Importance Of Police Involvement Criminology Essay

It is in the class of nature that the human species is prone to error on a day-to-day footing. This is manifested in different capacities, and sometimes led to illegal Acts of the Apostless that are prohibited by Torahs that govern the province they occurred. There are some actions that a human being can perpetrate, and be viewed as common or normal, whereas there are others that interfere with the autonomies of others ( Baltic, 26 ) . This is the major factor that led to fundamental laws that govern every independent province of the universe. There is besides a set of human rights and freedoms, recognized in every independent province that is recognized as democratic in the universe. We need jurisprudence hatchet mans in our community to see that the rights and freedoms of all human existences are respected ( Baltic, 32 ) . In this instance survey, I will turn to the importance of constabulary engagement within the community of San Antonio in Texas.

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San Antonio is one of the many metropoliss in the united provinces with good spelled out security units. There are different constabularies units in this metropolis get downing from the San Antonio constabulary section to the San Antonio elite swat squad. These jurisprudence enforcement bureaus are coordinated from the South Santa Rosa Street business district of the metropolis of San Francisco ( Fisher, 78 ) . This section has its roots from back in 1846 when the first jurisprudence implementing Marshall was commissioned. This metropolis continued to be under the attention of the Marshall, and the famously known Texas Texas Rangers until in the year1875. Subsequently on, constabularies units with to the full geared up uniforms were issued to function the metropolis. Since so, the San Antonio constabularies have seen monolithic developments with the metropolis holding more than 2,200 to the full pledged officers. It has besides been able to bring forth one of the best swat squad in the whole of America ( Fisher, 127 ) . This swat squad besides rated figure two in the universe after coming 2nd to the Canadian swat squad in the World Swat challenge held in 2010.

There are so many grounds why the constabulary section of San Antonio is as of import merely like any other in this metropolis. To get down with, San Antonio is non a metropolis of saints. That is ; it is non similar offense does non be in this metropolis. Crime is everyplace in the universe ( Baltic, 12 ) . There is no society that lacks some dissatisfied elements, who require to be reminded of the being of the regulation of jurisprudence every now and so. Any police organic structure put in topographic point has the duties of protecting belongings, control civil upset and implementing the jurisprudence ( Romero, 57 ) . There are some people who can non last without being on the incorrect side of the jurisprudence. Whenever such people are apprehended and sentenced, they get out of gaol, and within no clip they find themselves back in offense once more. Therefore, in a large metropolis like San Antonio, I feel that even 2, 200 constabulary officers are non plenty to control offense on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activity.

San Antonio is a large metropolis of more than 1.3 million people ( Gallup, 32 ) . I am afraid that forestalling or countering offense in such a populated metropolis would necessitate many jurisprudence enforcement officers. The population of this metropolis keeps turning on a instead rapid rate than any other metropolis in the United States. This besides adds as another concern since it imbalances the ratio between the figure of constabulary officers available to counter on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. I mean, we can non compare more than 1.3 million officers to merely above two thousand jurisprudence enforcement officers. This gives us an imbalanced ratio where every one constabulary officer is supposed to function six more than six 100 psyches.

Other than the population that resides in it, there are many attractive force sites, which attract tourers from all corners of the universe. Statisticss have put the figure of tourers who visit this town at 20 six million per annum ( Romero, 97 ) . These tourers need to be protected together with their properties. They besides need to experience that they are in a safe metropolis. Therefore, more policemen/women need to be recruited to go to to the demands of these tourers, together with the inhabitants of this metropolis. Although this town has strong military presence, military expeditions have other duties. These duties do non co-occur with the San Antonio constabulary section unless there was a affair of national security at manus ( Miller & A ; Whitehead, 68 ) .

Other than the inhabitants and the tourers who visit this metropolis, there are a batch of public and private belongingss that need to be protected. This is because they mostly contribute to the economic growing of this beautiful state of ours. San Antonio is home to many companies and fiscal establishments like Bankss that require round the clock surveillance ( Miller & A ; Whitehead, 123 ) . In fact, statistics put San Antonio as place to more than five 100 companies among other establishments of equal importance. It is the responsibility of the constabulary officers among other security organic structures to see to it that these assets are protected. That is from devastation, larceny among other frailties. Many are the times that when people lose their occupations, they become overwhelmed with choler and retaliation ideas. Some consequence in taking out their wrath on their foremans, while other start thought of what they could make to convey down their whole companies at big. Some may ensue to assailing their employers while other may ensue to puting their former companies ablaze. It is the responsibility of the constabulary officers to look into such offenses, and convey those who may ensue into such drastic offenses to justness ( Baltic, 302 ) . This brings me to my 2nd point why constabulary engagement in San Antonio community issues is of import.

The presence of constabulary in San Antonio acts as a hindrance to any felons or people meaning to make something improper ( Fisher, 167 ) . In most instances, people do non steal merely because they can non ; it is because they fear the effects of being caught. That is either in the act or during probes. Police presence in most instances does non work out offenses by collaring felons or by prosecutions ; their presence merely is adequate to discourage people from perpetrating offenses that would be them their freedom, or other position that they enjoy in the society. Since San Antonio is a large metropolis, many condemnable heads would happen it habitable for organized offenses within and outside the metropolis. For all we know, if we did non hold constabularies involved in San Antonio it could go the place of all ugly offenses in the universe. Even foreign felons would happen their manner into the metropolis since it would be disorganized and with no jurisprudence commanding it.

