How The Music Influences Fashion Cultural Studies Essay

There are assorted entities in every society that influences its behaviour and interaction among its members. The manner people work, relate, drama, eat or even dance is influenced by music in one manner or the other. Within the society, it is besides of import to observe that its members have different gustatory sensations and penchants to assorted sorts of music ( Powell, 2001, pp 137 ) . Such sort of music includes reggae, beat and blues, dad, stone, classical, hip-hop, wind among others. Music in kernel is a signifier of an art that organizes sound in a tuneful mode with the purpose of showing feelings and emotions. It is rare on Earth to happen a human being who does non hold a gustatory sensation to any sort of music ( Shmoop University, 2000, pp 13 ) . The music could either be international like reggae, dad and stone, or local as used by assorted native linguistic communications within a certain vicinity. Music has enormously grown and may turn out hectic for one to be able to categorise it into assorted types because its beginning may non be easy decoded by history ( Huntley, 1972, pp 69 ) .

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The survey of behaviour and music shows that music has an bizarre influence on manner as manifested by the tendencies emulated by young persons and other members of the society. Manner can be defined as the mirror of what the society thinks and does within a certain period of clip ( Randel, 2003, pp 253 ) . This is widely noticeable when music of a peculiar genre is released and attracts the attending of many hearers. This is besides expressed through the wireless Stationss that people listen to and the picture for the vocals they watch. Music is an built-in portion of the societal environment and can non be avoided. It besides influences how immature people grow up and finally contributes in the scene of assorted social norms ( Campbell, 1994, pp 27 ) . This is seen as a manner that creates exhilaration and alters how an single particularly adolescents dress and make up one’s mind to emulate the dressing codification of a peculiar vocalist. This research will greatly brood in supplying grounds that the assorted tendencies in the music industry have had a large influence on manner ( Warner, 2003, pp 123 ) .

Purposes and aims

It has ever been and will stay to be a belief that music is the nutrient of the psyche and a Panacea of the head as greatly depicted by the ability of kids and other persons to hold on a poetry of a peculiar vocal within a short clip ( Randel, 2003, pp 253 ) . This becomes a relevant subject because it influences different dressing manners of the society being examined. The intent of this research therefore is to revisit the development and history of music and cultural backgrounds, outline assorted types of music, examine the outstanding arguments associating to music and manner, and enumerate assorted manner tendencies in each type of music. The research will further present and analyze assorted manner interior decorators, instrumentalists, and lensmans who have influenced manner through their callings peculiarly music ( Cargan, 2007, pp 116 ) .

Literature reappraisal

The success of this research and the definite proviso of solutions to the identified aims will brood on the facts provided by assorted Hagiographas that relate to this subject. Assorted writers have shared their statements and made huge parts to bespeak that so, music has an influence on manner. This is clearly pointed out and illustrated by the dressing styles that people copy when they listen to a peculiar type of music. Tortora and Eubank in their book “ Survey of historic costume: a history of Western frock ” argued that the industry related to manner has ever been a hazardous venture due to unpredictable dressing tendencies emulated by the society caused by the kineticss in music industry. They pointed out that people changed the ways they dressed to copy that of the vocalists in any celebrated vocal within a peculiar period of clip ( Tortora & A ; Eubank, 2005, pp 171, 519 ) .

An article by Hunter in the Cincinnati Magazine points out clearly that music and manner are one entity and they go manus in manus. He used an illustration of the 1970ss where there was self-generated freedom in the pick of music that was attractive to the vernal population of the clip. During that clip, people went for the outfits that would do one look disco-like and contrasts the 1s of the 1890ss. He nevertheless showed that the manner tastes for a peculiar age-group may be different and this is enhanced by music that they listen to ( Hunter, 1997, pp 50 ) . Duran Alan on the other manus gives diverse readings that have been given as it relates to manner. He uses an illustration of David Bowie ‘s vocal, “ Manner ” that clearly points out how stone music is intertwined with manner refering the dance manners and manner of frock. Harmonizing to him, the reading of manner and how it has been affected by music does non affect the pickings of stiff bases and should non be assumed ( Duran, 1984, pp 189 ) .

