Introduction About The Bike Marketing Essay

Introduction ABOUT THE TOPIC

A BIKE ( besides called a motor bike, minibike, bike, or rhythm ) is a single-track, two-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary well depending on the undertaking for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, voyaging congested urban traffic, cruising, athletics and racing, or off-road conditions.

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Motorcycles are the most low-cost signifier of motorized conveyance in many parts of the universe, and for most of the universe ‘s population, they are besides the most common type of motor vehicle. There are around 200 million BIKES ( including mopeds, motor scooters and other powered two- and three-wheelers ) in usage worldwide, or about 33 bikes per 1000 people.

There are three major types of Motorcycles:

  • Street
  • Off-road
  • Double intent.

Introduction ABOUT THE BIKE

InThis Term Paper My Work is to open a subject i.e. BIKE. SO, by first I want to make up one’s mind the undermentioned stairss: –



Location: In Industrial country GANGYAL, JAMMU.




Engine: Air-cooled individual cylinder 4 shot OHC

Supplanting: 223 milliliter

Maximal Power: 12.68 KW ( 17 PS ) @ 7000 RPM

Maximal Torque: 18.35 N-m @ 6000 RPM

Acceleration: 0 – 60 Kmph in 3.8 Seconds

Gear Box: 5 Speeds

Brake systems: 276mm Front Disc and 130 millimeters Rear Drum

Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18 – 42P, Rear: 100/90 x 18 – 56P

Fuel Capacity: 15 Liters ( + 2 Litres Reserve )

Motorcycle Models in India:

The taking Motorcycle makers in India like Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS and Yamaha are more concerned to supply many efficient and comfy Motorcycles without botching the merriment and bang of siting.

Popular Motorcycle Segments in India:

100 milliliter motorcycles

Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Sonic

Hero Honda CD-Dawn

Hero Honda CD Deluxe

Hero Honda Passion Plus

Hero Honda Splendor

TVS Centra

Yamaha Libero G5

Yamaha Crux

150 – 500 milliliter Motorcycles:

Bajaj Avenger

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj PulsarDTSi

Bajaj Pulsar DTS FI 220

Bullet 350

Bullet Electra

Hero Honda Achiever

Hero Honda CBZ Extreme

Hero Honda Hunk

Hero Honda Karizma

Honda Unicorn

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kinetic Comet


TVS Apache

TVS Apache RTR FI 160s

TVS Fiero FX

TVS 180 RTR Menace

Yamaha R15

Yamaha FZ 16

ALIGATOR belongs to 150-500 milliliter classs because it is 223 milliliter motorcycle and its characteristics looks like a athleticss motorcycle.

The IMC Plan:

An IMC program is a design of the complete selling communications plan for a trade name. It is a formal papers that evaluates the background of the trade name and presents a set of guidelines and an action plan for the advertisement and publicities run. The planning theoretical account is shown in Figure 1-4 in the text. The IMC program for this undertaking will be for the market specified by your teacher and will cover one calendar twelvemonth.

Situational analysis

In situational analysis we focus on the market conditions in this we foremost of all do market research because there are already bing merchandise in the market like motorcycles of the undermentioned companies:

  • Hero Honda
  • Bajaj
  • Yamaha
  • Television
  • Honda

So all these companies have different theoretical accounts of motorcycles like lower to higher theoretical account to last in the market. We want to make something different and the good quality merchandise in the cheapest rate.


Automobile industry of India can be loosely classified under rider vehicles, commercial vehicles, three Wheelers and two Wheelers, with two Wheelers holding a maximal market portion of more than 75 % . Automobile companies of India, Korea, Europe and Japan have a important clasp on the Indian market portion. Motorcycles top the charts of two Wheelers with Hero Honda being the key participant. Bajaj by far is the figure one maker of three Wheelers in India.

Merchandise state of affairs

Merchandise strength:

  • Driving pleasance.
  • Good in manner, milage, public presentation and safety.
  • Elephantine expression ( attract macho-loving 1s )
  • Different design in comparing to other motorcycles.
  • Stability in high velocity besides.

Competition state of affairs

Aligator is a unique in itself as it serves double intent but the biggest rival is Hero-Honda. It has edge in instance of monetary value more over its popularity. To crush it either monetary value should be lower or really aggressive publicities are required.

Sociao-cultural state of affairs

Peoples in India prefer strong and stable Bikes because of roads and other geographic grounds. Furthermore they are sensitive about monetary value besides. So Aligator is Bike that is strong, stable and low-cost.

