History About Apollo Group Marketing Essay

Our mission is to convey health care of International criterions within the range of every person. We are committed to the accomplishment and care of excellence in instruction, research and health care for the benefit of humanity

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Apollo ‘s vision for the following stage of development is to ‘Touch a Billion Lives ‘ .

The meeting of seven values consequences in a beam that represents Apollo ‘s leading in Indian Healthcare. A beam that is the beacon for 1000000s looking for a cureaˆ¦ looking for hope.

4.1.2 History about Apollo Group:

It is frequently said that nil happens, unless there is a dream foremost. At the generation of the Apollo narrative at that place was a dream. A dream so powerful, that it helped transform the medical landscape in India.

The dream nurtured and grew within Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the laminitis Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, until the point of inflexion happened in 1983. A immature adult male yielding to an ailing bosom was what it took to light Dr. Reddy ‘s vision into a world – a vision where quality health care was given, where the chase of clinical excellence was day-to-day enterprise, India a hub in the medical touristry map and where the Apollo household touches and enriches lives every minute, every twenty-four hours.

Today, with over 8500 beds across 50 infirmaries, and a important presence at every touch-point of the medical value concatenation, Apollo Hospitals is one of Asia ‘s largest health care groups. Commenced as a 150 bed infirmary, today the group has grown exponentially both in India and overseas. Its growing is frequently said to be synonymous with India emerging as a major hub in planetary health care.

Apollo Hospitals is driven by a individual push, to supply the best criterions of patient attention. It is this passion that has lead to the development of alone Centres of excellence across medical subjects, within the Apollo Hospitals web. Apollo Hospitals has JCI accreditations for 7 of its infirmaries, the largest by any infirmary group in the part.

True to its initiation rules, the group has made quality health care accessible to the people of India, and even overseas. It has become an establishment of trust, and a beacon of hope to so many seeking for a remedy for their complaints.

The bequest of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of the Apollo doctrine – experience, excellence, expertness and research. We pride ourselves for invariably being on the film editing border, and traveling the excess stat mi to remain relevant and radical.

The Apollo Hospitals Group is the innovator of incorporate health care bringing in India. This vision led the group to allow clip and resources to beef up each critical cog in the procedure of health care bringing. As a consequence of these attempts, the group today is in a alone place to exponentially increase its healthcare screen. This will be critical in order to run into future demands.

Apollo Hospitals Group, today, is an incorporate health care organisation with owned and managed infirmaries, diagnostic clinics, distributing pharmaceuticss and consultancy services. In add-on, the group ‘s service offerings include health care at the patient ‘s doorsill, clinical & A ; diagnostic services, medical concern procedure outsourcing, 3rd party disposal services and wellness insurance. To heighten public presentation and service to clients, the company besides makes available the services to back up concern, telemedicine services, instruction, developing plans & A ; research services and a host of other non-profit undertakings.

India ‘s largest branded pharmaceutics retail web, Apollo Pharmacy, is looking at big format pharmaceutics mercantile establishments, which would hold an country of 1,500-2,000 sq foot, providing to wellness, health and beauty solutions, apart from medical specialties.

The big format pharmaceutics retail theoretical account would provide to the health market, along with the curative medical specialty supplies to the patient population. It would look at offering a full scope of drug company merchandises, with more infinite for fast traveling consumer goods merchandises, including tegument attention, cosmetics, beauty and other health care related merchandises.

The company would look at a pilot undertaking, an mercantile establishment of 2,000 sq ft infinite in one of the major metropoliss, likely in South India. Further enlargement into the section would depend on the public presentation of the pilot undertaking. Experts are oddly looking at this theoretical account, given the size of the company ‘s programs and the hazards involved.

Apollo Pharmacy, which is a division of health care major Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd ( AHEL ) , is present both as attached to the infirmaries and clinics by AHEL and besides as standalone standard format shops across the state. With 1,364 mercantile establishments across the state as on March 31, the company is besides adding 600-700 new mercantile establishments to make a sum of 2,000 mercantile establishments in the following three to four old ages, informed K Padmanabhan, group president, Apollo Hospitals, in a recent conference call with analysts. Out of these entire, 57 Apollo Pharmacies are in Gujarat in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot & A ; Surat. Still the narrative does non stop over hear and it continues with the enlargement programs in many metropoliss and countries like Gandhinagar, Surat, etc.