Wilbekin on his portion while questioning Armani ( a interior decorator ) was able to happen out that most of the manner outfits he makes are determined by the type of music people listen to. An illustration of hip hop music is given where he says that it embraces the fact that one becomes more existent and individualistic. This is because harmonizing to Armani, all regulations of manner have been broken by hip hop by technically blending athletic wear and high manner. In add-on, he says that the street wear has formed a cardinal thought of modern and insouciant life styles. We can be able to place that this magazine critically answers our research inquiry. He besides uses the illustrations of D’Angelo, Mariah Carey, and Lauryn Hill to explicate the influence that the instrumentalists have made in his manner dress shop. He besides points out that most hip hop creative persons are attracted to the legendary Italian wear like suits, felt hats, and jewellery and this will automatically be copied by their hearers ( Wilbekin, 2000, pp 172 ) .

In her book, “ Fundamentalss of sociology ” , Sharma points out that music refines human inclinations in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life which enhances the social feelings depicted through vocalizing and dance. He besides adds that since there have been improved manners of communicating, the influence of a peculiar genre of music spans over a broad country therefore turn outing a cosmopolitan consequence ( Sharma, 1996, pp 345 ) . The effects are clearly brought out when Steele analyses the effects music has had to the society for the last 50 old ages ( Steele, 2000, pp 155 ) . It critically examines the consequence it has brought culturally, socially and even economically. It is of import to indicate out that during the same period, there was a great development of music and therefore the effects were diverse. She enhances her analysis by utilizing manner images therefore supplying the needed grounds of the altering manner tendencies of the clip ( Steele, 2000, pp 163 ) .

Blackwell and Stephan in the book “ Brands that Rock ” have used Madonna as a perfect illustration to convey in the fact that music influences everything and manner can non be left out. They explain that music hypnotizes everybody and this relates to Madonna ‘s manner of KISS. They have indicated that the success of this manner tendency was achieved due to assorted public presentations and shows in nines ( Blackwell et al, 2004, pp 157 ) . What would follow were unprecedented gross revenues of the vesture inclined to the KISS manners. In this instance, it has been illustrated that people were able to promote themselves to megastar position by taking music as the best pick to make so. This involved the choosing of the best music manner that was acceptable and quality and this would act upon people of all classs ( Blackwell et al, 2004, pp 153 ) . Bunt on the other manus flatly states that because music influences the society, the consequence will automatically switch to manner. This serves to reply our research inquiry because Bunt has shown that music has some influence on manner ( Bunt, 19994, pp 98 ) .

The attempt of Radano and Bohlman can non be left out in this research due to their part in the proviso of facts of the effects of Gypsy music in rural Hungary. Harmonizing to them, the consequence of this sort of music swept the rural Hungary irrespective of the age bracket. This was followed by the imitation of the dressing civilization of the instrumentalists and this had huge consequence on the manner and the traditional musical traditions ( Radano and Bohlman, 2000, pp 409 ) . In his comparative surveies, Kerman in his portion took much consideration on the assimilative civilization of Elizabethan madrigal. Harmonizing to him, the drift of copying foreign musical manners led to the local flourishing of instrumentalists and within a short span of 20 five old ages, the whole manner industry had drastically changed. He credits the cause of the alterations to the native inspiration of instrumentalists and their fans ( Kerman, 1962, pp 130 ) .

Hockx and Strauss on their portion made a important impact in this field by taking a survey on the Chinese civilization. Harmonizing to them, the dressing civilization of the metropoliss of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been influence by a peculiar musical genre. Beijing for case has faced a batch influence from stone music while the metropolis of Xinjiang has been influenced by dad music. They besides point out that this has contributed vastly in dynamic alteration of manner where music is the driving force. The local music industry has seen itself accommodating to innovative ways which are immediately copied by the manner industry and finally their fans ( Hockx & A ; Straus, 2005, pp 3 ) . Hendrickson in his book “ Musica Christi ” gives us some information about the consequence that music has had on manner. He takes into consideration a treatment by assorted theologists that shows that the dynamic nature of music has influenced the shaping of analogia entis and manner. The consequence of musical manners on manner during the Renaissance period has besides been entirely discussed and this goes in line with our research inquiry and our aims ( Hendrickson, 2005, pp 83 ) .

