International Business Strategy Of Arcelik Home Appliances Economics Essay

Arcelik Home Appliances is the taking maker of place contraptions in Turkey with a market portion of 50 % in the domestic market as at 2003 ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . It supplies the market utilizing two trade names viz. Arcelik and Beko. The company has adopted an international enlargement scheme and has already been marketing its merchandises to more than one hundred ( 100 ) states chiefly in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North Africa ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . Arcelik was originally founded to bring forth metallic office furniture in 1955 but diversified into production of family contraptions shortly after. It has been hailed as the first company to present contraptions such as rinsing machines and iceboxs to the Turkish families. Arcelik would confront farther challenges when it became evident that the Turkish authorities would be take parting in the European Community ‘s duty decrease which was meant to cut down to zero from 1992 to 1996 ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . The challenge would be competition from other industries from the European Community who would be able to sell their merchandises at more competitory procedure in the domestic market. Arcelik overcame this challenge by puting to a great extent in research and development thereby well bettering the quality of their merchandises. The company is presently the taking holder of patents in the Turkish market. This scheme cemented its market leading in the domestic market as consumers preferred to pass a little more to obtain goods whose lastingness could be assured. This penchant was besides enhanced by Turkey ‘s fluctuating market where inflationary forces were extremely unpredictable with the greater odds being to the consumer ‘s disadvantage. Arcelik would subsequently turn to set up its market laterality in Turkey for decennaries but would subsequently confront challenges that would trip its focal point on international enlargement to guarantee its endurance and growing.

Arcelik ‘s motivations for international enlargement

The focal point on international enlargement by Arcelik was triggered by the economic crisis that hit Turkey in 2001. This crisis had led to surging degrees of unemployment and a important decrease of market demand by an estimated figure of 35 % ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . This scheme chiefly comprised increasing exports every bit good as prosecuting in international acquisitions. The economic crisis in Turkey must hold proved to Arcelik the exposure of houses wholly dependent on domestic markets. Pressures from concern rhythms, rising prices, involvement rates, exchange rates and political forces are prevailing in domestic markets. On the other manus, international markets tend to be better insulated from such force per unit areas since they will seldom use across several states. Economic crisis in one market would usually non be prevailing in the remainder of the markets hence multinationals can guarantee stableness by marketing their merchandises across many states. Arcelik had to acquire a manner to last the economic crisis in 2001 and every bit good guarantee that future company public presentation was stabilized by cut downing its degree of exposure to domestic market fluctuations. Arcelik besides sought to concentrate on international enlargement in order to increase its degree of production and increase its economic systems of graduated table ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . This means that with extra production, the cost of bring forthing each unit merchandise becomes significantly lower hence leting a company to do higher borders per unit or leting them to bear down lower per unit without incurring any losingss. Economies of graduated table allow a company to stay competitory in the ever-evolving economic systems. To guarantee that the economic systems of graduated table do non stop up in accretion of dead stock, or in the escalation of warehousing and storage costs, Arcelik would necessitate to look to markets that would be able to back up its purpose of increasing the economic systems of graduated table through a larger demand. The national demand within Turkey would non be able to absorb these extra merchandises therefore the principle behind Turkey looking to spread out international trade. The degree of demand for place contraptions in Europe entirely is about 25 % of universe demand ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . Arcelic sought to tap into this immense demand to back up its fight and the big degrees of production occasioned by their scheme of maximising on the economic systems of graduated table. International enlargement can besides be explored where a company seeks to take down its production costs by holding a important proportion of their production done from parts where the cost is lower than in the domestic market. One of the major factors of production that usually influence the determination of abroad production is labour. When sing labour, it is imperative that a company weighs between the benefits of the nest eggs from paying the lower labor cost, the differences in the productiveness of the workers between the higher pay and lower pay countries, and the conveyance and storage cost deductions. It is besides deserving observing that in many instances, where the labor costs are low, other factors of production such as land would besides be comparatively lower. The labor cost in Western Europe is estimated to be five times that in Turkey. Labor cost in Turkey is three times that in Eastern Europe ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . In China, it is four times lower than in Turkey. Labor productiveness besides varies and must be taken into history. For case, in China, labour productiveness is merely half of that in Turkey. Additional transit costs are determined by both the distance between the production installations and the legal environments of the states through which the merchandises must traverse to acquire to its intended markets. Access to international markets is important to any organisation that seeks to spread out itself. Domestic markets will frequently in many instances be found deficient to back up the growing targets that the companies set for themselves. They are besides in many instances unable to enable an organisation to reimburse the investings they may do in research and development in clip. The complexness and the degree of inventions in the planetary market is advanced and frequently leads to production of new and better fulfilling merchandises. This significantly reduces the merchandise life rhythms and the companies prosecuting in research and development demand to derive confidence that their investings can be recouped before the merchandises lose demand. This confidence can merely be found by marketing extensively in the international markets where the demand is much larger and can ably back up the degree of gross revenues needed. Arcelik was motivated to concentrate on international markets since it had opted to separate itself as a research and development specializer who focused on the production of quality and lasting merchandises. These characteristics would intend that it would necessitate to bear down comparatively higher monetary values for the merchandises. On the other side, the merchandises from other European states were happening their manner into Turkey due to the nothing duty agreement with the European states. The entry of other merchandises in Turkey meant that Arcelik would either hold to take down their monetary values in order to keep its domestic portion market, or spread out its operations to European and other markets in order to keep or increase its degree of gross revenues to clients that focus more on quality, suitableness and lastingness of the merchandises they purchase.

