Health Care Communication Methods Essay

As the Communication Coordinator for this good known drug maker. we will now debate and discus how we will acquire information to the populace about the negative effects that our medicines are doing the populace. Our end. as a critical plus to the populace and medical community. is to convey all concerns to our community in a really sensitive and careful manner. Using the power of newspapers. wireless. cyberspace. societal networking and intelligence related companies.

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The local intelligence has already reported that a well-known public figure has been effected which goes against the wellness portability and answerability act. So as communicating coordinator it is of import to pass on this issue carefully. turn toing the proper population. without losing concern and the trust we created with our investors and consumers. Today in our meeting. we will discourse really of import facets of our company’s medical concerns and make up one’s minding which communicating maneuver is most suited for this state of affairs. while lodging to the really of import and necessary HIPPAA guidelines.

We will get down by discoursing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing traditional media. to acquire the intelligence out to a important figure of the population. Recent studies of negative effects caused by one of the company’s medicines need to be addressed. News studies have alleged that one of the persons is a well-known public figure. Traditional media can include magazines. newspapers. wireless and telecasting. There are some great advantages on why these media mercantile establishments would be great in making our audience sing this wellness panic.

Two great methods are newspaper and magazines ; they can assist because we can be precise and expressed when discoursing our issue. Additionally. these methods will supply usage with a lasting record of the maker effort to make the populace ( Advantages and disadvantages of written communicating. 2012 ) . Two other good methods are telecasting and wireless. These methods are good because they are cost effectual. It allows the communicating coordinator to make the audience straight. while demoing heed. emotion and oncern about the negative effects caused by our medicine.

All these tactics seem like they will work nevertheless there are disadvantages with lodging to traditional media mercantile establishments alternatively of utilizing societal media or electronic sites. Some chief concerns the coordinator will hold with utilizing traditional media is that it can merely make a limited sum of people and the company is restricted to a little range of listerners and readers. Harmonizing to the national centre for instruction statistcs the U. S. reads between the 8th and 9th class reading degrees. ( NCES. 2003 ) .

The deficiency of instruction and the promotion of engineering will minimise the effectivity of wireless. magazines and newspapers. The communicating coordinator will go on speaking about the different methods of communicating. By discoursing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing electronic media. to acquire information to the populace without interrupting any HIPAA Torahs. Some advantages of electronic communicating. is that the media tends to be really fast. cost-efficient and convenient. Electronic communicating will allow the coordinator combine legion media ; text artworks sound and picture in a individual message.

This will besides give the coordinator the opportunity to put up a web site to give good believable information straight targeted to the population that is effected by the medicine. with less opportunities of interfering with the Torahs set in topographic point by the HIPPA act. This signifier of media can ensue in far more meaningful communicating tailored to the population effected by the national drug maker medicine. Increasingly physicians are pass oning with other practicians. infirmaries. clinics and patients via portable devices. However these properties contains disadvantages.

The engineering that enables wellness attention suppliers and the remainder of the state to maintain in touch can besides occupy privateness. The chief disadvantages of utilizing electronic communicating. is security. Computers can be hacked. and affected with computing machine virus. Communication electronically in this peculiar scenario can besides do it hard. for all affected to understand the message the same. The velocity at which the messages are transmitted. frequently. changes the construction of the message which at times. can be misinterpreted.

False or Phantom sites are besides a concern. Some enemies of this company or medical fabrication companies may let go of false or overdone negative studies. This could do the populace to lose trust in our attempts to give valuable information and hinder patients to swear merchandises. Electronic communicating will miss the human touch. Now we will speak about the disadvantages and advantages of societal media facebook. chirrup. YouTube. and LinkedIn are societal networking platforms that are set up and created by web developers.

Public cyberspace and societal webs can enable communicating. coaction and information aggregation and sharing. The advantages of utilizing societal media are because. “About tierce of Americans who go on-line to research their wellness presently use societal webs to happen fellow patients and discourse their condition” ( Elkin. 2008 ) . As communicating coordinator a societal web can be used to make out and have feedback from the population. and convey consciousness about the drug.

Social web is where persons have control on let go ofing their private information about the drug and the consumer will non be interrupting any HIPAA Torahs. The disadvantages of utilizing societal media. is that all information may non ever be believable. This method of pass oning can besides open up the possibility for hackers to perpetrate fraud and launch virus onslaughts. Social networks additions hazard of people falling quarry to online cozenages. The hugest hazard utilizing societal media such as facebook. YouTube or chirrup. Is the inability to command the conversation.

The accomplished population may state a batch of negative things about the company true or non that can damage its repute. Improper descriptions or treatments of a patient’s instance on societal media could go against a patient’s privateness. even if no names are used and no injury is intended. As communicating coordinator for the national drug maker. in decision. all methods of communicating have their advantages nevertheless the disadvantages outweigh the smartest of the determinations. Majority of the methods will impact the HIPAA jurisprudence by let go ofing to much information about personal wellness.

Traditional media. electronic communicating and societal media sites can be all used in moderateness to make out to the effected population. Traditional media such as newspaper and magazines should be really brief in the information it voices. This method will be used to hold record of the company demoing some kind of concern about intelligence coverage negative effects of the drug. As the coordinator I feel the best signifier of communicating will be supplier and patient’s direct contact. It may be hard to make each person affected nevertheless it will be the safest.


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