How Tourism Influencing The Economic Growth Of Mauritius Economics Essay

Abstraction: This thesis is based on touristry in Mauritius concentrating on how the state became one of the universe ‘s best tourer finish and a elaborate study on how touristry act uponing the economic growing of Mauritius. The overall development of the state can be assumed through the GDP and per capita income, luxury touristry sector is the chief economic growing of the Mauritius which is playing a cardinal function for the societal and economic facets. The technique which used in Mauritius has progressed them from a low-income economic system based on agribusiness to a middle-income diversified economic system

Keywords: Tourism, GDP, per capita, low-income, diversified economic system

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1. Introduction

In the sub-Saharan part and in Africa Mauritius is one of the most performing and fastest turning states. The state has moved from a mono-crop sugar-dominated economic system to being services oriented. The chief economic pillars of the island are fabric, sugar, touristry, and services. Peoples from different parts of the universe are attracted towards the existent beauty of Mauritius which is in its wild interior, waterfalls, exuberant woods and endemic wildlife, striking mountains, mild conditions. Mauritius offers animating beaches and indigo Waterss, intriguing adjustment, first golf classs, watering place, waterskiing, windsurfing, fishing, paragliding, and warm cordial reception from the locals. [ Mauritius-simply Godhead n.d. ]

Mauritius has progressed from a low-income economic system based on agribusiness to a middle-income diversified economic system.The chief economic growing has been the consequence of the addition of the luxury touristry sector. When universe sugar monetary values have turn down and the industry of fabrics has become economically infeasible, the state concentrated on tourer industry. Because of the limited infinite available for touristry and the demand to maximise income while minimising environmental impact, tourer policies in Mauritius endorse influential and specialist touristry Low budget touristry is non promoted. The Mauritanian authorities encourages boutique luxury hotels, 4 and 5 stars beach resorts, golf classs, and watering place and beauty centres for high-end touristry.

Consequently, therefore lifting from 103,000 in 1977 to 656,450 in 2000, a more than sextuple addition in tourer reachings. Entire figure of darks spent by tourer was estimated to about 6.5 million, stand foring an addition of 13 % over 1999. The usual continuance of stay works out to around 10 darks and mean outgo per tourer reached about Rs.22, 000. In 2000, gross touristry grosss were 14.2 billion rupees ( 508.3 million US $ ) and contributed to about 11 % of our GDP. In 2010, tourer reachings were estimated at approximately 934, 000 compared to 871, 000 the old twelvemonth and 2010 touristry net incomes were estimated at about MUR 39.5 billion, up from MUR 35.7 billion in 2009. Gross foreign direct investing ( FDI ) stood at MUR 10.6 billion at the terminal of September 2010 against MUR 8.8 billion for the same period in 2009, a 20 % addition. The investing went chiefly to wellness and societal work activities, existent estate, finance and insurance. Tourists are chiefly European, Gallic and British. In 1970 Mauritius had about 18,000 visitants in and between 1985 and 2000 the size of its touristry sector, calculated by the rise in tourer reachings, grew by about 340 % . In 2000 Tourism created 30,000 full clip occupation equivalents in Mauritius therefore the state tends to be a high cost tourer finish and in 2004 Tourist reachings were about 720,000 and in 2008, 970 482 tourers came to Mauritius. Air travel and adjustment are moderately expensive. Most tourers are on bundle vacations there is really small independent travel or backpacking. Charter flights have been banned, the resort hotels have been built to high criterions and there are high criterions of culinary art and service to promote up-market touristry there are direct flights from Britain and South Africa. [ Tourism in Mauritius n.d ]

Despite concerns about pollution and harm to coral reefs, the sum of resorts come together in parts of the coastline is turning and policy in the state has by and large been to modulate contact between Mauritanian society and tourers because of concerns about cultural and societal jobs. The chief tourer attractive forces in the state are its environment, with white beaches, sea, and warm clime and the friendliness of the people and its political and societal stableness. By pulling Foreign Direct Investment the state is equipped with a extremely skilled labour force and a really good substructure. Over the last 3 old ages the mean economic growing was 5.6 % . As a consequence the criterion of life has gone up the income per Capita has reached 4000 US Dollars. The Government has taken several stairss to confront globalisation and a new economic environment. On the precedence list there are high value-added, capital intensive and knowledge-based activities. The Information Technology sector is undergoing rapid alterations so as to be fit for the following millenary. The purpose is to do Mauritius a Centre for high-tech and package services, which can be exported.A [ African Economic Outlook n.d ]

