Homogeneous And Differentiated Product In Microeconomics Economics Essay

The economic issue in this observation involves the construct of homogenous and differentiated merchandise in microeconomics

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Harmonizing to Lindeman ( 2002 ) , merchandise homogeneousness exists when the merchandises produced by houses are indistinguishable, the same. Homogeneous merchandises are besides a feature of perfect competition market such as wheat, grain, Cooper, etc where purchasers merely aim for the cheapest goods available in the market ( Lindeman, 2002 ) .

In our instance, gasoline and liquefied crude oil gas are homogenous merchandises despite the gasoline station or company ( BP, Shell, Caltex, etc ) you are purchasing from. In fact, the method to pull out and polish crude oil is about the same among those companies. Additionally, the consumers perceive gasoline as non-differentiated merchandise and they likely choose a cheaper trade name to purchase which explains why petrol monetary value is more homogenous because if the house makes its monetary value higher than the rivals, the drivers will make full their armored combat vehicles in the rivals ‘ gasoline Stationss.

Lindeman ( 2002, p.86 ) besides suggested “ differentiated merchandise exists where you can state a difference between different houses ‘ merchandises within the industry ” . By distinguishing their merchandises, houses are following a non-price competition scheme and besides houses can pull more clients and make client trueness by heightening its merchandise or service. This will ensue in a displacement of demand curve to the right ( Lindeman, 2002 )

In our instance, bottled H2O is perceived as differentiated merchandises. Different houses can bear down different monetary values for their bottled H2O. In fact, there are around 50 trade names of botted H2O merchandising in the market, such as Mt Franklin, Fiji H2O, Pump, H2GO, etc and in a broad scope of monetary value. Take stylish Fiji H2O as an illustration ; it is differentiated from other trade names as the purest spring H2O, “ untouched by adult male ” , “ so much more pure and so much healthier than other bottled Waterss ” ( Fiji H2O, 2009 ) . And, this has made it the most expensive spring H2O sold in supermarket with $ 2.99/ liter, even more expensive than Mt Franklin H2O of Coca Cola – best selling trade name sold for $ 2.96/ liter.

The 2nd economic issue emerged in this instance is related to the snap of both H2O and gasoline.

Gans et Al. ( 2009 ) pointed out that gasoline is considered as comparatively inelastic in the short tally due to the fact that even when the monetary value of gasoline goes up, the measure of gasoline demanded merely somewhat decreased in the first few months and besides gasoline is a alone merchandise which has no replacement for it. However, in the long tally, within several old ages, there would be a significant bead in the gasoline measure demanded since people have bought more fuel-efficient autos, move closer to their workplace or exchange to public conveyances ( Gans et al. 2009 ) . This has explained why gasoline companies are non motivated to raise up their monetary value ( might negatively impact people driving behavior and therefore cut down houses ‘ net incomes )

Bottled H2O on the other manus has a comparatively elastic demand curve due to H2O has many substituted merchandises available in the market such as boiled/tap H2O, coke, fruit juice, different sorts of soft drinks, etc. This suggests the houses in the industry to be really careful in their pricing scheme ( increasing or diminishing both have certain effects on their client bases )

Question 2+3: What will you state them about the comparative effects of import quotas and tantamount duties on the well-being of Russian vodka manufacturers, Russian vodka consumers, and the Russian authorities budget? Can a authorities ever derive gross by enforcing a duty? Use a diagram to exemplify your reply.

Quota is a type of mechanism to protect local merchandises by puting a physical bound on the measure of vodka produced conveying into Russia that can be sold domestically in a given period of clip. This is good for the vodka manufacturers in domestic economic system as all consumers expense the good in that economic system. Even, duty and quota are used to protect oversea goods, but there are some negative effects to a state applies the method for trade limitation every bit good as it is less economical efficient than other methods. There are comparative effects of import quotas and tantamount duty on the well-being of Russian vodka manufacturers, Russian vodka consumers, and the Russian authorities budget as follows ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Relative consequence on the well-being of Russian vodka manufacturers

The Government would put domestic monetary value of vodka above the universe monetary value and command the figure of measure of vodka imported into the state when puting up quota alternatively of enforcing revenue enhancement. Sing the monetary value is addition over the universe monetary value, the difference between monetary value with quota and monetary value without quota is added excess of vodka manufacturer. Therefore, every bit much as the monetary value with quota is set over universe monetary value every bit much as vodka manufacturers could derive benefit in term of selling merchandise at higher monetary value ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Relative consequence on Russian vodka consumers

