High School Diferences Essay

There are four different classs in high school ; fresher. sophomore. junior. and senior. From when you are a fresher you ever want to run into new friends. and acquire good classs. No affair what your class is. you are still a pupil. So in a manner. all the pupils are the same. but they do hold dozenss of differences.

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Freshmans. foremost of all are still larning where L-Hall is. but they are seeking to do new friends excessively. Freshmans are non bad people. they don’t hurt anyone. and that’s one of the good sides. The chief job about them is that they are stuck excessively much in in-between school. Their organic structure is in high school. but their encephalon was left over at Mountain View. To be honest. some fresher are great. they are nice. and respectful. The other three-quarterss are immature and laugh at any “Your mom” gag still. Seniors are the “All Powerful” . Everyone ( besides instructors ) look up to them.

Freshman attempt and speak to them. and juniors try to move like them. I believe that seniors are the function theoretical accounts of the school. and are treated much better than other lowerclassmans. Seniors are normally jumping category. and stalling. The other seniors are seeking to maintain their classs up while madly looking for Financial Aid and be aftering on what they will make next. Seniors are much better than freshers. and everyone knows it. Seniors are the mellow. I-don’t-want-to-be-at-school sort of people.

They normally show up tardily to category while the freshers get at that place ten proceedingss early. Seniors are normally driving over to Taco Bell for tiffin. while freshers stare at the awful school nutrient waiting for it to travel.

Yes. they do hold all these differences. but seniors were one time freshmen. In decision. seniors are much more mature. but lazy people. While the freshers are seeking to suit in. and happen L-Hall. They all have their differences. but they are all pupils. They are all merely childs. traveling to school twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. believing about their hereafter.


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