Intercultural Communication in Social Networking Sites Essay

The modern-day society is characterized by inflow of assorted high-end technological devices. Merchandises that offer convenience to people are developed and invented for the benefit of world. By the bend of the decennary. net browse or web surfboarding has been popular and has become the latest tendency in deriving and geting information. One of the benefits of computing machines and cyberspace is the origin of fast and convenient signifier of communicating. Peoples communicate to show their feelings and thoughts. Communication is defined as the procedure of conveying messages and information in an effort to accomplish apprehension.

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The whole procedure of communicating requires assorted accomplishments such as speech production. listening. analysing. and measuring the message. Communication has been a portion of the human life style since the early old ages and takes topographic point communicating in assorted topographic points such as in school. community and in workplace environment. As such. communicating is an built-in portion of the human life style as about all of human activities require communicating. Communication so plays a critical function in the society in footings of accomplishing understanding. harmoniousness. coaction and cooperation among people ( Bergeson. n. d. ) .

The popularity of computing machines and cyberspace has allowed assorted sites to emerge. Different sites that provide different services can be searched in the World Wide Web. One of which is the societal networking sites ( SNS ) . Social networking sites play a large function in communicating using the computing machine and the cyberspace. Social networking sites are going so popular. particularly to pupils. Almost every pupil has their personal histories in assorted societal networking sites in order to link with their friends. Social networking sites affect the relationships of people as it allows convenient and changeless communicating with our equals.

Social networking sites are so huge and diverse. therefore leting people to run into friends locally and internationally. As such. international pupils make usage of societal networking sites to derive more friends back at place and in their present location. In this line. the paper aims to examine into the use and influence and of societal networking among international pupils in footings of their socialization and intercultural communicating. This paper will analyze how international pupils make usage of societal networking sites as a signifier version to the civilization of their host state.

Social Networking Sites ( SNS ) Social Networking entails forming of persons into specific groups. like in the vicinity and the coteries in school. However. societal networking is besides popular online. Unlike the school and the vicinity which are consisted of merely few persons. the cyberspace is populated with 1000000s of people worldwide who are looking for other cyberspace users to develop friendly relationship and relationship. to get first-hand information or to happen professional chances ( What is Social Networking. com. 2009 ) .

Social networking sites are so popular in today’s society. therefore ensuing to the formation of web sites functioning as an on-line community of cyberspace users. Depending on the nature of the societal networking site. many of these on-line communities portion some commonalty such as political positions. faith or avocations. Once a individual is granted a personal history in a SNS. he or she can get down to socialise. The socialisation in these sites allows a individual to see other members’ profile and reach them ( What is Social Networking. com. 2009 ) .

Some of the most popular societal networking sites today are Facebook. MySpace. Friendster. Hi5 and Bebo. These sites encourage pupils to fall in the online community chat with their friends. forming outside meetings and get information ( Thelwall. 2008 ) . Social networking sites have been proven to be an effectual manner in self-expression and doing relationships with other people. The characteristics of the societal networking web sites allow members to portion images. files and cartridge holders to other members of the online community. The societal networking sites help people to happen old and new friends and connect with them.

One of the benefits of societal networking sites is that it updates people about their friends and relations located in distant topographic points and those whom they have non seen for a long clip. It besides enables persons to run into people that portion the same involvement like theirs ( “Social Networking Sites Commonly Used” . 2009 ) . The diverseness of people in the online community allows a individual to do friends with people from different state with different ethnicity. The socialisation with foreign users will assist people to larn few things about the civilization and traditions of other people ( What is Social Networking. om. 2009 ) .

The demand on the societal networking sites make these types of sites to turn in Numberss. There are besides some societal networking sites that employ unfastened rank and do non hold a specific commonalty among their members. This sort of website allows anyone to go a member. regardless of their avocations. beliefs and positions ( What is Social Networking. com. 2009 ) . Despite the advantages rendered by the SNS to its members. it besides poses some disadvantages. Data phishing. wherein people can obtain personal and of import information from another individual. is one of the dangers within on-line communities.

In add-on. computing machine viruses can distribute through these on-line communities. Therefore. utmost cautiousness is needed in prosecuting in societal networking sites. Security is an of import facet in a societal networking site and one of the qualities that the user should happen in an online community. SNS should be able to supply options in footings of the security and privateness of the users. They should besides supply the service of describing or barricading of nuisance users. Furthermore. a societal networking site must be able supply a inquisitory tool for people to happen friends and spread out relationships ( TopTenREVIEWS. 2009 ) .