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Arcelik ‘s options for enlargement

In order to recognize its end of enlargement into the international markets, Arcelik has adopted a figure of options to assist them recognize this end. The international market entry options adopted by Arcelik include usage of exports, international acquisitions, usage of private label catching, and merchandise variegation.

Organic domestic growing and usage of exports

Arcelik ensured growing domestically by guaranting dependable handiness to the market utilizing sole distributers and bureaus who besides served as Centres for offering after gross revenues services. This sole web besides served as an entry barrier for any new market operators.

Exporting entails keeping the company ‘s operations in the place market and selling the merchandises in abroad markets ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . It is hailed as the least dearly-won manner of foreign market entry but at the same clip the most vulnerable to assorted entry barriers as authorities ordinances. The cost effectivity of this entry method is enhanced by the fact that it requires no engagement with the foreign authoritiess or the companies runing in the mark market. It is frequently seen as the best manner of entry for an organisation runing on a lower graduated table. With subsequent growing of exports, the company may open gross revenues bureaus in the foreign markets to be the nexus with the company ‘s clients overseas. By 2003, Arcelik had grown to be the taking participant in Estonia and Lithuania with a market portion of 25 % in these two markets. It besides had a dominating presence in the remainder of Eastern Europe. The presence of Arcelik ‘s gross revenues bureaus helped turn significantly in Western Europe with a markets portion of 15 % in the United Kingdom. Arcelik besides conducted a successful export scheme deriving a 70 % market portion in Romania with its Beko trade name. The net consequence of these exporting schemes was a important addition in Arcetik ‘s production capacity from 440,000 to 750,000 in 2003 and 2004 severally ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) .

International acquisitions

This manner involves a company purchasing out another house runing in the mark market hence presuming full legal rights over it. This method is hailed as the best manner of enlargement into other markets since it grants a company entire control over the foreign subordinate every bit good as full net incomes generated thenceforth ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . The full control over the activities of a subordinate is viewed as indispensable in guaranting they run in conformity with the doctrines of the parent company hence guarantee the ends of the company are achieved as intended. The marks for acquisition would necessitate to hold the unquestionable ability to complement Arcelik ‘s growing schemes. Arcelik would besides measure the foreign house ‘s trade names and take consideration on how these trade names would assist beef up them every bit good as complement their capablenesss. The mark subordinate ‘s part to sustainable growing was besides a cardinal factor. Arcelik ‘s acquisitions in 2002 include Bloomberg, Electra, and Flavel and Leisure in Germany, Austria and the UK for the two latter trade names ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . They besides acquired Arctic in Romania. The acquisitions of trade names in the mark markets was likely informed by the fact that many consumers tend to prefer buying trade names that they can place with: the trade names they consider national trade names. These acquisitions enormously increased the merchandise scope offered by Arcelik and take to its important growing within the European markets.

Use of licence catching

Licensing involves the company reassigning certain rights to another house to enable it industry merchandises utilizing its trade name. In licensing, the consideration that the licensor gets is merely the royalty or the license fee ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . It does non take portion in net income sharing or any other selling procedures of the licensee. Licensing offers the advantage of enabling a house to avoid authorities ordinances and other restrictive policies such as duties and quotas. It besides enables market incursion without affecting extended capital outgos. However, this method is extremely restrictive in the degree of control the company can hold over the activities of the licensee. There is besides the hazard of the licensee deriving the proficient expertness and going a rival in the production of close replacements after the termination of the common agreement. Arcelik ‘s production in 2004 comprised 40 % from assorted licencing agreements ( Ghemawat, 2008 ) . This complimentary attempt helped guarantee Arcelik ‘s trade name presence in the European ‘s markets.

