History About The Clinic All Clear Marketing Essay

Hindustan Lever Limited ( HLL ) is Indias largest FMCG Company, touching the lives of two out of three American indians with over 20 distinguishable classs in Home & A ; Personal Care Products and Foods & A ; Beverages. Clinic Plus Health shampoo was launched in India in the twelvemonth 1987 and is India ‘s largest selling shampoo. Clinic All Clear comes from the Clinic household and is an expert in extinguishing dandruff and specializes in scalp attention. HLL is besides one of the state ‘s largest exporters ; it has been recognized as a Golden Super Star Trading House by the Government of India.

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1. Shampoo Industry Overview

2. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Market

3. Clinic All Clear

4. Positioning

5. Promotional Activities

6. Market Research

7. Recommendations


The shampoo market in India has changed significantly since the. As of 2008, it is a really competitory market with dominant participants such as Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and Procter & A ; Gamble Company. Shampoo market in India was estimated at Rs. 21.41 billion per annum as of February 2008, turning yearly at a rate of 14.5 per centum. Several Companies are now eyeing the turning shampoo market and bing participants are now to support their sod by establishing new merchandises, cut downing monetary values, and concentrating on publicities. Companies are forcing rural incursion by concentrating on the gross revenues of sachets.


Anti-dandruff shampoo class has about 25 % portion in the shampoo market go forthing staying 75 % or so for other classs. HUL ‘s Clinic All Clear ‘s portion is 39.6 % .


Clinic All clear is an anti-dandruff shampoo from HUL. Clinic All Clear trade name is the Indian version of ‘Clear ‘ trade name which is the planetary trade name from Unilever. It non merely offers freedom from dandruff by contending the last dandruff flake, but besides adds back lost foods to give the consumer great looking hair.

1. Has twosome of line extensions like CAC for MenActive Sport and Hairfall Decrease, CAC Soft and Silky etc..

2. Clinic All Clear ‘s properties are youth, freshness, assurance and merriment which is depicted by the pick of the Brand embassadors chosen for its ads.

3. The colors and the typography of the bottle containers and the sachets have changed, giving it a new expression and feel.

4. Clinic All Clear ‘s trade name embassadors include Shahid Kapoor, Madhavan, Bipasha, John etc.

5. HUL, the parent trade name pays more attending to redevelopment instead than invention of merchandises.

4. POSITIONING-Clinic All Clear Baseline: No dandruff No hairfall Clinic All Clear – “ Dare to have on Black ” .

This shows that clinic all clear has positioned itself as application or usage. Its nucleus placement is no dandruff ( stands for assurance ) . By looking at the new battalions and logo and the manner Clinic All Clear is written on the battalion, HUL is easy rebranding Clinic All Clear as Clear The trade name retains its nucleus placement of no-dandruff but is adding extra benefits of soft and satiny hair..

Merchandise Base line- Clinic All Clear wants to spread out the base to a larger audience. The trade name is priced at Rs 130 for 200 milliliters and Rs 72 for 100 milliliters and Rs 3 for sachet. The other variant Clinic All Clear Ice Cool has targeted the young person by its advertisement programmes. Clinic All Clear has used runs to aim both grownups and childs. For illustration the Chulbulli run is aiming Childs but the Bipasha with John run targets the grownups.

5.PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Promotional Activities of Clinic All Clear by HUL:

1. Tie ups with telecasting shows and effectual usage of Brand Ambassador: HUL had a Tie up with SONY Entertainment Television. The commercial brings the cardinal attribute `Confidence ‘ to the head. Shahid Kapoor highlights the importance of assurance when, one is in the limelight by stating “ Jo limelight mein All Clear, Wo Fame ke Near ” , followed by an visual aspect of Ila Arun assuring “ Jo All Clear hain, Use Fame busyness denge.

2. Direct Contact with the Consumer: CLINIC ALL CLEAR FLIRTS WITH CONSUMER: Do you hold the assurance to do your move on the opposite sex? Hindustan Lever ‘s ( HLL ) Clinic All Clear efforts to reply that inquiry with its latest viral. The viral microsite allows users to do a film online, take part in it and interact with a member of the opposite sex.

3.Internet Ad: Internet advertisement, though really recent in construct to India has been successfully used by companies to construct their trade names

4.Promotion through Television Shows: -‘Clinic All Clear Dream Job ‘ endowment Hunt Campaign: ESPN Star Sports ( ESS ) , the taking athleticss broadcaster has launched the ‘Clinic All Clear Dream Job ‘ a national degree endowment Hunt for a athleticss presenter.

