Information Technology In Singapore Airlines Marketing Essay

Abstraction: In the concern universe, air power could be one of industries leveraging the power of digital information system ( IT ) most. IT has become recognized as a major enabler for air hoses to work efficaciously and safely, while accomplishing significant cost nest eggs. Singapore Airlines ( SIA ) is no exclusion. Using thoroughly IT for its day-to-day operations, SIA reaps much success. The intent of this survey is to analyse Singapore Airlines by Porter ‘s Competitive Force Models and measure the function of Internet in suppressing these forces.

Organization background: Singapore Airlines was created in 1972 and to the full province owned. It began with three flights per hebdomad and an unpresuming fleet of 10 aircraft to merely 22 metropoliss in 18 states, most of which were in Asia. With a position to positioning itself as a world-class bearer, the Airlines is dedicated to supplying its riders with the best winging experience, through advanced merchandise and service offerings, high engineerings, every bit good as fleet modernisation. Throughout the class of their 37-year history, Singapore Airlines has quickly expanded into one of the universe ‘s prima bearers, with the repute of a trendsetter, industry rival, and widely known as a symbol of service excellence. Today, SIA operates the universe ‘s youngest, safest, most fuel efficient and technologically advanced planes in the skies winging its top-ranked gateway crossing five continents, 66 metropoliss in 36 states with 16 million riders per twelvemonth. In 2004, Singapore Airlines launched the universe ‘s longest non-stop commercial flight between Singapore and New York utilizing the A340-500 aircraft. In October 2007, Singapore Airlines went down air power history one time once more as the first to wing the universe ‘s largest rider aircraft, the Airbus A380. This is synonymous with the bearer ‘s attempts to be a leader in civil air power. Besides, as systematically one of the most profitable air hoses globally since the beginning, SIA has ne’er posted a full-year loss in its history. From twelvemonth to twelvemonth, SIA often wins many international awards for top flight quality and service such as “ best air hose ” , “ best concern category ” , “ best cabin crew service ” , “ best in-flight nutrient ” , “ best for promptness and safety ” , even “ Asia ‘s most admired company ” .

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Merchandises and Servicess: SIA ‘s major merchandise is air travel. A Since it has no domestic paths to monopolise, SIA had to aim the planetary market and vie with more experient participants. SIA ‘s merchandises are divided into 2 types: travel and services. Apart from runing Singapore Airlines that offers flights with 3 sorts of category place: first category, concern category, and economic category,

Business Class

First category

Economic Class

SIA besides operates subordinates: Silk Air which offers flights to 30 Asian-only fascinating, alien finishs. Another SIA subordinate – Trade winds – offers a wide pick of circuit and travel bundles to legion planetary finishs. SIA Engineering Company provides top-notch technology services to over 85 air bearers and aerospace equipment makers from all over the universe. Finally, SIA Cargo operates to destinations around the universe with its big fleet and most technologically advanced commercial bottoms – the B747-400.

Competitive advantages: SIA has systematically outperformed its rivals throughout its three and more than a half decennary history. Innovation, operational effectivity, first-class client service have become the major drivers of the trade name.

Cost advantages: Having strong fiscal place, SIA is non locked into long-run rentals, and can easy buy newer, more efficient equipments and planes that minimize care costs and avoid aircraft downtime. Besides, keeping the youngest coevals of aircrafts helps SIA be the lowest fuel costs in the industry. This is really important since 15-20 % of an air hose ‘s entire costs derive from fuel. On top of this, SIA carefully hedges up to 50 % of their fuel contracts two old ages in progress to avoid cyclical and frequently big volatility in fuel monetary values. Therefore, even though the monetary value of fuel has been lifting steadily and been eating into the net incomes of most air hoses, SIA appears to be resilient and making really good.

Premier inventions: maintain Singapore Airlines on top of the game with their chief rivals. They have pioneered legion in-flight experiential and amusement inventions, and strived to be best-in-class. Furthermore, SIA uses information engineering as an indispensable enabler of its invention scheme. For case, in 2001 the air hose became the first to present a planetary in-flight e-mail system to all riders. Particularly, Singapore air hose is the earliest and exclusive air hose to put in Sun ‘s Star Office 8 ( a proprietary version of run on aircraft ‘s Linux-based waiter ) at each rider ‘s seat-back terminuss to power the first productiveness suite in the skies that benefits riders who can now go on to work after get oning the plane without holding to power up their laptops. Furthermore, SIA make air power history as the first offering iPod, iPhone connectivity in economic system category. In April 2009, the air hose began to use the latest technological invention: the nomadic phone check-in service which lets riders check-in for their flights anyplace in the universe utilizing their nomadic phones. With these uninterrupted inventions, Singapore Airlines has become a powerful company, while the rivals are still seeking to fit their competitory advantage.

Highly effectual operation: By organizing many good partnerships to outsource those services that are non a nucleus competence to professional organisations, SIA obtains first-class work procedures and systems heightening non merely client service but besides communicating within the company. For illustration, the partnership with Goodrich for the constituent and system care in 2007 and the seven twelvemonth understanding with IBM for IT services since 2004. In add-on, since beginning of 2009, SIA has employed SITA ‘s new coevals communications platform to pull off its increasing demand for more bandwidth system-wide ; hence in bend make application public presentation and content public presentation of the web faster and more effectual than of all time.

