Importance of note-making

Chapter 1


The Importance of Note-Making

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During FEST plan we meet many faculties. With sing to its ain behaviour we have to follow larning techniques to retrieve all the of import points. As we can non keep them all in our head, we will hold to utilize a record to garner all the information. To enter something we have to better our listening accomplishments. As we record something we will hold to pay our attending for our work. That record can assist us to remember and understand the lesion in a ulterior clip and salvage our clip. So it is really of import to do effectual notes.

  1. During talks, lecturer nowadayss more information than shows in slides. Sometimes they give utile tips for assignments and for tests. So it is really of import to compose down intimations.
  2. When we are in a schoolroom or in a talk hall, we must concentrate our head on the lesion to catch all the information and to grok the lesion. That sort of a concentration is built by doing notes.
  3. So Note-making is really of import as it involves us in the acquisition procedure. And whenever we read something we have to compose down of import points as we can non keep them on head.
  4. Making notes allows us to cut down the information in to manageable size. When we are analyzing for exams a batch of stuff has to be covered. The cardinal points should be extracted from talk notes and text books.
  5. It is an assistance to exam alteration. Making notes helps to believe and understand the topic.

The history of Note-Making goes far about 1979. Tony Buzan was the individual who invented the construct of Mind Mapping. With utilizing images and forms he developed the chief thought up to a successful innovation. So now it has become most popular among most of the academic pupils.

Types of Note-Making Methods

Note-Making chiefly involves with selecting, analysing, sum uping and forming information. Although there were many Note-Making methods with different schemes, we merely consider five methods that suits for FEST plan in this research.

  1. Split-page Format. ( A narrative Note-Making method )
  2. In Split-Page Format method the page should be divided in to two columns and in one column there will be standard notes and in the other, the summery. This method can be used to compose down talk notes. [ 6.1 ]

  3. Diagram/Pattern Format. ( A ocular Note-Making method )
  4. In Diagram/Pattern method the information is presented with utilizing a diagram. The chief subject and the related thoughts should be linked together as it implies a complete significance. This is a sort of ocular acquisition technique. [ 6.1 ]

  5. Mind Map. ( A ocular Note-Making method )
  6. In this method the information and of import points are presented through a map which contains images. With associating one another, the information can be elaborated harmonizing to our ain creativeness. [ 6.1 ]

  7. Outline Format. ( A narrative Note-Making method )
  8. In this format the information is presented as an lineation with utilizing rubrics, bomber rubrics that are numbered harmonizing a process. [ 6.1 ]

  9. Question and Prompt Format. ( A narrative Note-Making method )

The chief points of a lesion can be highlighted across a series of inquiries and with relevant replies. [ 6.2 ]

When taking talk notes it should be more accurate and consisted. With bettering the wont to utilize SQ3R technique it allows us to take most of import points on talks. After reorganising them it reveal the manner to reexamine and revise the note. A note-Making method is merely one class that comes under survey accomplishments. But up to now we can see more methods that can follow to accomplish betterment in survey. So we can follow any of them to make the mark.

With the technological development the Note-Making method has stepped in to computing machine /notebook. So now it has changed its name as Electronic Note-making method. Most of the pupils use word processors because it is easy to send on.

Aims and Scope of Study

  • Acquire the accomplishments to do effectual notes utilizing assorted methods.


Communication & A ; Study Skills

Computer engineering



Engineering Ethical motives

Note Format:

Split-Page format

Diagram/Pattern format

Mind map

Outline format

Question & A ; Prompt format

Through the research I have investigated different Note-Making methods. Five chief Note-Making methods have taken to be concerned. The probe covers the advantages, disadvantages and the feasibleness of each method. And each Note-Making method is experimented with FEST faculties. Module have been chosen refering on its behaviour and the relevancy with the method as below ;

  1. Split-Page format: Communication and Study Skills
  2. Diagram/Pattern Format: Computer Technology
  3. Mind-map: Physicss
  4. Outline Format: Mathematicss
  5. Question and Prompt Format: Ethical motives
  • Acquire the accomplishments in proficient authorship.
  • Understand the demands for a thesis.
  • Identify the chief subdivisions of a thesis.
  • Achieve proficiency in utilizing soft tools to help proficient authorship.
  • Present critical and argumentative positions.
  • Learn to compose, abstract and pull decisions.

