High School Enrollment System Essay

I. 1 Background of the Study This undertaking looks at an Registration System for a high school. It shops inside informations of pupils. twelvemonth. and subdivision. It may besides be use as local appraisal of the MEIN Business H. S. for their fees. The registration is designed for usage by staff and other authorized user in the high school office to enable them to easy bring forth information required by the different people in the high school. Computing engineering has an impact on about every facet of day-to-day life. Computer applications abound in art. concern. amusement. scientific discipline. technology and medical specialty.

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For pupils who think logically. bask work outing jobs and have an involvement in package development. Computer Science is a good survey pick. Students develop accomplishments in logical thought. originative problem-solving and communicating. Classs frequently incorporate a squad attack. necessitating clear communicating among members as they solve a job and explicate their solution to others. Students gain both hands-on design experience every bit good as theoretical cognition. This combination of accomplishments provides an advantage to graduating pupils because of the wide scope of accomplishments possessed. Classs are by and large little. averaging less than 25 pupils.

The module works on such absorbing subjects as practical world. high-velocity webs. parallel calculating. computing machine security. embedded applications. Internet engineerings and multimedia. Students work aboard module in section labs equipped with state-of-the-art calculating equipment. Students can derive excess experience in the Student Chapter of the ACM ( affiliated with the national organisation ) . which hosts proficient and societal activities every bit good as the Honors Co-op Program which provides paid internships during the senior twelvemonth at local companies.

A web application or web app is an application that is accessed via the Internet or an Intranet. Web applications are popular due to ubiquitousness of the client. The ability to update and keep web applications without administering and put ining package on potentially 1000s of client computing machines are cardinal grounds for their popularity. A important advantage of edifice web applications to back up a standard browser characteristic is the ability to execute as specified. regardless of the operating system installed on a given client.

The advocates decided to accommodate web application in their survey because it enables the pupils. module. and decision makers of the establishment to derive 24-hour entree and usage to the proposed system via a client computing machine without any demands of installation or administering any package. I. 2 Statement of the Problem The MEIN Business H. S. is utilizing a manual system for their registration installation. The inaccuracies of information were minimum. like the designation of degree per twelvemonth and sometimes the registrar forces were doing a error with the figure of subject—but the possibility of meeting a more troubles and boring undertaking was still at manus.

One of the jobs that the establishment would wish to include in the survey was the deficiency work force in the accounting section. In the accounting office or the teller. MEIN Business H. S. merely had two forces to suit the pupils during the payment of fees for their registration. The result was that the school had a difficult clip in suiting those big numbered pupils. and that made it difficult for other pupils to wait in line. Another job of the school was the coevals of signifiers. The pupils needed to fill-up the pupil information faux pas. reding faux pas. and three ( 3 ) transcripts of the enrollment signifiers for the transcript and record of the accounting office. the registrar and for the pupil themselves.

Students were devouring a batch of clip in making such. Since the pupils are manually filling-up the official paperss the school. information Redundancy has a great possibility in doing farther complexness in the enrolment procedure. An added job was that when the pupils were acquiring their topics and agenda for the semester. the pupils had to mention to the bulletin boards for the available topics. agenda. and slots. Since the said information was posted. it would merely intend that the updates were non monitored efficaciously. To maintain the pupils updated at all times. the handiness of the topics and slots should be monitored.

If a topic merely has 5 slots available and there are still a figure of pupils who would be inscribing that topic. pupils should be informed of person has availed the slots already so that there wouldn’t be any otiose clip merely by falling in line once more merely to look for another available slot. I. 3 Premise and Hypothesis This survey is sought to reply the undermentioned inquiries and premises. to humor: ? What are the advantages of utilizing an automated registration system? ? What are the of import Components that should be used in finishing this undertaking? ? What are the tools that will be used to able for the advocate to finish this survey?

