Illegal Drugs and Their Outcomes Essay Sample

There are 2 types of drugs. medical specialty and the illegal 1s. T he drugs we take to better our wellness is good. but non excessively much. Thats why we have physicians to state us how many we should take in a twenty-four hours. The illegal drugs. such as weed. pot and many more. are dangeruos to our wellness. In this Essay. I will be speaking about the hazard factors of illegal or prohibited drugs. . besides the effects of it.

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In our society today. a batch of people around the universe take these illegal drugs. To bury about their job and acquire “high” . What are the side effects of illegal drugs? Overdose is one of the hazards of drugs. It is an inordinate speaking of drugs. it may take to decease if untreated. Physical dependance is besides one of the hazard factor of drugs. What it does to you. it give you a hungering for more drugs. For you to acquire more. Health Risks. drugs like cocaine. ectasy. and many more. Will increase a person’s bosom rate and blood force per unit area. Which leads to decease or shots.

Weed is a type of drug. that can be grown. Peoples make it as coffin nails and smoke it. Its side effects are problem of retrieving things. sleepiness and many more. Cannabis is besides a type of drug that is caused by cannabiniods. The effects of it has psychological. physiological. anxiousness. euphory. and many more. In decision. illegal drugs are really unsafe to wellness. So we should non take or smoke illegal drugs.


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