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HTT 210 Assignment: Careers in the Industry -appendix e PART 1 OF 2
HTT 210 Assignment: Careers in the Industry -appendix e PART 2 OF 2
HTT 210 Week 6 Assignment: Attractions and Gaming Business
HTT 210 Final Project: The Plan for a Dream Vacation
HTT 210 Week 1 CheckPoint: Business and Life Cycles
HTT 210 Week 2 Assignment: Travel Marketing Brochure
HTT 210 Week 2 CheckPoint: Vacation Destinations
HTT 210 Week 4 Assignment: The Future of Ecotourism
HTT 210 Week 4 CheckPoint: Lisa’s Ecotourism Trip
HTT 210 Week 5 CheckPoint: Travel Transportation
HTT 210 Week 6 CheckPoint: A Rise in Attractions and Gaming
HTT 210 Week 7 CheckPoint: Travel Agents and Tour Operators
HTT 210 Week 8 CheckPoint: Trends in Travel and Tourism_________________________________________________________________________________________________HTT 210 Final Project- The Plan for a Dream VacationFor more course tutorials visit
Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum]
Over the past eight weeks, you learned about the different sectors of travel and tourism, and became familiar with the variety of destinations and activities in which travelers may participate. For this assignment, assume the role of a travel agent and plan a dream vacation for your target group. Resources: Appendix A and Travel and Tourism: An Industry Primer Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper promoting the plans for your target group’s dream vacation. Include the following in your paper:
A brief description of your target group:
Motive for travel (See Table 3.1, p. 67.)
Age group (See Table 3.2, p. 69.)
Household income (See Table 3.3, p. 71.)
Lifestyle dimension (See Table 3.4, p.76.)
Psychographics (See Table 3.5, p. 81.)
The dream vacation destination and how it relates to the target group’s characteristics, as well as to the elements of Table 15.1, on p. 378 of…

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