International Students and SNS Many pupils seek quality and international higher instruction to foreign states. The figure of non-U. S. pupils enrolled in colleges and universities in the United States during the 2007-2008 academic twelvemonth jumped by seven per centum with a sum of 623. 805 pupils. In today’s competitory planetary environment. international instruction has become the latest tendency in the society to get planetary competency. Harmonizing to the informations presented by Open Doors. the United States is still the premier finish for international pupils ( Thomas. 2008 ) .

In a short span of clip. societal networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become popular by roll uping 10s of 1000000s of members that are largely composed of adolescents. specifically pupils. International pupils are besides the members of societal networking sites. However. international pupils make usage of these sites significantly. One of the utilizations of societal networking sites to international pupils is to reach friends and relations from their state of beginning and to do new friends in their host state.

International pupils in the United States face a figure of challenges in relation to the accommodation to their new cultural environment. They are more likely to see emphasis during the procedure of cross-cultural version. which is referred to as acculturational emphasis. In a survey conducted within a group Chinese international pupils in a university in the United States. it is found out that pupils who experienced less acculturational emphasis are reported to be having higher sums of emotional and informational support from online cultural societal groups.

Furthermore. international pupils who have less interpersonal societal web tend to have more emotional and informational support from online groups ( Ye. 2004 ) . Online societal networking helps international pupils to get by with their present environment and to do things and state of affairss more tolerable. International pupils find support and aid from other international pupil members of the online community. Furthermore. some international pupils find friends in their host state to assist them accommodate more easy in their present cultural environment.

This peculiar action of people is described in a theory in intercultural communicating. specifically the cross-cultural version. This theory was developed by Young Kim in 1977. The theory states that “immigrants and foreigners in foreign states who participated in webs of the host state would be more likely to go acculturated than immigrants who were involved merely in immigrant communicating networks” ( “Cross-Cultural Adaptation Theory” . 2001 ) . This means that international pupils that participate in the societal networking sites and holding more friends from their host state are more likely to accommodate easy in their environment.

Furthermore. on-line communicating and interaction with the friends in the host state will assist one to larn more about the civilization. traditions and linguistic communication of the cultural environment. The theory farther emphasiss that the immigrants will be more likely to go accustomed to the civilization of the host state if they engage or take part in the communicating webs instead than non prosecuting in the webs of the state ( “Cross-Cultural Adaptation Theory” . 2001 ) . Communication webs pertain to mass media in the host state.

Internet is a signifier of mass media. If an foreigner in the state take part in the societal webs and interact with people from the host state. they are more likely to acculturate than those who did non take to prosecute in such communicating webs. Furthermore. societal networking sites have become the new tendency in communicating among friends in the state. Thus. interacting and pass oning with friends from the host state invariably will assist more in utilizing and practising command of their linguistic communication.

Learning the linguistic communication is one of the troubles experienced by the international pupils and because they have trouble in utilizing the linguistic communication. they manage ill in their topics. Changeless communicating will assist to accommodate on the linguistic communication utilized in one’s present cultural environment. Conclusion Today’s digital society is characterized with the extended usage of computing machines and the cyberspace. The popularity of cyberspace and web browse brought about the outgrowth of assorted web sites offering assorted information and services.

Most significantly. it brought the outgrowth of the societal networking sites that are popular among the childs and pupils. In a short span of clip. the demand for societal networking site has significantly increased. Students are the chief users of societal networking sites which provide them with different characteristics that enable pupils to direct and portion images with other on-line members. In add-on. this has besides become the new tendency in on-line communicating.

International pupils are invariably geting at the state in hunt of higher quality instruction. The figure of international pupils is increasing in assorted universities and colleges in the United States. Thus. international pupils make usage of societal networking sites significantly in order to let them to pass on with friends both from their state of beginning and host state. Most significantly. societal networking sites aid international pupils to acculturate or accommodate more easy to the cultural environment of their host state.

Furthermore. it helps them to get installation on the linguistic communication used and helps them to pass on with other people interpersonally. Changeless communicating and interaction with other people from their present cultural environment helps them to accommodate on the civilization and linguistic communication of the host state. Personally. I think that societal networking sites have revolutionized our relationships with other people. Through the societal networking sites. we are updated and informed about our household and friends. Besides. we can easy pass on with them even if they are located in distant topographic points.

Social networking sites besides let people cognize other people from foreign states and cognize about their ain civilization and linguistic communication. I think that societal networking sites are good to persons. particularly to those who live in a foreign state. They can easy derive cognition in their present cultural environment if they participate in communicating webs like the societal networking sites. Furthermore. they gain friends and webs that will be an advantage to them as they go through their lives in a foreign land.


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