Diversification into other concerns within Turkey

In order to heighten farther growing in the domestic market, Arcelik sought to capitalise on its luxuriant distribution web to supply consumers with extra merchandises. By 2004, Arcelik was offered assorted types cellular phones and was already acquiring into agreement with assorted Nipponese houses to move as distributers of assorted electronic merchandises. The variegation proved to be a great success and farther cemented Arcelik ‘s leading in the Turkish market.

Additional Options for Expansion

Arcelik ‘s ambitious end of accomplishing grosss of three billion Euros in the following twelvemonth may be hard to recognize unless extra methods were employed to guarantee its continued growing in the international markets. Domestically, Arcelik could choose to but out local rivals in a command to solidify its clasp on the local market. This hardening would assist cut down the downward force per unit area on its merchandise monetary values by cut downing the significance of competition locally. In add-on, the extra channels of distribution gained through any such acquisition would move as an entry barrier to any foreign houses hence guaranting steady domestic growing. Internationally, Arcelik could encompass a figure of methods to guarantee its continued growing. These methods include prosecuting in Joint ventures, franchising and usage of strategic confederations.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures involve the formation of a partnership agreement with a different company where the parent companies provide the resources to run it, portion duty on direction, and portion net incomes realized thenceforth ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . This type of venture is particularly popular where it comes to sharing the intelligence and proficient knowhow required for research and development. With their finding to separate themselves as the Masterss of invention and merchandise development, this method can be used to guarantee its rapid growing. Alternatively of prosecuting in competition with the already bing companies in the foreign market, Arcelik could place a strategic spouse who knows the market unusually good. They could so research into the market needs in a command to seek and unveil any unsated demands in the market. Having found the characteristics missing in the merchandises found in the market, they could, through the joint venture develop new merchandises that would accommodate this demand and capture the unapproachable market. This method would be convenient to Arcelik since it would non affect many unneeded authorities ordinances that usually bar entry. In add-on, such a venture, if good implemented would easy capture the market as it would be siting on the good will and distribution web of the strategic spouse in the foreign market.


Arcelik needs to see franchising in order to minimise the hazards involved with the licensing as it presently patterns. Here, Arcelik would reassign some rights to the franchisee to bring forth the merchandises under its trade name but will reserve the right to supply some facets of proficient support ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . This manner, Arcelik will be able to be abreast with the activities of the franchisee. In add-on, in Franchising, the royalty is based on the sum of gross revenues hence Arcelik will be able to bring forth higher grosss in the event the franchisor is able to recognize significantly higher gross revenues. Franchising is easy to get down since the franchisor incurs minimum capital cost hence Arcelik can spread out into more foreign markets with comparative easiness. Furthermore, the franchisee assumes all the hazards and pess for all costs of labor and installation constitution. The company will besides be able to avoid any political hazards associated with aliens runing in national markets. Arcelik can therefore easy spread out its graduated table of production without worrying approximately high capital outgo hence inching closer to accomplishing the gross marks

Strategic confederations

A strategic confederation differs from joint ventures in that it does non needfully affect formation of a legal entity. Strategic confederations are formed to enable companies use each others ‘ distribution webs, engineerings, production capacities, direction experience and others ( Giroud, Sinkovics, and Yamin, 2011 ) . One really indispensable factor in guaranting merchandise incursion in the market is the distribution web. This has been apparent in the mode in which Arcelik has been able to capture the domestic market by utilizing effectual distribution webs in Turkey. Arcelik should besides seek to retroflex this experience in the foreign markets. However, by virtuousness of the fact that it ‘s a foreign market, they may non hold the resources to set up an effectual distribution web in those markets. It would hence be comparatively more convenient to place foreign companies with a distribution web that serves their mark clients efficaciously, and so come in into a strategic confederation with them. This may be companies offering similar merchandises or those doing wholly different merchandises. When the merchandises are easy available to the consumers, they more likely to purchase these merchandises and this would take to an addition in the sum of gross revenues realized by Arcelik. The strategic confederation could besides affect sharing of certain engineerings between the companies in inquiry. Arcelik could take to go forth the production of a certain merchandise constituents to a company with a comparative advantage in its production in exchange for supplying a constituent which it can bring forth more expeditiously. This exchange could take to take downing the production cost which would be utile in assisting the company go more price-competitive in the market.


Arcelik ‘s growing is chiefly dependent on how the company can come in and thrive in the international markets. This is because it is already commanding the domestic market in Turkey and may hold limited growing chances locally. Growth and variegation are frequently related as is apparent from Arcelik ‘s company history. Arcelik has grown in the past by steadily bettering on the merchandise scope that it offers to the market and this variegation should be continued to guarantee continued growing.


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