How Technology Advances Influence Business Research and Marketing Strategy Paper Appraisal

In this article, the authors demonstrate an outline of how technology advancement influences business research methods especially in the field of marketing. The author comments that technology advances not only influences the current marketing tradition, but it also change the focus in research topic and the design of research methods (Rust and Francine 1072). This journal illustrate how technology innovation in business influence major marketing practices which lead to a better customer service and emphasising on satisfying customer specific needs rather than the products .

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For instance, the advancement of technology support the tasks of reaching the customer in addition satisfying the customer needs, thus this increasing the demands for more complicated models of market segmentation and customisation. Interestingly technology advancement influence customer relation management from interaction with customer, building relationship and customer information gathering. In additional, information technology revolution leads a transformation to central marketing framework in three major marketing strategies, which are service marketing, customisation and relationship marketing.

Furthermore, technology advancement contributes to the business research methods as new and improved application or software tools emerge for data collection and analysing market data statistic. Also innovative hardware and software are capable to aid data analysis and compress data into information to suit the needs of business thus generating substantive and theoretical result. Emphasis on the technology advancement which influence business research and marketing strategy provide an interesting insight on the development of business marketing strategy and research methods.

In additional, it is convincing that implementation of information technology clearly driven business to another level. In fact, information and knowledge about the market, customer and competitor are important for improving a new and better service or product. One of the weaknesses of the finding may be the less relevant because it is over a decade ago. It is most likely that the current emphasis on marketing strategy or research methods is quite different considering the rapid development and evolution of information technology in business industry.

In this information age of rapid obsolescence in technology, more new market will keep on arise as the consequence of technology expansion. Moreover the internet and other computer network offer the capability to reach more target audience, therefore new marketing strategy and research methods will take place. The first statement that the author relate to others research paper were regarding how the service sector grows in contribute to the gross domestic product and accounts for most of the growth in new jobs. The author relate to the research to clarify how service sector has become the core economic and marketing activity.

Most of journal relates to other author’s work to define marketing strategy and research methods. For example, the author relate from two author that “The focus on service brings a new philosophy into marketing management that is applicable to all businesses, including those that involve tangible goods in the process of service provision”, and “Marketing shifts the center of its attention from products to customers (and relationships with them), and businesses compete vigorously in applying technology to service ” (Rust and Francine 1073).

This is to strengthen the statement and delivering a better understanding on marketing strategy by relating to both correlated with similar argument reference. The authors clearly indicate their goal where they identify how technology influences business research and marketing strategy. The journal did deliver how technology advancement influences marketing practices and research methods. One of the issues that I can conclude is marketing strategy and research methods will be significant dependent to the rapid evolution and obsolescence of technology.

Furthermore, it is clear that the future research in business seems to be tied to technological change. As it advances, different tools and strategies are developed, and consequently research is transformed. The authors make good use of figures from different reference to support his statement, however there were no statistic on how information technology and technology innovation influence on sales.

The journal can be improved in terms of the references of research methods, as most of the research methods references are slightly out of date. Undoubtedly the authors did provide their idea in regards on research methods, but it was likely that the researches methods demonstrate are not sufficient enough comparing with the marketing strategies. Reference Rust, Roland T. and Francine Espinoza. “How Technology Advances Influence Business Research and Marketing Strategy. ” Journal of Business Research, 59 (10/11) (2006), 1072-1078.


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