History Development Of Malaysian Economy

Malayan economic system witnessed an economic roar in the 1970s. It had signifiers a new economic system which it expanded Malaysia economic system to go a multi-sector economic system from being a natural stuffs manufacturer because of the rich natural resources in agribusiness, forestry and excavation. Besides, the Strait of Malacca which is an of import international transportation intersection which promotes the state ‘s international trade had made the growing of economic system in Malaysia. The well developed fabricating sector of Malaysia produces a diverse scope of goods. Unfortunately, the volume of exports had reduced enormously due to the reduced of planetary consumer ‘s demanding based on the diminution in the state ‘s economic growing in the first three quarters of 2009. ( K.S, Jomo )

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Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) can be defined as a company from a company doing an investing of set up a company into another state. ( Bernama ) In others word, FDI is a cross-border concern administration mechanism through which a company got the productive plus in another state. It besides can specify as the investings that made to obtain long-run involvement in endeavors runing exterior of the foreign state. ( FDIinmalaysia, 2010 )

Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) in Malaya set up that the non-resident investors must keep at least 10 % of entire equity in the resident company. The undermentioned minutess in fiscal between the occupant companies and the non-resident direct investors linked by a foreign direct investing relationship ( FDIR ) which can besides can be known as FDI. The minutess could be between Malayan companies with its immediate companies. ( FDIinmalaysia, 2010 )

Malaysia is one of successful Southeast Asian to pull FDI. It has ever been to keep the fight of FDI such as legal substructure and many different policy instruments have been set up. The authorities has besides enhanced the value of the current determiners and believe about the new schemes to pull more FDI. ( FDIinmalaysia, 2010 )


Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) is an of import key on the developing Malaysia economic in order to make the vision of 2020. FDI is really important to help the Malaysia ‘s economic on maximising commercial benefits and minimising costs. Furthermore, FDI is besides provided certain of developing to develop the human capital resources to help the investor. Besides, FDI pull the foreign will able to make new market and new occupations chance to Malaysia. Brilliant of progress engineering and accomplishment from the foreign can assist Malaysia better the repute of fabricating merchandise.

Suitable Industries & A ; Businesss


The traditional medical specialty and traditional medical in China is well-known in the universe. So, China investors can widen their traditional medical concern in Malaysia because Chinese in Malaysia are the 2nd big population. Besides, energy, agribusiness, piscaries every bit good as scientific discipline and engineering is besides the suited industries to put.


India is the second big population in the universe. The state are first-class in utilize the brilliant of IT. So, sector of industry IT is the best industries that India can put in Malaysia. Not merely that, substructure, services, bio-technology, wellness and instruction are the industries and concern that India can put in Malaysia.

Middle East

A Middle East state is the rich states in the universe. The investor from Middle East can likely put up the finance company or Islamic bank in Malaysia. Energy, existent estates and cordial reception undertaking are besides the suited industries that Middle East ‘s investors invest in.



Malaya is the state that is stable political. ( Lim, Atty ) The Prime Minister, Najib Razak did the great determination to do Malayan to more harmoniousness by a construct of 1 Malaysia. The Yayasan 1Malaysia was established in July of 2009. It is non-profit foundation, non-partisan and independent. The foreign investor will experience more dependable to put in Malaysia if the state is harmony. Besides, the federal authorities is chosen by the populace of Malaysia. ( Huq, Ataul ) So, there will less protest in the state comparison to the Thailand. The foreign investor will hold no concern about confronting the doomed of unstable political in Malaysia.


Malaysia was ranked as the 59th freest economic system out of 179 states by The Index of Economic Freedom in concurrence with the Wall Street Journal. Malaysia scored 64.8 in this twelvemonth which is improved by 0.2 points than last twelvemonth. This will likely pull the foreign investor running their concern in Malaysia. Not merely that, Malaysia was besides ranked 9th out of 41 states in the Asia-Pacific part with the overall mark was above the universe and regional norms. Malaysia ‘s on-going reform steps have enhanced the overall entrepreneurial environment and take the mark at above the universe norm in eight out of 10 economic freedom constituents. ( MalaysiaInFocus, 2010 ) Malaysia ‘s highest mark was 84.3 for financial freedom and the fiscal sector had weathered good from the planetary economic crisis. Harmonizing to Malaysia ‘s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, Abu Dhabi will put US $ 1 billion to Malaysia in energy, existent estate and cordial reception undertakings. ( MalaysiaInFocus, 2010 ) This might excite the Malaysia economic system when the Abu Dhabi injected money in Malaysia. Next, The Malaysia cooperation revenue enhancement revenue enhancements the income of companies at the rate of 25 % in 2009. The rate of 25 % is likely lower 5 % than the neighbour state, Thailand. ( Taxrate, 2010 ) With the lower cooperation revenue enhancement, vehicle manufacturer from China and India are likely to put up their mill to piece vehicle at Malaysia.