The balance sheet of the pharmaceutics concern, which was in positive growing before the aggressive enlargement programs started in 2007, slipped into the ruddy two to three old ages, post-FY2007. After a recent reappraisal of its growing scheme, it started shuting loss-making shops and opening new shops in the possible countries. It has formats including store in store and high street stores apart from the infirmary pharmaceuticss, harmonizing to a survey by Northbridge Capital in 2011.

“ We think about 5,000 to 10,000 mercantile establishments would be a critical mass, but we are taking at 2,000-plus pharmaceutics mercantile establishments in the following three to four old ages, ” Padmanabhan said in a recent council with analysts. He added that sing that there are around 600,000 pharmaceuticss across the state, taking at 5,000 pharmaceuticss is non that ambitious. The retail concatenation has pan-India presence, with around 40 per cent mercantile establishments in the National Capital Region and about 60 per cent in South India.

“ Of the 600,000 retail mercantile establishments, 7,000-8,000 would be the entire mercantile establishments from all the organized retail participants. There is plentifulness of chance for the organized participants to turn, ” said Amit Mookim, caput, health care, with confer withing house, KPMG.

While the entire retail pharmaceutics market has been turning at an norm of 18 per cent per annum over the last few old ages, the organized retail pharmaceutics section has been turning at 25 per cent, AHEL said in its one-year study of AHEL for the twelvemonth 2011-12. There are 12-13 participants in the organized infinite of pharmaceutics mercantile establishments, in which 8-10 have between 50 and 200 shops. But excluding a few, most of the organized participants are non in good form. At present, a few ironss are operationally profitable while many are on the threshold being shut down or are up for sale, say experts. “ The larger formats should turn to the demands of the “ forepart of the shop ‘ and therefore ideally the non-pharma lines should rule, ” says Rahul Chadha, main executive officer of Religare Wellness, portion of the Fortis Healthcare Group, which has around 130 shops in the state, 15-20 per cent of which are large-format shops.

Fig. 4.1 Growth chart of Apollo Pharmacyhttp: //www.business-standard.com/newsimgfiles/2012/august/02082012/080312_21.jpg

4.1.3 The challenges

In big format shops, happening a suited location with high footstep at a competitory monetary value would be the major challenge, particularly for pharmaceuticss which has fixed border on medical specialties and low border on FMCGs, says Mookim.

“ In general, the existent estate cost is prohibitory and pharmaceutics retailing is a really catchment particular concern. It has to be near to infirmaries or commercial countries, for a pharmaceutics retail to be successful. ” The other issues are smaller ticket size and lower borders.

“ Retail pharmaceutics is a really simple concern, but people try to do it complicated and stop up in a muss, ” says Rajendra Pratap Gupta, former CEO of Medicine Shoppe and retail pharmaceutics adviser for assorted companies in India, Middle East and Europe.

If run decently, big format retail shops would be a growing chance, says Murali Rao, associate frailty president – scheme and operations, Technopak Advisors Pvt Ltd. “ Its all about what you put, where you set, where you see the demand and how you fill the spread, ” he said. There is a demand spread for an all-under-one-roof shops in health care section, which address client demands across the spectrum.

“ Apollo has the potency to make the undertaking and it all depends on what theoretical account they come up with. We have to wait and watch the theoretical account and the inside informations of it to be unveiled, to cognize more, ” he added. The excess border from its turning private label scope would be an extra benefit for the concern.

Many believe Apollo is plundering into big format shops with an oculus on Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) in retail. ”The twenty-four hours FDI in multibrand retailing opens up, you will hold planetary pharmaceutics ironss willing to give more premium for the locations of some of these shops, ” said an expert.

4.2 Frank Ross Pharmacy:

4.2.1 Mission & A ; vision:

To guarantee the handiness of the best of pharmaceutical and healthcare merchandises in a extremely client focused environment and guarantee that it services will go on to touch as many lives with good wellness and wellbeing.

To supply quality pharmaceutical merchandises and allied services in an highly client friendly environment and purpose to be the prima pharmaceutics concatenation in India by touching the lives of an increasing figure of the Indian population.

