How It Can Contribute To Student Learning Education Essay

IT`s part towards pupil acquisition is a heatedly contested subject much has been said about its benefits and drawbacks throughout the old ages, so before discoursing how IT can lend to student larning it is of import to specify what does it intend. Over the old ages larning done through IT has been given the name of E-learning. ( Clark & A ; Mayer, 2007 ) depict some of the earlier definition of E-learning as “ Instruction delivered on a computing machine via cyberspace or CD-ROM ” off class in today`s universe we know that ‘s non the instance, much has been changed since that definition, ( ) describe E-learning as “ it is still widely used to mention to the application of engineering to larning. However, the term ‘technology-enhanced acquisition ‘ is deriving favour since it emphasizes on how engineering adds value to larn by enabling Connectivity to information and to others, Greater pick over the clip, topographic point and gait of survey, Knowledge-sharing and co-authoring across multiple locations, Opportunities for contemplation and planning in personal acquisition infinites etc ” .

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E-learning Proposals

E-learning is a procedure, now we will discourse how this procedure contributes towards pupil acquisition and what are its impacts, advantages and disadvantages. Currently concern school has a version of VLE ( Virtual Learning Environment – Blackboard ( DUO ) ) installed, It is used across the university but chiefly in comparatively limited ways, for illustration to portion talk slides, send email messages and to let pupils to subject assignments online. Following E-learning proposals will look to better pupil acquisition every bit good as the competitory place of the concern school.

Social networking manner format including web logs & A ; wikis

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are among the web sites rated for most frequent visits by ( ) , the easiness of usage made these sites a family name, harmonizing to a study conducted by ( ) 85 % of UK pupils log into their societal networking history while on campus. All this information suggests that pupils are really much familiar and comfy with societal networking manner format, this can be used to immense advantage by any educational establishment. ( Hoare, S 2007 ) in his article quotes Sara Knight e-learning plan director of jisc “ We found societal networking and instant messaging being used to back up research workers working off-campus, every bit good as leting pupils and research workers to make their ain involvement groups and academic communities in countries like bio-medicine ” . Social networking format will give users ( pupils, instructors, and IT staff ) a broad scope of options which they presently do n’t hold ; new format could non merely better communicating between pupils and instructors but besides amongst pupils. Similarly web logs and wikis both demand engagement of multiple users and this can merely beef up the communicating between pupils and instructors.


Social web for university / concern school

Interest groups


Web logs


It requires changeless engagement from staff ( instructors and IT section ) .

Time ingestion for system update.

Money ingestion for system update.


The biggest advantage of new format is that it will link all the pupils from all old ages and disciplines together. In many instances new pupils ab initio find it difficult to pass on with their seniors because there is no official agencies for that and in most instances new pupils get to cognize their seniors through societal networking e.g. parties, athleticss etc. , with this proposed format new pupils can easy socialise with senior pupils of the same subject and even acquire counsel from them. It will let Students to do involvement groups on this system e.g. “ IT developments ” ; all interested pupils can fall in and discourse the subject. Teachers can utilize web logs to affect relevant pupils into constructive treatments that will assist their acquisition. This system besides allows Wikis which are acquiring common in most universities, because it promotes teamwork.

Overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages of implementing this new format, and harmonizing to ( Leidner, 1995 ) it is in conformity with “ The Cooperative theoretical account of larning ” which states that larning occurs as persons exercise, verify, solidify, and better their mental theoretical accounts through treatment and information sharing. ( Flynn, 1992 ) defined concerted theoretical account as “ whereas instructor-led communicating is inherently additive, collaborative groups allow more ramification and concentricity ” . The main statement for this proposal is facebook itself as it was created by a Harvard university pupil Mark Zuckerberg so that pupils and instructors can interact with each other ( Phillips, 2007 ) .

