Hybrid Car For Taxi Company Marketing Essay

We are pleased to assist you to replacement the gasolene cab to hybrid cab for cut downing CO2 emanation and its part to cut downing nursery gas emanation. In add-on, we would wish to propose the all new coevals of intercrossed auto to your company for purchase it because purchase loanblend auto non merely cutting down fuel ingestion costs while produce low degree toxic gas emanation. Therefore, we would wish to subject the following proposal to assist your company more understand and benefits of our company ‘s intercrossed auto, it will better your company standard degree and protect the environment.

We are the fabrication auto company call Toyota, is the most celebrated in Malaysia. We have more than 70 old ages of experience in supplying best auto to the universe and our applied scientists through old ages to larn ecosystem to bring forth more modern of autos. We have sold many autos like Camry, Altis, Vios, Hilux etc. In 2000, we have released all new first coevals of intercrossed auto call Prius. The Toyota Prius is the full intercrossed electric mid-side hatchback and best blend of battery and gasoline to do economic tally in 100km under 4 liters.

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Toyota Prius sold in more than 70 states but largest markets are United States, Japan and Europe. In 2010, the best sold of 351.7 1000s units in Japan and other states besides have good gross revenues such as United States possess 140.9 1000s units, Europe obtain 35.5 1000s units and others are 5.8 1000s units. Nowadays, a sum of 28.711 1000s were sold in United States during March 2012, going the one month record comparison in twelvemonth of 2010 of all time. Wholly, all Toyota Prius have sold 74,625 thousand units, stand foring 15 per centums of monthly new auto sold in March 2012. In decision, Toyota Company was sold 247.230 1000s of Toyota Prius during the first one-fourth of twelvemonth.

Besides, Toyota Prius wins intercrossed auto of the twelvemonth award in Japan in 2010. The Toyota Prius, which won award, receive 433 ballots in contrast with Honda intercrossed auto of Honda Insight by merely 42 ballots. In 2000, Toyota Prius obtained the international technology of the twelvemonth award “ Best Eco-friendly Engine ” . Furthermore, Toyota Prius acquired the “ automative technology international of best technology auto of 2001 award ” .

Background And Purpose

We realize the jobs of your cab company are engine ingestion and gas emanation. The gas emanation is one of the most planetary concern jobs that cause clime alteration which is created from nursery gases and gas emanation, one of it is carbon dioxide CO2. Anyway, the other of import job is oil cost, because normal gasolene auto is utilizing 1 litre of gasoline to run 9.5km while in comparison with intercrossed auto is excessively expensive for those driver cab. Besides that, autos need fix in every month and the monetary value of care is expensive of each times.

We understand the demand of your company. We know that you would wish to cut down the emanation of C dioxide and C monoxide to protect environment. Besides, you may prefer autos that can offer better fuel economic system than traditional gasolene auto. Furthermore, cheaper care cost for the auto is besides of import for a cab company, because the auto may utilize to drive whole yearss while it needs systematically care.

We will concern your company ‘s job as reference above. Therefore, we will assist you to work out job and carry through the demand of your company. Buy our intercrossed auto would be an investing for your company in long term, because our intercrossed auto can cut down the fuel ingestion cost and less emit C dioxide. Other than that, Toyota Prius is a new theoretical account of ‘greenery auto ‘ , I believe that many people will wish to take cab from your company. Therefore, your company will go more popular and celebrated.

The manner to minimise the clime alteration is utilizing the new engineering. Our company produces Toyota Prius of intercrossed autos are the new engineering to work out this job, because intercrossed auto has the advantage in cut downing fuel ingestion and sum of the gas emanation to atmosphere such as C02. Hybrid autos consume less gasoline than traditional autos, therefore autos are consume less 50 per centum of C dioxide and 90 per centum of C monoxide. Besides, intercrossed autos are combination of two beginnings of power between gas engine and electric motor, so the fuel economic systems of intercrossed autos are 25 per centums better than traditional autos. Last, intercrossed autos has less expensive for care because of its alone design and characteristics that decrease wear and rupture the engine and braking system. Besides, system of Toyota auto can be found easy in Malaysia and the monetary value besides cheaper than other trade names of auto such as Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Bend etc.

You should take us for few grounds. The first ground is fuel efficient which save money with gasoline cost the manner we can, 4km per litre of gasoline in comparison with traditional gasolene auto. The 2nd ground is based on engine type, Prius is high engineerings of gasoline-electric auto which is a new modern engine to utilize gasoline for discharge electric motor and utilizing two beginning to bring forth power to put to death the auto. The 3rd ground is dependability and dependableness, our autos are the best qualities in fact that we has been constructing the Prius with intercrossed synergisms drive for 10 old ages, the trust seem good founded. We besides test every autos as we sell compared with large rivals like Honda, Nissan, Chevrolent, Ford etc. The 4th ground is we are the figure one pick for you to choose the loanblend auto because we are acquire the figure 1 selling trade name of intercrossed auto in America.

Last, no 1 wants a ill made auto. You will non acquire this from Toyota, we pride ourselves on bring forthing the best auto on the route. If there is any job, we will instantly rectify and repair it in order to assist our repute, so the rivals are difficult to outsell us. Besides, a majority of Toyota autos are made in Japan, there is less errors and smoothly fabrication capacity. So, our autos are the best safety and dependableness. If you want to choose a value auto, so you can take us to run into your all jobs and demands.

In decision, study through people who drive the Toyota Prius. They are comment in Toyota Prius in two good things. The chief of import thing is gas emanation degree, Toyota Prius has the lowest emanation of any autos in the universe and decrease of C dioxide in ambiance. Besides that, people is more concern in gas milage, Toyota Prius has a good engineering to command a combination of electric and gasoline motors to fit the power beginning in order to salvaging money and natural resource.

In add-on, design of Toyota Prius is considered in few facets. There are usage of lower rolling-resistance tyres to cut down route clash and aid in


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