5. Keeping with the trendy, vernal image of the trade name, Clinic All Clear has launched offer in concurrence with Cafe Coffee Day, India ‘s prima java hub. This offer is an extension of Clinic All Clear ‘s vision of giving the Indian young person added assurance and entreaty to affect their spouse.

Look resistless with dandruff-free hair and take your particular one out for java this Woman ‘s Day!

-1 cup of cappuccino java at Cafe Coffee Day free with purchase of any 100, 200 or 400 ml bottle of Clinic All Clear merely

-Offer valid in choice Cafe Coffee Day outlets merely

-Offer valid boulder clay March 10, 2009 Tocopherol: LPU DocumentsTERM PAPER-4th semCLINIC ALL CLEARimages.jpg

6.MARKET RESEARCH-For the intent of Market Research on the two trade names, a questionnaire is prepared related to trade name penchant, publicizing influence, packaging etc.

QUESTIONNAIREA E: LPU DocumentsTERM PAPER-4th semCLINIC ALL CLEARclinic_all_ice_cool.jpg

1. What is your age

a ) 15-20

B ) 20-25

degree Celsiuss ) 25-35

vitamin D ) & gt ; 35

2. Gender

a ) Male

B ) Female

3. How often you use a shampoo

a ) Daily

B ) 3 times a hebdomad

degree Celsius ) Twice a hebdomad

vitamin D ) Once a hebdomad

4. Which bundle size you prefer?

a ) Sachet

B ) Small bottle

degree Celsius ) Big bottle

5. Make you utilize antidandruff shampoo?

a ) Yes

B ) No

A 6. Which antidandruff shampoo you will prefer? a ) Clinic all clear B ) Head & A ; Shoulders c ) Other

7. Why?

a ) Cheap/price

B ) Removes dandruff wholly

degree Celsius ) Ad

vitamin D ) Any other ground.

8. Whose advertizement you like most? Tocopherol: LPU DocumentsTERM PAPER-4th semCLINIC ALL CLEARytf.PNG

a ) Clinic all clear

B ) Head & A ; Shoulders

degree Celsiuss ) Others

vitamin D ) Do n’t pay attending

9. How much ads act upon your shampoo purchase?

a ) Not at all

B ) Less influence

degree Celsius ) Very high influence

10. Which shampoo ‘s packaging is more attractive?

a ) Clinic all clear

B ) Head & A ; Shoulders.

degree Celsiuss ) Others

11. How much Package designs pull you to buy a shampoo?

a ) Not at all

B ) Sometime

degree Celsiuss ) Most of clip

Topic Review-

Aim of the Ad -To continue addition market portion in shampoo industry with assurance degree ads.

Celebrities used by the Company-John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Shahid Kapoor

Media Mix Strategy- Television Ads, Television Contests, Internet Advertisements & A ; Contests

Main focused IMC tools-

— Advertising-Print and Broadcast Ads, Packaging ( outer ) , show marks, Audiovisual materialE: LPU DocumentsTERM PAPER-4th semCLINIC ALL CLEARclinic-all-clear-smoke.jpg

— Gross saless promotion-Contests, Entertainment, Tie-ins

— Direct & A ; synergistic Marketing-Web site

— Word of mouth-Person to Person


Though Clinic All Clear is a taking trade name in market yet it has to continuously innovate & A ; restitute itself due to presence of other challengers in the same field.In order to go on trade name trueness it has to work harmonizing to penchant of its clients.

Customer Complaint and Feedback Center CAC leting the consumers to direct in their ailments and feedback would do them experience involved. This could be done by holding a web site for client feedback.

Entire Brand Experience- Along with the Commercials and other mediums of publicities, it should broaden the interaction by directing Clinic All Clear new waves around the metropoliss where the trade name is available, use give-away shampoo sachets to set up a connexion with the trade name. Besides they must foreground use techniques of CAC that one should go forth the dandruff shampoo on the scalp for more than two proceedingss for effectual usage.

Changeless Innovation “ Once a client, ever a client ” , is no longer true in these yearss of fluctuating trade name use. CAC trade name must maintain introducing new merchandise discrepancies and the same must be communicated good to the consumers.

Reinforce the Decision After people have tried the merchandise, do them recognize they have made the right determination. For illustration – Pepsi ad which said, “ Yehi hee hai right pick babe, aha! ” this made the consumers confident of their pick.






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