Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Finance Essay

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited is non merely China ‘s largest commercial bank but besides has the highest market value and the most client sedimentation in the universe. At the terminal of 2011, it consisted of 16,648 subdivisions across China, 239 abroad subordinates and a planetary web of more than 1,669 analogous Bankss every bit good as Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and Self-service Banking.

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Additionally, in order to fulfill clients ‘ diversifies demands of fiscal services, ICBC strengthen invention and merchandises marketing taking to a great transportation signifier a individual commercial banking signifier to the combination with investing Bankss. Furthermore, harmonizing to the 2008 Annual Results Announcement of ICBC, it still had been the universe ‘s most profitable bank even in the background of fiscal crisis. Specifically, ICBC had maintained the high growing of the net net income since 2003 and in 2008 it earned RMB111.2 billion stand foring an addition of 35.2 % comparing with the terminal of 2007. By and big, the compound mean growing rate of net net income ( 37.5 % ) indicated that ICBC was one of the best growing international Bankss.

To sum up, owing to its right operation scheme and advanced hazard direction ability, ICBC ‘s Non-performing loans ratio decreased to 0.94 % by the terminal of 2011, which was less than a one-fourth of 2006 ( 3.79 % ) . Besides, the steady development of the assorted concerns contributed to ICBC go throughing the fiscal crisis positively. Above all, ICBC ‘s key to success was its core service concept-customer-centric, which made it without the loss of clients ‘ assurance during the fiscal crisis


Entire assets of ICBC represented a general tendency of steady rise from RMB 6,994.86 billion at the terminal of 2006 to RMB154, 768.68 billion in 2011. During these periods, all the groups revealed a general tendency of growing across the board though the borders of the rises varied.

Specifically talking, the addition of entire loans and progresss to clients ( 40,600.41 ) was profited from optimisation of the of recognition construction. ICBC advanced the emerging industries, such as services industries and cultural industries to fulfill the demand of corporates and persons. Additionally, standing up to changeful macroeconomic milieus, the bank adjusted the investing construction based on the tendencies in fiscal markets, ensuing in the net investing increased climbed significantly ( 10.551.04 ) . Furthermore, the addition of hard currency and balances with cardinal Bankss ( 20.584.99 ) revealed the size of the compulsory militias went up dramatically due to the growing of the modesty demand ratio and the graduated table of client sedimentations.

What ‘s more, when it comes to the construction, of its entire assets, the loans and progresss to clients took the king of beasts ‘s portion being 49.1 % in 2011, increasing 2 % from the terminal of 2006 and the 2nd topographic point arrived at the net investing which accounted for 25.3 % , carry oning a diminution of 12.8 % , and the hard currency and balances with cardinal Bankss was the 3rd weight doing up 17.8 % , which increased 8.4 % .

Fiscal public presentation in the crisis

Net involvement income grew steadily: ICBC faced to the fiscal crisis and great competition non merely optimized its investing portfolio frame, but besides adjusted its recognition construction. Furthermore, the bank improved its direction and runing degree taking to the growing of the range of plus and liability. Consequently, there was a stead addition tendency in net involvement income from RMB 163.1 billion at the terminal of 2006 to RMB 362.8 billion in the 2011.

Net fee and committee income grew quickly: there are four strong drivers in the ICBC bank income structure-settlement and glade and hard currency direction, investing banking, personal wealth direction and private banking, bank card. Due to the stable growing of money colony, trading, gross revenues concern etc. and the development of confer withing services, reconstituting and funding services, and single services, the bank ‘s income construction was optimized.

Additionally, the Bank command the cost earnestly ensuing in the cost-to-income ratio dropped, but besides kept at a comparative lower grade. And during the advancement of optimising the plus quality, ICBC improved its hazard direction ability with the stronger hazard coverage.

Furthermore, due to its perfect schemes and public presentation in the fiscal crisis, ICBC ‘s any index was far greater than one of any other bank in China. ( See Appendix Table 2 ) .


Despite the fiscal crisis, ICBC still have maintained the prudent concern state of affairs and the turning benefit due to its successful internationalisation scheme and good hazard direction ability.

By the terminal of 2011, the bank ‘s net net income and net fee and committee income increased 15.6 % and 39.6 % severally. Additionally, ICBC achieved a new discovery in the development of internationalisation. To be specific, its abroad concern web was extended to 33 states and parts with 239 subdivisions. As a consequence, its abroad entire assets increased to USD 124.7 billion and abroad net income before revenue enhancement steadily climbs from USD 1.187 billion in 2010 to 1.374 billion in 2011. In add-on, ICBC have improved its planetary service capacity with the development of its perfect planetary unified IT and risk direction systems. More significantly, the bank successfully accomplished the diminution of both non-performing loan balance and non-performing loans ratio.

Harmonizing to ICBC ‘s public presentation and experience faced with the fiscal crisis, it is expected to speed up transmutation and develop invention capablenesss. Besides, organizing development of domestic subdivisions, net income centres and abroad establishments is the chief undertaking of ICBC. Generally speech production, ICBC is non merely satisfied with being the largest or most profitable bank, of which aims to be the bank with the best fiscal services.


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