Inspired Me To Study Portraits English Literature Essay

When working on Unit of measurements 1 and 2 I was drawn to the human organic structure and this was shown in my work. The human organic structure has ever been an involvement so this is why I decided to analyze portrayals for Unit 3. There were several things about portrayals that interested me. First of all the thought of drawing/painting a portrayal of person and acquiring it to resemble that individual was an exciting thought for me. At a younger age I was interested in acquiring a similitude of the theoretical accounts I would pull. I wanted to develop that ability. In the past when I had drawn from life I had merely used pencil. By taking this as my subject I knew this would give me the opportunity to pull portrayals utilizing other media.

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The first creative person who helped me get down this undertaking was Pablo Picasso. I spent much clip analyzing Picasso by looking at his different periods. I started with his African divine work. However it was n’t until I studied his Rose and Blue Period that I truly became interested in portrayals. It was this epoch of his work that inspired me to analyze portrayals. His plant in the Blue Period captured my imaginativeness. I feel they are powerful in capturing temper and emotion through Picasso ‘s usage of coloring material, pragmatism etc. This was something that pushed me in the way of portrayal. I wanted to capture temper and emotion in my portrayals. He was the inspiration that led me to analyze other creative persons including Giacometti and Lucian Freud. I studied creative persons which had relevancy to my work and to the subjects I wanted to research.

Alberto Giacometti:

The first creative person which I studied was Giacometti.

The boy of a painter, Alberto Giacometti was born in Stampa on October tenth 1901. He began to pull and pattern at an early age and in 1919 he enrolled at the Ecole diethylstilbestrols Arts-et-Metiers in Geneva. He travelled in Italy in 1920-1921. He studied with the sculpturer Emile Antoine Bourdelle at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris from 1922-1925. After sharing a studio in Paris with his brother Diego from 1925-1927, Giacometti set up his ain. He would frequently utilize his brother Diego as a theoretical account.

I studied his portrayal of Jean Genet. Giacometti ‘s technique with line pulling and gesture was something I wanted to research through my ain work.

Another picture which reminded me of his manner was a portrayal of Giacometti.

I chose this portrayal because of the creative person ‘s manner in gesture drawing. I was interested by his ability to capture his theoretical account ‘s looks through line and gesture drawing. I used this technique in my initial studies in order to experience my manner around the topic. Something that I found really interesting was pick in coloring material. The colors he uses in this peculiar portrayal are all really warm ( dwelling of different sunglassess of browns ) . They give a feeling of heat and comfort yet the look on the theoretical account ‘s face appears rather sad and cold. I found this to be slightly of a paradox. This usage of expressive coloring material I found really exciting and was a construct that led to more research for my undertaking.

I decided to paint a ego portrayal maintaining these pigments in head. It led to the creative activity of a self portrayal in this manner utilizing similar colorss excessively. One technique the creative person has used that I tried to demo in my work was the layering of pigment thickly. I felt this added volume and history to the portrayal. Giacometti uses strong and thick beds of pigment in order to underscore the contrast between light and dark. He paints a dark figure on visible radiation background. I found the texture of the coppice strokes really interesting but besides hard to make in my ain work.

Giacometti normally focused on sculptures of the human organic structure and for one of many portrayals he created, this 1 shows how adept he was at making figures.

I think the chief facet, of his pictures I have studied, that captures my involvement is his manner of picture. He uses free coppice shots and coppice shots which are applied like the crosshatching pencil shots in a drawing. The forms he creates with these brush shots I think are most effectual. I have tried to utilize grade devising in my ain work in this manner.

Francis Bacon:

Having completed my self portrayal I began to experience that it would be a good thought to seek and capture look in my work. I was interested in Francis Bacon ‘s looks that he created in his theoretical account ‘s faces. Often falsifying the faces, Bacon ‘s portrayals and self portraits push the boundaries in portrayal picture. The temper in his pictures is frequently drab. Bacon uses dark colorss such as dark green, bluish and black. Much of his work conveys feelings of agony and desperation. His work is similar to that of cubist manner picture and reminds me of Picasso ‘s work, such as the ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon, ‘ in peculiar the facial looks of the figures.

I studied ‘The Screaming Pope. ‘ Bacon completed this picture after being inspired by Velazquez ‘s portrayal of Pope Innocent X in 1953.

Bacon creates a claustrophobic and bloodcurdling scene. The figure of the Catholic Pope is ghost-like. He looks dead or like he is deceasing. There is a haunted feel about the picture. The shouting face of the Catholic Pope and the shots down the picture adds to the horror of the image. One can about hear his calls. I am non certain why Bacon decided to make such a hideous image of a spiritual figure who is seen by many as person sanctum and graceful. Bacon may be showing his experiencing toward faith or to the construct of the Catholic Pope. The fact that Bacon was a Catholic who subsequently came out as homosexual, possibly he was enduring from quiet requital. He may besides hold been disputing the position of the Catholic Pope, flooring the populace.

