The Illiad
Intro in notebook….
(Missing a week 2 classes)Iliad Book 7I. Hektor and Paris return to battle (1-16)
– The gods put the idea in the head of hektor that he should issue a challenge to the greeks
– No one at first takes him up on this offer, but everyone is shamed for not stepping up
– “Cast lots” random draw, person chosen is Aias (He is the biggest man of all the greeks and stands the best chance)II. Duel between Hektor and Aias (17-322)
— Dual start off of image of everyone being scared to fight hektor but turns out Aias is actually getting the better of the two and if dual was not stopped he probably would have won
– Start by casting spears and then fight with swordsIII. Fighting halted to bury the dead (323-482)
– Call the battle on account of darkness
– Shake hands and agree to fight another day
– Both sides agree that whoever is killed that their body be given back to family and not be mutalated
– pause to cremate the bodies (collect dead from the battle field)
-Greeks have built a wall to protect their ships with a trench to try and block it and one large gate (assembly)
– Trojans also have an assembly, agree to give back everything they have took except hellan Iliad Book 8 – “ The unfinished battle”Zeus honours his promise he will give honour to …I. Assembly of gods; Zeus forbids gods to take part in battle (1-52)
– Zeus initiates a threat
II. A day of fighting (53-349)
a) Battle begins with the scales of zeus
– Mechanism that balances two plates
– Puts the fates of greeks on one side and trojans fate on other side
– Throughout book zeus casts lightning and greeks take it as a warning and run away and the trojans take is as a positive sign that zeus is giving them help and start to fight the greeks
b) Nestor threatened by Hektor rescued by Diomedes (78-166)
c) Advance of Trojan under Hektor (167-216)
d) Agamemonon rallies troops (217-334)
e) Aristeia of Teukes (273-334)

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