History Of Zinzin Book Cafe Marketing Essay

Phan Hong Nhung, who graduated at concern adminstration and Vien My Oanh, who have some experience plants in Cafe . We have both a same thoughts with the desire to supply a comfy topographic point for pupils, employees and others to analyze, research, readaˆ¦Also, they can loosen up and bask a cup of java or any nutrients and drinks in a relaxing atmostphere enviroment.

A Zinzin book cafe is born ; a combinaiton of books and cafe . The topographic point with a assortment of books, magazines, newspaperaˆ¦ . and cafe is served. The books are for reading, mentions as a library. Everyone can utilize them free and we offer a choice of nutrients and drinks.

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Our Zinzin book cafe is the best design in Ho Chi Minh metropolis. We make certain that it will pull many people’attention. Zinzin’target clients are pupils from mean income household and employees with mean income life and working in Ho Chi Minh metropolis.

Our mission is to supply everyone with a comfy topographic point to read and bask a great relaxing ambiance.

We expect to make 15 % market portion in Book cafe market by increase 30 % figure of clients in 06 months.


The program is to put up a book cafe differ from the rivals and increase the client figure. It will get down at the early of January, 2011.

Situation Analysis

Market Cleavage

Geographic Cleavage

We decided to take districrt 1 for our first book cafe . This good location can non merely better our economic sciences but besides attract book lovers. It is the biggest concern Centre and population in Ho Chi Minh metropolis because there are a tonss of bookshop, the university and companiesaˆ¦ . Furthermore it has attracted a great mean income individuals flow from the other states.

Demographic Cleavage

Male and female

Age 17 – 50.

Single and non-single

Young concern who work near to location

Students from high school, college, university.

An income over 1.000.000 VND/month

Populating and working in HCM metropolis

Psychographic Cleavage

Like to run into people, have gossip with friends

Like to read books

Eat out more than at place

Behaviouralistic Cleavage

Like to travel to coffee store in regular juncture

Concentrating on the quality of nutrients, book catalog

Market Needs

The civilization of reading has ever existed in the Vietnamese. For case, many bookshops are crowed with everyone reading books and library used to be a topographic point people came to research, read bookaˆ¦ .

Reading civilization is still feasible, despite being impacted by the Internet. Normally, people like reading in the bookshop but they do n’t desire to pass money on a book or ca n’t afford a book payment. Library seem to take clip to borrow a book, you have to travel through processs to look into the book out.

Nowaday, reading wont is altering. A cafe store may be a best solution people normally come in the digital age. The topographic point is the most comfy with peaceable infinite, air-conditioner, nice design, wifi accessaˆ¦.To understant it, many book cafe are opened to run into the people ‘ reading demand.

Harmonizing to our study, people go to book cafe more than library and bookshop. Nowaday, the more book cafe are opened with the more quality, and they are the rival with Zinzin book cafe .

Market Tendencies

As estimated, there are more 40 book cafe in Ho Chi Minh metropolis up to now. There are two tendencies of book cafe now:

Food quality: The penchant for high-quality ingredients is increasing as clients are larning to appreciate the qualitative differences and books are merely decorated things

Book measure: The measure and quality of books are more of import than nutrient.

The book cafe market is turning latest 2 twelvemonth. Quality and service are being focused by most of the centre as the market question.

Market Grows

Number of printed books have published on the rise each twelvemonth despite being impacted by the Internet. In 2004, Publication Department has provided 20,000 books. Youth Printing House has released 2,585 rubrics. Publisher National Political has publised 990 books. It ‘s a few Numberss illustrate the development of publication industry.

Another factor is the tendency to eat and imbibe exterior at the place. Business people who want to take clip out to loosen up and acquire off from their long hr work as a twenty-four hours. Student normally come to cafe as a 2nd place.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Our chief clients are pupils and immature people in contrast to a few old ages ago when they were hotfooting to noisy bars. They ever have a active life with feverish agendas. Through our market research, they wasted their clip, money, wellness in cabarets and bars and the reaching of book coffeehouse is ideal.