We have had offense Godheads go scot-free even in countries where we have tight security in the yesteryear ( Baltic, 89 ) . This begs the inquiry, what metropolis would San Antonio be without the constabulary? Everyone would affect themselves in whatever they wanted every bit long as it brought them some hard currency. All drug Godheads, louts, cocottes among others would flock the metropolis and take away its natural heritage. Terrorists would besides happen a topographic point that they can assail the American people from without worrying about jurisprudence hatchet mans since there would be none. To elaborate on this, I think this metropolis would be the most insecure in the universe doing tenseness all over the universe. Any metropolis without jurisprudence hatchet mans in the universe and more so in the United States, would open a gateway to international offenses seting the lives of every American at hazard of being attacked at any clip ( Townshend, 17 ) .

Many Asiatic countriesaa‚¬a„? subjects have continued to terrorise the lives of American citizens merely to every bit long as they cause them hurting. Many terrorists that have attacked our state in the yesteryear have been known to detest this beautiful state to the backbones of taking their ain lives in the procedure, merely every bit long as they cause us torment ( Townshend, 71 ) . There are groups that recruit and nobble immature childs in the Asiatic states, learn them to detest anything that has to make with America, and assail them at whatever opportunity that comes their manner. These immature childs are taught how to utilize all sorts of ammos, and even explosives merely to do certain they can easy take away human life at the first opportunity they get. A good illustration would be the unforgettable calamity of the 9/11 onslaught where so many American lives were lost ( Townshend, 38 ) .

We have had instances where American consulates have been attacked in foreign states like Kenya, Tanzania among others in the yesteryear. In fact, merely a few months ago the American consulate in Libya was attacked, and we even lost an embassador. All these onslaughts have been planned and coordinated from foreign dirts mind you ( Townshend, 32 ) . If these terrorists have been able to hit us at the least expected clip and they are stat mis from our state, what if they were to run from within its boundary lines? What if the United States authorities was to turn a blind oculus and withdrew all the constabulary from San Antonio? I bet these terrorists would happen their manner in to this beautiful state, organize a good base of establishing their onslaughts, and the peace we have profound since the September 9/11 onslaughts would be no more. We would besides hold so many instances of daylight robberies, mugging in the streets, colza instances, and every other condemnable activity that one can believe of.

Therefore, San Antonio can non and would non run without the engagement of the constabulary. Other than for the grounds that I have outlined above, I believe it is besides a constitutional right for every human being to be protected from any injury either internal or external ( Baltic, 06 ) . San Antonio is a metropolis within a autonomous state, which is sworn to protect the American fundamental law at any cost. There is no autonomous province of the universe that can claim to continue their fundamental law without seting the security of the people foremost. The United States of America is no different, and there is no ground why a individual metropolis should be neglected for whatever grounds.

The American people have developed different feeling in instances where the constabulary have been involved. There are people who feel that pieces can function them better than affecting the constabulary in their jobs ( Gallup, 44 ) . In fact, if we were to look at the figure of the American citizens who are in ownership of a piece today, it is flooring to see that this feeling is in about every one of us. Statistics through Gallup canvass put the per centum of American citizens who own guns at place or other countries within their belongings at 47 % . This is the figure of people who own guns lawfully in the United States. This included the 15 % of adult females and 47 % of work forces who claim to hold legitimate ownership of a piece ( Gallup, 41 ) . This begs the inquiry ; do people swear that ownership of pieces can turn to their unfairness issues better than the constabulary? The Gallup canvass besides did set the per centum of married work forces who legally posses pieces at 67 % . San Antonio metropolis is in the south west portion of the state, intending it is within this per centum. Therefore, I wonder how people in this metropolis would utilize these pieces if the constabulary were non at that place to keep jurisprudence and order. I can wager that if the constabulary were non involved in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities of a metropolis with so many guns, it would be the Sodom and Gomorrah of today universe.

The San Antonio constabulary section has had its accomplishments in keeping peace and order, protecting belongings, and even holding a SWOT squad that is rated figure two in the universe ( Fisher, 39 ) . However, it has had its portion of low minutes excessively. The San Antonio constabulary section has had a history of disrespecting the people it is supposed to function in and out of responsibility. Misconduct by constabulary officers in San Antonio has at times left the people inquiring whether they should be involved in the communityaa‚¬a„?s personal businesss. Reoccurring misconduct instances have made people lose trust in the constabulary. This is because they seem to travel against the jurisprudence other than protecting it. We have had male constabulary officers assault and at times rape adult females even in their official vehicles. Other officers have used constabularies intelligence to entree personal information of adult females they would wish to day of the month in future go forthing the unity of the whole constabulary section at interest ( Miller & A ; Whitehead, 187 ) . There was besides a instance of discourtesy that was filed by a cheery tourer in the twelvemonth 2008 against an officer in the same section. This ended up pulling public tumult particularly from the homosexual people in different parts of the universe. This is because they felt it was disrespectful to jest on other personsaa‚¬a„? sexual progresss. This section declined to look into the incident devising people raise eyebrows on whether the section cares for the people it serves.

In decision, the San Antonio constabulary section has at times put their greedy and egocentric demands in front of their people. However, we can non merely wish or request to them lock out from our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities wholly. We besides need to understand that non all officers in this section are disrespectful. They are those who live by their curses, and uphold their unity at whatever cost. We besides need to understand that other than keeping jurisprudence and order, the San Antonio Police Department protect our belongings, rights, and freedoms among other services ( Romero, 214 ) . They besides deter condemnable heads from enforcing their will on the people, and that is why we need to affect them in our activities on a day-to-day footing.


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