Malaysia is a multi-cultural state. The population of races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indian. The multi races conveying tonss of good toward the state to pull the foreign investor from different state particularly India and China. The investor will experience more comfort and trust to their concern when they can talk their chief linguistic communication during investing. For illustrations, Indian from India can utilize Tamil to pass on ; Chinese from China is able to speak Citrus reticulata to local Chinese. This sort of advantage perchance will less obstacle whenever foreign investor seeking to put in Malaysia. On the others manus, the new coevals of Malayan can pass on good in English. So, that should non be a job for Malayan if the foreign investors from Europe or Middle East attempted to put in Malaysia. In add-on, Malaysia is one of the peaceable states in Asia although the state is multi races. All different races are populating harmoniousness and observing all the different festival in the state.


Malaysia ‘s substructure is one of the best in Asia and it ‘s designed to function the concern community. Malaysia provides the telecommunications web served by digital and fibre ocular engineering to help foreign investors. The foreign investors are able to link their HQ or brunch which located at different topographic point with the brilliant of telecommunications web. Besides, Malaysia besides consist of five international airdromes which all with air-cargo installations, seven international havens and well-maintained main roads to assist the foreign investor on the transit so that the concluding goods are able to export to different state. Furthermore, over 200 industrial estates and Free Zones had developed around Malaysia. The zone are categorised as the export processing zones which is provide the foreign company to export their goods to others state. Specialised Parkss are besides offer for the specific industries. The investor can put up their mill at the industrial estates that provided in order to fabricate goods at Malaysia. ( MIDA, 2010 )


Labour in Malaysia is consist higher degree instruction of at least 11 old ages of school instruction. In others word, Malaysian is more educated and efficiency in any preparation. All industrial skill developing plan is offered by Ministry of Human Resources in order to make the occupation entry demand of foreign company. Foreign investor got no jobs on deficiency of technician after set up mill at Malaysia. Besides, the labor cost still see as low comparison to other Asia states. In add-on, Malaysia is besides prepared some installations such as free medical intervention, insurance, one-year fillip and besides retirement benefits to local and foreign labors. Furthermore, Employment Act 1995, Employees ‘ Social Security Act 1969 and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1967 are labour regulations established by Malaysia authorities to protect labors from the illegal threaten. ( Thomas White Organization ) The protective of the labour statute law in Malaysia is much more extended than other Asia state.


Malaysia faced a batch of challenges during the procedure of pulling foreign investor. One of the chief grounds is the negative perceptual experience of people think about Malaysia. Peoples think that Malaysia is an Muslim state merely like Iraq. Foreign investors will lose their confident to put in Malaysia if they misunderstand the state. Following, the labor rewards in Malaysia is acquiring higher. This will be the critical issue that impact the foreign investor non puting in the state. Last, the stableness of currency Malaysia will besides might impact the investing from foreign investor. Foreign investor will non take the hazard on invest into the unstable state ‘s economic system.


First at all, Malaysia needed to make a trade name new image to the universe to derive back the confident from different foreign state. Government can warrant that Malaysia is a peaceable state with free of war when advancing Malaysia. Besides, authorities can besides present the advantages of invest in Malaysia at Expo Shanghai to pull more investor to put in Malaysia. These might be an effectual manner to assist to heighten the economic system of Malaysia. Due to the labor rewards, authorities can supply some subsidise to the foreign company. Foreign investor will more likely to put in Malaysia if they got cheaper cost of labor during fabricating merchandise. The currency of Malaysia can retrieve and go stronger in a short period of clip after the economic system crisis. In this instance, the Malaysia currency will be likely stable when the state is keep running the well schemes that planned in twelvemonth 2010.


In decision, Malaysia got better political position comparison with others Asia state. The new image of Malaysia must be clearer as an unfastened market Islamic state alternatively of merely an Muslim state. Furthermore, Malaysia has use policies to help and promote the foreign investing to Malaysia such as stable political, good economic system of Malaysia, societal cultural and educated labor. In the consequences of foreign investing in Malaysia, China ‘s investors invest in Malaysia will assist Malaysia on excite the economic system because China late is the state that turning the fastest in the universe. India is the state that expert in IT and the investors will heighten Malaysia to better in IT sector. Middle East ‘s investors will help Malaysia on fiscal because of the wealth of Middle East. Thus, Malaysia is still a great state to put in.


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