I Forget That I Have Alzheimer’s disease Essay

Alzheimer’s disease is a familiar sight to me. I had a sad experience during my work as a nurse in my state Colombia and Spain with Alzheimer disease patients. Day by twenty-four hours I came to cognize each patient’s narrative because every twenty-four hours they were populating the minute without retrieve the last minute. This is besides what happened to Lisa Genova’s novel Still Alice. The supporters is a 50 twelvemonth old adult female. a really good organized. efficient. highly-educated. and smart Harvard professor. married woman of a successful adult male. and the female parent of three adult kids. who has diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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Peoples have learned about the patterned advance of Alice’s disease through her reactions. so experiencing what she feels- a slowly edifice panic. the large alterations with her household. professional life. and her individuality. but we besides have started to understand how Alice finds positive facets in all this. she started to bask more of her household. she besides began to take more clip for her. about how she can retrieve the things without aid. When a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. the relation between the patient and his/her household suffers large alterations.

With Alice. is the negative facets start when she becomes dependent on her household members and in demand of certain attention. The impact on Alice’s place is seeable in the new wonts. modus operandis. functions and maps within the household kineticss. All of her household members suffer as a consequence of the disease to a lesser or greater extent. Her husband’s life is affected because he has less clip to make his work and other activities. as he needs to take attention of her. He besides loses his forbearance because Alice behaves out of the ordinary. and that can go raging in some ways.

An illustration. when Alice forgets her cell phone at place and he said: “Then canal tape it to your caput. I don’t attention. I’m non traveling through this every clip you forget you’re supposed to demo up someplace. ” ( Genova 99 ) . On the other manus. her kids experience anxiousness. fright. and rejection with respect what is go oning with their female parent. All the members of her household in some manner want to take attention of her. While assisting her expressions like an duty. the positive facet is that Alice has more attending from her hubby and kids.

She and her hubby attempt to regenerate their fondness to each other. Her hubby and kids are back uping her at some minutes. particularly the youngest girl. who feels love. compassion. and empathy for her female parent. The 2nd of import facet of Alice is life that is affected her professional life as an of import professor. “Today. I have the award of presenting you to our first colloquium talker of the twelvemonth. Dr. Alice Howland is the high William James Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. ” ( Genova 9 ) .

In malice of her accomplishments and all the of import and recognized things about her profession. the calling is coming to an terminal. She bit by bit loses the ability to follow a conversation yarn. the narrative line of a book. or to remember information she heard merely minute before. She is losing her regard of her pupils because they can non swear in person who is ill. She is unable to make the work because every twenty-four hours she loses the capacity to retrieve everything she needs to cognize at the minute. She loses prestigiousness because she can non stand for any more in her life as a professional.

The positive point is that she can non desire to give up all old ages of work in a 2nd. She wants to be a supported at any minute by any individual who needs her. She continues to go to meetings and seminars. She is seeking to go forth a positive feeling on each individual who has met her. The 3rd and the most of import facet with Alice and her Alzheimer’s disease is a large alteration in her individuality. At the beginning she is angry and down with herself because she is burying everything that she needs to retrieve every twenty-four hours. such as a simple and common word.

Her emotional alterations besides affect her relationships with others and her ain feelings. because she has a negative behaviour with others when she yells or says a word of choler. I think is the manner how she shows that she is seeking to avoid what is go oning in her life with an incurable disease that changes the way of her life. She feels defeat about her memory jobs because bit by bit she has a limitation of freedom that means she loses privateness and independency in each activity she wants to make.

We can non conceive of what she is experiencing when she is losing everything she learned. all the manner back to basic activities such as the accomplishment to walk. eat. or even utilize the bathroom. Alice feels frustrated about what she is populating. because it is a manner to state she is stigmatized with this disease as though she were already dead. On the other manus. and in a positive manner. she begins to bask her life when she portions more clip with her household. She feels wonder about a hereafter of her kids and grandchild. and so she wants to populate to bask everything. despite she would “be incapable of retrieving and put to deathing this sort of program.

” ( Genova 118 ) . She creates a simple trial and games to retrieve simple things of her life. and she can self-administer every twenty-four hours. She besides tries to make a support group with people who have the same conditions as her. sharing experiences and to cognize that she does non alone in all this. This is a narrative where a adult female forgets that have Alzheimer’s disease because she continues to make her life usually. she forgets that the things that she makes usually. now she does non do.

Alice can happen in her hubby and kids some manner of support of each one of them. and so she can understand the positive things about her disease. The surprising is how the Alzheimer’s disease can progress really rapidly. as affect relationships. households. professional occupations. and the individualities of each patient. “Unfortunately. this is a progressive. degenerative disease with no remedy. It gets worse. despite any medicine we have right now. ” ( Genova 245 ) . This is a sad terminal for each individual who had a fantastic and successful life.

In my experience. I merely knew and lived with my patients their concluding stage of the disease. I besides admire anyone traveling through this disease. their household. friends. those who care for them and those who continue to research for this cause. The hope is the patients and the people who live around them can happen the positive facets during the disease. they can bask more clip together and assist each patient attempt to happen a good manner to digest their disease. Work Cited Genova. Lisa. Still Alice. New York. London. Toronto. and Sydney: Gallery Books. 2009.


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