Henry Viii, the Tyrant of England Essay

All throughout history. many of import figures have contributed to the growing and development of the universe in several facets including the economic and political promotion of their corresponding parts. However. many of these great leaders have achieved this end through assorted contrasting political orientations. as seen with the regulation of Henry VIII in England during the sixteenth century. Henry VIII. besides known as Henry Tudor. ruled between 1509 and 1547 during which he was “regarded as England’s most of import monarch” ( Mcenegart ) .

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While King Henry is credited to playing a critical function in the development of England. the methods by which he achieved this rubric can be considered questionable due to controversial actions he had taken during his regulation ; Henry is still criticized to this twenty-four hours for his dramatic decrease of the nation’s economic system due to expensive warfare and enlargement. and his extended disbursement to guarantee his topographic point as the male monarch ( Mcenegart ) . I believe that King Henry is an highly oppressive yet effectual leader in history because of his active function in the development of England and the societal discord and economic struggles he brought to the complex civilisation. Biographic Information

Henry Tudor existed during a important event in history with the sezession from the Roman church. and was born in Greenwich England on June 28. 1491. As a kid. Henry Tudor was a really enthusiastic pupil and enjoyed acquisition. His male parent. Henry VII. enrolled him to larn assorted linguistic communications including Latin. Spanish. Gallic. and Italian piece at the same clip required him to analyze mathematics and music. In his leisure clip. Henry Tudor enjoyed runing legion animate beings. and took portion in physical competitions including wrestle and jousting in which he was regarded as being able to pull “the bow with greater strength than any adult male in England” ( “Henry. VIII” ) .

However. in 1502 Henry’s eldest brother died due to tuberculosis. Arthur Tudor was the rightful inheritor to have the throne after his male parent ; nevertheless Henry so became the eldest boy to Henry VII and was following in sequence to inheriting the throne ( Mcenegart ) . As a consequence. Henry Tudor was forced by his male parent to get married his brother’s married woman. now a widow. named Catherine of Aragon. the first of many Catherine’s he would shortly get married ( “Henry VIII. ” Great 105 ) . Shortly after on April 22. 1509 the ruthless yet ill-famed male parent of Henry Tudor passed off. leting Henry Tudor. now more popularly known as Henry VIII. to have the throne as the youngest and foremost uncontested Prince to go up as the King of England ( Mcenegart ) . Leadership Qualities

Throughout the regulation of the new King of England. many leading qualities Henry possessed shortly became evident and served as a important illustration of how he was to take the citizens of England. After the decease of Henry VII. Henry Tudor claimed the throne and instantly became the following swayer. Henry VIII of England. In the early old ages of his regulation. Henry rapidly discarded his father’s trusted main curates. Edmond Dudley. and Richard Empson who he had executed for lese majesty in 1510. Henry so chiefly focused on foreign personal businesss in which he supported Spain but acquired a despised position of the Gallic. and shortly conjugated with Spain in their attempts to occupy France in 1512 by administering military personnels to assist back up the war attempt ; this in return lead to the triumph of the Battle of the Spurs in 1513 and the skill of the metropoliss Tournai and Theorouanne. The War of the Holy League so concluded with the matrimony between Henry’s sister Mary Tudor to Louis XII of France. finishing the pact between the two parts.

Following this matrimony. “Henry received the papally bestowed rubric. ‘Defender of the Faith’ as a wages for composing the Assertion of the Seven Sacraments. a unfavorable judgment of Lutheran doctrine” ( “Henry. VIII” ) . In the ulterior old ages of King Henry VIII’s regulation. he began to concentrate less on foreign personal businesss and bit by bit increased his involvement in the English Reformation. In 1530 after several dialogues. Henry realized that the sezession from the Roman Catholic Church would be the lone manner to accomplish what he desired politically and socially. As a consequence. he created an independent church that would “declare his matrimony to the guiltless Catherine nothing and void” . seeing that she could non bring forth the coveted male inheritor that king Henry so urgently required. and one that would stop his matrimony without inquiry to his authorization ( “Henry VIII” Great 106 ) .

