How Literary Criticism Met Your Mother Writing Assignment Essay Sample

How Literary Criticism Met Your Mother Writing Assignment
From the pilot episode of an American comedy Television show called How I Met Your Mother. I find that both Marxist unfavorable judgment and Feminist unfavorable judgment exist in this episode due to the functions of the characters. the ways they act and speak. the things they own. etc. In footings of the Marxism. it is easy to happen out that there is a relationship between category and power in this episode. As Barney who ever wears a suit while his friends are all have oning insouciant apparels. he seems to be the 1 that represents the upper category and the remainder of the characters might be the lower category because they do non have every bit much capital as Barney does. and this shows that the lower category is enduring the low degree of luxury while the upper category has a high-quality life. However. they and Barney are still friends who frequently hang out together which refers to the Communalism because the different categories live together and portion ownerships and duties. In add-on. the suit symbolizes power and wealth every bit good. Since Barney’s pet phrase is “Suit up” ( HIMYM ) . despite the fact that he truly wants Ted to have on a suit. the farther ground likely is that he thinks suits represent power and wealth and this indicates the Commodification. one of the cardinal footings of Marxism which means attitudes of valuing things non for their public-service corporation but for their power to affect others.

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For another. when Barney sees Carl have a Lebanese girl-friend. he says. ” How he gets a Lebanese miss? The cat doesn’t even wear a suit” ( HIMYM ) . From this. it is non hard to happen how Barney despises the adult male who does non have on a suit. and this is considered as a contemplation of how upper category despises the lower category. and this besides refers to the cardinal term of Marxism of Reflectionism. Refering about the Feminism. the civilisation in this episode can be considered as pervasively patriarchal which male characters are in the dominant place. For case. Ted is an applied scientist. Marshall is a jurisprudence pupil and Barney is a rich adult male while Lily is a instructor in kindergarten and Robin is a newsman who reports silly intelligence. From their businesss we can easy happen out that the function of female is to care others and to make something insignificant. but the function of male is portrayed as being powerful. intelligent and wealthy. On the other manus. the female characters in this episode are non typical adult females who frequently appears on the screen. For illustration. during Robin’s first day of the month with
Ted. they are doing merriment of the bluish cornet on the eating house wall and Ted all of a sudden says something silly. “It looks like a smurf penis” ( HIMYM ) . However. Robin is non embarrassed by that and even seems to be pleasant after she hears that gag. Therefore. this shows the cardinal term of Feminism of Jouissance because Robin is non a stereotype of adult females who hides her feminine pleasance. To reason. Marxist unfavorable judgment every bit good as Feminist unfavorable judgment can be seen seemingly in the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother.


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