How counter-terrorism plans are developed Essay Sample

“ For decennaries the menace of terrorist act and existent terrorist incidents inside the united states- in most instances. by place grown perpetrators- were treated like possible and existent crimes” ( Nacos. B. L. 2012. pg. 238 ) . With a deficiency of proper agencies to correctly place terrorist act and the reverberations that followed. the FBI and local jurisprudence enforcement were in charge of managing bar and probe. The magnitude of terrorist act rapidly proved excessively much for these bureaus and exigency respondents to manage. Lack of communicating between bureaus proved to be damaging. The demand for more protection. quicker response times and scheme called for the birth of a new subdivision. Soon after was the constitution of the Department of Homeland Security.

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“ The new section brought together. under one umbrella. 22 entities that had be either independent or portion of larger sections and agencies” . ”Its four major board of directorss. each headed by an undersecretary. united a battalion of bureaus under one roof ; the lodger and transit security board of directors. the exigency readiness and response board of directors. the scientific discipline and engineering board of directors. the information analysis and substructure protection directorate” ( Nacos. B. L. 2012. pg. 239 ) . Finally there was some order to the mayhem ; there was a steady and positive flow of information between bureaus. No longer was there a deficiency of communicating. there was eventually a concatenation of bid and appropriate actions could be taken. determinations could be made and the lives of 1000000s could be decently protected.

In 2007 “National Strategy for Homeland Security” was eventually defined. During financial twelvemonth 2008-2013. DHS devoted three of the five expressed end classs to forestall terrorist act. Goal 1. “protect our state from unsafe people” Goal 2. ” Protect our state from unsafe goods” Goal 3. “Protect critical infrastructure” Goal 4. ” Strengthen our nation’s readiness and exigency response capabilities” Goal 5. “Strengthen and unify DHS operations and management” . These actions further show specific schemes to farther develop our nation’s fatherland security attempts. The thought procedure being. the fewer channels to travel through and the clearer the end. the less room is made available for error. Similar actions are taken with our ain military. The idea being. if there are set ends. easy to understand. easy to develop with a clear concatenation of bid. there is no room for mistake. ” ( Nacos. B. L. 2012. pg. 243 ) .

The onslaughts on 9/11 created the beginning of the reorganisation of the U. S. intelligence community. due to the inabilities of intelligence agents to link all the pieces to the mystifier in terroristic Acts of the Apostless. The information sharing mechanisms and the spread between communications. of national and authorities intelligence. defined precisely where the United States is as a state in intelligence. Communication is the key of any organisation. allow entirely a state supporting against possible terrorist enemies. As a consequence of 9/11 the onslaughts on the United States prompted the largest reorganisation of Intelligence the community as seen since 1947. The reorganisation reform since 9/11 came with several alterations.

National Security Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 made alterations in “director of national intelligence. ‘‘responsibilities and governments of the manager of national intelligence ‘‘sec. 102a. ( a ) proviso of intelligence. entree to intelligence. function of manager of national intelligence in transportation and reprogramming of financess. transportation of employees. tasking and other governments. intelligence information sharing. analysis. protection of intelligence beginnings and methods. unvarying processs for sensitive compartmented information. coordination with foreign authoritiess. enhanced forces management” An accent has been placed on information sharing and the development of province and local centres which have resulted in the important presentation of resources and attempts to turn to the national intelligence spread. The Bush philosophy provinces “counterterrorism is portion of larger U. S. policy. Counterterrorism seldom. if of all time. should be the lead in that policy.

The challenges we face are different in different parts of the universe and are interconnected to broader U. S. policy interests” ( Nacos. B. L. . 2012. Pg. 182 ) . The jobs that the intelligence community faces is that telecommunications have now unfastened Windowss to how people relay and communicate information. Information has been able to be transferred on a planetary graduated table. go forthing tracking hard and information reassigning viral. The proficient side of telecommunications and their devices leave intelligence agents in a conciliatory place. If a call or communicating device is used. it may be possible that it wasn’t in the U. S. or used by person from the U. S. Surveillance and wiretapping has been used by jurisprudence enforcement and intelligence agents throughout clip. but raises inquiries about civil rights and privateness. which can act upon the consensus of the people that was gained after 9/11 onslaughts and the necessity to derive better intelligence. Social webs and similar sites give intelligence agents the ability to portion fresh informations via webs without needfully supervising deeply which still back up a varied logical technique.

The job that most people have is that personal identifiable information may be able to be accessed. Equally long as information is protected and safeguarded through protocols. counsel. answerability. and logs will wipe out most contention faced over the NSA’s station 9/11 surveillance plan and other data-mining inventivenesss which came to inquiry to better intelligence. The National Strategy for Homeland Security contains mission countries. lineations ends and enterprises. and suggests policies and aims. but does non organize a strategic attack that will patch them all together. Martha Crenshaw as international bookman provinces “ [ Before 9/11 ] the security surveies and international dealingss Fieldss were non particularly hospitable to bookmans interested in terrorist act exactly it was non considered an of import job for the subject or the development of a strategy” ( Nacos. B. L. . 2012. Pg. 182 ) .

This scheme seems to necessitate a clear cut vision and seems to raise inquiries about national intelligence issues than reply them in a larger strategy of fatherland security endeavor. Operationss in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on terrorist act have reduced the gait of military transmutation and have revealed our deficiency of readying for defensive and stability operations. This Administration has overextended our military ( Barack Obama ) . The intelligence community should concentrate on developing a practical national intelligence scheme will be meaningful now with all the major events being taken topographic point in a big metropolis such as New York. At a strategic degree. the intelligence bureaus and communities have failed to form and develop a concise and clear cut vision since the Cold War. The inability of policy shapers and Intelligence communities to come together and clearly talk about the national security involvements are a concern. In a station 9/11 environment. it seems that it may be set. that the United States may still be in the same quandaries as they ever have been.


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