High Cost Marketing Campaigns Of Red Bull Orange Marketing Essay

We are now traveling to present Red Bull Orange energy drink as a merchandise line extension of Red bull Drinks, we chose this orange spirit for Red Bull energy drink because bulk of people do n’t wish gustatory sensation of energy drink, and about all people use Red Bull energy drink for mantle watchfulness and freshness.

We find out from a planetary study that most favrout fruit juice in the universe is orangish juice, and aur new merchandise line extension in Red Bull energy drink is adding orange spirits in traditional Red Bull energy drink so that people use it as orange juice with energy and we can pull new clients globally.

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All the ingredients of Red Bull energy drink will be same lone add-on of orange spirit will be made so that people like its scintillating orange gustatory sensation and utilize it like a soft drink non as a medical specialty.

Our mark market is pupils, people who do dark displacement works, drivers and every one because everyone like orange drink in day-to-day life for freshness in all countries of universe.therefore whole universe is our mark market and our purpose is to do every individual individual our new Red Bull Orange consumer.

We will make free sampling of Red Bull Orange throughout the universe, as we did in yesteryear for Red Bull energy drink

We will utilize up to day of the month advertisement mediums so that everyone will be known about our new merchandise. We will carry on studies and researches about our new merchandise.

2 ) Situation ANALYSIS

Red Bull ‘s first launch was in 1987. Red Bull central office are located in Fuschl am See, near to Salzburg, Austria

31 old ages ago, Dietrick Mateschitz, an international selling manager of a toothpaste German company, discovered a Thailand energy drink at the clip, Krating Daeng, which influenced him to make the Red Bull that is now the energy drink the most consumed around the universe. It is distributed in over 130 states and its end is to give consumers what they want and this is to maintain mental watchfulness and to hold a better physical public presentation. Promotion has a great importance in the Red Bull GmbH company. They have an aggressive international run that contains many activities from utmost athleticss like Formula one race autos, interruption dance, snowboarding etc. which has a great interaction with its clients. Red Bull GmbH besides launched this twelvemonth, their first spirit, Red bull Cola, a mix between the most accepted soft drink, Cola & A ; the most accepted energy drink, Red Bull. Their 250 milliliter reclaimable aluminum can is really utile and ready to hand. The mean cost per unit is about 2 $ but bought in bigger bundles, you can hold better trades. The company built a web of dedicated distribution in other words, distributers need to hold different, particular staff to advance their merchandise, in this instance Red Bull. The mark market are both males and females in the mean age from 15 to 30 old ages old that has less sleep so the normal mean per individual. Most of them are jocks, displacement workers, executives, dark clubbers etc. All these elements ( runs, publicity, topographic point, monetary value, distribution, etc. ) have a large influence in the purchase of our merchandise which makes the gross revenues take over 70 % worldwide on the energy drink market. Harmonizing to research workers, the 2nd best marketer the concern is Monster, which makes it a direct rival to Red Bull. Their energy drink comes in a 500 milliliter reclaimable aluminum con and it has the same 2 $ monetary value as our merchandise. It has the same mark market and set a batch of importance in publicity but non every bit much as they should.

About every individual knows Red Bull Energy drink.it is easy available in shops and people use it because of its strong trade name image, good quality and effectivity.

And now we are traveling to present Red Bull Orange and after establishing this new energy drink consumer of Red Bull will be increased, its market will turn quickly and company will do more net incomes within really short period of clip.

Current Market

current marke of Red bull is really broad about the whole world.Red Bull is distributed in 130 states of the world.special in the western states every individual individual is our customer.because of our strong trade name name and strong market we will be successful in our new merchandise Red Bull Orange.

In our consumer it includes professionals, pupils, drivers, dark workers, and people from about all professions.and now with our new merchandise RedBull Orange we can capture most clients, people can utilize this as soft drink because of its Orange taste.they will love its gustatory sensation and with its great orange gustatory sensation they can besides acquire freshness and watchfulness.

2.1 Market Summery

Around 4 billion tins of Red Bull drink are consumed every twelvemonth. More so 130 different states of the universe are our markets. And there are almose 7000 employees of Red Bull around the universe who are responcible for the success of company.Red Bull is capturing this immense market through first-class selling strategy.by carry oning seminars, studies and free sampling.