Bacon had asthma every bit good as allergic reactions to Equus caballuss and Canis familiariss. During his onslaughts, he was given morphia, a strong drug, which may explicate some of the originative look in his work which have the quality of drug hallucinations.

I am interested in this portrayal ; the colorss convey a sense of horror. The usage of purple and gold compliment each other really good but besides signify wealths and royalty. The black shadows in the background may stand for turning shadows around the figure. The usage of these colorss and the dark aggressive feeling Bacon creates are really effectual. When looking at the painting one can about experience trembles down 1s spinal column. The fact that you can see through the figure ‘s robes and that no legs are seeable adds to the horror of this picture.

After analyzing this picture I felt compelled to make a piece taking to capture emotion in a similar manner. I wanted to capture the look in my portrayal as Bacon did. I did another ego portrayal nevertheless this one differed from the first. I used different sunglassess of bluish acrylic pigment. I did non nevertheless paint the whole face. Concentrating from the nose down to the cervix I painted a piece in which my oral cavity was broad unfastened. I did this to seek and capture a similar ambiance which Bacon captured in ‘The Screaming Pope. ‘ By concentrating on the forms created by the lips and cheeks, I was pleased with the consequence. However I think that possibly the texture of the chipboard breaks up the coppice shots and makes the coppice marks hard to see.

Lucian Freud:

When it came to analyzing Lucian Freud I was amazed by the manner he creates skin texture. One of his finest pieces of work was his self portrayal entitled “ Reflection. ” Portrayals and nudes are Freud ‘s fortes and with this piece it is clear to see why. The thing I found most absorbing about this piece of art is the texture of the flesh. Freud seems to capture the natural and ugly nature of the human flesh. In this ego portrayal Freud has successfully captured every furrow and cranny on the face. He uses strong contrast in shadow and high spots and this is something I took into consideration with future pictures. His brushstrokes are carefully applied to make an accurate portrayal, whereas Giacometti ‘s portrayals and figure drawings have a more abstract quality. Lucian Freud ‘s portrayals are so realistic that they become about phantasmagoric. Freud captures every shadow and high spot in a punctilious mode and I was interested in accomplishing something similar in my ain work.

There is a strong significance about the colorss and pigment he uses:

“ I want pigment to work as flesh… my portrayals to be of people, non like them. Not holding the expression of the Sitter, being them… every bit far as I am concerned the pigment is the individual. I want it to work for me merely as flesh does. ” –

Freud uses a farinaceous pigment called cremnitz white to accomplish his alone picture of the flesh. I assorted sand with pigment to give more texture to my pigment to copy the texture. I exhaustively enjoyed working with it. I felt it added character to the portrayal and made the texture of the tegument far more interesting.

I found the texture of the hair rather challenging. I liked the unsmooth and harsh expression Freud creates and it was an option to seek and accomplish a similar expression when painting my theoretical account ‘s hair. However the hair was likely the thing I had most problem with. I struggled with texture and coloring material. Possibly I should hold spent more clip analyzing how creative persons paint hair put it into pattern before using it to a big portrayal.

The look in Freud ‘s ego portrayal is interesting in relation to what it is I am seeking to accomplish in my work. I have looked closely at the brow: the lines created from the creative persons frown. This was something else that I wanted to accomplish in my ain work.

Final Pieces

Self Portrait: This portrayal was inspired by the portrayal of Giacometti which I studied. Using similar colorss I attempted to acquire that similarity to his work. For a first effort I do non believe I achieved this. I did nevertheless win in acquiring a ego portrayal to really look like me. This was a great encouragement of assurance for a first ego portrayal. From this piece I learned that I should make the background and program it at the early phases of the portrayal. I learned that the background is merely every bit of import as the face when making temper or ambiance.

Oil Pastels on Brown Paper: This was the first clip I used oil pastels for a big piece. My purpose was to seek and put a temper of strong emotion, so I went for feelings of choler and fury. This thought was inspired from pictures from creative persons such as Picasso and Bacon who use coloring materials to pull strings the temper of their work.

I used a strong ruddy to accomplish this, combined with black for shadows, orange for mediums and xanthous and white for high spots. I drew from life. While looking in a mirror I tried to pull myself with an look of choler. From this piece I learned how effectual coloring material is in a portrayal. For illustration I could hold used a different coloring material other than ruddy and a different feeling of emotion may hold been evoked.