Sims in his book “ Rock Fashion ” illustrates and explains the manner trends that have accompanied the altering times of stone music. One illustration is the fetish wear points and biker apparels that were won by vocalists and this was instantly imitated by the hearers. Chain jackets and burnsides that the stone instrumentalists like are most of the clip seen among their hearers and fans. Sims goes in front and uses the illustration of Cliff Richard ‘s white tie and Johnny Kidd ‘s oculus patching that made most of their fans to alter their closet. His part in this research extends farther when he points out that in the past 40 old ages, the stone stars have influenced manner in assorted cultural groups of the universe ( Sims, 2001, pp 14 ) . Jones in his book “ Fashion Design ” expresses music as an inspiration to the universe of manner since interior decorators are forced in one manner or the other to be originative and follow the manner inside informations and cloths that would suit the hearer market for a peculiar genre of music. He points out that a good manner interior decorator goes with the music of the clip if he/she has to do good gross revenues. This clearly points out how music influences manner ( Jones, 2005, pp 17 ) .

An article by Tony Ware in the CMJ Music Magazine titled “ Brand New Wave ” describes the dressing tendencies of the 1880ss where instrumentalists wore asymmetrical outfits to conflict for their commercial infinite in the discos. This extended to the assorted geometric haircuts by instrumentalists like Britney and Kid Rock. From this analysis, we can indicate out clearly that the fans would travel in front and ape their theoretical account stars particularly in the field of hip hop and dad ( Tony, 2001, 45 ) . Vernallis in her book “ Experiencing music picture: aesthetics and cultural context ” , takes into consideration tremendous consequence that music picture has influenced music and manner. The ocular imagination that pop vocals of the 1960ss had on the society harmonizing to her, affected manners to a really big extend. She points out clearly that the debuts of music picture enabled the fans to watch for themselves and therefore were able to place the peculiar dressing manners of their stars. They would in bend transcript it and therefore doing the manner of the society to be affected in a manner that follows the tendencies of the clip ( Vernallis, 2004, pp 287 ) .

Shepherd John in his book titled “ Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Media, industry and society ” made a important part to this research by placing the assorted musical types and how they have influence manner. His book contains parts from more than a 100 persons associating to how popular music has influenced the society. His plants contain all the influences music has had on the social civilization which of class has a direct influence on manner tendencies that accompanies the vocals. The book clearly indicates that, irrespective of any portion of the universe, music has a important influence on the swerving tendencies of the hearers ( Shepherd, 2003, pp 56 ) . Morrell Ernest in his book “ Becoming Critical Researchers ” uses the grounds from the urban civilization adolescents to reason his happening that music has a direct influence on manner. He says that hip hop for case influences manner as indicated by a college pupil have oning a Jersey and a chapeau which is largely a feature of hip hop instrumentalists ( Morrell, 2004, pp 72 ) .

The parts made by Kendall Diana to this research can non be left out because she has brought clearly the facet of manner as a valued manner of behaviour found in many countries of our lives including music ( Martin & A ; Lehu, 2009, pp 34 ) . She farther asserts that modern-day music and vesture in the United States to some extent reflect some facet of African, Caribbean, and Asiatic civilization. It is besides in this book that we can be able to cognize that music has facilitated cross-cultural influence in manner indicated by the dressing styles that accompany the vocal in inquiry ( Kendall,2009, pp 66 ) . Bennet, Temperley and Yang in their book “ Lectures on musical life ” , endeavored to demo the influence that music as an art has had on manner. Harmonizing to them, music is rooted in the acceptable manners of the society and these consequences in dynamism associated with every sort of new music that comes across. They went in front and pointed out that the public presentation of a peculiar manner as rooted on music has a traceable and more gradual consequence on the composing of the vocal itself ( Bennet et al, 2006, pp 146 ) .

