Introduction Geography Of Singapore History Essay

Singapore is the little island city state in South East Asia and it is located at the southern portion of the Malayan Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia. A land country of Singapore is 714.3A kmA? . It land has divided into two parts which are mainland and islands. The mainland of Singapore consists 49 kilometres from East to West and 25 kilometres from North to South with 19A kilometers of shoreline. It consists of 63 islands including the chief island which name Pulau Ujong. Its boundary line is following to Malaysia. Singapore is an immigrant state due to the minority Indian and Malay community with 4.2 million populations, but nevertheless it is a Chinese metropolis province ; hence, political, commercial, traditional, and authorities power are in Chinese ethnic. However, even its state is a rich province in South East Asia, yet it besides used to be under colonialism with European provinces.

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History of Singapore

British settlement

Not merely were other states in South East Asia but besides Singapore under the settlement from the impact of European. British had putted settlement to Singapore on 29 January, 1819. During that period, the East India Company had besides taken a control on English trade between the India and China transit. EIC has controlled the Melaka passs in Malaya because it was the most of import trading ships to China. British besides helped Singapore from the manus of encroacher France because they gain the advantage from the international port trade which provides them three indispensable advantages. First, it is the major port which uses for ships merchandising between China, India, and Europe. Second, it is the free port. Third, it is linked to the British commercial and industrial imperium. As a consequence, British have a power in commanding the trading from the European community and other power provinces to South East Asia.

Furthermore, British had helped the Singapore so as to run the fabrication which focal point on Sn and gum elastic. At that period, Chinese and Europeans who lived in Singapore were interested in puting on Sn excavation industry in the western Malay provinces ; nevertheless, British controlled the western Malay provinces in 1874. Therefore, Singapore has become the of import beneficial of Malaya to the British Empire. In the late nineteenth century, fiscal and commercial of Singapore has emerged. Its international port was the topographic point where all the South East Asia merchandises were collected and exported to the wide, and it was besides a topographic point to portion the merchandises of Britain and Europe. As a consequence, Singapore has become the stock of Sn and rubber so as to administer goods to European population.

Particularly, Singapore has become the European metropolis province. During the British settlement, there were so many in-migration from many states comes to Singapore. Even Chinese, British, and Indian have come to populate in Singapore. For Indian, they are merely 6 to 12 per centum of the whole population, yet in the nineteenth century, free Indians were allowed to be the lasting citizen of Singapore. For case, they were employed as a clerks, instructors, police officers, or merchandisers and usurers.

Nipponese business

Even British colonialism provided so many advantages on Singapore, but Japanese was invaded Singapore so every bit to acquire British power out of Singapore. The Nipponese Army has invaded on 15 February 1942. They have trapped their military personnels and sent them to build Burma railroad. On that period, many people were died because of the war. Around 20,000 Indian soldiers have joined with the Indian National Army which prepared by the Japanese in order to coerce the British out and acquire the independency from them. Subsequently on, The Indian and Malay in Singapore were under the control of Japanese. However, Japanese did non believe in Chinese, and they have putted force per unit area on Chinese through increasing the taxed on its incomes and assets.

Due to Nipponese business in South East Asia, they helped to diminish the European celebrity. When the Japanese arrived, they have had a great impact to single authorities of Singapore which used to be under the consequence of European controlled.


Merely three twelvemonth and a helve, British has come back and occupied Singapore once more in August/ September 1945. They returned to Singapore because of three grounds. First, they straight controlled Singapore as a critical commercial trade for them. Second, Singapore was the best naval schemes. Third, it was the major Chinese ethnic community non merely in Singapore but besides Malaya. In 1955, British have introduced the self authorities into Singapore. At that clip, Lee Kuan Yew, who from the People ‘s Action Party ( PAP ) , has won the election and governed the province. Therefore, on 16 September 1963, Malaysia has formed their state and allow Singapore separated in September 1965 so as to organize their ain independency province. The pact has shown that it was a common determination which was agreed between Malayan authorities and Singapore authorities. However, Singapore was forced to go forth. After the detached, Singapore was reformed their economic system through service industries, supplying fiscal and high engineering service to other South East Asia states so as to make high engineering merchandises for all over the universe.

Why Singapore become an industrialize state without any natural resources?

Even though Singapore used to be under settlement of British and Nipponese business ; nevertheless, they have gained tonss of many advantages in order to be the independency province and besides go the industrial state in South East Asia. Singapore have form their state to be the industrialize state through high engineering, good economic sciences system, and Corruption free.


Technology of Singapore

Under the British settlement, Singaporean has learnt a batch from the European consequence. Therefore after the separating from Malaysia, Singapore has formed their state go an industrialised once in South East Asia ; as a consequence, Technology is the major method which promoted this little province to be the new industrialize state.

First of all, due to the past settlement, Singaporean has improved their talented in every accomplishment include engineering. For illustration, during the British colonialism, Singapore was under the controlling of British even on trading or fabrication ; hence, the British have sent their citizens to bring forth to merchandise in Singapore. As a consequence, the Singaporean can besides larn the engineering accomplishment from the European. That why their following coevals will better hurriedly to be the talented in engineering accomplishment, so today, their engineering has pay a critical function in altering the state to be the industrialised one time.

Second of all, Singapore has a high engineering on technology and substructure. After the settlement period, it has formed their economic sciences though the fabrication high engineering in the universe. Nowadays, there are a batch of companies which play an of import function in bring forthing the engineering merchandise in Singapore. For case, Ingram Micro is a engineering company in Singapore which constructs computing machine desk top, laptop, telecasting, and printing. It has non merely Computer Company but besides many electronic companies such nomadic phone, substructure in life manner, and machine fabrication in order to distribute their merchandises to all over the universe and they can gain the net income to increase their economic system.