Promotion state of affairs

Aligator is advancing itself really good. The chief message is delivered ever show the major feature of the motorcycle. By stating “Face the Challenge” we relate the image of the motorcycle to the butch personalities. They are utilizing all the possible beginnings to advance the merchandise.

Consumer Survey

In consumer study we categorized the consumer in two different signifiers:

  • Young ( 18 to 30 )
  • Middle ( 31 to 47 )

Harmonizing to the demand we can do the motorcycle characteristics because immature largely prefer heavy engine motorcycle or fastest motorcycle and its expression like harmonizing to the outlooks of the consumers.

Middle ages people merely preferred bike that are of good milage and non heavy engine like luster, passion etc.

In my sentiment the ALIGATOR looks like a gallant athleticss motorcycle and milage besides good that consumer want besides but it is made harmonizing to the consumer study or demand of young person ‘s.

Competitive Analysis

The competitory analysis is based on the market. There are besides bing companies in the market and it gives a great competition to our company that is freshly launch because my merchandise trades with the athleticss bike expression and there are besides different theoretical accounts of motorcycles of other companies that trades in athleticss to mileage motorcycle.

Existing athletics motorcycles are:

  • Hero Honda Karizma ( ZMR, ZMR-fi )
  • Yamaha ( R15, FZ )
  • Bajaj ( pulsar )



  • Demographic cleavage will be one of the ways. In this gender and age will be really of import portion. Aligator have a macho image which shows that it is chiefly for work forces. In instance of age it is fundamentally for young person.
  • Another method which will be used for sectioning the market for Aligator will be psychographic cleavage. In these life style and personal traits will play a major function? In instance of personal traits it shows that it fits with the personality of those who have macho expression and are really fit. Consumers may exhibit assorted life styles, so the metameric market will be consumer who is taking athleticss oriented, busy and high-tech life style because this motorcycle is strong, stable and advanced.
  • Cleavage will be done on the footing of benefit that consumers are seeking for. Basic for that will be strong expression, affordability, milage.


Young work forces in between age of 18 years-45 old ages holding above mean income, who like to be fashionable in different manner than others and are rational are being targeted.


  • Attribute placement will be the major 1 in this the butch image of the merchandise will be promoted. Its strong expression will be positioned in the head of the people in such a manner that whenever name strong motorcycle are taken into consideration Aligator should come in consumers mind.
  • Benefit place will be done by demoing the impulsive pleasance and looks.
  • User placement can be done as this Bike is for childs.
  • Aligator is strong, stable and low-cost motorcycle, so positioning can be done on the footing of quality and monetary value.


Points in favor of outsourcing

  • Fewer attempts required by the company.
  • Time salvaging.
  • Specialization.

Points non in favor of outsourcing

  • Secrets can be shared
  • Other company may hold other of import undertakings because of which they can be nescient.

Harmonizing to me, some portion of publicities should be outsourced and some should stay with the company. In that instance merely some specific information demands to be revealed and moreover company is straight involved in all the procedure by which they have control over whatever is traveling. Company should outsource the undermentioned things: –

  • Creative dress shop: – creativeness is one thing in publicities that attract the clients foremost and so they start believing about the merchandise and roll up the information. So they should outsource it so that the message should be structured in such a manner that attract the client and give all the information that needs to be at that place in such a manner that possible clients get it easy.
  • Media planning and purchasing: – media planning is really of import facet because if right media is non planned so promotional run may non make the targeted market. Furthermore bureaus specialized in it have all the information about media, its compensation etc.

Standards for choosing the bureaus

The chief manner by which I would prefer to choose the bureaus is that companies will be short listed on the footing of experience, success rate and budget. After that they would be asked to fix a presentation and a study that how they will do the advertizement or how they will be after media etc. after that company will be selected.

Agency compensation

Agency compensation will be 5 % of the entire gross earned because of that run

Evaluation of public presentation of the bureau

  • Survey will be done to cognize the response of the clients. Survey can be done by traveling to people and inquiring about the inquiry like their perceptual experience about the ad. And where they have seen the ad etc.
  • Company should look into the range, coverage and frequence to measure media be aftering bureau.
  • Gross saless can be another manner to see the public presentation.
  • Online feedback about the advertizement will besides be taken into consideration.

Public dealingss, gross revenues publicity and direct response are really of import. Company should hold good public relation so that they can construct a trust in the clients mind. Extra benefits ever attract the client so gross revenues publicity is really of import facet but it is really of import that gross revenues promotional activities should be launched at right clip and of right sum. Feedback or response of the clients is besides really necessary, because this gives the province of head of the client every bit good as client feels that company cares about the him and non merely about selling the merchandise. So I would urge that company should utilize direct-response bureaus, gross revenues publicity bureaus and public dealingss bureaus.