Red Bull marks immature adult consumer ages 16 yo 29, immature urban professionals, and station secondary school pupils. Red Bull created strategic plan to pull post-secondary pupils by supplying them free instances of drink and converting them to throw party and besides, aiming nine departers by carrying Red Bull at the nine. This viral run created a noticeable consequence by touting gross revenues. Supported by sleek advertisement, it came out with little Ag blue can to pull immature urban professionals who prefer fashionable life, supplying another ground to imbibe Red Bull, the manner, as suggested by the advertizement motto, “ Red Bull Gives You Wings ” .

Red Bulls distribution scheme was, like all else, untypical. Alternatively of aiming the largest distributers with the greatest range Red Bull targeted little distributers who frequently became entirely Red Bull distributers. They even went to the extreme of engaging adolescents / college pupils and giving them new waves to administer the merchandise.

Small independent locales were besides the first marks. Red Bull would happen the little bars, eating houses and shops and give them a little ice chest to sell the drink from. This was preferred instead than covering with the demands of the larger shops, who finally were imploring to sell the merchandise

2.2SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, chances and menaces are really of import factors for doing a scheme. Strength and failings are company ‘s internal affairs it can be control by the state while Opportunities and Menaces and company ‘s external factors and these are non governable


No. 1 trade name in energy drink market

Red Bull is fastest turning market portion company

Strong trade name name and trade name image

Unique energy drink with orange spirit in the market.

Easy handiness for everyone.


High-cost selling runs of Red Bull Orange

Not healthy as fresh Orange juice

Not suited for childrens

Not suited for patients

High rates


Quickly turning market for energy drinks

Huge market size

No competition

High demand

Easily acceptable for consumers


Menace of new entryway

Health issues

2.3 Competition:


Lucozade is biggest rival of Red Bull Orange.Lucozade covers a immense part of market merely with its fresh twinkle orange flavour.but Lucozade is non similar traditional energy drinks like Red Bull, Boost, Blue Ox etc.it is merely like a soft drink.and people use it like soft drink non as a traditional energy drink.


Ruby is American trade name orange energy drink.they have good quality merchandises but they do n’t hold a immense market like Red Bull Orange hence Red Bull Orange do n’t hold much menace with this limited market orange energy drink


Monster is 2nd largest selling energy drink after Red Bull, Therefore Monster is a strong rival of Red Bull.but monster do n’t hold orange flavour energy drink.But there is a menace that they will besides bring forth their orange spirit energy drink after success of Red bull Orange.


Rockstar is universe 3rd largest selling trade name in energy drink market.but every bit same as Monster they besides do n’t hold strong trade name name to vie Red Bull Orange.

Pepsi Cola

Pepsi Cola is the 1 of the universe largest soft drink selling company they have hyge market as Red Bull Orange.but Pepsi Cola do n’t hold assortment in energy drinks.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is universe largest soft drink selling company their market is bigger so Red Bull Orange and have besides have immense assortments of soft drinks and energy drinks and I think merely Coca Cola can vie and defete Red bull Orange if they besides introduce their orange spirit drink in the market.

2.4 Product Offers

Red Bull company is fundamentally energy drink company and do n’t hold immense verioty of products.Red Bull company have following merchandises offering in energy drink market

Red Bull EnergyDrink

Red Bull Sugerfree

Red Bull Cola

Red Bull Energy Shots

These above are the lone merchandises offering by the Red Bull company. Red Bull energy drink is the traditional energy drink incorporating caffine for watchfulness. Red Bull Sugerfree is same as Red Bull Energy Drink but incorporating really low fats because it is sugar free. Red Bull Cola is non like other Red Bull energy merchandises because it do n’t hold caffine in it.it is traditional cola.and it is soft drink. Red Bull Energy Shots comes in both normal and sugarfree.it is fundamentally little version of Red Bull Enengy Drink holding same sum of energy and this is speedy and more effectual.

2.5 Distribution

Red Bull is distributed in 130 states of the universe by universe top distribution channels.it has strong web of retail merchants in the whole universe, s developed and developing countries.some of the most of import channelpartners being contracted are followerss

Super shops

Parallel barss

Off and on license stores

Corner stores

Grocery stores

Airport stores

Railway station shops

Fast nutrient shopes

Cash and carry

Super markets


3 ) Selling Scheme:


Aims of Red Bull Orange harmonizing to the profitableness of Red bull Company are followerss.


First aim of Red Bull Orange is to capture maximal market by presenting the universe new gustatory sensation of energy drink


Second aim is to better our gross revenues volume of Red Bull Orange in whole universe and increasing our entire gross revenues of Red Bull Orange 3 billian per twelvemonth.