4.2.2 History of Frank Ross Pharmacy:

The history of Frank Ross Pharmacy dates back to 1906 when it opened its first pharmaceutics mercantile establishment in Kolkata and with its over 100 twelvemonth old history is synonymous with quality drug company and health care merchandises and services.

Operating as a division ofA Emami Limited, the saga of this concatenation continues to turn from strength to strength. As portion of the formidable FMCG giant the Emami Group, Frank Ross Pharmacy is successfully operatingA 65 sole shops across the provinces of West Bengal, Karnataka and Gujarat.

Highly skilled druggists and shop forces are expert at runing pharmaceuticss inside infirmaries, large corporate houses and premier educational institutes. Our client list includes AMRI concatenation of infirmaries, corporates such as Tata Group of Companies and educational institutes such as IIT Kharagpur amongst many others.

Today, Frank Ross is proudly serving the wellness and drug company demands of over 90 corporate clients, reputed infirmaries, nursing places & A ; NGOs by guaranting that high quality health care merchandises and services reach them.

Frank Ross was established in 1906 as a Proprietorship Firm by one English adult male called Mr. Frank Ross.

It was converted to a Limited Company in 1919.

It had a concatenation of Pharmacies and was besides administering and importing medical specialties of transnational companies in India and abroad.

Frank Ross had its ain patent proprietary medical specialties like Pertussian Cough Mixture, Tooth Ache medical specialties and assorted seamster made sirup & A ; unctions made in their pharmaceuticss.

Subsequently it put up a mill for doing tinctures and spiritous merchandises, which were used for doing mixtures prescribed by physicians.

This concern was closed as physicians started trusting more on patent and proprietary medical specialty than tinctures.

In 1982 a pharmaceutical mill was put up for doing Syrups, Tablet and Capsules.

With transition of clip the pharmaceuticss outside West Bengal were closed and some of the bing pharmaceuticss in Kolkata were given out on committee footing.

In 1993, Frank Ross was taken over by Emami Group, a FMCG giant.

4.2.3 History of Emani India Ltd.

The origin of Emami Group took topographic point manner back in seventiess when two childhood friends, Mr. R.S. Agarwal and Mr. R.S. Goenka left their high profile occupations with the Birla Group to put up Kemco Chemicals, an Ayurvedic medical specialty and decorative fabrication unit in Kolkata in 1974.

It was an highly bold measure in the early 1970ss when the Indian FMCG market was still dominated by multinationals. Several such companies headquartered in Kolkata were sing switching out of West Bengal due to labour unrest and political jobs.

But against all odds with a vision of uniting the age old wisdom of Ayurveda with modern fabricating techniques for making winning trade names the company was started with a meager sum of Rs. 20,000.

A dream of making out to the Indian in-between category ; a mark audience whom they thought will hold increasing possible for ingestion, the company started fabricating decorative merchandises every bit good as Ayurvedic medical specialties under the trade name name of Emami from a little mill in Kolkata.

In the early yearss the two friends used to travel around topographic points and sell their cosmetics from store to shop. They piled their goods on manus pulled jinrikisha and went on distribution thrusts doing their trade name highly popular, available and acceptable among consumers.

The ace quality of the merchandises shortly created a consumer pull and bit by bit some people were hired to work for them. A concatenation of distributers was established and the sale of Emami merchandises spread from West Bengal to rest of Eastern India and bit by bit to other provinces.

Emami Talcum, Emami Vanishing Cream and Emami Cold Cream were great favourite trade names with the quality witting consumers in the seventiess. The company shortly became expert in selling beautiful dreams to Indian adult females interested in happening their ain individuality. The signature melody of Emami played over wireless and Television became a family favourite.

In 1978, Himani Ltd ( incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1949 ) had become ill unit and was up for sale. Himani, about a 100 twelvemonth old company with good trade name equity in Eastern India and a good laid out mill in Kolkata, was bring forthing a figure of cosmetics. Mr. Agarwal realized the chance and acquired Himani though for their immature organisation it was a tough undertaking to mobilise resources for purchasing a ill unit and even tougher to turn it about to a profitable venture. The grade of fiscal hazard involved was tremendous sing the little capital base of the company in those yearss. However Mr. Agarwal, supported by Mr. Goenka decided to travel in front with the trade which subsequently on proved to be the turning point for the organisation.