Bike is a low engagement merchandise, which means that consumer will follow a speedy determination doing procedure.

Socio civilization environment

Buying Bike involve investing of sufficient sum. So here purchase determination will be effected by society besides. Opinion of household will count a batch, if household do non like a peculiar trade name so the consumer may non purchase it.

Other manner of information might be from the people who are utilizing other motorcycles already. They can distribute positive every bit good as negative universe of oral cavity and consumer will be affected by that.

Reference group can besides play a critical function ; consumer may discourse all the options with friends or co-workers.

Opinion leaders in the society may impact the determination because harmonizing to consumer sentiment leader is holding all the information and he can give right suggestion.

The procedure which will be followed will be: –

  • Need acknowledgment: foremost of all consumer will acknowledge the demand. It might be he already needs a clean expression motorcycle, need a personal manner of transit etc.
  • Information hunt: now consumer is cognizant of the demand now he will seek for information sing all the options available in the market. Information collected might be on milage, looks, safety, monetary value etc. He will see Aligator every bit good its rivals.
  • Evaluation of options: now consumer is holding sufficient information of all the available options, now he will compare them on assorted parametric quantities which are of import for him. Properties which might be of import at the alternate rating phase are:
  • Mileage
  • Expressions
  • Monetary value
  • Previous public presentation
  • Company image

Factors that motivates purchase:

  • Engine power
  • Expressions
  • Safety
  • Space

Percept about the merchandise and old acquisition besides play an of import function.

Post determination behavior

  • Purchase

Because motorcycle is low involvement merchandise so consumers by and large prefer to hold test thrust so that they can see all that which is promoted or promised.

Then consumers make purchase determination.

  • Post purchase rating

Then consumer make station purchase rating, here they will make up one’s mind whether they are satisfied or non and they will besides distribute universe of oral cavity.



The Bike is holding butch personality so beginning would be such who is celebrated for as butch work forces.

The options available in famous persons are

  • John Abrahim
  • Salman Khan
  • Sanjay dutt.

In instance of Salman Khan he is advancing really less trade names so people can easy retain Aligator. John Abrahim is really popular in young person for his musculuss. Sanjay dutt can associate to client of any age.

But Sanjay dutt is holding condemnable record so he should non be selected ; John Abrahim is already advancing many trade names so clients may acquire confused and besides the trade name embassador of YAMAHA.

So, the best option for famous person is Salman Khan.


Message would be such which promotes the strength of the Bike. In instance of utilizing appeal sex and pleasance entreaty will be used. In instance of sex entreaty people will be attracted towards you because of your motorcycle.


  • Television will be the most of import medium because company wants to demo the strength of the merchandise, its organic structure etc so for that audio effects and most significantly video effects are required.
  • This motorcycle is for immature work forces who can easy entree to internet to seek for information so internet is another attractive medium.
  • Bill boards and billboards will be used as an single spends 1/3 of the twenty-four hours outside the place so out-of-door media is really of import to state the client about the merchandise company is offering.
  • Particular magazines of cars and magazines celebrated in young person will be used as a medium.
    • Showrooms which are holding assorted trade names, company can advance through them as they can give more information about Aligator.


  • To do 90 % of the mark audience cognizant about the merchandise within 2 months.
  • To bring forth involvement in the merchandise of 70 % mark audience.
  • Within 2 months 50 % client should believe that Aligator is better than other available options.
  • To do 40 % mark audience to respond either by roll uping more information or by buying it.


It have four degrees that is awareness that means people should be cognizant that this trade name or merchandise exist in the market, comprehension says that what is merchandise all about, strong belief means that client should believe about buying the merchandise and action when client really purchase the merchandise.

IMC satisfy the standards of DAGMAR as 1st aim is about distributing consciousness, 2nd and 3rd is about comprehension and 4th is about strong belief and action.


Ad will be used to advance the merchandise. Ads will be done through broadcast, out of place media, print media and unconventional media. In broadcast media chiefly Television, film and Radio will be used. In out of place media measure board, billboards, postings will be medium and in print media newspapers, magazine, booklet etc will be used in instance of unconventional media sponsorships will be at that place.

Ad is the chief Promotional mix component which will be used as the beginning of the “big idea” around which IMC plan will be developed.

