Health Care Interview Essay Sample

For this paper I am questioning my friend’s female parent who lives down the street from me. Her name is Kimberly Addison and she is a registered nurse in the State Of California. who acquired her registered nursing licence August 31st 1987. She has experience as a hospice nurse. Charge nurse. trauma nurse. Head nurse of the ER and Director of Nursing. One of the first inquiries I asked Mrs. Addison was that if I wanted to take up nursing what should I make and what are the primary demands. She responded by stating. “perspective nurses should finish a diploma plan or an associate. bachelor’s degree plan in nursing. She told me all nursing plans require pupils to take classs in anatomy. physiology. chemical science. microbiology. psychological science and societal behavioural science” . When you have completed completion of province approved preparation plans and the passed the national Council licensure scrutiny for registry nurses you will be recognized in the medical community as an entry-level registered nurse.

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She besides mentioned when you foremost get down out you will be measuring and implementing attention besides administrating medicine harmonizing to the orders by the physician. She besides mentioned that when she was developing as a nurse’s adjutant her nurse that was developing her taught her that appraisal. diagnosing. planning. execution. and rating are the nucleus rules so you will transport with you no affair what type of attention you provide as a nurse or a doctor. She is presently practising at Gardena memorial Hospital as an ICU bedside nurse. The ICU or the Intensive Care Unit is an extension of the exigency room. The intensive attention unit caters to patients with the most terrible in life endangering hurts or unwellnesss they are largely staffed by extremely trained physicians and critical attention nurses with experience with exigency injury patients.

How Mrs Addison describes her on the job experience she says working I requires careful appraisal and monitoring. patients and to watch for some alterations impatient medical conditions that might necessitate exigency intercessions. Mrs. Addison besides describes the teamwork required to provide to one patient me in her squad she will normally hold a Nurse’s Assistant. a Accredited Vocational Nurse. the primary Physician. and herself as the primary bedside nurse. The four of them will join forces on the following measure of the patient’s attention following an appraisal of the patient’s vital organs. a reappraisal of the incident study. using immediate lesion attention. and xrays. After the patient has been evaluated Mrs. Addison. the primary physician. the household. and the insurance agent will join forces to see what would be best for the patient’s attention intensive attention unit can be described as a darkish dim lighted room where the most critical patients are on Morphine. Demerol. Vicodin and any other hurting medicine distributed it by the primary Doctors. and recommended by the primary nurses.

When I ask a inquiry what is the relationship like between nurses and physicians. she responded by stating “doctors can sometimes let at that place self-importance and place in the infirmary to impact the manner they pattern medical specialty. The ground is because Doctors will sometime pass on to nurses in a condescending sometime dismissive attitude which can sometimes convey down the morale of the squad the Hospital set forth” . She besides preference her remarks by stating she knows some of the most extremely reputable Doctors in the industry who’s work and esteem amongst the community is good deserved and they are the hardest working people in the infirmary. nevertheless keeping a high morale in a extremely nerve-racking environment is of import we are seeking to keep healthy squad relationship.

When I asked what did you do of your working environment Mrs. Addison said. “what makes the intensive attention unit a alone section is that if you were in the medical industry it is an unfastened secret that most immature nurses are more likely to travel work in the ER because of the epinephrine haste and the helter-skelter environment that comes with it and as a former ER nurse that’s what she wanted to make when she finished nursing school” . She besides said she found herself desiring to decelerate down after she’s gotten older and the ICU section what is a manner for her to still be a portion of that exhilaration but at a slower gait. One of the last inquiries I asked Mrs. Addison was what do you experience is the current province of the medical field and what it could look like for old ages to come? She said. “that immature people now with all the engineering in all the resources that childs have at their disposal there is no alibi for childs non to know” .

When I asked her what that meant she retorted. “It means. that the resources that I had at my coevals gave me hope that in the hereafter my childs coevals would non hold to digest the grief and battle of the deficiency of information that I had during my calling as a pupil. nurse. and a mother” . She closed by stating. “absorb as much information as you perchance can before doing a determination about come ining into any field Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely the medical field it is a long. difficult. and boring journey that requires a sound head and a strong resolve” . After the interview was over the most meaningful things that I got out of the interview was that the route to the medical field is a long and boring procedure that requires a batch of focal point and plentifulness of forbearance.

I can see how people instantly can acquire excited about being a physician or a nurse. How Mrs. Addison described a successful. healthy. and working infirmary is that it requires patient people. strong leaders. and a low bosom for infirmary to run swimmingly particularly in the ER. Nursing would non likely be something that I would desire to make nevertheless. I learned that holding a nurse’s bunco can about vouch you a topographic point in society because people are ever looking for person who wants to work hard and who wants to be dedicated to assisting the community. In shutting I would state that I took away a positive experience from the interview that I know I can transport with me for old ages to come like aspiration. dedication. and leading.


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