Mr. Agarwal decided to bring forth in the Himani mill different types of wellness attention points and toilet articless based on Ayurvedic readying. Ten old ages after beginning of the company, it launched their first flagship trade name Boroplus Antiseptic Cream under the Himani umbrella in 1984. Many extra trade names followed Boroplus including Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder which came as a trade name extension of the female parent trade name. Emami trade names started selling in all provinces of North, East and West India. Today Boroplus is non merely the largest merchandising Antiseptic Cream in India but besides in Russia, Ukraine, and Nepal.

Ninetiess was really eventful for Emami. The following flagship trade name of the company Navratna Cool Oil came in the 1890ss under the Himani Umbrella and the 2nd mill was opened at Pondicherry to spread out production. Navratna over the old ages has becomea market leader in the cool oil class.

The debut of new trade names continued and the distribution web of the company was extended to South India with Navratna spear heading the procedure. In 1995, Kemco Chemicals, the partnership house was converted into a Public Limited Company under the name and manner of Emami Ltd. In 1998, Emami Ltd was merged with Himani Ltd and its name was changed to Emami Ltd as per fresh certification of incorporation dated September1, 1998.

In 2000, with a position to concentrate on its nucleus FMCG concern, Emami ‘s investing project was demerged and Pan Emami Cosmed Ltd. issued its to the full paid up portions to stockholders of Emami in the ratio of 1:1. In 2003 a new mill unit was set up at Amingaon, Guwahati. A Public Issue of 50 lacs Equity Shares of Rs2/- each at a monetary value of Rs. 70 followed in 2005. The issue was oversubscribed within few seconds of its gap with an overall over subscription of 36 times of the issue size. The portion monetary value sold at Rs. 70 today is quoted in the stock market as Rs. 210.

In 2005 Emami created a selling history in India by establishing Fair and Handsome, the first equity pick for work forces.

In 2006 the company decided to present a Health Care Division and a figure of new trade names of Ayurvedic OTC medical specialties. The company has taken up the challenge of turning this new division with a dedicated and enthusiastic squad working on this undertaking.

Among the trade names created by the company, today Navratna trade name is Rs.300 crore followed by Boroplus trade name standing at Rs.250 crore and Fairness household standing at Rs.100 crore. Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Menthoplus and Fast Relief besides among the top brandsA in their several classs.

In 2006, J B Marketing & A ; Finance Ltd. , the erstwhile selling company of the Emami Group merged with Emami Ltd. and the entire turnover of Emami including gross revenues in domestic and export market stood at Rs 516 crores at the terminal of the financial twelvemonth 2006-07.

Emami Limited with an investing of Rs 700 crore has acquired major interest in Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd on the footing of immense concern synergism between Zandu and Emami. Post the acquisition of Zandu Pharmaceuticals a century old family name in India, some of its outstanding trade names like Zandu Balm, Zandu Chyawanprash, Zandu Kesri Jeevan, Zandu Pancharishta, Sudarshan and Nityam Churna are besides under Emami ‘s basket of trade names.

Within three decennaries, the company has grown into a immense Rs.A 1000 crore Emami Ltd under the flagship company of the Rs.3000 crore Emami Group.

Today, Emami Limited is led by Mr. R S Agarwal and Mr. R S Goenka with the aid of the 2nd coevals Promoter Directors from the two households. Qualified and dedicated set of professionals run the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the company. Recently a new corporate office “ Emami Tower ” has been added to the history of the company which houses Emami Limited every bit good as all the other Group companies in Kolkata.

4.2.4 List of Frank Ross Pharmacy in Ahmedabad

Anand nagar, 14, Siddhi Darshan Apartment, Opposite Seema hall 100 ft.road, pH. No.- ( 079 ) : 2693-3033 / 6543-3033 timing: 08 am to 11 autopsy

Bodakdev, Premises no.-12, century flat, b/h the Grand Bhagwati,

opposite Judges Bunglow, pH. no.- ( 079 ) : 2685377 / 65104111 timing: 09 am to 10.30 autopsy

Doctor house, a-11, physician house, Near Parimal railroad crossing, pH. No.- ( 079 ) : 26426661 / 65132222 timing: 8.30 am to 10.30 autopsy