The authorities of Mauritius has adopted new scheme for developing the local touristry industry which is referred as the “ gap of the sky ” action program. The chief thought is to develop new markets, which include perforating to new states and new client profiles. Tourism to Mauritius has accomplished consistent growing in recent old ages and following the authorities attempts for developing the local touristry sector, it is most likely therefore that the touristry sector will go on turning in approaching old ages. The developed substructure, entree to be effectual and educated labour, attractive investing inducements and bing linkages with industry representatives in European Union and Eastern and Southern Africa put Mauritius in an first-class place to take advantage of growing chances. Following these attempts, the Mauritius authorities expects an addition in the figure of tourer reachings to every bit much as 2 1000000s tourist per annum by 2015. To hold a optimistic and booming touristry sector Mauritius is good known in the African part. With a value added of 9.2 % of GDP and has been a cardinal factor in the overall development of Mauritius touristry has emerged as one of the chief pillars of the economic system and contributes significantly to economic growing. About 65.7 % of the tourer reachings are of European beginning, with France providing about half. The Government has been really helpful to investors – local and foreign – by puting clear policies, get rid of bureaucratic processs, lending inducements and making an environment favorable to investing. There are many factors which attract investors offer- chiefly beach touristry and the Sun, our strategic location, the image that Mauritius has, cordial reception of Mauritanian, substructure, handiness of skilled workers, political stableness, concern inducements, installations and environment that make possible investing among many others. The Government of Mauritius conducts its selling activities through the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. Hotels, though, carry their ain selling and trade chiefly with foreign circuit operators.

The touristry sector has paying attending to considerable FDI. Acknowledging the significance of Foreign Direct Investment in footings of capital for farther investing and flood of technological know-how and accomplishments, the authorities has put frontward openhanded inducements to pull foreign direct investing to progress increase the sector. FDI policies towards touristry were one time rather preventative as there were frights at that clip of making over-capacity of hotel suites. However, foreign investing is now permitted in eating houses, yacht, travel bureaus among others. It is expected to lend towards demoing the livelihood impact of the touristry sector in footings direct and indirect employment creative activity, substructure and comfortss betterment, saving of the environment and occupation chances for adult females among others. It will besides be a stepping rock in placing the chief challenges confronting this sector from the position point of all stakeholders involved. [ Economy of Mauritius n.d ]

2. Motivation

Tourism creates occupations and wealth for the states, addition GDP/ national income, economic and educational growing of people, and broadens people ‘s apprehension of different civilizations. There is a uninterrupted flow of money between countries/states/towns. Depend to a great extent upon travel outgos by aliens as a beginning of revenue enhancement and as a beginning of income for the endeavors. Therefore, the development of touristry is frequently a scheme to advance a peculiar part for the intent of increasing commercialism through exporting goods and services. It provides direct employment for the people associated with businesss in bars and hotels. The criterion of life of people additions good and at the same clip unemployment is on the lessening. Tourism is an highly profitable procedure in tonss of states, particularly those in which the procedure of development continue to depend on this industry because this industry does non necessitate a batch of literacy and besides it yields maximal net incomes with less investing.

Refering populace at that place has been much development made for the substructures, many edifices has been built inA coastal regionsA for the comfortable of tourers, route besides have been built to ease the travel in those parts. It can state that much has been done to do tourer feel safe in the coastal parts and there are many constabularies Stationss and constabulary patrols ( police officers policing on bikes besides ) . Much work and employment has been created in hotels, that indirectly create occupations for circuit operators, tourer usher, cab drivers. Many topographic points have been protected and the authorities is making much to continue topographic points, zoologies and vegetations in the island. Thus theA Tourism industryA has had a much more positive impact on the industry on Mauritius and it has been a blessing to the economic system of the state as many aliens come to the state and pass much money during their stay

3. Findingss and Consequences

Using a figure of statistics compiled by the Central statistical Office an analysis of touristry has done by the authorities authorization. A figure of ratios are devised and plotted as clip series from 1979 onwards. The Ratios calculated are as follows: Number of Nights spent per Tourist, Discounted Earnings per Tourist, Discounted Earnings per Night, Contribution to GDP per Tourism Earnings, Discounted Contribution to GDP per Tourist, Percentage of Nights spent in Hotels, Nights spent per Tourist in hotels and darks spent per tourer in informal adjustment, mean outgo per tourer residing in hotels and mean outgo per tourer residing in informal adjustment.