Open Mouth – Acrylic on chipboard: The purpose with this piece was to capture emotion, a feeling of hurting, fright or daze. I thought the usage of different sunglassess of blue would underscore these feelings. This was influenced by plants from Francis Bacon. The emotion in some of his pictures such as “ The Screaming Pope ” appealed to me and I wanted to portray that emotion through my work. However, I decided to take a different attack. Rather than painting my whole face I focused merely on the bottom half, from the terminal of the nose down to the mentum. My purpose was to capture the emotion from merely the unfastened oral cavity, as I felt that is where most of the strong feelings of emotion exist in Bacon ‘s “ The Screaming Pope. ” Eyess can frequently demo a individual ‘s true feelings, so I wanted achieve this without painting the eyes.

The recycling of the chipboard was chosen to give myself see working with other stuff. I used the unsmooth side of the board to add texture and to give the piece some more character.

In all I felt I had successfully created feelings such as hurting and fright through non merely my usage of a cold coloring material like bluish, but by concentrating on the broad unfastened oral cavity.

Portrayal of Brother: On A3 paper, I drew a portrayal of my brother in pencil, from life. Before this I had practiced pulling portrayals in pencil from exposure. This was to fix me for pulling from life. I wanted to acquire an thought of shadowing, proportion, texture, etc. It was a challenge pulling from life as I was rather comfy with pulling from exposure, nevertheless I needed to take that measure in order to develop my accomplishments in pulling portrayals. Looking at the portrayal now I see it lacks in volume. An obvious job was that I merely had a 4B and 6B pencil, so I learned the importance of holding different classs of pencils.

The portrayal required more clip in capturing the high spots and shadows. I besides had a little job with measurings, as the eyes were a small out of proportion.

I learned to pass more clip in analyzing shading and to be stricter with my measurings.

After pulling this portrayal I so photocopied it. Working with the photocopies I tried to capture temper atmosphere by adding coloring material. I used bluish oil pastels in the image which finally led to a colder temper. I besides tried to acquire a different consequence. After coloring the image I scrunched up the paper into a ball and dampened it with H2O. This so led to clefts on the page which I felt added to the temper, possibly proposing a temper of experiencing cold and broken, etc.

I so used a photocopy to pull it in a larger graduated table and with different stuff. Pulling on a sheet of brown paper larger than A2 I used chalk pastels with colorss like orange, xanthous and bluish to seek and acquire different effects. However I shortly learned that there is a right manner and a incorrect manner to utilize brown paper. I used the smoother side of the sheet which led to jobs. It proved really hard to work with as the chalk did non lodge good.

Portrayal of Mother – Pencil & A ; Charcoal: with this piece I drew my female parent from life at a profile position. This was the first clip I had drew person at this angle, so I was interested to see how it would compare with my old portrayals. I used pencils rating from 2B up to 6B. I besides used a gum elastic for the strong high spots that appeared on her hair.

I found it disputing making a profile position. I found that I had to be much more cognizant of the measurings from the ear to the oculus and from the oculus to the span of the olfactory organ. This was rather a challenge but I feel I was rather successful in acquiring the measurings rather accurate. I achieved a similitude in the drawing to my female parent ‘s face so this I felt was an accomplishment.

I so moved on to a bigger piece utilizing this drawing as a usher. On A2 grey card, I created a wood coal transcript of the drawing. First nevertheless, because of our school ‘s deficiency of resources, I was restricted to utilizing a sheet of card, which was of hapless quality. It had a glistening texture that did no agree with the wood coal. To work out this job I mixed Greies paint with sand. This changed the coloring material of the sheet but besides made it rougher to let the wood coal to lodge.

My measurings were a small off this clip taking to a failure in acquiring a similitude to the theoretical account. I used the black of the wood coal for the dark shadings, the Grey hurting acted as a medium and I used white chalk for the high spots.

From this I learned that it is possible to make better textures with the usage of substances such as sand mixed with pigment. I besides learned that I have to be even stricter with my measurings as the wood coal piece was less accurate in comparing to the pencil drawing.

Portrayal of Tom:

I drew a schoolmate from life utilizing wood coal. When pulling this I wanted to research different effects from visible radiation. I did it in a dark room with one office lamp. I feel I was rather successful in acquiring a similitude. My proportion has become more accurate.

I so painted a concluding piece from this wood coal pulling. This I found a challenge as it is the largest portrayal I have done yet. My purpose was to acquire a Lucian Freud expression and feel to it. I painted on the background foremost as I had learned from the yesteryear that it was easier to work in this patterned advance.

I painted thick coppice shots to make texture. I used sunglassess of pick and pink for the skin coloring material. Then for the high spots I mixed sand with pigment to give more texture to my pigment to copy the texture of Freud ‘s cremnitz. I enjoyed working with this as it created an unusual and interesting texture. It proved to be effectual in contrasting the high spots with shadows.

The size was of import as I wanted to see with working on something big graduated table besides I felt it would hold a larger impact.


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