Maninagar, 2 & A ; 3, Richy house, near old Maninagar railroad crossing,

pH. No.- ( 079 ) : 25452128 / 65104222 timing: 08 am to 10.30 autopsy

Shahibaug, store no.2 Manibhadra enclave, opposite Rajasthan infirmary, pH. No.- ( 079 ) : 22864626 / 65230040 timing: 08 am to 11 autopsy

v.s.hospital, store no.4, V.S.Hospital, opposite V.S.hospital, Ellis span,

pH. no.- ( 079 ) : 26578989 / 65241111 timing: 08 am to 11 autopsy

4.3 Planet Health Pharmacy

Planet wellness, a concatenation of Retail Pharmaceutical shops was set up in 2001 by Mr. Rohit Patel ( male parent of Mr. Ankur Patel ) , Managing manager, Sagar Group of Industries ( SGI ) , Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The operating doctrine of the concern was to supply best service, first atmosphere and “ health ” shopping experience to its clients.

Each shop consists of shop director and helper shop director to take twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours shop determinations. The well trained druggists bridge the spread between the Doctor and a client by supplying valuable instructions about how to utilize the medical specialty. This was in contrast to the traditional Indian retail drug company shops ( medical shop ) which were merely drug distributing shops. The support staff ensured efficient door bringing every bit good as pleasant shopping experience at the shop. With 17 shops concatenation ( 2 more by January 2008 ) , and programs of rapid enlargement through owned retail stores and franchisee units, Planet Heath has geared up for its challenges. “ Planet Health, wants to spread out its web of international category deluxe pharmaceuticss from 17 to 150 within a twosome of old ages. The company plans to hold a pan India Presence.

Corporate Doctrine

The basis of corporate doctrine of SGI was that the jurisprudence of the land, even though it meant much higher investings in work forces and stuffs, must be followed in missive and spirit. This would connote that, for its new venture, among other things, SGI would besides hold to engage qualified druggists, supply air-conditioning and infrigidation installations, arrange stand-by storage and power supply equipment, and sell all ware on measures. This would decidedly increase the costs of running the shops compared to the bing drug shop format.

Operating Doctrine

The operating doctrine of the concern would be to supply best service and first atmosphere and shopping experience of drug company merchandises to the client.

This was translated into:

Genuine and decently stored merchandises.

Health-related ware including monitoring devices.

Multiple merchandises and trade names including Ayurvedic merchandises.

Reding for proper disposal of merchandises particularly medical specialties & A ; for shopping

Home bringing

24×7 services

Affiliation with physicians and other paramedical services

Loyalty programme for a long-run relationship.

4.3.3 Promotion at Planet Health:

Promotion is done by giving price reductions, rank strategy ; make people cognizant about specious drug, by keeping different wellness runs. Through publicity planet wellness clearly distinguish itself with other medical shops. Planet wellness ever tries to do people cognizant of planet wellness, their services, medical specialties, different strategies, etc.

Following are the different ways in which planet wellness makes publicity.

Cool & A ; dry construct ( cognize your medical specialties ) : – clients are made cognizant of their medical specialties and usage form and at what temperature drug should be kept and in what status. Most medical specialties should be kept below 25 grade but most of people & A ; even medical shops are non cognizant about that. Improper storage of any merchandise may cut down its authority or efficaciousness.

Planet wellness Privilege Programme ( 3p ) : – This is rank programme for client. The more the clients spend more price reductions they get. Not merely client earns more price reductions on increasing purchase but as 3P member besides become entitled to a batch of other privileges and benefits. Following are the illustrations.

Health card: The wellness card besides transporting rank specifics, display wellness and exigency related information to assist you obtain exigency aid, if so required.

3P privilege spouse price reduction: clients can avail price reductions of up to 50 % on medical services charges levied by some of the well-known infirmaries, nursing place, adviser physicians, pathology labs, wellness & A ; fittingness nine, etc. of the metropolis.

Free wellness check-ups and reding cantonments: Planet wellness organizes such cantonments from clip to clip. 3P members can go to most of them free of charge.

Particular offer, surprise gifts, lucky draws and much more for the members.