It was conveying into being that there has been a plumb bob in the figure of darks spent per tourer for the past old ages and low-priced net incomes per tourer has stayed level from 1988 to 1998. It was besides found that although merely 25 % of tourers reside outside the hotel sector, those tourers make up 40 % of darks spent on the island and stand for 14.5 % of the net incomes accrue from touristry. It was found that from 1990 to 1997, GDP ( in 1997 Us $ ) for European states has increased by 10 % on norm, and reachings from Europe has gone from 43 % of the sum to 58 % , discounted disbursement per tourer from a figure of European states has remained level. The chief consequence are that the changeless accomplishment of touristry in Mauritius respites significantly on tourers exist in outside the hotel sector and that in existent footings Mauritius has grow to be a cheaper finish for Europeans.

Tourists in hotels spend less clip in Mauritius than tourers in informal adjustment and this is due to the comparative disbursal of remaining hotels compared to remaining in informal types of adjustment. Over a oversight of six old ages the figure of darks spent per tourers in both type of adjustment has fallen significantly and it is non a good tendency [ A paper on touristry in Mauritius n.d. ]

Table 1: Nights per Tourist in hotelsVsNights per Tourist in informal adjustment


Nights per tourer ( in hotels )

Nights per Tourist ( informal adjustment )
















Figure 1: Nights per tourer ( in hotels ) Vs Nights per tourer ( informal adjustment )

Tourism industry adds well to economic growing and has been a cardinal factor for the whole advancement of Mauritius. In the past two decennaries tourist reachings increased at an mean one-year rate of 9 % and in 2000, gross touristry grosss contributed about 11 % of the GDP of Mauritius.

Table 2: Number of tourer reachings in Mauritius from 1974 to 2010


Number of tourer reachings ( in 1000 )





















Figure 2: Number of tourer reachings in Mauritius

In peculiar, fiscal globalisation undeniably presents new challenges and benefits to developing economic systems, to a little island economic system ( SIDS ) like Mauritius. Given the particular characteristics of SIDS in footings of their economic exposure, their engagement in the planetary fiscal markets raises a figure of policy issues such as market entree, degree of fiscal development, international support and fiscal stableness.

Since the late eightiess, with the oncoming of the fiscal liberalisation programme the integrating of the domestic fiscal system in the planetary fiscal markets has been high on the docket of policy shapers. The internationalisation of the fiscal system shaped portion of the overall scheme of harvesting the full benefits of economic liberalisation. Policy shapers have been aggravated by promoting the fiscal services sector as another major pillar of the economic system and making Mauritius as a regional fiscal centre. In order to incorporate the planetary fiscal markets the intent of this work is to stress the institutional and policy alterations, which took topographic point in the Mauritian fiscal system.

In footings of capacity edifice ; capital flows and improved competency an debut appraisal of the impact of the liberalisation of trade in fiscal services on the fiscal system will be attempted. In the trade liberalisation of fiscal services, there has been a important addition in the volatility in net capital flows, viz. foreign direct investing and portfolio investing influxs. It is difficult to province that fiscal services liberalisation has led to fiscal stableness. In some subdivisions of the fiscal sector there has been a move towards higher fiscal efficiency.

Domestic fiscal integrating has greater than earlier but the variegation procedure is traveling at a slow gait. The banking activity remains extremely concentrated and there are marks of rigidness in Bankss ‘ involvement rates. Particularly in footings of capacity edifice and administration the developments in the fiscal markets have been important and figure of statute laws has been passed to overhaul the Mauritian fiscal system and mix the universe fiscal markets. Following an econometric probe of the impact of fiscal globalisation on ingestion volatility, find an grounds of a positive and important relationship. This is an indicant that the degree of fiscal sector development has non reached the threshold degree so as to harvest the benefits from fiscal globalisation. A higher degree of fiscal sector development will be helpful to tackle the benefits from fiscal globalisation. The chief policy deductions is the farther development of the fiscal sector is important for take parting in the globalisation procedure of fiscal markets and harvest the benefits in footings of higher economic growing and public assistance. Trade liberalisation in fiscal services has guide to higher volatility in capital flows ; policy shapers should go on to implement institutional alterations to incorporate universe fiscal markets. International support should be sought for fiscal sector development and harmonisation of regulative model.

