Hr Policy Comparison

HR Policy of Manufacturing Sector – Maruti Suzuki| HR Policy of Service Sector – Cafe Coffee Day| * Focused on quality aspects of automobiles * Maintain a certain quality standard as per the international standard, minimizing the slight deviation of quality due to chance causes. So there is a focus on a selected group of cars (samples) rather than individual. * Beliefs in a principle of penetration pricing at the primary stage of product(earlier strategies) as well as selected group of customers * Strategic plans according to the nature & choice of customers.

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E. g. Maruti 800 was 1st introduced to fulfill the unsatisfied desires of customers habituated in riding HM Cars. Today this policy is obsolete, they have stopped their manufacturing of 800 models * A clear discrimination of models according to the age life cycle of target customers are taken in the long term HR plan * Advertisement policy focus on the performance, safety & degree of satisfaction perceived. * International business policy primarily focuses on south East Asia, where there is an absence of low price family cars.

In European countries, hard competition of other brands are present, they don’t penetrate. * Policy based on the viewpoint of segmented marketing. * Recruitment process is done by promoting the “Best Fit” internals & selection of external suitable candidates. * New recruit employees are trained according to their already designated post & by their already specialized knowledge. * Employee can be appraised by anyone, including clients, superiors, peers, subordinates, customers & self. * Focused on service attributes * As service is intangible & non inventoriable, i. e. , it cannot be returned back after being served, so firm policy on individual served quality. * Maintains a price quality relationship irrespective of all customers * Strategic plans are taken at the primary stage, during the beginning of the outlet; later most of the plans taken are tactical in nature. * HR policy mostly takes into account a specific age group of customers, 18-35. It is primarily campaigns as a place of hangout & relaxes. Advertisement policy focuses on the product varieties and standards of service rendered. * Global policy of doing business. Not being a naive in foreign countries, but by a polycentric approach. * A niche marketing policy is taken into account. * All recruitments are mostly internal in nature; nearly a margin of 5 % external recruitment is done to fulfill the gaps created due to leave or retrenchment. * All new recruits are trained in a same manner. * Whole appraisal is done by customers & necessary decisions are taken according to the review of customers. |


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