Research Methodology

The primary method that was used to obtain the replies to the aims of this research involved the usage of questionnaire. A good structured questionnaire was formulated and contained examining inquiries that would guarantee that the right replies are obtained from those whom they were administered to. The usage of this method of obtaining the needed information is dependable and facts are recorded immediately therefore merited ( Miller & A ; Salkind, 2000, 27 ) . The method is besides advantageous because information is obtained from the right individual and non 2nd manus which would otherwise take to deformation of consequences ( Lippman, 1999, pp 34 ) . The presence of the individual who is administrating the questionnaire is besides an advantage for this method because the inquiries that have non been understood may farther be explained in more apprehensible mode. The method nevertheless, is excessively affecting and cumbersome. In add-on, it was realized that open-ended inquiries took longer clip to be answered and took long clip to be analyzed while some respondents made a batch of hyperbole in some other inquiries ( Cargan, 2007, pp 116 ) .

The questionnaire that was used in this research consisted of 20 five inquiries all which were geared towards accomplishing the aims of the research. Some of the inquiries included among the followers: What is music? What is manner? Is manner influenced by music? Give the cases that you think manner has been influenced by music? What types of music do you cognize? Briefly describe the history of music harmonizing to your ain apprehension. Name any instrumentalist who has influenced your closet or that of person you know ( Titon et al, 2009 25 ) . These are some of the sample inquiries that were in the questionnaire among others. In order to minimise mistakes and enhance truth, two hundred and 50 questionnaires were prepared and administered over indiscriminately selected persons. Consequences were so collected and analyzed before geting at the concluding decision ( Metz & A ; Benson, 1999, pp 166 ) .

The other primary method that was used was direct interview with identified clients. Interview nevertheless had fewer inquiries than the questionnaire but replies were more elaborate because the interviewer could utilize assorted accomplishments to place if the individual they are questioning has answered the inquiry right ( Seale, 2004, pp 165 ) . Wherever a error was realized, the interviewer would instantly invent ways that would guarantee the inquiry is right answered. The method nevertheless has some restrictions, these includes ; the exercising itself being excessively affecting and sometimes affected by linguistic communication barrier or managing illiterate clients. The interviewer was besides expected to avail himself to the client unlike the usage of questionnaire where it would merely be sent to sure clients. Few interviews were nevertheless carried out because they were merely meant to supplement the questionnaire. Data collected was so analyzed and relevant consequences recorded ( Seale, 2004, pp 170 ) .

In the class of the research nevertheless, there were cases that required the usage of secondary beginnings with the purpose of chiefly giving weight to the informations that were already collected ( Kumar, 2001, pp 58 ) . Our research used library hunt as and indexing and involved the research panel traveling through written texts that had similar subject on the effects of music on manner. This method was the best option of secondary beginnings because it provides sure consequences and informations therefore heightening the truth of the informations being collected ( Kumar, 2001, pp 63 ) . Futhermore, its analysis required minimum clip and limited accomplishments from the research panel. This method nevertheless had a restriction because it was hard to obtain the exact required informations and therefore several texts were to be analyzed. This consumed some good quality clip in the research ( Campbell, 1994, pp 27 ) .

Consequences and Findingss

After the completion of the research and findings analyzed, it was found out that most people agreed with the fact that music affects their manner in one manner or the other. Some would happen themselves aping the dressing manners of the musical stars or the hair manners ( Hook, 2010, pp 3 ) . Others nevertheless were non straight affected by music but out at their friends who find themselves altering their closet to resemble that of celebrated stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Madonna among others ( Tera, 2009 ) . Due to the agreeable fact that music affects our lives, it ‘s found out that the rate at which the hearers respond to a peculiar manner was unpredictable since music entirely depends on mass media for it to be heard or known ( Manlow, 2009, pp 45 ) . The debut of musical picture is seen as milepost that enhanced how music affected their manner because they can be able to comprehend the current tendency of dressing ( Perpetual-vogue, 2008 ) .

The history of music harmonizing to this research can be factually traced until the First World War where wind music was sang in the 1920s ( Miller & A ; Salkind, 2002, pp 16 ) . Celebrated wind participants like Louis Armstrong began his calling as a wind participant and his music attracted many people of the clip ( Tera, 2009 ) . The euphory of wind was subsequently replaced by Swinging type of music which was later replaced by Rock and Roll of the fiftiess. In 1960s, The Beatles was the stylish musical manner of the clip. The bikerss of the 50s were chiefly characterized by leather jackets and the maintaining of long unkempt hair. On top of these, waste pipe pants and rubber-soled places were a characteristic of Rock and Roll creative persons ( Tonneau & A ; Thompson, 2000, pp 269 ) . Music of the sixtiess made so many people to be cloth-conscious and adolescent manner of the clip entailed the erosion of short hair, places and green windbreaker were comparatively long. It was during this clip that instrumentalists started have oning necklaces and were rapidly aped by their fans ( Jones & A ; Brown, 2005 pp 128 ) .