Throughout his regulation. King Henry found himself married to several married womans including one matrimony to Anne Boleyn who gave birth to Princess Elizabeth. the hereafter Queen of England. but was still unable to give birth to the desired male inheritor that would take the throne following King Henry VIII’s regulation. After the birth of Elizabeth. Anne Boleyn became “a termagant of a wife” and was accused of criminal conversation and witchery. by Henry himself. and was executed subsequently that twelvemonth ( “Henry VIII” Great 106 ) . Following the decease of Anne. Henry was shortly married to Jane Seymour. who for the really first clip was able to make a boy that would function as the male inheritor for the throne ; nevertheless. Henry’s married woman rapidly passed off due to natural causes during childbearing.

As was expected of the King. Henry accused his following three married womans. Anne of Cleves. Catherine Howard. and Catherine Parr. of criminal conversation in which merely Catherine Parr was spared ( “Henry VIII. King” 442 ) . During the complicated matrimonies of Henry VIII. he was besides really focused on the English Reformation in which he decided to educate his boy in Protestant beliefs so the hereafter King of England would transport on his bequest. During the 1540’s nevertheless. Henry became really weak and unhealthy ; as a consequence he wrote a will that stated if Edward was to decease without any male inheritors. the Crown would fall to Mary and so onto Elizabeth ( “Henry VIII” The Renaissance 350 ) . Soon after the will was written. the esteemed yet feared King Henry passed off on January 28. 1547 ( “Henry VIII. King” 443 ) .

Connection to Literature

The tyrant Henry VIII is characterized as an improbably smart person who is manipulative in his attempts to accomplish his coveted ends and frequently caused pandemonium and complications where struggle may hold been easy avoided. The King of England is easy comparable to Curley’s married woman from the book Of Mice and Men. in the facet that both shared really similar personalities. In this book. Curley’s married woman frequently desired to be around other work forces that appreciated her and would accidentally do struggles between the legion fieldhands. Early on in the book. Lennie begins to develop an involvement in Curley’s married woman detecting how pretty she was when they foremost met. Near the terminal of the book. Lennie and Curley’s married woman are entirely speaking to each other while all the other work forces are chancing on a game of quoitss ; during this treatment. Curley’s married woman references how soft her hair is. and as Lennie starts to experience it. she begins to go nervous and draw off.

Lennie nevertheless does non allow travel of her hair and by chance snaps the delicate cervix of Curley’s married woman. Henry VIII of England and Curley’s married woman are similar in legion ways. Both had created chaos among the civilians around them through hapless determination devising and struggles they had created. While Curley’s married woman associated herself with other fieldhands doing tenseness between the workers ; King Henry VIII had besides associated himself with the incorrect adult females in whom he decided to hold killed through accusal of criminal conversation or witchery. The several married womans of the male monarch were unable to bring forth a male inheritor he so urgently desired so as a consequence. he caused unneeded tenseness by killing them in a similar manner Curley’s married woman was killed. through beheading. Both Curley’s married woman and Henry VIII played a critical function in the lives of others and without them. the events wining them would be drastically changed.


Without the being of Henry VIII of England. the result of the War of the Holy League and the connexion between church and province in England would still be really contrasting to this twenty-four hours ; on the other manus. Henry’s regulation was really dearly-won towards the nation’s fundss and several critical horrifying determinations he had taken while King confirmed his being as a more oppressive leader in history. While he did make a separate Protestant church in England and helped organize valuable connexions between France and Spain. several hundred work forces and adult females were accused of lese majesty and set to decease at the clemency of his word.

Alongside these work forces and adult females. several of Henry’s personal friends and household members were besides put to decease including his father’s trusted advisers and many married womans merely because they were unable to give him what he wanted. Henry’s life had an astronomical impact on a really complex civilisation during his clip period ; nevertheless many of the actions he had taken were to nurture his extended and commanding life style in which he was willing to make anything to accomplish his ends ( “Henry VIII” Renaissance 351 ) .


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