Improvement Of The College Library Education Essay


Library is one of the most of import parts of the school system. In the library, pupils continue to set about acquisition and self-instruction during their free clip. They besides use library installations, books, online and offline aggregations to make their assignments, studies, researches and other activities. However, with the coming of Internet resources, pupils now tend to utilize the Internet instead than library resources.

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Therefore, there is a demand to better the college library based on the demands, penchants, and convenience of the pupils. This paper aimed to garner sentiments and suggestions of the pupils to better the college library. The aims of the survey were:

To place what make the pupils more often use for seeking information ;

To find how frequently do the pupils visit or use the library installations ;

To look into if pupils get the information they need from the college library ;

To happen out if pupils believe that the college library demands betterment ; and

To garner pupils ‘ sentiments and suggestion on the betterment of the school library?

The sentiments and suggestions of the pupils were really utile for updating the contents and bettering the system of the library. The consequences of this research besides served as an entreaty to the school disposal to better the college library.

Specifically, this survey answered the undermentioned inquiries:

What do the pupils more often use for seeking information: Internet or Library?

How frequently do the pupils visit or use the library installations?

Do they acquire the information they need from the college library?

Do they believe that the college library demands betterment?

What are their sentiments and suggestion on the betterment of the school library?

Literature Review

Libraries play of import functions in the learning experience of pupils. It is the library where pupils obtain uninterrupted acquisition and self-instruction. The library is expected to give extended larning experience to the pupils. This subdivision provides statement for the importance of traditional libraries.

Traditional library can be defined as a confined topographic point with a finite aggregation of touchable information bearing primary and resources such as books, diaries, and alternate signifiers such as images, movies, and tapes. It besides contains secondary or meta-information like card catalog, assorted synonym finder and mentions, and other searching tools which reference the library ‘s primary content ( Low, 1996 ) .There are the material resources of the library. These are the available beginnings of information for the pupils, module and staff.

The chief functions of libraries include learning, acquisition, and research duties. In footings of instruction, library staff has the duty to better and ease instruction and instructions of the teaching staff. Libraries besides facilitate larning and self-instruction of pupils. Likewise, this is besides true in footings of researching demands of the pupils and the teaching staff every bit good ( Stover, 2001 ) .

Libraries can carry through learning, acquisition, and research duties through mention service, developing an extended aggregation, and updating and keeping this aggregation. Furthermore, the libraries may besides seek coaction with the learning module and other parts of campus community in the procedure of course of study development. The library staff besides has the duty to expect and be prepared with rational and technological developments that may impact the library in the hereafter ( Stover, 2001 ) . Because of these of import functions, libraries should be continuously improved.


This survey utilized a qualitative research design to find the sentiments and suggestions of the pupils refering the betterment of the college library. The method was study and suggestion box. Survey method is the appropriate method to be used when garnering sentiments of the topics when high response rate is needed at a short research clip. This was necessary for the behavior of this research.

The participants of this survey were the college pupils of Bluefiled State College. They were asked to take part in the study while they were in the library, canteen, or school evidences during their free clip. On the other manus, a separate suggestion box particularly designed for this survey was placed in each subdivision of the library. There was no trying method implemented and multiple responses were non restricted because this survey focused on the content of responses and non on the figure of responses.

In footings of informations analysis and presentation, complete numbering of responses was done. The range of the responses covered library usage, belief or non-belief of the demand to better the college library, and others based on entirely on the perceptual experience of the pupils. The restriction of this survey was that the population of the school was non suitably represented because no sampling was done. However, the survey assured voluntary engagement which resulted high response rate.

The instruments used in this survey were suggestion box and self-administered questionnaire. The reply sheet for the suggestion box and the questionnaire were attached as appendix A and appendix B severally.


A sum of 300 responses were gathered from the study. The participants were gathered from the library, school evidences and other countries within the school where pupils gather during their free clip. In footings of the school degree, the interruptions down of the respondents were the undermentioned: 1st year- 70 ; 2nd year- 50 ; 3rd year- 70 ; 4th year- 80 ; 5th year- 30.