Other promotional mix elements that will back up IMC plan are:

  • Company will supply assorted installations as gross revenues publicity activity like free place covers or price reduction on other accoutrements etc.
  • Direct merchandising will be another manner of publicity in which telephonic publicity or publicity through recognition card measures will be at that place.
  • Company will utilize cyberspace as a manner of publicity in this hunt engine optimisation, streamer ads, mails, pop up, pictures on you tube etc will be the manner of publicities.
  • Bike will be advancing through promotion like route shows comparing two motorcycles, positive word of oral cavity.


To plan IMC budget I would utilize objective-and-task budget. As aims are already defined and all the methods and medium of advancing the motorcycle are besides decided. Now on the footing of aims and undertakings to be performed company will make up one’s mind upon the budget.


There are no specific seasons to purchase a motorcycle so ads will be given for whole of the twelvemonth in continuity.

  • Television ad R 5 crore ( both at premier and non premier clip )
  • Radio ads rs 1 crore
  • Print ad 50 hundred thousand
  • Out of place media 1 crore
  • Internet 1 crore
  • Gross saless publicity rs 1 crore
  • Direct merchandising R 50 hundred thousand
  • Entire budget per twelvemonth R 10 crore.


In strategic option company will choose merchandise -centred scheme, because IMC program will chiefly concentrate on merchandise, it features, its image, its comparing with other trade names. So all the ads will be dependent on characteristics of the motorcycle. For illustration ad will demoing its stableness while driving at high velocity etc?

For Aligator trade name image strategic attack will be used. In this scheme company will demo the masculine trade name image of the motorcycle and will demo how it is different from other motorcycles.

Ad procedure

Ad scheme

To place the motorcycle as a strong and muscular expression.

Large thought

Whatever geographic conditions are, motorcycle is every bit new as it was at the clip of buying.

Creative executing

A muscular famous person is driving the motorcycle on really unsmooth route at really high velocity, playing adventuresome games and still the motorcycle and the individual is safe. This shows that motorcycle is stable and strong.


This ad run will make mark audience through all the distinct mediums.

Ad entreaty

Company will utilize both rational and emotional entreaty in the advertizement. In instance of rational all the utilizations of the motorcycle will be shown its expressions, milage, pick up etc and in emotional it will be shown that people who use Aligator are ever Centres of attractive force for everyone.

Message format

First of all advertizement will be demoing the facts about the motorcycle, there will be presentation that before and after the unsmooth drive motorcycle is still holding same strength and efficiency.

Aligator will besides be shown as personality symbol as it is a butch motorcycle so it suit the personality ad macho work forces.

Scientific groundss can besides be used to demo the strength of the motorcycle by stating about the stuff used and coerce it can manage.


  • Selected media should make all the mark audience at least one time.
  • Selected media should be able to go forth an impact on the head of at least 95 % mark audience.
  • 80 % mark market should retain the ad such a media should be selected.


  • Television is the most of import medium of advancing Aligator because company wants to demo all the characteristic of the motorcycle, which is possible by the medium of telecasting because it reaches to the mass.
  • As mark market is youth and work forces telecasting easy make them.
  • Audio ocular ever leave better impact on the head, which leads to better keeping.
  • Majorly ads will be given on athleticss channels, channels famous in households star plus, Sony, colourss, Zee Television and channel celebrated among young person like Mtv, Vtv.
  • Main focal point will be on premier clip but ads will be given on other timing besides but at lesser frequence.
  • This will assist to distribute consciousness about the merchandise, by which company can accomplish one of the aim.
  • Local channels will non be taken into consideration much because they do non make to mass population and motorcycle is such a merchandise which is to be promoted in whole of the India.


  • When clients are non in forepart of telecasting they might be outside the place or making some work listening to music on wireless, so it will be effectual manner of promoting.
  • Although it does non hold ocular consequence but whenever ad on wireless comes it reminds the individual of that peculiar ad.
  • Target market is such that about every one of them has range to wireless.
  • By reenforcing company can really assist clients to retain the cognition about the merchandise this will assist to accomplish the aims of the company.


  • As we have already decided that car nomadic magazine and magazines celebrated in young person will be used for publicities. So this will make the mark audience
  • Target audience is youth, so we can presume that they are educated, so magazine is a good manner of advancing the merchandise.
  • In Magazines Company can add a posting of the motorcycle, through which the client will ever retrieve by watching the motorcycle in his house or office or at any other topographic point.
  • In newspapers advertisement ad can be given on different pages giving all the information about the merchandise.
  • Through magazine and newspaper we can supply with more information by comparings or articles of the motorcycle which will assist company to accomplish the ultimate aim.
  • Money to be paid is already decided in the budget.

