International norms and standards in special needs

The tendency in societal policy during the past two decennaries has been to advance integrating and engagement and to battle exclusion. Inclusion and engagement are indispensable to human self-respect and to the enjoyment and exercising of human rights. Within the field of instruction, this is reflected in the development of schemes that seek to convey about a echt equalisation of chance. Experience in many states demonstrates that the integrating of kids and young person with particular educational demands is best achieved within inclusive schools that serve all kids within a community. It is within this context that those with particular educational demands can accomplish the fullest educational advancement and societal integrating. While inclusive schools provide a favorable scene for accomplishing equal chance and full engagement, their success requires a conjunct attempt, non merely by instructors and school staff, but besides by equals, parents, households and voluntaries. The reform of societal establishments is non merely a proficient undertaking ; it depends, above all, upon the strong belief, committedness and good will of the persons who constitute society.

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7. The cardinal rule of the inclusive school is that all kids should larn together, wherever possible, irrespective of any troubles or differences they may hold. Inclusive schools must acknowledge and react to the diverse demands of their pupils, suiting both different manners and rates of acquisition and guaranting quality instruction to all through appropriate course of study, organisational agreements, learning schemes, resource usage and partnerships with their communities. There should be a continuum of support and services to fit the continuum of particular demands encountered in every school.

8. Within inclusive schools, kids with particular educational demands should have whatever excess support they may necessitate to guarantee their effectual instruction. Inclusive schooling is the most effectual agencies for constructing solidarity between kids with particular demands and their equals. Assignment of kids to particular schools – or particular categories or subdivisions within a school on a lasting footing – should be the exclusion, to be recommended merely in those infrequent instances where it is clearly demonstrated that instruction in regular schoolrooms is incapable of run intoing a kid ‘s educational or societal demands or when it is required for the public assistance of the kid or that of other kids.

9. The state of affairs sing particular demands instruction varies tremendously from one state to another. There are, for illustration, states that have good established systems of particular schools for those with specific damages. Such particular schools can stand for a valuable resource for the development of inclusive schools. The staff of these particular establishments possess the expertness needed for early showing and designation of kids with disablements. Particular schools can besides function as preparation and resource Centres for staff in regular schools. Finally, particular schools or units within inclusive schools – may go on to supply the most suited instruction for the comparatively little figure of kids with disablements who can non be adequately served in regular category suites or schools. Investing in bing particular schools should be geared to their new and expanded function of supplying professional support to regular schools in run intoing particular educational demands. An of import part to ordinary schools, which the staff of particular schools can do, is to the matching of curricular content and method to the single demands of students.

10. States that have few or no particular schools would, in general, be good advised to concentrate their attempts on the development of inclusive schools and the specialised services needed to enable them to function the huge bulk of kids and youth – particularly proviso of instructor preparation in particular demands instruction and the constitution of appropriately staffed and equipped resource Centres to which schools could turn for support. Experience, particularly in developing states, indicates that the high cost of particular schools agencies, in pattern, that merely a little minority of pupils, normally an urban elite, benefit from them. The huge bulk of pupils with particular demands, particularly in rural countries, are as a effect provided with no services whatsoever. Indeed, in many developing states, it is estimated that fewer than 1 per cent of kids with particular educational demands are included in bing proviso. Experience, furthermore, suggests that inclusive schools, functioning all of the kids in a community, are most successful in arousing community support and in happening inventive and advanced ways of utilizing the limited resources that are available.

11. Educational planning by authoritiess should concentrate on instruction for all individuals, in all parts of a state and in all economic conditions, through both public and private schools.

12. Because in the past comparatively few kids with disablements have had entree to instruction, particularly in the underdeveloped parts of the universe, there are 1000000s of grownups with disablements who lack even the basicss of a basic instruction. A conjunct attempt is therefore required to learn literacy, numeracy and basic accomplishments to individuals with disablements through grownup instruction programmes.

13. It is peculiarly of import to acknowledge that adult females have frequently been double disadvantaged, prejudices based on gender intensifying the troubles caused by their disablements. Womans and work forces should hold equal influence on the design of educational programmes and the same chances to profit from them. Particular attempts should be made to promote the engagement of misss and adult females with disablements in educational programmes.

14. This Model is intended as an overall usher to be aftering action in particular needs instruction. It obviously can non take history of the huge assortment of state of affairss encountered in the different parts and states of the universe and must, consequently, be adapted to suit local demands and fortunes. To be effectual, it must be complemented by national, regional and local programs of action inspired by a political and popular will to accomplish instruction for all. ”

Full text can be obtained from:

June 2002

Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission


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