List of Planet Health Pharmacy


Ambawadi, Sagar, Nr. Sahjanand College, Telephone: 2630 3333

Satellite, Manas Complex, Opp. Star Bazzar, Telephone: 2692 4000

Prernatirth, Ratnadeep Complex-II, Opp. Prernatirth Derasar, Ph: 2692 0524

Bodakdev, Rudra Complex, Telephone: 2687 3310

Surdhara, “ Shaily ” Building, Sal Hospital Road, Telephone: 2685 3117

Anandnagar, Safal Pegasus Tower-A, Shop No. 11, Ground Floor,

Ph: 2693 7772

Vastrapur, Hillol Complex, Lad Society, Nr. Vastrapur Lake, Ph: 2676 7558

Thalthej, Opp: Home Town, Bhaikaka Nagar, Ph: 2685 4213

Bopal, Dev Darshan, Opp: IOC gasoline pump, Ph: 02717 230 500

South Bopal, 5-6, Arohi Complex, B/h Bopal-444, Ph: 02717 243 503

Vasna, IOC Petrol Pump, Anjali Cross Road, Ph: 2661 1333

Shahibaug, Green Complex, Opp: Rajasthan Hospital, Ph: 2286 7230

Gurukul, Raj Plaza, Subhash Chowk, Ph: 2749 6454

Judges Bunglow Road, Springfield Soc. , Ph: 2685 6632

Judges Bunglow, IOC Petrol Pump, Ph: 2684 1468

Chandkheda, Kirtan Complex, Sona Cross Road, Ph: 2329 0491

Maninagar, Ratna Complex, Station Road, Ph: 2546 6587


GH-2, IOC Petrol Pump, Sector-6, Ph: 2324 8333

GH-5, IBP Petrol Pump, Sector-23, Ph: 2324 4876

Sector-21, A-9 District Shopping Centre, Gandhinagar, Ph: 2324 0501


Alkapuri, Sarthi Complex, Alkapuri, Ph: 0265 233 1921

4.4 Himalaya Drug Company Private Limited

Himalaya Drug Company Pvt Ltd ( Himalaya Drug ) , one of India ‘s prima Ayurvedic medical specialty makers was founded in 1930. The company runs a concatenation of pharmacy mercantile establishments under the trade name name Himalaya. Himalaya ‘s merchandises can be loosely classified as pharmaceuticals, personal attention and carnal wellness. Himalaya launched Himalaya Herbals in 1999, which provides a assortment of personal attention merchandises for wellness attention, unwritten attention, hair attention, skin attention and babe attention. Himalaya Drug besides provides a broad assortment of single herb infusions under the trade name name Himalaya Pure Herbs. The company ‘s fabrication installation is located in Bengaluru. It has besides been accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 enfranchisement. The company is present internationally through its offices in the US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and the Cayman Islands.

The Himalaya Drugs has about 100 shops, and has programs for more. Tied up with Mukesh AmbaniaˆYs Reliance, to put up its Himalaya Herbal Healthcare shops at the new promenades, hypermarkets and supermarkets that they plan to put up shortly. Executives at the ‘information centres, ‘ answer client ‘s questions. The shops are besides electronically linked to a CRM cell, and aided by a squad of physicians ; they answer specific wellness questions of clients. Has late inaugurated two sole retail mercantile establishments at Ahmedabad and Bhopal. Himalaya has tied up with several other retail big leagues including Big Bazaar, Spencers, Nilgiris, Shoprite, D’Mart, Giant, Vishal Mega Mart, Lifestyle and Big Shopper and besides gone in for the same with other organized retail merchants of drug company merchandises, including Apollo Pharmacies, Medicine Shoppe, Pill & A ; Powder, CRS Health, Health & A ; Glow, Guardian Lifecare and Global Healthline, with its concatenation of ‘98.4 grades ‘ shops.

