Indian Stereotypes Essay

A stereotype is a conforming thought about a group or race of people. When discoursing Native Americans. many stereotypes do non accurately depict the individuality of us. Racial stereotypes have ever been about for every bit long as I can retrieve. Bing a Native American male myself I can candidly state that I and my household have been subjected to it. I have been called a drunken Indian and my three and six twelvemonth old girls have been called “untamed pagans and savages” in public at a shop by white people. The injury and confusion on their small faces made me angry and hurt that they were subjected to that type of nescient behaviour and linguistic communication by an grownup.

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While I’ve experienced first- manus pigeonholing I’ve come up with these stereotypes us Native Americans are subjected to. Native American’s in the US and Canada have ever been portrayed as alkies. lazy. the wise senior. the aggressive rummy. Pocahontas ( Indian princess ) . the loyal buddy. corpulent and destitute. In Hollywood movies we’re portrayed as trackers and nature lovers. In the West we have to be tamed by the Cowboy because seemingly we are so “wild” .

While. historically American Indians were thought of as animate beings and are treated as such. Many still think that ALL Native Americans live in tepee. wear feathery war bonnets. lived merely in the yesteryear. and Indians are stoic while holding no sense of wit. Besides that Indians are a vanished race.

Native American’s are besides portrayed as Warriors and Braves that you can happen on the shirt of a high school pupil in North Dakota or on the Jersey of a football participant in Kansas City. There’s besides a impression that all Indians receive casino gross per capita and free authorities money. One stereotype that persists is the thought that Native Americans great one another by seting a thenar up and stating. “How” . Native Americans are normally associated with many negative stereotypes and most of them do non accurately depict our civilization.


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