human resource management

HSS Ltd. is-a leader in high-end textiles having headquarters in Bangalore. The company records a turnover of Rs.1,OOOcr. plus a year. A year back, HSS set up a unit at Hassan (250 km away from Bangalore)to spin home textiles. The firm hired Maniyam as GM – HR and asked him to operationalize the Hassan unit.
Maniyam has a vision; Being a firm believer in affirmative actions, he plans to reach out to the rural areas and tap the potentials of teenaged girls with plus two educational background. Having completed their 12th standard, these girls are sitting at homes, idling their time, watching TV serials endlessly and probably dreaming about their marriages. Junior colleges are located in their respective villages and it is easy for these girls to get enrolled in them. But degree colleges are not nearby. The nearest degree college is minimum 10 km and no parents dare send their daughters on such long distances and that too for obtaining degrees, which would not guarantee them jobs but could make searching for suitable boys highly difficult.
These are the girls to whom Maniyam wants to reach out. How to go about hiring 1500 people from a large number who can be hired? And Karnataka is a big state with 27 districts. The GM-HR studies the geography of all the 27 districts and zeroes in on nine of them known for backward­ness and industriousness.
Maniyam then thinks of the principals of Junior Colleges in all the nine districts as contact persons to identify potential candidates. This route is sure to ensure desirability and authenticity of the candidates. The girls are raw hands. Except the little educational background, they know nothing else. They need to be trained. Maniyam plans to set up a training centre at Hassan with hostel facilities for new hires. He even hires Anil, an MBA from UK, to head the training Centre.
All is set. It is a bright day in October 2006. MD and the newly hired VP-HR came to Hassan from Bangalore, 50 principals from different…

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