Audio & A ; Video Lecture recordings

In non so distant yesteryear faculty members used blackboards to convey their message to pupils, and in response pupils had to compose every word straight off for later alteration, but as engineering developed so did the methods of presenting it, audio and video talks are the following logical measure in pupils e-learning development. Research done by ( Clark, 2007 ) indicates that there are no practical acquisition differences between a digital and face-to-face bringing. However, in some instances, computer-delivered preparation resulted in more effectual acquisition than schoolroom acquisition. Following graph shows the consequences of ( Clark, 2007 ) survey.

Figure 1.1

( Clark, 2007 ) further argues that larning is much more effectual with audio and video assistance instead than words ( lecture notes ) .


Enhanced pupil acquisition ( Clark, 2007 ) .

Better the image of concern school.

Effective usage of IT.


Increased cost on concern school.

It requires changeless engagement from staff.

It requires changeless engagement from IT squad.

Possible staff discontentedness –

Students might experience that go toing talks is non necessary any longer.


On the surface of things, it looks like there are more disadvantages that advantages gained by A/V talk execution, but the advantages are so monolithic that execution of this proposal seems in the best involvement of pupils and of concern school. Harmonizing to ( Leidner, 1995 ) execution of A/V lectures fulfills two theoretical accounts of larning objectivism and cognitive information processing theoretical account.

( Summary of all learning theoretical accounts appendix 1.1 ) .

Online treatment forums

Computer conferencing is a widely used map of ( CMC ) computer-mediated communications ( Rourke & A ; Anderson, 2002 ) and most common signifier of computing machine conferencing is treatment forums ( Sandor & A ; Harris, 2007 ) . Many academic believe that unlike in the traditional face-to-face bringing of third instruction where self-generated and slightly unstructured conversations can take topographic point, which are encouraged as important to student battle with the procedure of acquisition, treatment through computing machine conferencing is by and large more brooding, asynchronous and structured in nature ( Dixson, Kuhlhorst, & A ; Reiff, 2006 ; Sandor & A ; Harris, 2007 ; Stodel, Thompson, & A ; MacDonald, 2006 ) .


Enhance pupil acquisition.

Improves teamwork between pupils.

No clip or topographic point restraints.

Tool for appraisal.

Enhances concern school`s image.


Fiscal cost of execution.

Highly clip devouring for instructors.

Requires high care from IT section.


This proposal is likely the most clip devouring for staff ( instructors & A ; IT section ) but the wagess are infinite in-terms of pupil acquisition and concern school`s image sweetenings. During the class of this research for on-line treatment forums one thing became clear that all the top ranking universities in the universe already use treatment forums to heighten pupil acquisition ( ) , implementing this proposal will set this concern school in line with all the others who already are profiting from it, which will better the competitory place of concern school. In contrast to the traditional face-to-face schoolroom attack to acquisition, equal acquisition is based upon the apprehension that pupil to student interaction promotes pupils ‘ battle with class content and thereby deepens larning ( Kear, 2004 ) which is in conformity with “ The concerted theoretical account of larning ” ( Leidner, 1995 ) . Below is a traditional theoretical account of on-line treatment forum ( Sandor & A ; Harris, 2007 ) .

Figure 1.2

One of the chief restrictions of this theoretical account is that, it requires a changeless and high sum of input from the instructor, which can set an unjust sum of force per unit area on the instructor and impede the acquisition procedure.

( Sandor & A ; Harris, 2007 ) put frontward a new construct of on-line treatment, in which a pupil takes on the double functions of content expert and facilitator of the forum, with other pupils invited to take part and interact with the facilitator and other pupils on preset content of involvement. This theoretical account places the pupil expert/facilitator at the Centre of the learning event and the teacher, one measure removed from the procedure, as superintendent of the duologue. Diagram below explains the procedure.

Figure 1.3

This new theoretical account of on-line treatment has the possible to cut down the teacher ‘s forum related work load, though a prudent teacher would stay abreast of the duologue to offer timely support and counsel if required ( Wozniak & A ; Silveira, 2004 ) .