Unconventional MEDIA

  • When company provides sponsorship for an event, the event carries logo on flexes,
  • Jerseies, posting etc this is a manner that how company can advance itself.
  • The cost will change from event to event but harmonizing to me company should repair mark of rs 1 crore that have to give for sponsorship and determination that to whom to give will lie in manus of marketing caput of a peculiar subdivision.
  • Aligator can besides be promoted through exhibition, like in international or national car carnival.
  • Supplying good client service is besides a manner of unconventional media, because it leads to client satisfaction, which leads to either redemption or positive word of oral cavity.


Internet aims

  • To supply more item information to the possible clients
  • To advance through cyberspace by assorted agencies.
  • To make a user friendly website

Design of the web site

  • Website should be user friendly.
  • There will be an option available to cognize about the company.
  • Information should be available in few chinks.
  • All the inside informations of available salesrooms will be given.
  • All the inside informations to reach the company will be give
  • Web logs for the clients will be there through which client can set their positions online which promotes public dealingss.
  • Surveies sing Aligator.

Gross saless PROMOTION

Gross saless publicities aims are:

  • To demo the client that company is turn outing extra value to the client in same monetary value.
  • To actuate the clients to prep on the purchase determination to bask the offers.

Use of gross revenues publicity in IMC

  • Extra benefits will give an border.
  • Customers ever spend to salvage money, so if they are acquiring price reduction or free of cost some accoutrements they would take Aligator into consideration and will give more precedence.
  • It is easy to mensurate the consequences.
  • As it is easy to plan gross revenues publicity run can be launched in lesser clip.

Consumer gross revenues publicities

  • Price off will be given on some accoutrements like place screens, leg guards etc.
  • Lucky draws will besides be at that place.
  • Consumer competitions can besides be done and attractive monetary values can be given.
  • Coupon system will besides be at that place in which monetary value off, gifts etc will be given.

Trade publicities

  • Dealer competitions will be conducted.
  • After making a peculiar sum of gross revenues gifts will be given to the traders.

Gross saless force publicities

  • Star awards will be given who have performed excess normally.

Through gross revenues publicities clients, traders and gross revenues force will be motivated and stop at client satisfaction which leads to growing of the company.

Gross saless publicities activities will be promoted while publicizing the merchandise. Majorly it will be in print media which shows the assorted attractive gifts.


Aim of PR

  • To cognize the outlook of the mark audience.
  • To do certain that client relate the trade name name with its personality
  • To do certain that both internal and external populace is satisfied and motivated.

Execution of the plan

  • First of all location will be identified, here PR programme will be launched in the company and 10 different provinces where most of the possible clients are.
  • Then list of all the agents and investors will be made.
  • After that province wise and nationally locales will be selected.
  • Then invitations will be printed and distributed to selected audience.
  • Then ad run will be run in those provinces taking in consideration the mark market.
  • Then PR programme will be promoted by all agencies.
  • Media will be invited for coverage, so that populace who are non involved straight can acquire the information.
  • Concluding study of all the procedure will be prepared and will be submitted to higher authorization.
  • Follow ups will be taken from the full information base collected through visitants.

Evaluation of PR programme

  • It will be evaluated by feedback of the people.
  • Change in outlook of the people.
  • Survey can besides be done.


For mensurating effectivity of program both pretesting and station testing tools and techniques will be used.

Pretesting tools and techniques

  • First before establishing the run we will take sentiment of the focal point groups about the run. That what do they believe that it will be successful or non or what extra things should be added.
  • Another manner is that we can interview single after demoing them the ad run and inquire that what they have perceived after watching it.
  • Company will besides travel to celebrated topographic points or high pes ball country like car carnivals etc. where they can demo ad in nomadic new wave and inquire the sentiment.
  • Company can establish ad in few countries and see the reaction.
  • Last but non the least company can detect that how people react after watching the ad.

Post-testing tools and techniques

  • Company will detect that is client is able to acknowledge Aligator even some things are non present like name of the motorcycle on in is non at that place.
  • Recall trial can be taken. After watching ads client can be questioned that what are the things he can remember about the ad.
  • Success or failure can besides be measured by addition or lessening in the gross revenues.


Aligator is already present internationally but this IMC is chiefly of indianize Aligator which do non hold much potency in international market. Furthermore company is emphazing on Indian market so harmonizing to me this is non the right clip to research international market for the motorcycle which is specially designed for India.

Legal Formalities:

Company has made the run by following all the regulations and ordinances of the fundamental law. This run is non in favor or against any community, faith or rival. No illegal activities are involved in it. For any legal issue, legal section of Aligator will be taking attention.


This run is wholly ethical and in favor of the society.


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