History And Organization Of The Islamic Conference International Law Essay

About the OIC – Introduction

With a rank of 57 provinces located in four continents, the Organization of the Islamic Conference is the 2nd largest inter-governmental organisation after the United Nations. The Organization describes itself as the corporate voice of the Muslim universe and aims to move as a precaution and defender of the involvements of the Muslim universe by advancing international peace and harmoniousness among single people of the universe.


The constitution of the Organization originates to the conference in Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, which was held on September 25, 1969. This historical acme was a reaction to a fire in the Al-Agsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem on August 21, 1969 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.oic-oci.org/page_detail.asp? p_id=52 ) . Despite the fact that the condemnable incendiarism was carried out by an Australian Christian fiend, this go oning developed a symbolic character for the battle for control of Muslim sanctum sites in Jerusalem.

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The really first meeting of Islamic conference of Foreign Minister took topographic point in 1970 in Jeddah, where it the determination was made to make a lasting secretariat at this topographic point which should be headed by the organisation ‘s secretary general.

The 11th Islamic acme that took topographic point in Dakar on 13 to 14 March 2008 adopted the Charter as it is today, puting down the rules and aims of the organisation every bit good as cardinal intents to beef up the cooperation and shared purposes among the member provinces. Get downing with the 25 laminitis provinces, the figure of member states has grown over the last 40 old ages to 57 provinces. The organisation represents over 1.5 billion Muslims all over the universe while at the same clip consults and cooperates with the United Nations and other intergovernmental organisations with the purpose to protect Islamic involvements and values and to settle struggles and differences that involve member provinces. Strong stairss have been taken in order to take misperceptions and hereafter ‘s aims are to further extinguish the favoritism against Muslims in all signifiers and manifestations.

However, despite its singular size that includes about one tierce of the members of the United Nations, the OIC is runing on a instead deficient budget.


The Organization consists of four chief organic structures. The supreme authorization of the Organization is represented by the Islamic Summit which is composed of Kings and Heads of province and authorities of Member States. The assembly meets one time every three old ages with the purpose to debate, range policy determinations and supply counsel on all issues that are relevant to the achievement of aspirations and ends of the Member States and the Ummah.

A farther constituent, the Council of Foreign Ministers, unites one time a twelvemonth and carries out the execution of the general policy of the Organization like, among other things, the acceptance of determinations and declarations on issues of common involvement in the chase of aims and the general policy, or the scrutiny of the advancement of the conductivity of those issues.

The General Secretariat is established as the executive organ of the Organization and is concerned with the execution of the determinations of the two predating organic structures.

The International Islamic Court of Justice, established by determination of the Third Islamic Summit, consists of 7 members that are elected by the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers and has its central offices in Kuwait City in the State of Kuwait.

Standing Committees were created with the purpose to tie in position points and bases and to accomplish concrete consequences in distinguishable countries of synergism, such as political, cultural, societal, religious and scientific cooperation, among member provinces. Most of them are based at ministerial degree and chaired by Heads of State as for illustration the Al-Quds Committee, the Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs ( COMIAC ) , the Standing Committee for Economic and Trade Cooperation ( COMEC ) and the Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation ( COMSTECH ) .

Comprised of the presidents of the current, preceding and wining Islamic Summits and Councils of Foreign Ministers, the host state of the Headquarters of the General Secretariat every bit good as the Secretary-General as an exofficio member, the Executive Committee ‘s meetings are conducted harmonizing to its regulations of process.

Besides these variety meats, the International Islamic Court of Justice was established in Kuwait in 1987 and acts as the chief judicial mean of the Organization upon the entry into force of its legislative act.

Scope of Work

In 1972, when the Charta was adopted,

Under the Charter, the Organization purposes, inter alia, to:

Enhance and consolidate the bonds of fraternity and solidarity among the Member States ;

Safeguard and protect the common involvements and back up the legitimate causes of the Member States and organize and unite the attempts of the Member States in position of the challenges faced by the Islamic universe in peculiar and the international community in general ;

Respect the right of self-government and non-interference in the domestic personal businesss and to esteem sovereignty, independency and territorial unity of each Member State ;

Ensure active engagement of the Member States in the planetary political, economic and societal decision-making procedures to procure their common involvements ;

Reaffirm its support for the rights of peoples as stipulated in the UN Charter and international jurisprudence ;

Strengthen intra-Islamic economic and trade cooperation ; in order to accomplish economic integrating taking to the constitution of an Muslim Common Market ;

Exert attempts to accomplish sustainable and comprehensive homo development and economic wellbeing in Member States ;

Protect and support the true image of Islam, to battle calumny of Islam and promote duologue among civilisations and faiths ;

Enhance and develop scientific discipline and engineering and promote research and cooperation among Member States in these Fieldss ;

In order to recognize these aims, Member States shall move, inter alia, in conformity with the undermentioned rules:

All Member States commit themselves to the intents and rules of the United Nations Charter ;

Member States are autonomous, independent and equal in rights and duties ;

All Member States shall settle their differences through peaceable agencies and chorus from usage or menace of usage of force in their dealingss ;

All Member States undertake to esteem national sovereignty, independency and territorial unity of other Member States and shall forbear from interfering in the internal personal businesss of others ;

Member States shall continue and advance, at the national and international degrees, good administration, democracy, human rights and cardinal freedoms, and the regulation of jurisprudence.


Although being a utile forum for treatment, the OIC lacks the agencies to implement its declarations, which frequently remain as ignored declarations. Therefore, despite a 1981 call to redouble attempts “ for the release of Jerusalem and the occupied districts ” and to establish an economic boycott of Israel, several members, including Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and Arab Gulf provinces, maintain economic ties with Israel. Furthermore, pledges for fiscal assistance to member provinces or to Muslim communities enduring from civil war or natural catastrophes are frequently at best met merely in portion. As a wide organisation whose member provinces are widely dispersed geographically, the effectivity of the OIC has besides been constrained by the fact that many of its members have a broad assortment of political orientations, from radical Iran to conservative Saudi Arabia. Members have sometimes been in acrimonious difference with one another, such as Iraq and Iran and Iraq and Kuwait. While the net consequence of these differences is frequently weak declarations or 1s that are honoured merely in breach, sometimes they result in the boycott of acme conferences wholly, such as happened in 1991, when 12 Arab caputs of province failed to turn up in Senegal in protest against the presence of Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which had taken Baghdad ‘s side in the war which followed Iraq ‘s invasion of Kuwait.

Other Islamic organisations:

Muslim World League

The MWL is a wide based international Islamic non-governmental organisation engaged in: –


The extension of Islam

Elucidation of its rules and instructions

Refutation of doubtful statements and false allegations against the faith

Converting people the necessity to obey the commandments of the Lord

Supplying necessary aid to work out jobs confronting Moslems

Helping to transport out undertakings affecting extension of the faith, instruction and civilization.

The League was established in the twelvemonth 1962 ( 1381Hijreah. ) It is represented in a figure of international organisations including:

The United Nations where it enjoys a class ( A ) perceiver position in advisory position with the Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC ) .

A United Nations Educational and Scientific Council UNESCO.

A United Nations Emergency Children ‘s Fund UNICEF.

A The Organization of Islamic Conference with an perceiver position which entitles the League to go to all conferences organized by the O.I.C including the Islamic Summit and Foreign Ministers conferences.


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