Disco hits came in the 70s which became a driving tool of manner in the urban countries and it may look as though the manner is dead but the current manner is profoundly rooted in it. Peoples in the 80s and 90s desired the Grunge expression popularized by hip-hop and involves garbs non limited jump suits, gym shoes, and Kangol chapeaus ( Katz & A ; Dahlhaus, 1987, pp 93 ) . Manner of this coevals is considered modest and the music industry of this genre was popularized by creative persons like Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, and Jay-Z among others ( Hess, 2007, pp 406 ) . Wearing of jerseies and denims is an illustration of the millenary music closely related to Hip-hop manner and dad ( Welters & A ; Cunningham 2005 pp 19 ) . The domination of loose-fitting denims and big black rimmed spectacless are characteristic of manner in this musical epoch. It was besides found out that it is during this clip that the usage of pink colour by the lady universe found its manner to the manner shelves ( Rosengren, 1994, pp 73 ) .

In the class of this research, assorted sorts of music were identified and it was clearly pointed out that each musical genre was related to a peculiar manner tendency. Among the genres include ; classical music, stone music, metal music, hip-hop music, enchantment music, wind music, and techno among others ( Katz & A ; Dahlhaus, 1987, pp 93 ) . It is of import to observe that irrespective of the type, music has an impact on its hearers. The roots of Rock type of music can be traced to the stone and axial rotation epoch which began a dance but subsequently became dominant to the adolescent audience of the clip. Metal music on the other manus is a instead quickly played music that dates back to World War II ( Henwood, 2010, pp 16 ) . Most people consider it to be associated with members of the society who are non satisfied and this has greatly impacted on the other types of music. The minorities in America are believed to be the discoverers of blame music characterized by interruption dance and a batch of graffito. This sort of music has besides influenced the Jamaican music which is profoundly rooted in reggae music ( Benstock & A ; Ferriss, 1994, pp 197 ) .

Marrying music was besides identified in the research but one can recognize that it can be fused with other types like classical or traditional. This is because nuptials is an juncture characterized by the altering tempers of the people ( Campbell, 1994, pp 27 ) . It besides diverse among the different civilizations of the universe and dance in this juncture can run from the Brazilian salsa and even to start music. Hip-hop on the other manus is the 1 characterized about all instruments with bass taking the prominence ( BensmaA?a, 1987, pp 88 ) . It is by and large used by creative persons to demo different feelings and this has resulted in hip-hop civilization and therefore hip-hop manner. The roots of this musical genre can be traced to West African music. Trance music is largely played in nines and discotheques and is easy traced to the twentieth century music. It is fundamentally characterized by fast pacing and speedy repeat of beats that creates a hypnotic consequence on its hearers ( Longhurst, 2007, pp235 ) .

The research would non hold been successful if state music would non hold been identified. This sort of music and a twosome of other common people music gained popularity in the 40s to mid 70s by instrumentalists like Bob Wills and Bill Mornoe ( Greaves, 2009 ) . There is besides Techno music which was identified and this has been seen to hold a direct relationship and following among high school pupils. Western music has a assortment of musical genres among them are music which incorporates classical and experimental music ( Wallin et al, 2001, pp 49 ) . There is besides the dad music and fabulous music that ranges from reggae, stone, and metallic. Latin music has besides been deriving popularity in the recent yesteryear and with its alone dressing manner, people are besides aping the manner associated with all the sorts of music ( Krummel, 1987, pp 93 ) .