Majority of the respondents expressed more usage of Internet instead than library resources in doing their assignments and seeking for information. Figure 1 shows the interruption down of responses. Hence, there is a demand to better library resources to promote them to trust on the college library for their information demands.

In malice of utilizing the Internet more frequently to seek for information, many of the respondents still go to the library everyday. Hence, there is still willingness on the portion of the pupils to see the library and hunt for information. Figure 2 shows the interruption down of the responses.

However, when asked if they get the information that they need, bulk of the respondents answered no. Out of 300 respondents, 170 said that they often do non acquire the information they need from the college library and merely 130 said they get utile information from the library. Figure 3 shows the interruption down of responses.

Therefore, failure the undertake the figure one function of the college library- to present relevant information to the pupils means that this is a really important ground to better the installations and service of the college library.

In conformity to this, about all of the respondents said that they believe that their college library demands to be improved. Merely 40 expressed assurance to their college library and did non believe that rehabilitation of the college library should be done. On the other manus, 260 respondents said that the college library should be rehabilitated to better public presentation of the college library.

Table 1 shows the suggestions of the respondents for college library betterment from suggestion box and study questionnaires. The suggestions of the respondents can be classified into four groups: human resources, facilities/services, books, and direction.

Table 1 Suggestion for College Library Improvement

( From Suggestion box and Survey Questionnaire )

Human Resources


More bibliothecs

more tabular arraies and chairs to suit more pupils

Trained Librarians

library circuit for those who need aid


subscription of online and offline diaries



More books

better library direction

Updated books

better adoption and return system

More on fiction subdivision

Human Resources. Many of the respondents suggested that they need more and trained bibliothecs and ushers to help them in their library experience. They besides suggested holding guards within the locality of the library to supply security.

Facilities/services. The pupils besides suggested that they need more tabular arraies and chair for increased adjustment installations of the libraries. They besides requested for library Tourss for those who need it, particularly for the freshmen pupils and subscription of online and offline diaries which can be really utile for graduating pupils for their concluding research.

Books. The pupils requested for more books of more recent editions on diverse scope of subjects. Furthermore, they besides suggested more recent aggregation for the fictions subdivisions. This suggests that the pupils still necessitate and are still willing to read books.

Library Management. Aside from the material resources and human resources, pupils besides suggested some betterment of the college library based on library direction. This concerned book adoption and return system, and better over all library direction. This is in conformity to their petition for more trained bibliothecs.

Decision and Recommendations

From the consequences of the study, it can be concluded that the pupils rely more often to Internet resources for their information and scholastic demands. The coming of engineerings and the rapid development of new 1s, particularly the Internet have changed the acquisition and researching behaviour of the students- from the traditional library resources to digital or Internet resources.

However, the pupils still visit the library on a day-to-day footing to seek for the information that they need for scholastic public presentation and personal cognition addition. However, most of them do non acquire the information that they need. Therefore, they believe that the college library should be improved.

These scenarios should be a naming for the disposal and the library direction to better the library ‘s installations and services. The pupils have besides stated in this research their suggestions through the study and suggestion box.

Consequently, this research has the undermentioned suggestion for the library direction, school disposal, and the pupils.

Library Administration

See the point of position of pupils because they are the primary users and intended audience of the library and plans to better it. The effectives of betterment plans will entirely depend on the acceptableness of the undertaking to the pupils.

Implement comprehensive and effectual library direction processs. This will dribble down to better library service from library staff and relevant library experience for the pupils.

School Administration

Devote important portion of the school budget for betterment of the school library because library has of import functions to learning, acquisition, and research which are tantamount to the functions of the school as a whole.

Support enterprises of the school library to better.


Avail and maximise the usage of library ‘s resources. This can promote school governments to better the college library installations.

Be active in giving suggestions for the betterment of scholastic public presentation of the school and the college library for that affair.


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