Third aim is to present more fruit spirit in energy drinks to capture to the full whole market and bettering our trade name verioity for future coevals.

Merchandise Quality:

Our chief aim is to give our client excellent quality.as Red Bull is top trade name in energy drink industry, we will supply same quality in our new Red Bull Orange and remain market leader for long term hereafter.

Merchandise Gross saless:

Our 2nd purpose and aim is to keep and better our gross revenues volume of Red bull orange.we will present this new trade name through proper selling channels and seek to administer this worldwide through proper distributing channels.

Merchandise extensions:

Our 3rd chief purpose and aim is to present new fruit spirit in energy drinks and supplying our clients immense verioty of energy drinks and full make full their demands expeditiously.

3.2 Target Market:

Our mark market is the whole universe. All the developed and developing states of the universe.

But our primary market is people of age 16-29 old ages old.because people in these ages use more energy drinks therefore we will seek to capture pupils and people from different professions who are between these ages.becasuse people in between these ages are energetic age-related macular degenerations Red Bull Orange will supply them more energy and they can bask life more.

Then our following market is the people who work in late dark occupations. Because they will stay refresh by utilizing our refreshing Red Bull orange. We capture these people because working at dark occupations makes individual decelerate down and Red Bull Orange will review them for the following forenoon fatigue.

3.4 Schemes:


Red Bull Orange will give u same consequences of universe, s top brang of energy drink Red Bull. By utilizing the strong trade name name, trade name logo, can determine and most of import same ingridiants of Red Bull Energy drink. So Red Bull Orange will be every bit effectual as Red Bull Energy Drink.and rebelliously better tase so Red Bull Energy Drink.

Our trade name logo will be “ This will give you tasty wings to wing ”


Red Bull Orange will hold best quality and top trade name name but we will non inquire high monetary value from our customers.as our purpose is to supply best quality and to present new gustatory sensation of energy drink to the universe.

Red Bull Orange will be introduced ? 1.10 per can for retail and ?1.00 for whole sellers.as our pricing scheme is that non to get down doing net income from get downing but to present our tasty Red bull orange merchandise to the market and gaining control immense market. we use perforating pricing scheme to capture market quickly.


Our distribution scheme will be intensive distribution scheme. To cover the immense market we will utilize all available mercantile establishments. To give the gustatory sensation of our new merchandise we will utilize maximal figure of whole Sellerss, retail merchants and distributers so that every individual can acquire easy our new Red Bull Orange from anyplace.

We will utilize all transit mediums as roads, trains, planes, ships to administer our Red Bull Orange every where in the whole universe

Selling communications

For marketing communicating of Red Bull Orange we will make following selling communications

We will make advertisement globally through proper selling channels as Television. Internet, web site, and messaging.

We will make event sponsorship in auto mass meeting rushing.

We will carry on conferences and trade shows.

we will make packaging for Red Bull orange.


We will utilize Television. Commercials of new Red Bull Orange globally to pull maximal clients. We will utilize cyberspace, we promote our Red Bull Orange by our websie, we do electronic mails and state the characteristics of new merchandise, we do publicizing on celebrated web sites so that maximal people can be cognizant about Red Bull Orange. We will utilize nomadic phone and do text messages to aur local populace.

Event sponsorship

We will patronize auto mass meeting races, motorcycle, boat races in this manner we can advance our merchandise most expeditiously.

Conferences and tradeshows

We will set up conferences and tradeshows in most bussy topographic points of large citations to advance Red Bull Orange

Free sampling

We will make free sampling in different states by making this we will do 1000000s of our new clients

3.5 Marketing Mix

Red Bull Orange will be introduced in grand 2010, we will make some action plans to advance our Red Bull Orange. Following is 4 months plan to publicize and advance our new merchandise.


In July 2010 we arrange merchandise show for traders to educate them that how to make it by proper planning. We will give them our merchandise reappraisal. We will develop our gross revenues individuals that how to advance Red Bull Orange to the general public by stating them the chief characteristics of it.and by proper selling planning we will do such constabularies that after 6 months how our trade name will go celebrated in the universe.


In grand 2010 we sponsor a auto mass meeting race and in that race we use our Red Bull Orange Son on autos, we use signboards with our trade name Son and we give winning trophy with Red Bull Orange trade name name. Through this patron most of people get familiar with our new launch.