Music as identified from the research carried out affects manner and manner tendencies in any society. It has been indicated that manner is the manners particularly dressing which are invariably dynamic in a given civilization within a given clip ( Malone & A ; Stricklin, 2003, pp 124 ) . Person may be considered stylish when they fit to the current dressing tendencies that are largely popularized by music ( Llanas, 2010 pp 11 ) . When they do non suit to such sorts of dressing manners so they are considered unstylish. Manner can sometimes be used together with beauty or manner. Fashion tendencies have entirely been influenced by instrumentalists and songsters to the extent that the manner industry has been intertwined with instrumentalists ( Bierut et al, 2002, pp 259 ) . Such creative persons use their celebrity popularity to sell a peculiar line of vesture. Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani for case are doing a putting to death by integrating manner and music ( Gehlhar 2008, pp 230 ) .

Adidas as a manner phenomenon was popularized by blame vocal and this resulted in monolithic gross revenues. This besides happens to other wears like chapeaus, paths and Jerseies. The tendency is seen to hold alteration to sleeveless stone Jerseies in the 90s and was peculiarly popularized by instrumentalists like Poison, Ratt, and Ozzy among others ( Seale 2004, pp 165 ) . The Grunge expression is besides a manner tendency that was popularized by Nirvana in the 90s while Kangol became stylish when LLcool J placed it as a hallmark of his chapeau. It is besides in the eightiess that Madonna drastically changed the manner misss dressed to look bold and beautiful ( Perkins, 1996, pp 266 ) . She became the queen of manner during this clip and most misss imitated her dressing manner to the fullest ( Tonneau & A ; Thompson, 2000, pp 267 ) . On feature of this epoch was the black legings, bracelets, watchbands, danseuse skirts, big earrings among others. This resulted in the formation of the MTV telecasting web that brought out stars and their outstanding manners ( Solomon & A ; Rabolt, 2004, pp 72 ) .

The launch of MTV popularized the manner tendencies of instrumentalists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, among others in the twelvemonth beginning 1981. Their names were extensively used in assorted families and this promoted imitation of their manner by teens and even immature grownups ( Malone & A ; Stricklin, 2003, pp 127 ) . This includes his legendary jackets which he wore largely in his picture and subsequently the white baseball mitts of the millenary times that are still worn by his fans even after his decease. A vocal Sung by Madonna titled “ trend ” references some of the celebrated histrions and actresses who have influenced the closet of the public ( BensmaA?a, 1987, pp 89 ) . Among the people she mentions includes Grace Kelly, Jimmy Dean Jean Harlow among others this was seen as a tool that generated more gross revenues for manner interior decorators ( Schneck et al, 2008, pp 186 ) .

It is vividly noticeable that whenever a new vocal comes out, manner alterations and it appears instead amusing to see how people change quickly with the entry of a peculiar vocal. One illustration is during Avril Lavigne clip when she released her vocal “ Girlfriend ” . Just because the picture of the vocal featured her have oning a tight miniskirt was adequate to do other misss ape ( Lysloff & A ; Gay, 2003, pp 334 ) . It is of import to advert the parts of three hip hop creative persons who have been the latest movers and Shakerss in the manner industry. Kelis Daringa in the picture of her vocal “ I ‘ bossy ” is credited for the debut of the sleek and A-symmetrical haircut that was instantly imitated by her fans ( Malone & A ; Stricklin, 2003, pp 124 ) . Rihanna on her portion as a dad star changed her expression from the traditional brown hair to the high-strung black manner. The influence that she elicited can best be seen by looking at adolescent misss around. Kanye West on his portion has impacted the manner industry wherever he goes. Talk of jumper waistcoats and alone dark glassess and all straight linked to him ( Tonneau & A ; Thompson, 2000, pp 260 ) .


Both music and manner are signifiers of art and are inseparable since they depict our looks and point of views within our range ( Hawkins, 2006, pp 12 ) . It was found in this research that people dress in relation to the music they listen to and therefore supplying an reply to our research inquiry, “ does music impact manner? ” Our cross-examination of the last six decennaries has given us touchable grounds on the growing of music and how it has influenced and how it has impacted on the closet of their hearers ( Lysloff & A ; Gay, 2003, pp 330 ) . Manner interior decorators and sellers are to the full cognizant of the consequence of music on their merchandises and they can merely be able to maximise their gross revenues by organizing it with music. It is besides of import to advert the fact that people are placed in a peculiar stereotyped image due to the music that they listen to and the apparels they put on ( BensmaA?a, 1987, pp 88 ) .


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