Improving The Village Economy In India Economics Essay

India is endowed with a rich and huge diverseness of natural resources, H2O being one of them. Its development and direction plays a critical function in agribusiness production. Integrated H2O direction is critical for poorness decrease, environmental nutriment and sustainable economic development.

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National Water Policy ( 2002 )


Agribusiness contributes significantly in the Indian economic system. Agriculture engages 60 % of India s population and more than 16 corer hectare of land. Atomization of land is really common in India so that mean maximal land is owned by the fringy and little husbandman. Indian agribusiness plants are chiefly depending on the rainwater precipitation for the production. The mean one-year rain autumn is 105 centimeter which is much higher than most of the developed states in the universe like Russia, USA, and Australia. Despite this, public presentation in India in agribusiness sector is really much low as comparing to these states in entire agricultural production. Lag in Indian agribusiness production is non merely due to miss of engineering but irrigation H2O besides affected of the production of the harvest.

India has portion the about 16 per centum of the planetary population but the land posses merely 4 per centum of the H2O of the H2O resources ( Government of the India planning committee, 2001 ) . The authorities of the India giving more focal point on the development of the watershed development programme since independency but now in the recent two decennary the accent on the development of the H2O beginning and preservation of the natural resources. India is confronting a large job in the rapid debasement of the natural resources ( land, H2O and wood ) . This debasement can be easy measured by the mensurating the index like decreased in the productive, increasing the dirt eroding and increased in the waste land, decreased in the forest country, decreased in the land H2O tabular array and most significantly deceased in the available imbibing H2O qualitative and quantative. The clime alteration is besides affect the support of the villager people in footings of the frequent inundation and drouth which wholly destroyed the agribusiness productiveness.

The chief aim of the watershed development programme is to protect the land from the dirt eroding and the prevent dirt eroding. The armored combat vehicle is the larger H2O harvest home construction so the cheque dike or a farm pool and serves as the aggregation Centre of rainwater and the researching of the rainwater. Hence armored combat vehicle is treated as the built-in portion of the watershed for all intent of development. The authorities of the India is giving more focal point on the development of the H2O organic structures. In the 11 five twelvemonth program the authorities of India is give the guideline for the national undertaking for the fix, redevelopment and Restoration of the local H2O organic structures in the watershed development programme.

Table 1: Basic item about the Indian agribusiness system

Land and Water resources of India

of rainfall. Rainfall in India is exceeds 1000 millimeter in country like Cherapunji where as some rainfall is less so 100mm which severely affect the support status of the husbandman. West seashore and western seashore and the most of the Assam and sub-Himalaya West Bengal, rain autumn extend up to the 2500mm.

Tank is the traditional resource direction system took topographic point in the colonial times, ordinance of H2O has been maintained by the community. Earlier armored combat vehicle are maintain by the male monarch or temple commission and whatever income generated from the disbursal on the direction of the armored combat vehicle. Tank development programme is considered as the holistic small town development programme. Tank development programme is included the H2O preservation, dirt preservation and natural resource preservation.

The H2O harvest home construction is helpful in capturing and hive awaying the natural rainfall during the monsoon clip of this stored H2O for the hereafter usage for irrigation and multipurpose usage of community.



In India chiefly three type of beginning of irrigation H2O is available which are tank H2O, tubing good and canal H2O. At the clip of independency the country irrigated under different system is about equal but the now the tendency is wholly different. The country irrigated under canal is reduced drastically and country under good irrigation is increased significantly. The water parting undertaking which is implemented in different province in India is during the twelvemonth 1994 to 1999 which is reference in table 1.

Table 2: Distribution of watershed undertakings 1994 to 1999

Importance in small town support

Beginning: Hanumantha Rao, 2000

Indian authorities had given the much focal point on the development of the watershed since after independency. Table 2 shows that though the program outlay for irrigation sector has increased over

The old ages, the per centum distribution of fund allotted for the irrigation and inundation control

shows a diminishing tendency except during the Sixth program and one-year program 1979-80. Such type of the investing non merely increased the agribusiness production but besides the part of agribusiness in the Indian GDP is besides increased.