Virtual staff

The construct of practical staff is that during working hr ‘s instructors and IT staff should hold an on-line presence so that any pupil can easy entree it from anyplace. The ground behind this proposal is to free pupils from the geographical boundaries of the concern school. This will give pupils more incentive to seek advice from instructors when in demand. Virtual staff includes messaging service, voice and picture confab capablenesss.


Removal of geographical boundaries.

Easy adaptability.

Enhances the image of concern school.


Fiscal cost of installing.

Possible staff discontentedness.

Requires high care from IT section.


This proposal signifies the true value of IT`s part towards pupils larning, by giving pupils the freedom from geographical restraints. Like any other proposals this 1 besides has its restrictions, instructors will be on the crisp terminal of the stick, they will hold to accommodate to this new system and most of them might demo displeasure towards it and that may acquire in the manner of pupil acquisition, but on the other manus this can be advantageous for instructors as-well as this proposal will besides give them freedom from geographical restraints. The chief purpose of this proposal is to simplify the procedure of communicating between pupils and instructors, pupils can derive instant aid virtually from their instructors instead than booking an assignment, waiting in line and in some instances re-booking because of clip restraint. This proposal will extinguish the demand of physical presence and promote pupils to pass on freely.


Feedback is an built-in characteristic of effectual and efficient instruction and acquisition, and can be one of the most powerful ways in which to heighten and beef up pupil acquisition ( Black & A ; William, 1998 ) .

Feedback is one the most of import portion of any pupils life, ( Laurillard, 1993 ) A described the importance of feedback as “ action without feedback is wholly unproductive for a scholar ” . Currently concern school has really limited ways of supplying feedback, i.e. seminars & A ; formative appraisals, ( Sadler, 1989 ) argue that the intent of feedback should be to fit pupils bit by bit with the appraising accomplishments that their instructors ‘ possess. This proposal integrates traditional feedback system with IT, by two methods.

Online scrutiny Feedback

Examination feedback consists of numerical values which merely indicate the degree of accomplishment, what it does non demo is how a certain pupil achieved it. Students should be given elaborate feedback on their scrutinies so that they can entree their public presentation more accurately. This will assist pupils see how instructors have marked their tests, why have they achieved a certain class and above all what can be done to better it.

Online scrutiny & A ; assignments Sample documents

Students are given guidelines on how to accomplish model classs in assignments and tests, presently concern school`s on-line library shops old old ages scrutiny documents to give pupils an thought of scrutiny form but there is no feedback about what a perfect reply should look like. This proposal explores the possibility of supplying pupils with existent life illustrations on how to accomplish these classs by giving pupils the freedom to entree other pupil ‘s assignments once they have been assessed by instructors, so that they can compare themselves to other pupils who have performed better than them. This will non merely assist pupils recognize their errors but besides promote them to accomplish what others have.


Improve pupil public presentation.


Fiscal cost to concern school.

Increased work load for instructors.

Plagiarism issues.


This proposal is likely the most sensitive of all, chiefly because it puts a batch of strain on instructors to present constructive feedback but there is clear grounds in ( Gibbs & A ; Simpson, 2004 ) that constructive feedback enables larning by supplying information that can be used to better and heighten public presentation. Second portion of proposal leting pupils to entree old marked documents for feedback intents raises an of import issue of plagiarism which concern school takes highly serious, but on the other manus this proposal will give pupils an tremendous sum of feedback that can be highly good, looking at the benefits of this proposal it should be strongly considered by the concern school, and in regard to plagiarism concern school already has a system in topographic point to cover with that.

Critical analysis

One thing is certain that IT`s part in pupil acquisition is undeniable, and most faculty members believe that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages ( Clark & A ; Mayer, 2007 ; Leidner, 1995 ; Flynn, 1992 ; Clark, 2007 ; Rourke & A ; Anderson, 2002 ) . There are some major restrictions in e-learning as ( Tsai, 2009 ) points out that one of the most criticized characteristics of e-learning is the deficiency of face-to-face interaction with the instructors. Proposal # 4 “ Virtual staff ” non merely eliminates this job but besides ( Tsai, 2009 ) reduces the anxiousness of some pupils sing inquiring / replying inquiries in a traditional schoolroom. ( Romiszowski, 2004 ) criticizes that in the e-learning environment, teachers shift from being the primary beginning of pupils ‘ cognition to being the director of the pupils ‘ cognition resources. E-learning stuff readying is really clip consuming as ( Doughty, Spector and Yonai, 2003 ) found in a 2003 survey that module and support staff spent about twice as many hours supplying on-line versions of classs compared to traditional bringing.

