Impact of Modern Media on Youth

Most of the dictionaries define media as a conglomerate of different mass communication. Of those media, the most popular ones is Radio,T. V, print journalism and web/internet . Advertising is another popular and very important medium. For purposes of the media, youth will be classified in age groups of 13 and 21. Media, in today’s world, have both positive and negative implications. As far as youth is concerned one thing should be kept in mind, that it depends upon the youth to reap the positive/negative outcomes from media.

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Media not only helps the youth to become aware of the current events but also allows them to evaluate the burning issues. A greater percentage of youth related to mass communication and journalism are using media as a platform to display society’s views and feelings. The youth in any part of the world can utilize this platform to communicate their objectives. For example, in many countries, various non-profit organisations use media to highlight problems of enhancing education system in different parts of the world.

However, the boldness of media sometimes create negative implications also on the youth. As a whole, the positive aspects surpass the negative implications which clearly shows that the youth are getting maximum benefits out of media only if they use media as a proper channel to express their views. There are many many advantages and disadvantages of media. They are advantageous in the field of education and keeping up with world events, exposure to different cultural events, broadening of experiences etc. and its a positive form of entertainment in moderation too.

When we think of the disadvantages, we may say that the media creates, in many youth desensitization to violence, exposure to drug abuse, stress from certain types of media, possibilty in increasing the body weight if one spends too much of time in front of T. V. or computer, potential lack of social skills among others. It seems clear that media is about options, it is what you make of it. If the youth and adults choose to take the positive aspects they can do just that and if they choose to take the negative aspects they can do all that .

However the problems may simply be that young adults are too easily affected by the ill-effects of media. Anything must be taken in moderation for it to be most effective. Today Media is closely linked to youth, be it any!!! Internet being the fastest and widest of mode communication is accepted by all. Every medium has its pros and cons so it is upon us to see that we take good things from them. Modern youth wants everything to be fast, but one thing is for sure that Indian youth is not going to go the western way! You can’t say that youth is going wrong way or the right because it is their way of perceiving things.

It has a psychological impact. Like ways of looking at things. Just like one person is different from other physically the same way every one has different way of looking at things, perceiving them and accepting those things in their life. Media and the internet have greatly impacted today’s youth, in good and bad ways. From Twitter, to Youtube, MySpace, and Google, we have news at our fingertips. Everything today is so connected that we can know exactly what our friends are doing without being in their presence, etc. The downside to all of this though is that laziness has started to get worse.

Why go to the library and read a book on a report when you can google an essay? And communication skills may also be taking a punch as well. The need to be in person talking with friends or anyone is growing less and less significant as the years go by. Also, the media isn’t helping at all either. MTV, VH1, hollywood films, magazines and all are pushing youth to be things that they aren’t, or influencing their actions in ways that would make many parents disapprove. If things are bad now, just imagine how they’ll be in the future. It appears as if youth have been getting lazier with every passing generation.


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