Implications Of Civil Rights Movements Cultural Studies Essay

One such an illustration is the civil rights motion of the sixtiess in America, which was against racism and ushered in an epoch of greater political rightness. Previously, African American, most of who were the descendants of slaves were capable to great favoritism and maltreatment. They were treated as 2nd category citizens or worse, segregated and frequently tortured by the Whites. For illustration, no black individual could board a coach reserved for Whites or utilize a remainder room for Whites. Similarly schools were segregated along racial lines and it was the landmark instance of Brown v Board of Education in 1954 that ended racial segregation in schools ( Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007 ) . However, that was merely the beginning. In the sixtiess, leaders like Martin Luther King struggled and fought for racial equality and shortly after, American society began to see the ailments of racism. As a consequence of political will and media protagonism, the populace began to turn ashamed of racism and started to be more sensitive to the feelings of others.

This had a major impact on branding. Merchandises that used racial slurs such as Nigger and depicted inkinesss in a bad visible radiation stopped such patterns. One obvious illustration is in the trade name design of the celebrated toothpaste trade name Darkie. Originally, the merchandise was produced by the Chinese company Hawley & A ; Hazel and its logo featured an evidently African American adult male blinking a white smiling. When the company was acquired by Colgate Palmolive, public indignation and accusals of racism caused the company to revamp its trade name image to have a racially impersonal ( and whiter ) individual that was unoffending. The toothpaste trade name name was later changed to Darlie in the international market ( Harvard Business Review, 2010 ) . However, the merchandise is still known by its original name in China as it non considered violative at that place.

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Another major turbulence that dramatically altered trade name design, peculiarly in the Muslim universe was the Persian Revolution of 1979. This took topographic point to subvert the bossy Shah who was held responsible for legion misdemeanors of human rights and did non esteem the rights and wants of the people ( Funk and Wagnell Encyclopedia, 2005 ) . Subsequently, a authorities led by spiritual churchmans was set up and this was the root of the Islamist motion which has gathered strength among Muslim states since so. The Islamic Republic was viewed as the most feasible Muslim option to the assorted signifiers of Western authoritiess and many were inspired by it. Consequently, many Muslims around the universe felt the demand to agitate of Westernization and its un-Islamic values in favor of a more traditional, Islamic political orientation. Islamic jurisprudence ( Syariah ) began to be implemented with greater ardor throughout the Muslim universe, with broad runing political, societal and economic deductions.

For one, it deemed a more modest and conservative frock codification and behavior. Scantily clothed adult females and ‘haram ‘ merchandises like spirits are banned from advertizements. Similarly, merchandises have to be ‘halal ‘ , or compliant with spiritual demands. Merchandises that are widely used in the Muslim universe have to non merely be ‘halal ‘ compliant, but besides bear the ‘halal ‘ logo to give them credibleness ( Weitz et al, 2009 ) . As a consequence, companies have to alter their trade name design to appeal to the Muslim universe at big. This would affect integrating the ‘Halal ‘ enfranchisement logo on their merchandises every bit good as utilizing green as the prevailing coloring material, or other Islamic motives like the crescent. This can be seen in merchandises runing from cosmetics, nutrient and apparels. Even the service sector is inspired by the Islamist motion, such as Islamic banking and insurance which are fast gaining popularity. Hence, companies that wish to perforate the Muslim universe will hold to modify their merchandise designs to accommodate spiritual esthesias.

In recent old ages, the populace has grown more environmentally witting. Massive pollution, deforestation and the emanation of nursery gases have all taken its toll on the environment. As a consequence, there is turning awareness about the importance of protecting our environment. This tremendous societal alteration has affected company trade name design. Consequently, there are many companies that have reinvented themselves to project a more environmentally friendly image. Some do this because they truly believe in environmental causes, while others do it for delusory intents. This is most evident in the crude oil industry, which is one of the worst defilers in history. In an effort to salve their tarnished repute after a series of detrimental oil spills since the 1970s, large oil manufacturers like Shell and Mobil have tried to project a ‘green image ‘ . However, the company that has most dramatically altered is trade name design is British Petroleum, which was later abbreviated to BP with the fantastic tagline, “ Beyond Petroleum ” ( Fortune, 2011 ) . Yet, this sums to little more than window dressing since BP is the perpetrator of the worst oil spill in 2010, that of Deepwater Horizon off the Gulf of Mexico. In such a instance, insincere trade name design might really backlash, judging from the monolithic recoil towards BP.