To recognize the full benefits of e-learning proposals discussed in this study concern school has to take into consideration a batch of factors, and most of import of that is the clip required to follow this new system. There will be resistance for these new proposals from both pupils and instructors but it is the occupation of concern school to assist them recognize the possible benefits that will come with these alterations ; teacher ‘s resistance is apprehensible because most of the proposals put a batch of force per unit area on them and they require a batch of attempt but sing the wagess it is worth it. Student`s resistance will be for the obvious ground i.e. they will hold to follow to a new system even though all the proposals given above are really user friendly, it is human nature that alteration takes clip so concern school has to give these proposals clip before they start giving their benefits. E-learning is believed to be the fastest turning sub-sector of the $ 2.3T USD planetary instruction market, with the market for online higher instruction expected to turn to $ 69B USD by 2015 ( Hezel Associates, 2005 ) . To see how e-learning can better the place of the concern school ( Ashurst, 2010 ) uses porter ‘s five forces analysis to find the competitory strength and hence attraction of aA market.

Figure 1.4

Potential Entrants

E-universities ( unfastened university )

Top schools ( Harvard, Cambridge etc. )

Industry Rivalry ( Rivalry against bing clients )

Brand / rankings

Physical installations

Repute of module

Networks / relationships

Relevance – eg concern undertakings

Career impact


Academic staff

E-learning sellers

E-information suppliers


Strong regional trade name

Competitive local market

Highly competitory international market

Beneficial for organisations


Professional organic structures


E-information suppliers

Business school is using e-learning at a minimal degree and by utilizing portfolio analysis ( Chaffey, 2009 ) we can see that presently it is being used as a support. The purpose of proposals mentioned in this treatment is to travel towards strategic so that concern school can use the full benefits of e-learning.

Figure 1.5

Future use

Current use






Key operational


High Potential

Second proposal A/V talk recording is the 1 that will be quiet dearly-won as it requires hardware installing throughout the concern school and besides package integrating with the current system, this proposal will besides set a batch of strain on IT section, but this proposal is the 1 that will set this concern school in line with all the major universities which are already utilizing this engineering. Image and repute are considered critical for any institution`s long term hereafter, proposal discussed in this study will non merely aid concern school realize the benefits of e-learning but besides help accomplish a competitory place among the top universities around the universe.

Appendix 1.1

Stakeholder analysis

In an organisational context, a stakeholder is a constituency of an organisation ; in the same sense the stakeholders of e-learning are those that are affected by it ( Thompson and Strickland, 2001 ) . Diagram below enlists all the stakeholders in e-learning ( Ashurst, 2010 ) .

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder group

Perceived benefits

Changes needed

Perceived opposition

Commitment ( current & A ; required )



Let it to go on

Help it go on

Make it go on


No geographical restraints, entree to limitless cognition, enhanced acquisition, no clip restraint, networking with equals, rapid entree to staff.

New system

Requires different accomplishment than traditional acquisition, requires motive and committedness


Entree to university, update on current / approaching events.

New system



Broader audience, fast and easy, no geographical restraints, assessment tool, positive impact on acquisition,

New system

Increased work load, more duty, increases feedback, and requires proficient edification.

Admin staff

Create new larning chances, expand into distance acquisition, and strengthen market place.

New system

Fiscal cost, staff discontentedness.


E-learning is going progressively popular, pupils have high proficient accomplishments.

Employers integrating into university system


Microsoft / other sellers

Appendix 1.2

Table of the top 10 hazards and related actions


Action Required

Diagram or image assisting explicate cardinal facets of the concern solution


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