Store / Brand Name




Entire Area ( Sq ft. )



Health, Beauty & A ; Pharmaceuticals

Forte Shops




Cadila health care Ltd ( Zydus ) ‘s Dialforhealth:

Cadila health care Ltd ( Zydus ) ‘s Dialforhealth a drug company concatenation which holds the esteemed ISO 9001:2000 enfranchisement, stresses on “ Quality Customer Service ” . Number of value added services like free diagnosing, diseases bar and latest wellness attention information, free place bringing to clients within 3 kilometers radius, free modus operandi wellness medical examination -like weight, blood force per unit area, blood sugar, body-fat content- to regular clients, car refill installation ( wherein medical specialties are delivered to them at regular intervals ) , set uping assignments with physicians, free entry to go to the events conducted in the company. Provide medical specialties, surgical goods, nutraceuticals, personal hygiene merchandises, cosmetics, wellness attention books, wellness related magazines and to ease wellness insurance. Besides provide nomadic bear downing installation for their clients. Dialfohealth is compatible to have orders over telephone and cyberspace. Based in Ahmedabad the company has invested Rs.3 Crores ( Rs.30 million ) in substructure, and has started concern in Mumbai with Delhi coming next. They have already begun registering members for a fee of Rs.200 and are supplying first-class services like ASK-A-QUESTION, AUTO-REFILL, DIALFORHEALTH EXCLUSIVE CLUBS, and FREE HOME DELIVERY to its members.

Dialforhealth is an ISO 9001:2000 certified concatenation of professionally managed pharmaceutics shops. It is amongst the first 1s in the retail industry in India to acquire this esteemed certification. The enfranchisement reaffirms the organisation ‘s committedness towards ‘Quality Customer Service ‘ .

Dialforhealth has pioneered organized pharmaceutical retailing. Headquartered at Ahmedabad, Dialforhealth is puting up a concatenation of professionally managed Pharmacy shops across the state. The shops are branded as: Dialforhealth – A healthy experience at no excess cost.

Dialforhealth India Limited started its retail operations by opening two pharmaceuticss in Mumbai in May 2001. The concatenation is being expanded in phased mode. Presently the concatenation has ten shops. The shops are located in Andheri, Bandra, Chembur, Girgaum, Kandivali, Mulund, Sion, Vashi and Vile Parle in Mumbai and Wellesly Road in Pune.

Dialforhealth Pharmacies are one of its ain sorts. The shops are air-conditioned to keep the authority of the drugs. The shops provide pharmaceuticals, surgical equipments, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and a broad scope of personal hygiene merchandises along with wellness related books and recognizing cards.

Dialforhealth is committed to supply genuine, quality, potent, broad scope of medical specialties, convenience through our service offerings like free-home bringing, car refills, ask-a-question, auto-appointments, professional information services and much more. By holding qualified druggists at the shops, we comply with statutory demands every bit good as guarantee that at Dialforhealth shops, medical specialties are non merely soldaˆ¦rather they are dispensed in the right mode.

The clean, hygienic environment and the friendly client service that our druggists provide, makes it a wellness experience at no excess cost for our clients.

4.5.1 Benefits at Dialforhealth:

Dialforhealth is implicative of the extra installation of telephonic orders, which are home-delivered at no excess cost within 3km from the pharmaceutics. The exposure shows a Dialforhealth employee having a telephonic order with smiling.

Dialforhealth India Limited is ISO 9001:2000 company. The employees of Dialforhealth Pharmacy are professionally trained to recognize you with quality service. Each shop has a qualified Pharmacist to distribute your prescription.

Dialforhealth Pharmacy shop has assorted subdivisions for easiness of turn uping merchandises and therefore redemptive clip.

Prescription: Where the client ‘s prescription is dispensed with the aid of a qualified Pharmacist.

Self Help: The client can take and pick personal hygiene merchandises and other OTC ( over the counter ) merchandises merely like any other ace shop.

Money Rescuers: All OTC merchandises are displayed as per company promotional strategies such as ‘Buy One Get One Free ‘ , free gifts or other inducements.

Show You Care: It is an unconditioned desire of all of us to have attention from our dears. Dialforhealth helps you to demo you care through Get Well Soon recognizing cards and books on general wellness, child care, gestation and many others.

Examine Yourself: Are n’t you eager to cognize about your organic structure? ‘Examine Yourself ‘ subdivision helps you to cognize your weight, tallness, organic structure fat and much more!

Health Desk: Documentary! Yes, information along with amusement. A multimedia loaded Info Kiosk renders prosaic wellness information with high interactivity. A must see characteristic at Dialforhealth Pharmacy.

Dialforhealth employees widening aid to a client cognize his Body Fat. The instrument calculates Body Fat in Kilograms every bit good as in per centum.


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