While vodka manufacturers gain benefit by switching domestic supply and restricting figure of import measures taking to cut down the difference between monetary value with and without quota death. To see the consumer excess for this method, every bit much as the monetary value of vodka is set higher than universe monetary value, the purchasers are worse off when buying vodka ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Relative consequence on Russian authorities budget

The Government can see the figure of vodka ‘s measure to be imported, so licencing to importers who wish to make Russian vodka concern every bit good as supply the usage the power to command the entree of vodka merchandises into the state. This can do a serious corruptness job in the state with import quotas as the importers chosen to run into the quota are the 1s who can supply the most favors to the imposts officers. To derive gross the same degree as duty, Government may hold to sell import licences for full value to importers. However, in instance of duty, Government can roll up gross when measure of vodka additions while import quota Government can derive the exact sum of gross by selling licences. In add-on, a larger deadweight loss can happen sing to mechanism such as buttonholing employed to apportion the import licences. Additionally, an unreasonable monetary value would do smuggling issue and it is likely that people may seek to convey vodka into the state illicitly, merely as they would if the import quota is merely a little fraction of the demand for the merchandise whereas the bound of measure and deficits can do smuggling job and it would take to big deadweight loss as good. Even if there are some defects of quota, this can besides be used as an statement against duties as the authorities can non guarantee that the figure of imports will remain below a certain degree and Government continue roll up the steady gross ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Diagram 1:

( Gans et al. 2009 )

A duty is a revenue enhancement on goods produced abroad and sold domestically and it can raises the monetary value of imported goods above the universe monetary value by sum of the duty, furthermore, duty is able to cut down the measure of imports and travel the domestic market closer to its equilibrium trade. The duties are non merely command the monetary value of a goods, they besides indirectly command the measure sold of that good due to the interaction of supply and demand. A Government can derive gross when the duty is set above the universe monetary value near to equilibrium without trade and Numberss of imported merchandises with duties are counted. However, duties may do smuggling sing it is set at unreasonable degree of sum duty. Additionally, the high sum set of duty is likely to do people seeking to convey the merchandises into the state illicitly. This can potentially take to deadweight loss, therefore the authorities may hold to put the duty at a sensible degree. Gross from duty is non stable as the merchandises are non limited for a house to come in. Then by utilizing duty mechanism sing the demand raises, the figure of merchandises sold should be increased, and the Government is able to roll up greater gross, when demand goes down, the Government can roll up less gross frailty versa ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Question 4:

How might a drouth that destroys half of all farm harvests be good for husbandmans?

Diagram 2:

A drouth that destroys half of all farm harvests will cut down the supply of farm goods in the market ; switch the supply curve to the left. Given that the demand for farm harvests is inelastic ( a high alteration in monetary value consequences in little alteration in measure demanded ) , the displacement to the left of the supply curve leads to an addition in monetary value that will accordingly raise the entire gross for husbandmans who are unaffected by the drouth if the monetary value snap of demand is less than 1.

If such a drouth is good for husbandmans, why do n’t husbandmans destruct their ain harvests in the absence of a drouth?

No husbandman wants to destruct their farm harvests deliberately because they are considered as monetary value taker in the market and if merely a few of them destroy their harvests, it is merely a little part and non plenty to switch the supply curve to the left and accordingly increase the monetary value of farm goods.

However, merely if all the husbandmans destroy their harvests together, like through a authorities plan, it would do the husbandmans better off. Such plan will profit the husbandmans, but it achieves the aim at the disbursal of consumers ( Gans et al. 2009 ) .

Question 5: When the free trade pact CER was signed between New Zealand and Australia, oppositions claimed that New Zealand would endure important occupation losingss to more efficient Australian manufacturers. Why would you non be surprised to larn that CER did non raise unemployment in either state? Use diagrams and an illustration in support of your reply?

CER was signed between New Zealand and Australia that did non raise the unemployment in either state.


