth one twelvemonth it is 146.7 % .

Above is the diagram of Auto-Car monetary value, gaining and dividends. This statistics shows us that the highest dividend to all portion holders was merely provided in twelvemonth 2005. However, this started diminishing bit by bit. The earning on 2005 is non every bit good in twelvemonth 2009 or 2010. Economic crisis in twelvemonth 2007 has made tonss of organisation in bankruptcy hence ; Auto-Car has come down with -10 in twelvemonth 2007. The monetary values in twelvemonth 2005 were high but as per the SWOT Analysis and the PESTAL analysis the determination of diminishing monetary value yet keeping the net income was a good determination made by Auto-Car.

With the above information of uninterrupted autumn of Auto-Car in their dividends, monetary value and gaining we can reason that investment in Indonesia in regard with the economic system at that place and the less hazard is non a bad thought. However, Auto-Car makes net incomes with outsourcing and other strong selling schemes has lead the company to chief to convey their net incomes from 4.9 billion to 5.7 billion which is a good start in economical crisis.

The expression to cipher liquidness ratio is Current Ratio = Current Asset/ Current Liability. Total Current assets of Auto-Car in twelvemonth 2008 is 3,446,084 and the entire current liabilities are 1,639,180. Now that we have the figures we can easy acquire the liquidness ratio of Auto-Car which is 2.10. This shows us that the liquidness ratio of Auto-Car is non every bit bad as expected in this economic system. Normally every house maintains liquidness if at least 2 but, keeping more than that is reasonably good. While puting in Indonesia Auto-Car will see their current assets and current liabilities but it will be merely an premise of how much their turnover will be. Normally, fiscal wise assets have to be two times more than liabilities so that they can cover their liabilities.

Profitability Ratio

Profitability ratio is the net net income after revenue enhancement divided by the gross revenues turnover. This ratio helps houses to analyse their net incomes after they sell their merchandise. It is one of the most of import and the chief aim of the house. Auto-Car profitableness ratio is calculated in the undermentioned manner.

The net income after revenue enhancement of Auto-Car in the twelvemonth 2008 is RM 202,869 and the gross revenues turnover of Auto-Car in the same twelvemonth is approximately RM 334,600 is 0.60 % . Harmonizing to the normal analysis the ratio is non that good because of economical crisis yet they manage to keep the credibleness of the net incomes in less than twelvemonth by supplying better services and maintaining the impulse of demand at the same clip. When puting in Indonesia, Auto-Car has to do certain that the services provided to consumers in that state, targeted market, selling schemes and the suppy-demand inter relation is ever equal. However, this can be merely assumed but can non be accurate.

Efficiency Ratio

Efficiency Ratio can be calculated on the footing of how good the organisation can really presume the assets over their liabilities. Hence, it is known as efficiency ratio because we are ciphering the efficiency of the company. The histories receivable in the twelvemonth 2008 is RM 14,800, stock lists are none and equity is RM 1,827,817. Equity is the capital sum of money invested in the concern. For this research the equity invested in Indonesia depends on the net incomes maintained by Auto-Car in Malaysia. Since old twelvemonth Auto-Car has maintained their net incomes from RM 4.7 billion to 5.4 billion which is considered a good investing in last few old ages.

For The Investing:

Payback Period

Payback period is the sum of clip a company takes to achieve the investing made. In other words it is the refund of the investing. The general expression for payback period is

Payback Period= Initial payment/ Annual Cash Flow

In this research the one-year hard currency flow for the twelvemonth 2008 for Auto-Car is RM 1,028,830 and the initial payment done by Auto-Car is RM 427,186. Hence the payback period for this house is 0.41. If we approximately take a figure of RM 1,000,000 generated hard currency flow and the initial payment as 430,000 so the payback period is at least 2 old ages and 3 months. So after every two old ages the 3rd twelvemonth ‘s one-fourth Auto-Car is anticipating their net income. However, this can reform that the investing made in big graduated table concern is non every bit hazardous as it sounds from the SWOT and PESTL Analysis. The premise of this house is a unsmooth thought of what Auto-Car is anticipating in two old ages clip.