While trade name design is by and large influenced by political and societal factors, one time in a piece a trade name design can make the antonym by changing society. The best illustration is DeBeers Diamonds with its celebrated tagline “ Diamonds are everlastingly ” ( DeBeers, 2011 ) . Previously, people did non utilize diamond engagement rings. Due to a slack in planetary diamond gross revenues, the company explored all kinds of marketing schemes to better gross revenues. In 1947, it eventually came up with its tagline. De Beers uses affectional selling exceptionally good by tie ining diamonds with ageless love ( Riley, 2005 ) . DeBeers was so successful in its stigmatization and selling run that today, a diamond battle ring is a must for Western nuptials. The company has gone even further by establishing anniversary ring runs and these have been every bit successful. Never has a company been more successful in changing social and cultural norms.

Another illustration of how trade name design can impact society is Apple. Some of merchandises like the iPod and iPhone have dramatically altered the manner people interact with certain engineering. For case, before the iPad, music was portable merely in the signifier of compact phonograph record and cassette tapes. One had to record music through these media. While attempts were made to streamline design, these portable music participants were frequently cumbrous and bulky. Subsequently on, streaming music online was made available, but this option did non truly catch on until the innovation of the iPod. With its sleek design and capacity to hive away big measures of music, the iPod revolutionized the universe of music. Music became immediately downloadable and portable. This besides created a new concern theoretical account in the signifier of iTunes, which is the on-line shop to buy music. Now, most major record companies have a presence on iTunes and the figure is turning ( Harvard Business Review, 2010 ) . Similarly, the iPhone went against the norm of holding legion buttons by presenting a touch screen system. This attack is now adopted by most smart phone makers and the iPhone is much more than a telephone. Peoples can utilize it for so many different and utile intents that it has altered telecommunications everlastingly. Apple ‘s new table computing machine, the iPad, looks every bit promising as it will revolutionise reading itself.

The instance of the coffin nail industry is an interesting illustration of a reversal in luck as trade name design ab initio influenced society, before political and societal factors turned its dorsum on the industry and forced it to reinvent itself. The beginnings of the coffin nail are vague, but since 1855, soldiers who fought in the Crimean war used them. By and large, war has the consequence of exciting the baccy industry and by the terminal of the Second World War, 45 % of all Americans smoked ( Mukherjee, 2010 ) . The coffin nail industry spent a luck to transform the industry, and transform the construct of branding itself. Smoking was regarded as stylish, manfully and associated with other positive virtuousnesss. Unsatisfied by simply luring war veterans, it launched a extremely effectual scheme to entice different consumer markets. By the early 1950s, coffin nail trade names were designed for segmented groups such as urban workers, immigrants, homemakers, adult females, African Americans, and most shockingly, to physicians. Indeed, an advertizement proclaimed, “ More physicians smoke Camel ” in a command to reassure consumers about the safety of coffin nails ( Mukerjee, 2010 ) . Back so, even though it was clear that coffin nails caused lung malignant neoplastic disease, there was no serious scientific survey to turn out it and those who pointed out the correlativity between smoke and lung malignant neoplastic disease were scoffed.

Indeed, the coffin nail industry ‘s attempts at confuting the dangers of smoke should travel down in history as possibly the most evil offense committed by an industry. In the late fiftiess, when landmark surveies eventually showed the nexus between smoke and lung malignant neoplastic disease, the industry launched an all out media war to discredit the scientists and to take legal action against them. However, due to the protagonism of a little but vocal group of anti-smoking lobbyists, the American authorities eventually launched a survey that proved the dangers of smoke. This was the beginning of the terminal of the good perceptual experience the populace had of smoke.

In the sixtiess, a series of anti-smoking advertizement caused so much negative promotion that the baccy shapers voluntarily withdrew cigarette advertizements from broadcast media. In add-on, some victims of lung malignant neoplastic disease successfully sued coffin nail companies which were so forced to pay a luck in compensation. Due to all these attempts by anti-smoking groups, coffin nail smoke declined in America so the coffin nail industry had to withdraw and redesign its trade name.

Presently, coffin nail shapers in the West have to present a warning mark on coffin nail bundles that smoking causes lung malignant neoplastic disease. They besides have to demo ghastly images of necropsies done on people with lung malignant neoplastic disease, a move that has been adopted here in Malaysia. All these have undermined the image of coffin nails and smoking itself. Hence, this demonstrates how societal and political events have altered the trade name image of coffin nails. However, the coffin nail industry is extremely resourceful and has increased its presence in developing states like China and India that do non hold such rigorous anti-smoking groups. Possibly in due class, society in these states will respond negatively to coffin nails as their Western opposite numbers.

In decision, it is true that societal and political events influence trade name design. As discussed in this study, there are many cases of political and societal turbulences that deeply alter the really nature of trade name design. At the same clip, every one time in a piece at that place comes a trade name design that does the really opposite by changing society.


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