In 2008 existent gross domestic productA ( GDP ) grew by 4.1 % A in 2010, A up fromA 3.1 % in 2009 but lower than the 5.5 % . The authorities has maintained a growing way, in malice of challenges at place and abroad. A In 2011, A GDP growing is estimated to stay aroundA 4 % . Nevertheless, A thisA will depend on the betterment in theA chief European trading spouses, but could be faster if MauritiusA reduces its dependance on directing exports toA slow-growing traditional marketsA and charting a new economic modelA more flexible to future dazes. Projections for 2012 put economic growing at 4.1 % . To taken as a whole 2010 budgetA deficitA was estimated at 4.7 % of GDP against 6.6 % in 2009. It is projected to fall back to 4.4 % A in 2011 andA 4.3 % A in 2012.

In 2010, A the cardinal Repurchase Agreement ( Repo ) rate was reduced from 5.75 % to 4.75 % and theA headline rising prices rateA stood at 2.9 % compared to 2.5 % in 2009. In 2011 Inflation is expected to increase to 3.0 % and 3.9 % in 2012. The current history deficitA stood at 7.9 % A of GDP and isA projected to lift to 9.2 % in 2011 and 9 % in 2012. AmidA volatility in the foreign exchange market, the Mauritius rupee ( MUR ) ended 2010 appreciating against majorA currencies. Against the US dollar ( USD ) , A it gained from an norm of MUR 31.94 in 2009 to MUR 30.89. [ Financial globalisation n.d ]

The authorities has already committed to a mark of one million tourer reachings on the short term and two million before 2020 in the up-market section, sing the volume of touristry. The TDP bring to a stopping point that tourer development in Mauritius will non be controlled. Given these targeted growing Figures the tourer load on the state in footings of environmental and societal impact remains limited. with an speed uping growing particularly in the last few old ages in correspondence with the marks for the first five-year period room capacity is increasing from 9,024 suites in 2001 to 12,830 suites in 2006.

For illustration the Gallic coming through Reunion despite the ‘low volume and high quality ‘ hotel sector there are regional and domestic markets that seek cheap adjustment. Through the ‘informal ‘ sector this adjustment has developed. Harmonizing to a study executed for the TDP this adjustment has significant capacity an estimation of 7,000 suites resulted from this study. In comparing with the hotel room capacity in the formal sector the tenancy rates are much lower in the informal sector Bed darks sold in the formal hotel sector are about 3.5 times higher than in the informal sector harmonizing to the TDP. It should be emphasized that there is a complementary value of the informal sector merchandise in the touristry merchandise portfolio. In the 2000 study repetition tourers accounting for 33 % of the tourers interviewed and likely there are more or less confined clients of the informal sector. If this is the instance a value added scheme for this sector will lend to the economic development without sabotaging the high quality profile of the formal hotel sector. [ Master program for air transit in Mauritius, n.d. ]

The United States has become Mauritius 2nd largest market. The Americans and Mauritian are anticipating that the new American trading relationship will non drop out or it did in the early 1800s. Due to that today, designer of the Mauritanian economic system every bit good as Americans who are being actively trade with Mauritius. This fresh trade with the United States comes at an of import clip for Mauritius. To weaken the profitableness of sugar and vesture exports the state faces many confronts into the hereafter, as a remotion of discriminatory intervention and increased competition in universe trade. The authorities has taken some steps to indicate out these issues such as puting in preparation and instruction, engineering sector, presenting more competition in cardinal services, making an information and communicating terminal besides privatising the communications industry. Mauritius has great hopes for future growing in the U.S. market. The Africa growing and chance Act, which offers discriminatory entree for dress exports to the U.S. market. The state today is be aftering for the hereafter with an oculus in international trade merely as Mauritius did in the 1790s to open the island for foreign trade. [ Economic growing in Mauritius, n.d. ]

4. Comparisons

From 1990 to 1997, the GDP per capita for 10 European states beginnings of tourers to Mauritius has increased. The mean addition is of the order of 10 % for the 10 states listed below.