Overview of Study



In the talks we have to take a much battle to catch all the of import points and to understand with them. So it is really of import to acquire prepared before the talks with mentioning to past talks and with the things to be taught. After make up one’s minding the Note method harmonizing to frame work we will be able to hold a good Note which concludes all chief points. When composing down the chief points abbreviations, phrases and images can be helpful to pull off the clip.

This chapter concludes five chief Note-making methods and their acceptance in FEST faculties. When choosing the appropriate Note-Making method, the behaviour of each topic had to be considered.

  1. Communication and Study Skills is based on both theoretical cognition and practical cognition. Methods like Split-Page, Outline and Question-Prompt can be used to do CSS notes. But Split-Page format becomes most suited as it carries standard notes and summery.
  2. Computer engineering holds theory every bit good as practical. In most theory parts it concludes rubric, sub rubrics definitions and illustrations. CT notes can be summarized with a alone form like a diagram. So Diagram Format is the most suited method which complies with CT notes.
  3. If we talk about Physicss, it is a combination of theory, practical and computations. Mind map can be used to stress the expression, definitions and the cardinal thoughts in an exemplifying mode.
  4. As Mathematics carry expressions, definitions and computations, Outline Format can be used to do notes on theories every bit good as computations.
  5. Ethical motives is chiefly based on theory. So through Question and Prompt Format all the notes can be factorized.

We should hold a sense to choose the most suited method in assorted accations.

Execution of Different Note Formats in Various Fest Subjects

  1. The information and information needed,
  2. When doing notes we copy the chief points on talks every bit good as text books. And we will hold to mention web beginnings, diaries, studies and articles to derive excess cognition.

    The inquiries that rise during talks and our ain thoughts hold an importance. All the types of informations should be presented through a simple note.

  3. The information aggregation scheme,
  4. When doing a note we have to follow a information aggregation scheme. First of all we will hold to do a specific aim and a clear definition on the information aggregation. Second thing is the informations roll uping manner. It can be quantitative or qualitative. In quantitative informations aggregation scheme it is easy to read and reassign. But in qualitative informations aggregation scheme it needs a long clip to distinguish and happen out. Otherwise the informations manner can be evaluated after make up one’s minding it as simple, complex or hard.

  5. The conditions applied in notes,
  6. Note-Making is non an easy undertaking as it appears. It needs accomplishments to ensue a better merchandise. We should happen stuffs that are non excessively hard or complex. In this instance good organized stuff can assist to cut down clip. We have a good note after choosing, analysing, sum uping and forming those stuffs.

  1. Split-Page Format
  2. The easiest method to take down notes is Split-Page Format method. In this method the page should be divided in to two parts. The left side must hold a breadth of 2.5 inches and the right side must hold 6 inches. The right side is to observe down the talk notes and the of import points.

    And the left is to compose the cardinal words and the summery of the notes.

    But in some books it is said that page should be divide in to three subdivisions and in the left side it is for ain remarks and inquiries, the following portion is for composing down standard notes and the last portion is for the summery. So we can utilize either manner to do a good note.

    Advantages: This method is chiefly composed to do talk notes. And it produces a good organized note. When revising the note, the summery and highlighted points do it much easier. As we note down the inquiries that comes through the lesion, when remembering the lesion we can do much attending for those jobs.

    Disadvantages: This sort of a note is non visually attracted. We will hold to compose down all the chief points in the right side, so it takes much clip.

    Feasibility: The chief points, inquiries and summery is overviewed together.

  3. Diagram/Pattern Format
  4. This method is more ocular than the Split-Page format method. Harmonizing to this method the information can be displayed through a form as diagram. The chief subject is to be written at the top of the page. After that the related thoughts should be added. The chief subject and the sub topics/ideas should be connected each other as it arouses a complete sense.

    Advantages: Very easily to utilize and it does n’t take much clip to pull diagrams. It is much attractive and therefore it makes really convenient when recalling. Through diagram format it is easy to retrieve the information.

    Disadvantages: When utilizing Diagram format method we will hold to restrict the points. Therefore some cardinal points can be neglected. The chief thought is non viewable, merely the of import points are viewable. It is non easy to extent when information is batch. It is hard to province complicated thoughts through such a short format.

    Feasibility: Through this method the chief thought can be presented as a flow of cardinal points.

  5. Mindmap
  6. Mind function method is bit hard than other methods as it needs critical thought. It is a composing of both images and words which present a batch of information through creativeness.