Net Present Value

Net present value means the difference between the influx and the escape. However, while ciphering net present value most of the houses come across that influx is higher than the escape of the house if that is the instance so the house is traveling good and doing adequate net income. If it goes the other manner round so the house is non making net income the hard currency traveling is more than the hard currency gained by the company which in other words is non a simple investing. Above we calculated that the payback period is approximately 2 years and 3 months. Following is the hard currency flow tabular array which will assist us cipher the net present value.

The net nowadays value for the house is RM 200,000. Because this is unsmooth premise before puting into the house we can see that the net present value would be less or more but it will change in the same sum.

Internal Rate of Return

Internal Rate of Return ( IRR ) is the per centum the finance section accumulates on acquiring the rate of return from that peculiar undertaking of investing done. It is necessary to cipher IRR by test and mistake method on the footing of NPV. IRR can non be calculated if NPV rate is non stated which should be stated as nothing. Following with the expression of IRR which is

Lower price reduction rate+ { NPV at rate A/ ( NPV at rate A-NPV at rate B ) } [ B-A ]

In the above stated illustration the lower price reduction rate is 10 % . For case if it is non suited so we take anything more than 10 % which is 15 % . For ciphering IRR 10 % is NPV at rate A and 15 % is NPV at rate B. A and B are the lower price reduction rate and the higher price reduction rate severally. NPV at rate B is RM 150,000 so the equation is 10 % + { 200,000/ ( 200,000-150,000 ) } [ 15-10 ] . Then the IRR stated in this undertaking is 2 % .

To reason, we can state that in this undertaking the per centum of rate of return is 2 % . This might non be profitable but this undertaking starts from nothing where as NPV is besides zero stated hence, to derive a rate of return as 2 % is non bad computed by hearers of Auto-Car.

Accounting Rate of Return

The rate of return of a undertaking calculated by spliting the mean one-year net incomes by the mean book value of the investing is Accounting Rate of Return ARR. The expression to cipher the ARR is Average Income/Average Investing. The mean income on this undertaking is RM 191, 549 and the mean investing is 549, 213. Hence the ARR is 0.34 % . ARR can besides be used to look into the public presentation of the undertaking or the investing made. However, most of the houses use ARR for internally choosing the undertaking and presume the efficiency of this undertaking by cognizing the rate of return.

Cash Budget

Cash budget is an accounting budget computation where by hard currency influx and escape are found. Following is the best illustration of hard currency budget provided for this investing. For this investing the monitoring of hard currency in and out is the most of import tool. Investing in Indonesia by this Auto-Car emotionally drives the thought of image in the market. Some people might desire to purchase this auto on the footing of repute a company has.

8.0 Decision

To reason, we have mentioned about the environmental factors and the advantages and disadvantages made on this investing. However, puting in Indonesia has both causes but taking a hazard is another aim of Auto-Car. They are anticipating their concern to do return on their investing in less than a twelvemonth. However, the most of import determination is whether it is profitable or non.

Although, with batch of research we have realized that Auto-Car might hold to put some money on their selling schemes and advertizement. The profitableness, efficiency and liquidness ratio gives us the unsmooth thought of how the hard currency will flux in first few old ages. At the same clip, Auto-Car besides believes that investing made between boundary lines will better and maintain good relation with two Governments.

Company ‘s fiscal public presentation from the old to now is non bad and every bit far as it is concerned that how Malayan company will put in Indonesia good, the net incomes from one state are doing them invest in other state. Therefore, Globalization will do foreign concern companies to come in and other concerns to do a lead in other universe. This will do the competition better and other states like Middle East, Singapore and Australia will be extremely interested in puting in Indonesia.


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