Humans Are Born With Prejudice English Literature Essay

The narrative is set in the 1930 ‘s, an epoch of great racial unfairness, in the deep South of Maycomb, Alabama. It has been more than seventy old ages since the Southerners lost to the Northerners in the Civil war and yet the people of the South still resent the Northerners of the North as they believe the Northerners are dissemblers for liberating the slaves. Greater than their bitterness towards the North is their hatred towards the colored people. Up until 70 old ages before, the inkinesss were slaves to the Whites and even though the inkinesss were freed, they are still considered to be the lower category. This creates many colliding political orientations in the little town, making issues between the townspeople, as in order to remain on top of the societal hierarchy, they must pretermit lower categories and see those existences as beneath them in order to last themselves. Harper Lee created this scene to reflect the town that she grew up in, to be able to set more apprehension into her authorship in order aid her readers gain a greater position of the bias during that epoch. She besides creates a secret plan based on the events and political orientations of the clip.

In the book, the white upper category people of Maycomb autumn topic to ethnocentrism. They believe that they are normal, superior, and anything else is unusual ; even if they have n’t met them, they pre-judge the different and reprobate them to a humble life. This is their manner of remaining on top of the societal hierarchy, because if they did non pre-judge other categories, their place as the highest category would be in hazard and the lower categories would lift up and take their topographic point. An illustration of this is the manner Tom Robinson helped Mayella Ewell, a miss from the least sure white household in the town. When the two were caught together, Mayella accused Tom of colza, and merely because it was considered unnatural that a black adult male should assist and experience sorry for a white adult female. When the instance went to test, Tom was found guilty because the white upper category of Maycomb would instead believe that a black adult male raped a miss and put him in gaol than accept the given physical grounds that suggested that Tom was at that place to assist Mayella, and set him free, because if this was allowed, black and white would interact and the position quo would alter. Although Tom did n’t win his instance, at least one individual in the town of Maycomb sees the effects of racial prejudice in the courtroom. “ There ‘s nil more sickening to me than a white adult male who ‘ll take advantage of a Negro ‘s ignorance. Do n’t gull yourselves – it ‘s all adding up, and one of these yearss, we ‘re traveling to pay the measure for it. ” -Atticus Finch ( pg 233-234 ) Lee created this as portion of the novel ‘s plot line to demo that even with people such as the character of Atticus Finch, this system of pre-judging and discriminating is evident wholly over the Earth and can be dated back to the beginning of clip, non merely in recent old ages. Humans feel a compulsive demand to happen a manner to be at the top of the societal hierarchy, whether it be killing off the competition, such as in the yearss of the cave mans, or utilizing bias to pretermit another category to remain on top. It is portion of our mentality, that to remain on top, we need to crush the remainder. This political orientation has been foregrounded throughout the full novel by the writer to demo how painful and crude racial bias truly is. Many characters in the novel were besides created to reenforce the issues created by this major job.

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One of these characters is Jean Louise Finch, who is most frequently referred to by her moniker “ Scout ” , is the first-person storyteller and supporter of the novel. Her female parent died when she was two old ages old, so Calpurnia, the black retainer of the household, raised her, giving Scout a really uncommon sense of trust towards coloured people. Scout has a learning experience affiliated with the test of Tom Robinson. On the twenty-four hours of the test, Scout, along with Jem and Dill snuck into the courthouse and Saturday on the colored people ‘s balcony to stay out of Atticus ‘ sight. They were caught watching merely before the jurors were dismissed to discourse their sentencing. Atticus let the kids stay for the finding of fact because they had already seen the complete test and seemed to be rather interested in what would go of Tom Robinson. Atticus proved Tom to be guiltless and yet, he was still convicted, merely because he was black. Although Tom was convicted, the jury took a long clip to make their determination, demoing that they may hold considered saying him guiltless. Lookout could n’t come to understand why Tom was convicted, particularly if Atticus had proved him guiltless. She subsequently learned that this was so, merely because he was a black adult male. “ aˆ¦There ‘s something in our universe that makes work forces lose their heads- they could n’t be just if they tried. In our tribunals, when it ‘s a white adult male ‘s word against a black adult male ‘s, the white adult male ever wins. They ‘re ugly, but those are the facts of life. ” – Atticus Finch ( pg 220 ) . This quotation mark is from a conversation between Jem and Atticus, but with Scout listening closely. To her antipathy, Scout learns that come what may, Whites will ever stay superior to inkinesss. It can be assumed that Lee created Scout to be the focal point of her novel because as the storyteller of the narrative, Scout gives the stating an kernel of artlessness, which brings the reader ‘s apprehension of the events taking topographic point in the town down to a kid ‘s perceptual experience, which, in bend, will demo the reader the full impact of bias in a little town such as Maycomb.

Prejudice is found in many signifiers all around the universe, it ever has been and it ever will be. It is set in our heads from the minute we are born, that in order to remain on top, you have to somehow extinguish the competition. This is shown in many signifiers in “ To Kill a Mockingbird ” , utilizing discourses of race and category, the word picture and context to ask for the reader to see and research the effects of bias. Prejudice is about the manner we, as people, foreground the political orientation of ‘different is bad ‘ whilst marginalizing the truth of human being in order to stay above others, and whether we choose to or non, we will ever do it so in our eyes we, as the ‘upper category ‘ remain at the extremum of the societal hierarchy, because it is human nature, an replete beyond our control.


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