The book cafe can non merely make a big comfy infinite but besides supply many sorts of book. When they come to at that place, they besides want to fall in some activities or play game

Competition Analysis




Ciao book cafe

The first book cafe in HCM metropolis

Luxury design

Excessively much aliens

Good nutrient

High fee

No many books

PNC book cafe

Many subdivisions in HCM metropolis

PNC is a published books company

Organizing a negotiations, seminar and book launches

There are tonss of book in some subdivisions

Good location

Low monetary value

Food is non delightful

Hub cafe

The most measure of assortment books in HCM metropolis

Normal design

Organizing a negotiations, seminar and book launches

Low monetary value

Have a trouble in location

Company Analysis


Our mission is to supply everyone with a comfy topographic point to read and bask a great relaxing ambiance.


Many books


High nutrient quality

Low nutrient quality





Lack of books

When we start our concern, we determine a placement scheme differ from rivals. Our Zinzin is non merely have good nutrients but besides supply many sorts of books. Addtionally, our Zinzin is designed creatively to immature people in digital age.

The most of import thing in our store is provide client service that exceeds your clients ‘ outlooks and outshines your rivals ‘ client service.

SWOT Analysis

The undermentioned SWOT analysis gaining controls cardinal strengths and failings within the company and describes the chances and menaces confronting the Zinzin book cafe


Have a good relatonship with providers

Good installations and location

Excellent staff

Competitive pricing


Our budget is limited

A new subdivision in book cafe’market

Ineffective selling program


These book cafe have appeared in the universe and it is still non popular in Vietnam

A turning market with a important per centum of book cafe in Vietnam latest old ages

This theoretical account is supported by society


There are some celebrated java store placed at this street like BUD ‘s, Soho..

A slack in the economic system which will diminish disbursement

Competition from the book cafe in Vietnam

Key to Success

A quiet and cool reading infinite for book lovers and supportive services during their remainder clip. Our book cafe ever organise utile activities for client. They are the indispensable keys to accomplish success.

Selling Scheme

Marketing Aims

To construct up consciousness in reading civilization in Vietnam

To keep positive, steady growing each month.

To make a opportunity to bask a peaceable infinite while they lose themselves in a good book.

Market portion: To make 15 % portion in book cafe market by increasing 30 % figure of pupils.

Fiscal Aims

Inscrease gross month by month

Descrease the variable costs associated with nutrient production.

Salvage the cost which is non necessary.

Target Customer

The pupils who are from average/low-income household want to hold a topographic point to read books, do homeworksaˆ¦and hold a chitchat with friends

Average-income employees who want to loosen up during their rare clip in a quiet infinite with soft music and books

Young people who are from mean income household want to hold a reading infinite while they enjoy a cup of java

Media Influnce



Marketing Mix

Merchandise Scheme

We are traveling to focused on book and cafe : good nutrient and drink, many sorts of book

Books: We intend to roll up about more 2,000 books, particularly developing skill books, such as: The power of full battle ( Jim Loehr-Tony Schwartz ) , Rich pa, hapless pa, Chicken soupaˆ¦This sort of book many people are interested in. Many sorts of books like scientific discipline fiction, short narratives, economic sciences book, selling books, literatureaˆ¦. , magazines, some English newspapers. Besides, we ever update the newest books.

Foods: We decide to take bite nutrient, such as fried rice, fried noodles, sandwish, beefburger, omelette – staff of life, murphy french friess, cookies, pick cakeaˆ¦ . Most of the comestibles have been adopted to run into the Vietnamese gustatory sensation. And some free confects are put on each tabular array.

Drinks: Green tea, fruit juice, soft drink, black java, milk java, yogurt, lemonade, fruit and cheaˆ¦.They are about basic drinks of Zinzin. In extra, we will provide a particular baverage each season. For case, a frappe which is java and bananas blended together in summer… .

