Insight on Edward Snowden Essay Sample

One of the biggest contentions in current events is the argument on whether Edward Snowden’s leaks of private information are justified. In exposing the actions of the U. S. authorities and the N. S. A. . Snowden has incited both support and choler from people all around the universe. Most statements on this topic have taken polar point of views to the issue ; nevertheless. in order to decide this argument expeditiously and efficaciously. it is necessary to suggest a give-and-take solution that is agreeable to both sides. While it is true that Snowden should have some signifier of penalty for his actions. it is besides of import that significant accommodations be made to the activities of the U. S. Government and N. S. A.

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On one side of the statement. citizens hail Snowden as a hero for unwraping information sing the deficiency of privateness in their lives. He is admired for his bravery and willingness to endanger his ain safety so that people would be decently informed of the government’s actions. John Cassidy expresses the sentiment of many Americans when he acknowledges that “Snowden has brought to light of import information that deserved to be in the public domain” ( “Why Edward Snowden is a Hero” ) . His continued quiet defiance towards the United States Government has inspired many strong sentiments towards the government’s actions and towards Snowden’s ain safety.

The opposite side of the argument provinces that Snowden’s actions were undue. While the leaking of information was a public service to many. it was besides a hazardous move that may stop up making the United States much more harm than good. One statement states the possibility that Snowden’s statement is baseless. Another considers the important cost of his actions. and another acknowledges the international menace that the United States has perchance been exposed to. In his article. Jeffrey Toobin states that Snowden was incorrect for “decid [ ing ] to interrupt the jurisprudence and unwrap what he had sworn to protect” ( “Edward Snowden’s Real Impact” ) . Peoples strongly believe that Snowden’s information leak will merely be destructive towards himself and to the United States.

Amidst these two statements. there is a common land that exists. Both sides admit that the government’s current surveillance patterns are slightly inordinate. and intrude on a person’s privateness. Likewise. about everyone can admit that Snowden’s actions. nevertheless epic. were against the jurisprudence and deserve some signifier of penalty. Simply put. both Snowden and the authorities did something wrong. and both should hold to pay the effects.

In order to make an effectual solution. the two sides of the statement must hold to a via media. As indicated before. Snowden will hold to have the merely penalty for his leak. and the U. S. Government and N. S. A. will be strongly pressed to do alterations to their utmost degree of surveillance. This manner. both sides give a small to derive a small in return. With this understanding. the bulk of the populace. and even Snowden himself. will be satisfied with the result of the argument and the betterments to come.


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