The per centum of the fund is increasing in each five program. If we see the form the flow of the fund is irregular in nature. The maximal allotment of the fund in the VII five twelvemonth programs but the distribution is big in the VI five twelvemonth programs.

Table 3: Distribution of the fund in the different five twelvemonth program

Time period Amount ( Rs. Corer )


Present position

The Department of Land Resources in the Ministry of Rural Development is administrating three area-based watershed programmes for development of wastelands/degraded lands viz. Drought Prone Areas Programmes ( DPAP ) , Desert Development Programme ( DDP ) and Integrated Wastelands Development Programme ( IWDP ) to look into the decreasing productiveness of barren and loss of natural resources. ( authorities of India, ) . The different programme is lunch by the Indian authorities to increase the irrigation H2O capacity.

Table 4 Different programme and country covered under different strategy in India

Name of Scheme


Future program

Rain fed agribusiness development thought the preservation of the rainwater is the best pattern in the watershed development. Harmonizing to the Hanumantha Rao commission study, the impact and significance of the watershed undertaking under the drouth prone country programme is immense. There is a market betterment of the in the entree to imbibing H2O handiness in the undertaking country. Crop output have been increased and there is besides significant betterment in the country under the rabbi harvest. This will leads to the rise in the employment and decrease of the migration of the labor. The country under fodder harvest is besides increased so that milk production sector besides show the betterment and this will helpful in the increasing the income of the hapless and fringy people. Harmonizing to the minor irrigation section of the India the ultimate potency is 81.43 m. hour angle. The possible created is 60.81 m. hour angle. And the possible use is 52.81 m. hour angle. The outgo on the minor irrigation sector during the 10th five twelvemonth program is Rs. 13,775 corers. The minor irrigation provides the planty of the range for the employment of the unskilled labor and development of the water parting is largely integrated with the NEREGA undertaking. The recommendation of the H2O organic structures under the NAREGA undertaking is 72000 armored combat vehicles which were non antecedently non in used including the bettering the influx and storage capacity and bettering the efficiency of the system.

The of import facet in the armored combat vehicle based watershed development is the range for the piscary. Harmonizing to the Indian metrological society, during the five twelvemonth one twelvemonth has surplus rainfall and two twelvemonth has satisfactory rainfall and remainder three twelvemonth has the dry period.



Watershed development in all over India demand to be integrated approached for conveying the comprehensive development. Integrated approached is merely possible through resurgences of all H2O organic structures and span and vale construct. The status of the armored combat vehicle in the watershed country by organizing the cascade approached. The armored combat vehicle cascade are interlinks in the watershed country, which will hold a common supply and drainage channel. The care of the seasonal and cuticular river is besides aid in the development of the watershed for the imbibing and keeping the land H2O table apart from the irrigation intent. There is besides demand of crating the consciousness among the people about the importance of the armored combat vehicle based watershed organic structures. There is besides demand of the doing interface between people organisation promoted by the watershed and line section of authorities. NGO s function is really important in the making consciousness in the people administration for the watershed and doing a good relationship between people administration and the line section working together. The development of the watershed commission will responsible for the care of the watershed H2O organic structures. There is besides a demand of, proper function, right and duty is provided to this commission and local authorities ( Panchayat ) is besides recognised the work of this commission. To do immense consciousness in the people the watershed commission is besides involved in the in watershed plus activity. These activities are carried out on the continuity footing instead than, it will shut after the completion of the undertaking. the shutting of the work after the completion of the undertaking non merely take the hapless direction in the hereafter but besides people besides lose the involvement in the maintaining the alive water parting.

Watershed development has multipurpose used and this possible beginning of the bring forthing the support chance instead than turn outing the lone beginning of the irrigation.


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