Our service supply books and wifi entree for clients to utilize free. Delicious nutrients and drink are served with sensible monetary value. Besides, there are some game such as baduk, cheat, janggi, dominoaˆ¦

Monetary value Scheme

Determining our nucleus ends is to maximise our market portion, we will use the most sensible monetary value based on our rival ‘s monetary value through researching market. Our clients are student proportion so the best monetary value will be 17.000 VND to 35.000 VND/dish.

Topographic point Strategy

This is a premier factor in finding the success of a retail concatenation.

The chief Zinzin book cafe store is placed at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. Our location can be found easy on that street where pull a big educated people and is highly contributing for persons that are on the spell and for those who enjoy reading. They include book lovers, employees, pupils from the Lotus University, the University of Natural Sciences, the University of Architecture from territory 1,3,5aˆ¦


Promotion Strategy

Our publicity aims is: “ To pull the mark ” . We will concentrate on the followers:


We will publicize it on some web site: facebook, web log, zing, thienduongcafeaˆ¦. , and direct it to voluntary nines


We decide to administer cusps about our Zinzin at the Universities such as National Sciences University, Lotus Universityaˆ¦.and Youth Culture House. 1,000 cusp are distributed.

Sale publicity

Customers receive 20 % price reduction on nutrient measure when they buy over 120.000 VND on books in our Zinzin

We besides organise negotiations, seminars and book launches to present new writers, while they besides serve as a great meeting point for former pupils and book nines.


The server comes and takes off the order and delivers the order on tabular array.

Physical Evidence

Layout: We divide into some subdivision: group survey, entirely, and twosome. A infinite is private, comfy for them.

Architecture and Decoration: Zinzin book cafe is furnished with a broad scope of seating, all designed to advance a longer, more comfy stay. There are larley wooden tabular array, shock absorber and couch with immature colourss, like pale yellow, white, lime green. Lamps are decorated at a suited topographic point which clients can read book in a good visible radiation.


Our employees are encouraged to give a prompt and friendly service to the clients.


Break-even Analysis

This break-even Analysis will bespeak

Variable costs assosiate with nutrient costs, book costs. These costs are equal to 30 % of per unit. Surely, we will maintain a good relationship with our supliers in the futher and hope that this value will travel down to 20 % .

Fixed cost include rental costs, wages, electric fingerstalls and othe costs we have to pay monthly to keep our concern. These costs are fixed and are n’t impacted by an addition or a lessening in gross revenues. It is forecasted about 20.000.000 vnd

Gross saless Forecast

The first month will be used to put up the location, hire staff, collect books.We will get down concern in the 2nd month. The gross revenues will be slow grow due to a new concern. The Zinzin book cafe has non been known widely among pupils and book lovers. But we hope that this selling will make 30 % pupils from universities and 20 % employees on the 3rd month. By month four, it is forecasted that gross revenues will steadily turn.

Gross saless Forecast

Jan 2011

Fre 2011

Mar 2011


8.000.000 vnd

11.950.000 vnd

16.526.000 vnd


12.600.000 vnd

16.180.000 vnd

22.600.000 vnd


20.600.000 vnd

28.130.000 vnd

39.126.000 vnd

Expense Forecast

We try to cut down outgo in many ways.

We must see carefully the fee of imported books

We must hold a suited program for publishing and let go ofing our cusp

We must calculate carefully the fee of advertisement in order non to blow the



Marketing Administration

Operation Manager, Phan Hong Nhung is responsible for deploying and commanding all operating book cafe .

Assistant director is in charge of supportive activities in book cafe

Accountant is responsible for fiscal direction

Supervisor manages the service squad

Chef, Cahier, Bartender, Full clip and portion clip server, waitress for two displacement


Undertaking A: Begin constructing a book coffeehouse

Undertaking B: Recruit staff

Task C: Collect adequate sorts of book

Task D: Let go ofing the advertizement

Undertaking Tocopherol: Coating puting up a Zinzin book cafe

Undertaking F: Controlling and measuring

Opening twenty-four hours: 01/01/2011



10 Dec

15 Dec

20 Dec

25 Dec

30 Dec

5 Dec








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