Superior and sincere Customer Service: the cardinal factor for the company ‘s success is the fact that they are ever surprising their clients with new characteristics. For case, on flight SQ21, the flights attenders are encouraged to name the riders by their names merely to seek to do the flight more pleasant and personalized. Another thing that makes SIA ‘s client services different from other air hoses is the faultless in-flight amusement system ( KrisWorld on eX2 system ) offering an 1000 choice of quality amusement options, including international films, Television plans, music Cadmium albums and audio books, picture games, popular synergistic acquisition plans every bit good as Personal computer applications such as office package, Media Player. Furthermore, SIA besides offers enviable and individualized culinary art with the formation of its International Culinary Panel and World Gourmet Cuisine and “ book the cook ” service. Particularly, fly attendings being featured by “ Singapore Girl ” icon international recognized by consideration, heat, gradualness, elegance and repose.

Target Market: With premium menus for premium services, mark market of SIA is concern adult male, in-between to upper category who can afford to pay a premium monetary value for basking exceeding quality services to which they aspire.

Analysis utilizing Porter ‘s Competitive Forces Model:

Menace of Substitutes: Within Porter ‘s theoretical account replacement services come into drama when demand exceeds supply, or frailty versa. In the air hose industry the extra supply has been attacked by low-fare bearers who have continually gained market portion. Railwaies and route travel excessively is besides increasing its supply.

The bargaining power of purchaser: is high in air power industry. There is 100s of Airline Company including legion price reduction air hoses operate in Asiatic part, in this fact single purchasers has so many option to take which air hose he wants to wing. Internet besides make clients go more sophisticated in footings of their buying determinations related to go because they can easy and quickly entree to air hoses ‘ web sites for comparing about ticket ‘s monetary value, flight service among them.

The bargaining power of Suppliers: Suppliers power is really high in air hose industry. In footings of this class, fuel is the individual largest air hose cost outgo point which affects all houses every bit while oil monetary value is sensitive issue worldwide and twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours it ‘s in grosss of more unstable. Singapore air hose besides concern about this factors. For illustration, if the jet fuel monetary value additions, the air hose company has no choose.

Menace of Entry: Traditionally, the high cost of entry in the air hose industry reduced the menace of entry by competitory companies. However the concern theoretical account offered by low menu bearers exploited the lower terminal section of the market via monetary value and provided a foundation for the entry of new price reduction air hoses such as Tiger Airway, Air Asia X, Firefly.

Competitive Rivalry and New Entry: Air travel has become a trade good and most major paths are saturated with ferocious competition. Growth of planetary megacarriers, as U.S and European air hoses merge or organize confederations to cut costs, the outgrowth of low cost bearers in Asia will besides escalate competition for Singapore Airlines. In add-on, Internet applications on the Web shorten SIA ‘s invention life span. As the consequence, to maintain invention scheme for competitory advantage of the trade name alive, it has to invariably set in order to prolong its distinction and maintain uninterrupted betterment.

The function played by Internet in assisting this organisation to get the better of these forces:

Internet support SIA to carry on these schemes:

SIA ‘s WebsiteCustomer-orientation scheme: Web-base system creates an on-line experience that will both beef up its customer-centric focal point and go a cardinal gross revenues channel for the hereafter. Using XNL-based and Java-enabled middleware to incorporate their different state web sites, Singapore Airlines ‘ Website hypertext transfer protocol: // go a planetary 1 that is the individual mark on, a individualized web site done centrally while the contents are to the full localized harmonizing to the state, together with country-specific publicity, information, pricing, and end-to-end digital commercialism. This Website won CIO Awards ( a prestigiousness award for organisations that have made the best usage of engineering to deduce strategic value and maximal returns for their concerns ) for supplying better client service. One of assortment benefits clients can acquire from this web site is to carry on on-line booking from all Stationss worldwide through the Internet. After the engagement procedure is completed, clients will have an E-Ticket, which has all riders ‘ engagement inside informations on it, through their preferable electronic mail reference. When the riders arrive at the airdrome, merely present their passports and the payment cards they used to buy the E-Ticket at the check-in counter for the embarkation base on balls. Or the riders may check-in online, up to 48 hours in progress, and publish their ain embarkation base on ballss in their ain convenience. With the streamlining of machine-controlled check-in procedures and the usage of e-tickets, riders will pass less clip standing in line at the airdrome, and more clip loosen uping before their journey.A A Specifically, since September 2009, due to the assistance of Sapient, one of the largest and most advanced synergistic selling and engineering services houses in the universe, the shopping procedure has been streamlined so that clients can book tickets and other travel-related merchandises in a individual interaction. In add-on, a nucleus focal point of the new site provides a differentiated on-line client experience through a comprehensive suite of self-service characteristics and functionality designed for both new visitants every bit good as members of KrisFlyer, Singapore Airlines ‘ frequent circular plan. Beside, The Service Oriented Architecture-based engineering solution will supply Singapore Airlines with the long-run flexibleness to dynamically scale in response to altering concern demands.

Operation effectivity scheme: Due to e-commerce through the Internet, Singapore Airlines can cut down much distribution costs which have the undermentioned constituents: reserve system cost, gross revenues offices ( Stationss ) cost, advertisement and gross revenues publicity cost, agent fees and committees, fining fees, limit the figure of their gross revenues offices and cut down their dependence on computing machine reserve systems and gross revenues agents. Besides, Website and e-mail aid connexion to a wealth of information on corporate intranets and communicating between SIA and its subordinates, its spouses, clients become easier, speedier, and more accurate.


In the air hose industry, the force per unit area to supply better client service and cut down operational cost has ne’er been greater. IT is a powerful medium to achieve these ends. It can be asserted that air hoses which adopt and manage IT better would surpass their rivals.

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