Importance of Math in Our Everyday Life

Many people are unable to make a connection between the numbers on the paper and what they do on a daily basis. People use a lot of what they were taught in school without even thinking much about it. Math is all around us, even in the kitchen. When cooking a meal, we sometimes checks the recipe to measure the portion or double-check the ratio of ingredients. Choosing between a cup of sugar or a half cup is a mathematical decision. Even setting and checking the timer to make sure the dish cooks for the appropriate amount of time requires math skills.

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When at the mall looking for an outfit to wear, we use math. Calculating sales tax, finding the right size and determining which store has the best sale are all mathematical problems. A consumer may have to figure out if 20 percent-off an item is better than a R20 discount. When shopping for everyday items at the grocery store, we must be able to count money and make sure they receive the correct amount of change. Saving, spending and investing money needs a fair amount of mathematical knowledge.

You must understand interest rates and calculate compound interest in order to make good financial choices. An investor must consider these factors when looking for the best investments to make his money grow. Playing the stock market requires math to calculate losses and gains as the value of stocks rises and falls. When purchasing a house, homeowners negotiate mortgage terms based on interest rates and what makes the most financial sense over the long period of time. Calculating the distance and time it will take to travel from point A to point B requires math skills.

Drivers even use math when choosing a petrol station, often driving around to find the station with the lowest price per leter. When using public transportation, we must read train and bus schedules to determine which train or bus will get them to their destination on time. As we have seen from these examples mathematics s very crucial in our lives, without it we wouldnt be able to to many of the tasks that we take for granted. Without maths the world would come to a stand still.


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