Table 3: GDP per capita for 10 European states beginnings of tourers to Mauritius


Percentage addition in existent GDP per capita from 1990 to 1997

GDP per capita in $ US

( 1997 )


14.7 %



10.9 %



9.8 %



14.9 %



8 %



18.6 %



13 %



5.5 %



0.7 %


United Kingdom

12.5 %


Average Addition

10.86 %

The disbursement per tourer expressed in 1997 has diminished by 5.6 % when the GDP per capita for the above-named European states has improved by 10 % . The proportion of reachings from the above-named European states has gone from 43.5 % in 1990 to 58.7 % in 1997 of the entire reachings several old ages. Those simple figures do demo obviously that for Europeans, Mauritius has become a cheaper finish. [ A paper on touristry in Mauritius, n.d. ]

Mauritius has received a significant proportion of its visitants from Europe since the 1980. Today in Mauritius more than 20,000 occupations are produced by touristry sector. Mauritius is holding preponderantly European Tourists. It is calculated that disbursal on touristry in Europe is traveling to increase stronger than its GNP. Even though the GNP-growth per capita in Europe is comparatively low compared to the USA and Japan, long-run growing chances in the European market are positive. As a affair of fact like other sectors, touristry is besides a competitory market. Tourist operators are now holding more figure of tourer finishs in their booklet. In viing markets, like the tourer market, monetary value sensitiveness is really high. Given the quality, relative little monetary value alterations can take to big market portion alterations. Globally, there are many grounds for the increasing value for money. The cost of a typical long distance vacations have dropped well. The air fare constituent is the chief subscriber to this diminution. Mauritius may free of import market portions in the distinguishable originating markets. Therefore one must reason that the current tourer scheme has some hazards in it, whereas until today the image could warrant the high monetary value of the Mauritius ‘ tourer merchandise, this may non be the instance in the hereafter particularly if publicity attempts diminish. But even if Mauritius would be able to refer its value perceptual experience by publicity, this would convey – in some positions – excessively few tourers with deficient economic multiplier effects into Mauritius. The current province of the economic system may necessitate a important addition in tourist demand volume. Recent volume developments in the up-market section make it impossible to counterbalance the current lay-offs in the fabric sector. Among other things the current pricing scheme in the touristry sector is non expected to supply the new employment positions. It can even be questioned whether Mauritius is able to retain its current market portion in the up market section as such. Expansions of the tourer market may connote major alterations in the environmental and societal construction. Careful environmental planning and design is indispensable to forestall the island from an urban conurbation of hotel developments. A good H2O direction is necessary to take attention of the addition of both the demand for imbibing H2O and the volume of effluent. Following to that, the occupants of Mauritius will be progressively confronted with tourers, whether in competition for the beach or in associate with the ‘informal ‘ sector. Therefore the developments have to travel with a balanced societal plan [ Master program for air transit in Mauritius ] . Rodriguez and Mauritius besides have similar comparings of touristry industry [ Tourism and development n.d ] . Antigua and Mauritius are the islands which have developed touristry as the major industry and along similar lines with large resorts. [ Business Mega n.d. ]

Figure 3: Distribution of respondents by intent of visit, 2000

The proportion of tourers coming on vacation went up from 72 % in 1998 to 74 % in 2000, while newlyweds fell from 15 % to 11 % . In 2000, tourers coming on concern or to go to seminar accounted for 9 % of the sample, a figure which is more or less the same as that recorded in 1998. [ Tourism Strategy n.d ]

Table 4: Percentage distribution of respondents by intent of visit, 1998 & A ; 2000

Purpose of Visit


















5. Decision and Future recommendation

This thesis has shown how touristry industry has developed into a major pillar of economic development in a little island economic system like Mauritius and comparings with other states covering with the accomplishment of touristry industry and how touristry assisting Mauritius both in economic and societal facets. And besides about the drawback of stay in hotels and informal adjustment due to the comparative disbursal in hotels which is non considered as a welcome tendency. In future if the authorities will analyze more about this and seek to work out it harmonizing to the public assistance for the state ‘s economic facets so Mauritius will go a cheaper finish in all facets. At present the selling scheme of touristry in Mauritius is chiefly based on European states which can be considered as a negative facet because if the state dressed ore on the advertizements based on a planetary technique so it will assist the economic system to a better extent. Government can take necessary actions, if need be, to better the impact of touristry on concerns, community, environment, preparation and



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