Human resource development and knowledge management in NTPC

The Human Resource in NTPC plays a really of import function in consolidation of the organisation. Its major part is through

Competence edifice

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Committedness edifice

System edifice

Culture edifice

NTPC ‘s systems approach to HRD is fundamentally focused on how preparation can be integrated to other organisational subsystems such as

Quality system

Performance rating system

Technical system

This is to accomplish overall aims and ends of the organisation and to leave soft system believing for the uninterrupted betterment through larning instead than through any engineered solutions. Other factors which are based on are based on soft system believing are Process betterment, betterment measuring, inventions, organisation development and Benchmarking etc.

Training is an knowing act of making a acquisition environment in NTPC, after which people may use their acquisition in the work field. It is no more a reactive function in organisational life, but it has become an built-in portion of concern and line directors of the organisation, where it forms a transformational function in decision-making, strategic development, policy preparation and concern direction. National Thermal Power Corporation is providing to preparation demands in the power organisation.

NTPC ‘s HR policies recommend a Periodic Training Need Analysis ( say one time in two old ages ) for germinating an one-year demand based developing intercession docket embracing the undermentioned countries:

Technical preparation and skill up step

Personality Development

Organization Development Issues

Information Technology and Computer Skills

Management Development Programs

At least one long term preparation opportunity/ plan in a calling should be planned for center and senior degree officers. The NTPC while being a technically intensive sector dependant on chiefly technology work force needs competent directors particularly in the altering environment of reforms and travel towards competitory market environment. While the Power Sector has a big figure of extremely qualified applied scientists in senior functions, there has been unequal focal point on constructing managerial competences. So it needs at least one long term Management Development Program should be planned for center and senior degree officers while they make the passage from chiefly technology functions to managerial determination devising functions.

On the Job Training

Field Training


on the occupation





Field Training

Power Plant exposure

Behavioural Inputs

Technical Inputs

Power Plant exposure

Class room Training


52 hebdomads preparation


Training for screen behavioral & A ; attitudinal alterations

NTPC HR policies include developing intercessions, instruction up step programs and direction development plans designed for forces should guarantee holistic all-around development of the forces. One of the comprehensive theoretical accounts for preparation, the 360° Training Model, provides a platform non merely for functional accomplishment development but integrating behavioural and attitudinal orientation while making an grasp of the commercial facets of concern. While companies are by and large able to offer core functional preparation, behavioural and attitudinal preparation expertness is missing in a bulk of the houses. Hence, companies should seek to guarantee that the preparation is non limited to narrow functional function positions but overall organisational and societal positions every bit good.

Knowledge Management in NTPC: –

Three critical facets NTPC ‘s cognition direction system is focused on three critical facets:

External cognition:

-Subscription/membership to domain specific industry studies

-Subscription/membership to domain specific engineering diaries

-Capturing tendencies in the external environment ( international and national )

Internal cognition:

-Capturing and absorbing explicit and tacit cognition shacking within NTPC

-Making the captured cognition available to employees for re-use

-Updating internal cognition

( 3 ) Collaborative tools


-Message boards


Beginning: – Knowledge direction execution in NTPC: an Indian PSU, Emrald Website

The Key Goals of Human Resource Development in NTPC are: –

aˆ? To heighten organisational public presentation by commiting an a presence in hydro power section aim and unfastened public presentation direction system.

aˆ? To aline single and organisational demands and develop conventional and non-conventional beginnings of energy to concern leaders by implementing a calling development guarantee long tally fight and extenuate fuel hazards

aˆ? To heighten committedness of employees by acknowledging and sing backward and forward integrating into countries honoring high public presentation.

aˆ? To construct and prolong a learning organisation excavation, coal mineral extraction, etc. of competent world-class professionals.

aˆ? To commit nucleus values and make a civilization of teambuilding, authorization, equity, invention and openness

aˆ? To set up a strong services trade name in the domestic and which would actuate employees and enable accomplishment of international markets and to run into the company ‘s strategic aims.

The Involvement Of Employees: –






Team Building, MOTIVATION





Reorientation Plan: Upgrading proficient efficiency and accomplishment degrees

To do the NTPC power sector genuinely efficient and competitory in the changing scenario, stairss have already been taken to leave greater push to research and development, preparation of the human resources in the power sector and acceptance of progressive direction patterns and tools, ( including IT ) . Forces are besides being educated about their changed functions in the power reform scenario. Emphasis on commercialisation of the Power sector is besides being imparted to the employees. NTPC has already formed a Committee on Research and Development which has been constituted to pull up a Perspective Research and Development Plan to guarantee optimal use of the substructure and supply a standing forum for R & A ; D activities in the power sector.