    This method differs with other traditional methods as it is based on many accomplishments such like, believing planning, forming and refering.

    The topic/heading should be displayed at the center of the page. The cardinal thoughts and the constructs are the following to be noted. The subjects and sub subjects can be highlighted with utilizing many forms. But all the constructs are to be added in a short format. Symbols and images can be added as the suitableness. The constructs and their subjects should be linked with free lines or pointers.

    To do it more attractive we can follow many colourss as conformity.

    Advantages: It is easy to larn and use and helps to uncover interior abilities as creativeness. It provides a summery in a exemplifying manner. And it is easy to widen and add more points.

    Disadvantages: Merely the individual who have made it can understand, others ca n’t. It is difficult to show much complex constructs through Mind function. This method can non be used to take instant notes.

    Feasibility: Make the topic more exemplifying and comprehensive with its nature.

  7. Outline Format
  8. When we are taking usual notes, the Outline Format is largely used. Actually this method is based on forming information with utilizing a enumeration system.

    It should be started with an initial subject written as no.1. After that the bomber subjects should be displayed as 1.1,1.2,1.3… The descriptions that are under those sub subjects can be numbered as a ) , B ) , degree Celsius ) … When we choose another subject it should be displayed as no.2.The relationship is shown by the order of the numbers.Otherwise the subjects can be started at the border and so the subtopics can be indented.

    Advantages: It is easy to larn and easy to utilize. This method can be used to take notes in the schoolroom. There will non be any information loss as it is good organized. It is really easy to understand as it is more descriptive.

    Disadvantages: It does n’t include a summery and the of import thoughts hidden among the inside informations. So this is non a good method to remember before tests.

  9. Question and Prompt Format
  10. This method is more likely with Split-page method. But the difference being that, in QP method the inquiries that are based on survey aims will be displayed in the left side. And in the right side there should be the reply for that inquiry. When we make inquiries we will hold to travel through all the lesions and to catch chief points. This sort of a process makes the topic more apprehensible.

Advantages: When we are traveling through text books or survey ushers, it is really of import to observe down the inquiry arouses and their replies in order to utilize them near test. The things that are more concern able are highlighted, so it is really of import.

Disadvantages: There is no summery, Merely the of import points are highlighted. Therefore whenever we want something in item we will hold to mention back to the text books. There are no any ocular AIDSs, so it does n’t do any pleasant feeling when seeing notes.

Feasibility: This format has the ability to heighten the chief points in a Question prompt manner.

Discussion and Decisions

Although there were many Note-making methods all of them are based on summarizing, forming, analysing and choosing of import factors. We meet different faculties, when we go through FEST plan. With sing to the feasibleness of each Note-making method, we have to choose most comparable format to utilize with topics. When we are doing ordinary notes in the category room, Outline Format is the most suited one to utilize. When we are taking lecture notes Split-Page Format becomes most suited as it consist of inside informations every bit good as summery. Diagram/Pattern Format and Mind-mapping method can be considered as ocular methods. Although Diagram Format method is easy to utilize and larn than the Mind-Mapping method, there occur jobs in spread outing informations country in Diagram method. Mind-Mapping method is more celebrated among the present coevals as it vast many abilities.

As the first thing, it is to take the most suited Note-making method for the topic. It helps to retrieve more information that can be used in a ulterior clip. And besides it makes much easier to remember the topic.


Study Contributions

Through this research I was able to detect different Note-Making methods which suits for FEST faculties. By so I could get the accomplishments to do effectual notes. Additionally I was introduced to proficient authorship standards. It helped me to acknowledge the chief qualities and behaviour of a proficient authorship system. More excessively this study made me cognizant on the demands of a thesis and its chief subdivisions. Most of the cognition has to be caught from web beginnings. And that thing taught me, how I can lend soft tools for such a research. Chiefly I could carry through most of the aims as I was expected.

Recommendations for Future Development in Note-making Methods

For future development in Note-Making, we can utilize more abbreviations and short custodies for a better clip direction. We can better this accomplishment by affecting with official stenography linguistic communication more clip. As a memory assistance mnemonics can be added to our notes. With highlighting, footnoting and underscoring cardinal points, we will be able to detect most of import factors. Dating and totaling pages will besides be helpful when forming the lesions. Making notes on our ain words helps to grok the lesion. There should be a infinite for critical remarks every bit good as clean infinites. So I think that kind of thing can do a alteration in Note-making methods in close hereafter.


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