First, since the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement ( ANZCERTA ) came into consequence on 1983, the two economic systems have become progressively incorporate ( Petersen and Gounder, 2002 ) . In this free trade understanding, it is stated that both states create a conventional free trade country which includes the remotion of all boundary line limitations on trade in goods, and the administrative would be removed for the trading and investing flows such as liberalising. The liberalizing trade in both states help the trade fencing can be ignored ( Petersen and Gounder, 2002 ) . There can be some involvements deriving from ANZCERT thanks to the efficiency by cheaper imports of consumer goods and services within the two states. As a consequence, the costs for manufacturers and consumers can be reduced among free trade country. With the addition of manufacturer ‘s effectivity and the decrease in export revenue enhancements in free trade country, the exporters likely to increase the export goods and services. Those attendant can bring forth the demands and demands in labour market.

Furthermore, in ANZCERTA, there is a freedom of travel within the conventional free trade country, for both labour market and societal grounds ( Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1997 ) . These grounds can assist the concern in two states to take all barriers in trading and avoiding the increasing cost in bring forthing. Besides that, the labour market can develop within both states due to freedom in going. Therefore, there may be a decrease in extra cost for labour market. This means that the employers can hold more picks and the employees can easy take their company within two states. In other words, the CER can make more chances in employment, so the unemployment rate in Australia and New Zealand can be reduced.


Diagram 3:

Assuming the current state of affairs of labour market wool shavers in Australia is in equilibrium. Harmonizing to Gans et Al ( 2005, pg. 392 ) , “ the monetary value of labour depends on supply and demand curve reflects the value of the fringy merchandise of labor, in equilibrium workers receive the value of their fringy part to the productions of goods and services. ”

In add-on, it is supposed that there a figure of in-migration workers ‘ willingness to come Australia to shave the wool. When the CER is established, due to freedom of going between two states, there will be an addition of figure of shavers who is from New Zealand to Australia. The supply of labor market will be shifted to the right or will increase the figure of workers in supply.

Diagram 4:

From the above diagram, there is a displacement in Supply curve ( addition in figure of workers come to Australia ) , the point of new equilibrium is ( L2, W2 ) . It is showed that the L2 is the figure of addition in employment.

In instance of the labour demand addition, it is assumed that the wool monetary value is increasing. Hence the demand of labors can be increase because the local employers need more workers in shaving wool. Therefore the demand of labors will be shifted to the right or an addition in labour demand.

Diagram 5:

The diagram 5 demonstrates that, there new point of equilibrium is ( L3, W3 ) in term of labour demand is increasing. The measure of employment is increasing from L1 to L3.

In decision, in both instances of increasing in labour demand and labour supply, the figure of employment additions in a certain sum, because the CER between Australia and New Zealand create the advantage conditions for both manufacturers in enhance their efficiency in bring forthing and give more freedom of going for the employees so that they can hold more chances in employment in both states. The CER has allowed many local concerns to travel to globalization and this has been really of import for rewards and employment chances in both economic systems.

Question 6: Identify an illustration of a revenue enhancement levied in Australia. Illustrate and discourse the revenue enhancement incidence utilizing a diagram and the deductions for policymakers and concern.

The authorities in Australia imposes about 10 per centum revenue enhancement on supply of services every bit good as goods. This revenue enhancement is normally called as Goods and Services Tax ( GST or Value Added Tax -VAT ) and it is levied on persons who have registered for. The grosss, which are earned from Goods and Services revenue enhancement is distributed among the provinces.

Harmonizing to Breen et Al ( 2002 ) ‘s research paper, they found that some concerns tend to see increasing costs over the clip due to covering with GST or VAT.


Diagram 6:

With the execution of the GST on the goods or services, there will be an addition of monetary value, the new monetary value Q2 which is higher than the Q1. Through the diagram, the sum received can be decreased ( the sum received on diagram ) . The authorities revenue enhancement grosss will shared by the consumers and manufacturers from two side of the equilibrium point.

The manufacturer excess is the country which determined that the manufacturers are willing to sell the merchandises at that monetary value. The deadweight loss is where the consumers are to pay at that monetary value. However, that monetary value is taxed, so the people must to pay more for a merchandise and the manufacturers will have less because of GST. As a consequence, the public assistance for manufacturer and consumer can be reduced, but the authorities revenue enhancement gross can profit for the populace.

Furthermore, when the GST is exercised, the input stuffs are besides taxed, as accordingly, the cost in fabrication can be increased important. To cover with this job, it is required for the decrease of the degrees they supply because they can avoid paying the natural stuffs which may be gone up in monetary value.


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