To help the research worker on the survey. the undermentioned hypothesis is formulated. to humor: The advantages that the proposed automated Enrollment system are: •Cost nest eggs and cost turning away •Quicker response •Accuracy •Getting the needed information •Backup and security The followers are the of import constituent in footings of student’s information: •Student Number •School Year •Section ID •Year degree •Schedule ID •Teacher ID •Fee code The tools that will be used in finishing this undertaking is Microsoft Access 2003 as its backend and the Microsoft ocular basic 6. 0 as its Front terminal. this tools are compatible with Windowss platform. I.

4 Significance of the Study Due to the increasing population of MEIN Business H. S. this survey helped the school sing their registration minutess. The proposed system aimed to profit the school in their registration installations such as keeping the files. appraisal of fees and particularly the registration itself. The proposed system aimed to profit the followers: The School The chief donee of the survey is MEIN Business H. S. MEIN Business H. S. would be accommodating the new invention of engineering through web that will do their work with optimal public presentation. The developed system will counterbalance the defects and jobs that the

company is meeting. Employees would non hold to worry fixing signifiers for the clients and studies for the directors because the system will provide it for them. Registrar and Accounting Office With respects to the registrar’s office the proposed system will assist the school in keeping the information of the pupils and the school will non utilize the manual information assemblage. MEIN Business H. S. will merely necessitate to look into the database for the records needed. Students The pupils will profit by agencies of non holding a difficult clip in falling in line and waiting for their bend to register and pay for their tuitions.

The pupils can pay their tuitions via the cyberspace. Proponents The advocates would besides be a donee of the survey since the advocates would value the importance of heightening their accomplishments and work public presentation while hold oning cognition throughout the survey. Future Researchers For the hereafter research workers. this survey could be used for their mention in holding a local registration system if the hereafter research workers would wish to explicate a system such as this. I. 5 Scope and Delimitation of the Study The proposed of system was a portal type system that covered the major procedures in the registration system of MEIN Business H.

S. viz. : Registration of the current pupils. category programming and sectioning. appraisal of fees. file care. study coevals ( registration signifier. assessment faux pas. pupil maestro list. and other signifiers and studies indispensable to the system ) . The proposed system included the processing of student’s personal records and the manner of payment that the pupil would take. The new pupils or transferees have a limited entree over the on-line registration system.

Since they do non hold an history or profile in the system. they could merely see the followers: classs offered ; available agenda. topics. and slots ; projected sum of the tuition fee. When the pupil logs in his/her history. there would be tabs or bill of fare that would incorporate options that the pupil might desire to make in the system.

He/she could happen updates in his/her history ( assessment fees ) . the pre-registration signifier for registration with the category agenda. and other signifiers that would be needed for the achievement of the records or the pupil. The pupil would besides be given a choice for the manner of payment that he/she would wish to avail ( i. e. Online via recognition card. Cash or Installment ) .

The signifiers that would be needed from the enrollee would be passed online. The on-line payment would be through the agencies of come ining the bank history figure of the enrollee. class codification. pupil or ID figure. and the bank history figure of the school itself. Users of the system have their ain history with different entree degrees. Students can see the topics that are available. pay their tuition fees and view their classs online.

The pupil will be given a choice of the manner of payment. Administrators have entire entree to the system. The portal system was non connected by any agencies to the current web page that the school is utilizing.

The proposed system would merely be used for registration intents merely. The survey does non cover the calculation of students’ classs since merely the concluding class is needed to verify if the pupil passed the pre-requisite of a peculiar topic. entryway scrutinies and other web messaging services such as forums/threads. online voting/polling. and e-mail 1. 6 Theoretical Framework Inquiry of Students Requirements User Illustrates theoretical model of MEIN Business High School Enrollment. Inquiry of Students. Requirements. Registration. Student Listing of Assessment. Registration and Student Report are the seven entities that are interconnected to the user.

Registration Student naming MEIN Business H. S. Enrollment System Assessment Enrollment Student Report 1. 7 Conceptual Framework Registration Enrollment of Students Generates decently Print functionary reception Illustrates the conceptual model of MEIN Business High School Enrollment System. Registration. Processing Modification. Assessment of Students. Registration of Students. Generates Properly and Print Official Receipt. These are the six entities that are interconnected with the user. Processing alteration Assessment of Students MEIN Business H. S. Enrollment System User.


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