Another Committee has been set up to explicate a ‘National Training Policy for Power Sector ‘ and to develop a national degree action program for preparation of the power professionals to aline their accomplishments and mentality to the changing demands.

NTPC ‘s Human Resource Value

HRA non merely involves measuring of all the costs/investments associated with the enlisting, arrangement, preparation and development of employees, but besides the quantification of the economic value of the people in an organisation, which is termed as Human Resource Value.

Category No. of employees Per Capita Total Value

( Rs. hundred thousand ) ( Rs Crores )

Executives 6841 17.76 1215

Supervisors 3010 15.11 455

Workmans 12445 13.71 1705

Entire 22296 15.14 3375

Beginning: Annual Report. ’94-95 ( price reduction factor of 0.12 )

Key Challenges faced by NTPC: –

Attracting Fresh Endowment: –

With the possible pool of recruits is sufficiently big, the challenge is in pulling the immature alumnuss to the power sector and supplying them equal preparation and satisfactory work environment. With a big figure of other turning industries and manpower intensive sectors like IT going the preferable pick for the best endowment, the Power Sector needs to happen ways of pulling good qualified work force. Today, the Power Sector is non a preferable pick for immature endowment which prefers the life style offered by the urban service sector to working in undertakings and workss which are remotely located. The industry besides suffers from a negative image of being to a great extent bureaucratic with limited chances for growing due to its strong association with state-owned public-service corporations most of which fare ill in footings of work environment. Apart from pulling new endowment, the critical constriction in investing work force in to the sector is unequal preparation substructure.

Training and development substructure: –

The preparation and development substructure in the Power Sector in India includes the followers

Sixty eight developing institutes recognized by CEA for leaving statutory initiation preparation in Thermal, Hydro, T & A ; D and Power Management. The estimated preparation burden and substructure handiness as per the CEA ‘s Manpower Projections ( Nov 2009 ) are illustrated in the undermentioned chart.

Beginning: CEA Manpower Projections, Nov 2009

Clearly we are in a great shortage of preparation substructure ; the preparation substructure for power sector in the state is grossly unequal and caters to hardly 23 % of the optimum preparation substructure required. At a clip when the sector faces monolithic capacity add-on challenges, deficiency of sufficient preparation substructure would impede optimum use of the bing endowment base every bit good investing new endowment.

Development of Existing Resources

It is of import for an organisations to non merely update the proficient accomplishments of the work force but guarantee all unit of ammunition development to guarantee that the employees posses the right accomplishments, competences and attitudes to execute efficaciously in their organisational functions. While proficient preparation is seen as indispensable in NTPC, personality and soft accomplishment development are neglected in a most here which leads to hapless work civilization.

High Attrition rate, taking to low ROI

The house invests a batch of resources in developing the employees for their several occupations. However, before the investing has paid back to the house, many cardinal employees leave the company due to assorted grounds.

Power and cognition transportation to other MNC ‘s

It has been seen that people join BPCL to get down their calling as this company is known for supplying first-class preparation. Peoples join to cognize the nitty-gritty of the oil universe and to acquire the proficiency in their work. In their initial stage of calling they commit tonss of errors and learn from them. When they become competent plenty to make the occupation so they resign and join the MNC rivals taking to outflow of valuable and confidential information.


When the cardinal forces leave the organisation, they take along with them the concern secrets, tactics, silent cognition, apprehension of the concern built up over a period of clip to the rivals. Therefore, doing it harder for NTPC to vie.

Creativity & A ; Innovativeness is caged due to rigorous hierarchy degrees

Work civilization at Government companies is rather different from the private 1s. In bulk of the instances people who has higher authorization ever seek to set their bomber ordinates down. Cipher calls his/her foreman with first name and discourse what he thinks is of import for the organisation.

Low Morale & A ; Motivation

Relatively to the private participants and MNC ‘s, wage bundles of BPCL are really low which makes their employees feel low. Due to take down salary/compensation bundles than the MNC ‘s, they tend to experience low, which could incite the feeling of discontinuing their occupation. Even among their equal groups they might experience low to accept the fact that they are working in a PSU when the whole universe is running after the MNC ‘s.


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