Last but non least, their engineering has attracted the investor from the ace power province to put in their state. For illustration, Apple has merely created their assembled mill in Singapore. Unlike earlier, merely China who has the ain assembled on Apple production ; nevertheless, due to the high engineering accomplishment of Singaporean, Apple company has invested in this state in order to increase and besides spread it to Asian site about their production.

To sum up, Technology in Singapore is the high quality in South East Asia harmonizing to the three major points above which has ability in compete with other European or ace power provinces.

2. Economic

In order for one state to became an industrialize state, its economic have to be absolutely good. Therefore, Singapore ‘s economic is one of the chief point that make Singapore became an industrialize state. Singapore is a extremely develop state. Its economic is a free-market type which is really successful presents. “ It has an unfastened, pro-business environment, A comparatively corruption-free and transparentA stable monetary values, low revenue enhancement rates ( 14.2 % of GDP ) compared to other developed economic systems, A and one of the highest per-capitaA gross domestic productsA ( GDP ) in the universe. ” ( Economy of Singapore, 2012 ) There are so many portion divided under Singapore ‘s economic system, such as Banking, oil industry, investing and trade

Banking is a service industry that is now growly really rapidly in Singapore. “ Entire banking assets under managementA inA SingaporeA rose from about $ 92 billion in 1998 to about $ 350 billion in 2004. ” ( Banking in Singapore, 2012 ) Another point besides banking is oil industry. Singapore is one of the top oil trading hub states in Asia. The Singapore industry can bring forth up to 5 per centum of its ain GDP, with Singapore is one of the top three export polishing centre in the universe. In merely 1 twelvemonth, 2007 they can export up to 68.1 dozenss of oil.

Every twelvemonth many investors from different sort of states in the universe invest billion of dollar in Singapore. In 1999, $ 20 billion were invested in Singapore from American companies. The taking foreign investing is the US, which is around 40 % and they invest normally in electronic industry, oil refinement and storage, and chemical industry. Not merely in these field but besides in medical field every bit good. Many celebrated drug company such as GlaxoSmithKline A ( GSK ) , A PfizerA andA Merck & A ; Co. , have invest in Singapore. For illustration, in 2006 GSK had announce that they will put another S $ 300 million to bring forth another works which is call paediatric vaccinum. ( GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Manufacturing Facility, Tuas, Singapore )

Trade is the most of import thing in order for this state to develop and go and industrialise state. In the twelvemonth 2000 the sum of money that receives from making trade is S $ 373 billion. Each twelvemonth there is a show of increasing in trade, like an increasing of 21 % in 1999 to 2000. The top importation state that Singapore does merchandise with is Malaysia. The 2nd and most importing state is the US which exports 18 % of Singapore merchandise.

3. Corruption-free

The chief another ground of Singapore becomes an industrial state without natural resort is corruption free. Normally, large or little states which have corruptness in the state ever face up with tonss of issues such as: slow development, struggle between the rich and the hapless and other societal jobs. However Singapore is a metropolis province, which is one of the cleanest and corruptness free state of all around the universe. There is a inquiry “ why this little and new state can avoid corruptness for the whole state ” . I have two chief grounds to clear up this inquiry such as: good function of authorities, and standard instruction. First, good function of authorities is actuate his citizen to be patriotism and seek to construct up economic the new interrupting city state from Malaysia. Furthermore, the authorities has led his state to make the 3rd highest GDP per capita, traveling by the IMF ranking in and one of the most modern states in the universe. As the consequence, Singaporean satisfied with their wage and they have no thought about perpetrating corruptness, which make them experience guilty and priceless. In add-on, the authorities has made anti- corruptness jurisprudence with a really efficient pattern. For case, giver and receiving system of corruptness are fined up to 100,000 USD, and sent under imprison for 5 old ages. Anyways if offenses, who relate to a authorities contract or involves a member of parliament or member of any public working, commit corruptness, they are punished two old ages more. Harmonizing to geographics of Singapore as Suez Canal of Asia, Singapore authorities does n’t see as merely sea manner trade, but he has high position of universe category airdrome. In 1950s -1960s, in Asia most states had airdromes, but Singapore authorities had a really good position about constructing a really attractive airdrome to pull foreign investors by doing certain the airdrome had a long track to allow large program to set down, everywhere is clean and modern, all main roads linking the airdrome to the hotels are beauty by green position to animate the investors foremost sight in his state. As the consequence, Singapore ‘s airdrome is still remains figure 1 in Asia. The other of import besides authorities occupation is citizen ‘s duty, good instruction. Education can supply people a good occupation and life. When people can gain plenty for provide their life, they barely think about perpetrating corruptness. During the WWII, most of Singaporean dropped out of school because of backlog of pupil after the war. In the 1950s-60s, while the authorities started to construct up the economic, he started to care about instruction in the state every bit good. From that clip boulder clay now, Singapore ‘s instruction becomes the most standard instruction state among Asia. Most Singaporeans are good educated citizen, so they can gain and bask working and do concern to carry through their demand. Harmonizing to their cognition from survey and state jurisprudence, Singaporeans barely think or even commit corruptness. To sum up, this little state can command its corruptness free because of authorities ‘s manus and citizen ‘s duty by acquiring good instruction.


All in all, Singapore became an industrialize state because of many facts. Technology provides many tool to the state, so doing merchandise will be much easier and can do more than developing state can. While economic system had many point to convey up finance, such as investing trade and banking. Last of all, Singapore can became an industrialize state because of the manner they control their state to hold perfectly no corruptness.


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