In September we will get down our free sampling foremost in local market so in different states of the universe. we will give free samples to public for attempt and inquire them their sentiment about new tasty energy drink. This measure will be really helpful for us to acquire the public responses and to do future determinations


In October 2010 we start publicizing our new trade name openly in the whole universe through newspapers telecasting, wireless, measure boards, coach Michigans, and through cusps.


In November we conduct a seminar of our whole Sellerss and retail merchants to inquire them public response, we offer them price reduction rates and resultly they will seek difficult to advance our Red Bull Orange in energy drink market.


In the beginning of December our merchandise will be quiet celebrated in the universe and we will hold adequate provender dorsums of our clients. Then we will better quality of our merchandise harmonizing to our client demand if needed.


At 1st January 2011 we conduct new twelvemonth jubilation in capital metropoliss of 130 states which we have our large market. And that will be our biggest and concluding measure to advance our Red Bull Orange worldwide. And hopefully 2011 will be out with the biggest sale of Red Bull Orange in the history.

3.6 Selling Research:

Marketing research is really of import measure to acquire feedback from our clients. If we do n’t make market research so we ca n’t look into what is our client demand, want and demand.whether our clients are wishing our merchandise or non.

We have many beginnings for our market research about Red Bull Orange. We had secondry informations of bing users to our traders, retail merchants and agents.and we can roll up primary informations by conductivity studies, interviews e.t.c.

One of our of import resources to acquire information is our rivals.we can look into their schemes and be aftering that can impact us. We can acquire this information from their users and can do our be aftering better than our rivals.

We can acquire our clients feed back through following actions to do future determinations about our freshly launched merchandise Red Bull Orange


We will make studies from our clients through inquirers and look into their demand and demands from Red bull Orange.

To cognize our market for future determinations we must make studies from our clients to acquire clear image of our market.


We will make interviews from our clients to acquire the quick and more accurate information better so the studies. Therefore we should make such interviews continuously.

Research and development

We must develop research and develop section in our company and inquire them to give latest information to direction of Red Bull Orange which will be really helpful to do effectual decesions of direction of Red Bull.

4 Fiscal Matters

Red Bull is planetary market leader in energy drink market. We launched our Red Bull Orange last twelvemonth.defiantly every concern have breakeven point, no merchandise can get down gaining from start.

Lapp is with our new merchandise Red Bull Orange was in loss and below so its breakeven point.

Harmonizing to fiscal affairs entire sale of Red Bull Orange is 1 billion lbs with mean whole sale monetary value ? 1.00 per can and variable cost per can is ?.60 for unit sale volume of 70 1000000s. First twelvemonth loss is up to 30 million lbs. And interrupt even computation shows the Red bull Orange can bring forth net income after sale exceeded 85 million during Red Bull Orange Second twelvemonth. And furthermore our interruption even assume per unit whole marketer gross of ?1.00 and variable cost ?.60 per can and first twelvemonth estimated fixed cost is 85 million lbs.

5 Controls:

5.1 Executions

We do n’t compromise on quality of our merchandise. We have quality control section in our company who is working hard to keep good quality of Red Bull Orange. We focus on client provender dorsums and appreciate their ailments and seek our best to cut down ailment rates about our merchandise.

We try to make best advertisement of our merchandise. We have a experient selling section who is making good to advance Red Bull Orange in the energy drink market. This section is doing best Television commercial assistance to pull clients. And besides developing astonishing measure board AIDSs.

We are naming meetings of whole Sellerss continuously to promote them to increase saled volumes of merchandise

We conduct seminars for distributers and develop them to present merchandise in he whole market and doing handiness of merchandise everyplace.

Health and safety

Red Bull Orange is supplying healthy drink. And seeking difficult to minimise side effects of energy drink, . So that we can supply safe and healthy energy drink to our clients. hence our energy drink is best in all positions, by gustatory sensation, by quality, and by wellness nutrition.

Performance Measurement

We promote our employees by giving them good wagess and excess fillips for their good workings.this increases the public presentation of employees.

We do developing plans for our employees for learning them up to day of the month engineerings.And besides we measure public presentation of our employees.

5.2 Decision

Red Bull is making good concern in the energy drink marke.it has immense market spread in up to 130 states of the universe and besides have immense figure of its customers.Red Bull is market leader of energy drinks which is supplying best quality merchandises.

But Red bull company do n’t hold much varieties.they should make such merchandise line extensions to do their concern more strong.


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